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Found 1 result

  1. Hello all, Background Do you have stuck cup-holders in your BMW? This guide might help: show you how to repair your cup-holders(="ch") in your E6x, saving potential £100+ on ebay for "new" ones. Reason I decided to open up mine and try and repair them was mainly the fact that mine were completely stuck and there is nothing on the web on how to repair your ch (Except some clunky vids on youtube for a E90 which are quite different anyway) Tools: The fix is simple, really - you only need a cutter, couple of flat screw-drivers, pliers, a good pair of scissors and some tape + two hands or more. Problem: E6x cup-holder not popping out on button press?; button stuck completely ? internal spring snapped ? (common issue) Solution Step1: Loosen screws that hold the ch into the trim a bit - this helps in some cases immediately and fixes the issue. Step2: If that doesn't help take the ch out completely and spray a bit of WD40 where you see moving parts. Put it back again without tightening the screws at all. The ch should work now. If not, see step 3/4 Step3: if the two above steps didn't work, you need to take the cup-holder apart and give it a tweak Let's start: Basically, over time all internal metal parts which are really only a strip-type spring band and two other general springs are either now broken, snapped or just loose. So they don't work as new anymore so the small latch that you actuate with the button catches in the tray-housing, making the tray to get stuck on exit. There are detailed repair pics below for your strip-type spring in Step4 if you need that. Here is how you open up and repair your ch: a) Sand off the ends of these clips in order to be able to open the ch. NOTE: on some models - I assume LCI if someone can please confirm? your ch might not actually be sealed like mine and you can just open them up easily - they click in place. Help it pop open like this: And voila: Now you have to figure out how to take the tray out of the casing -so completely apart -without breaking. Make sure you know how to put it back, but don't worry about applying pressure, this plastic is quite good and can take a lot! Once the casing is "naked" sand off a few mm from the inside of the tray for the driver side. For the passenger side ch you don't need to do this as the design is different. Just follow the pics below and sand off a tiny bit of the latch and surrounding creases that might create friction. Driver side ch: Passenger side ch: c) Optional: take out this nut in order to have super-fast pop-out; if the spring is weak removing this also helps (I have done on mine!) d) Put everything back together and lightly spray WD40 on moving parts and clean up debris. Use a bit of tape to hold housing in place and re-install into the car. You should have something like this: Step4: I will now show you how to fix your strip-type spring! This happens to many BMW's apparently and many people end up buying completely new cup-holders because of them or getting BMW main dealer to replace for £$! I managed to snap mine off when I was trying to give it an additional bend, so I had to repair mine There is plenty of metal-stripe left in the role, so don't despair if you don't succeed first time (I cut 3 before I got a good one ready!! ...I have a bit of OCD ) a) Cut a straight line, then draw with a Sharpie using the old T shaped head another one to cut around. Use scissors to cut in a perpendicular way and then just snap off residue. You should end up with something like the below After this, take your long pliers and do a bend like below in order for the spring not to get caught in the tray when going in/out. Bend a bit where the red line is (you might not see the bend it in the pic below, sorry but I hope you get the idea): Install the spring back into the passenger-side ch is a bit harder, but don't despair and maybe get a friend’s help to hold the stripe-spring while you juggle it back into its place with the help of two flat screwdrivers – one to pop it up and one to put it in place back (the passenger-side ch one is very easy as it sits on the side not in the middle open like this one) To end: I know this guide might look very detailed, but I haven't found anything even close to this and I bet other people have tackled this already but just didn't post the steps. I am not going to kid you, this is not easy - but at the same time it's not hard either for the average DIY-er and should only take for both ch about 1 hour, maximum 2 if you are slow. I had a lot of trial and error so it took me more, but I am sharing now this so you won't have to go through the same Hope it makes sense and this will help some of you; apologies for my English, not my first language and I might have used some words incorrectly so please feel free to correct me, I am happy to re-edit. (May I ask an admin to rename the thread and also maybe add E6x to the title if possible? whatever would make it more visible on google) Good luck all!