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Found 1 result

  1. Bought a E60 530D 2006 near end July. Dealer assured me everything would be sorted out and car serviced if I purchased car. All four Runflat tyres were bald with 2 down to the fabric. Driver mirror had also lost half its mirror backing. There was no excessive smoke coming from exhaust giving me confidence engine was in good order. On collection questioned why tyres are not new. 3 different brands fitted and none a paired match. All just above the legal limit. Not very pleased as assumed 4 new tyres would have been fitted due to the state of previous ones. MOT full pass with no advisory. Drove car away and within 10 mins less than 2 miles DPF warning came up. Drove straight back and car was taken away and returned within the hour. Told cleaner had been put into DPF. Run for a couple of days to allow cleaner to work. DPF continued to alarm up on every journey after 8-10mins driving. Aircon also not working and very noisy clutch. Checked engine oil and air filter both had not been replaced. Replaced airfilter at my own expense. Brought this up with Dealer and he assured me engine oil service was done. I queried why service book had been stamped and oil/ filter ticked. Adamant that oil had been changed. It was like dirty black dish water. Also complained that engine thermostat was not working properly as hidden menu gave maximum running temp as 72-76 deg C. This also prevents the DPF from running a regen. Car also has slow puncture on passenger near side front. Runflat system alarm informs me about soft tyre, just keep blowing up tyre every few days. Car returned to dealer for 5 days Clutch fixed and aircon part ordered. DPF more cleaner put in. Oil still the same. Told engine thermostat is fine. Engine still not getting to proper temp. Ran for 12 days and then car returned to dealer for 15 days was told mechanics had trouble removing DPF, told it was beyond regen and new one fitted, plus a new pressure regulator was fitted to the aircon and the condenser leaked on testing. Aircon condenser replaced. Told due to new DPF being fitted and car will smoke a bit more until residue burns off. On collection PDC failure warning showing on OBD. Pointed this out as it was not there previously. Told this could happen at any time and diagnostics checked and second sensor rear driver side faulty. Told new part will be ordered. 2 days later Car smoke was now very bad with a very chemical pungent smell.. Looked at DPF and it did not look new to me. Ran for 5 days car returned to Dealer for 3 days To have PDC fault fixed and DPF checked. Car returned PDC fault still showing car still smoking . Told part was fitted and give it a couple of days for smoke to go. Removed rear bumper to check PDC sensor found that original was still in place and had not been replaced. Replaced engine oil and filter with Castrol Edge FSD Fully synthetic. No change in smoke. After a week took car to independent Garage for second opinion on DPF, mechanic took a look at car and told me DPF had not been replaced as original tie wraps and fixings are still in place. The nuts and bolts have not been touched as no score marks and one fitting with brass nut would have to have been replaced as it always shears off with pipe attached. He pointed out excessive smoke from exhaust and pumping out from oil filler cap. Told me to return car and get my money back as it could end up with ruined engine. Even looking at exhaust fumes mechanic told me it will never pass emission test for MOT. back to dealers kept for 13 days, DPF and PDC faults to be sorted. Pointed out that that PDC sensor had not been replaced and DPF also has not been replaced. Dealer assured me DPF was replaced sensor will be looked into on collected of car. PDC fixed. Told crankcase filter replaced, Smoke from engine same. Told to run for a couple of days to burn of residue again. 2 days later During drive to Glasgow "Start Assist Inactive" warning came up onto computer then went away after 1 minute. This is a new fault not shown before "power steering" Next day noticed engine bay was starting to get covered in a oil mist. Checked to see if new crankcase oil filter had been fitted. Discovered that the filter had been removed and not replaced cartridge type. Empty case in place. The last straw for me. Totally lost confidence with dealer. My concerns are could they have had the DPF deleted by remmaping the car without actually removing it (cheap option) which is now causing the huge back pressue.. Also the front tyre has went to 8psi on 2 occasions since DPF was supposed to have been replaced and no warning has shown up on Runflat system only noticed due to loss of grip on roundabouts. Was working fine before DPF "replaced" OBD does say system active and also reinizilised after pumping up. Also there is a very pungent chemical smell from engine air filter and my new oil is now a different colour and above the dipstip max level. I checked this before it went into garage and was just below max and still a golden syrup colour. I think an additive has been added to air filter and engine oil trying and mask the smoke. Anybody got any thoughts as to what they have done. I had it booked into BMW main dealer to get a report done but have cancelled as have raised grievance with finance company yesterday. They are going to speak with dealer and may ask me to take it to BMW at there expense insted of mine. Dont want a car for the scrap heap when getting next years MOT. Still like the car MPG still 39-44 and goes like stink. Sorry for long post.