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Found 1 result

  1. Cadwell Parker

    Thermostat issues now resolved

    Quite a saga recently following the remap I had done on the F11. Nothing really to do with the remap itself but having read another forum member talking about their engine running cooler following remapping I was keeping a closer eye on things. Just to confuse matters the first drives following the remap coincided with the onset of the recent cold weather so it wasn’t easy to tell for sure what was going on. I’d suspected for a while the presumably original thermostat wasn’t quite working as it should, the car seemed to take a while to get up to temperature and would drop quite quickly when rolling downhill for any length of time but the car ran perfectly otherwise, easily getting up 96 degrees when running at speed with regens happening roughly every 600 miles or so I’d been happy to leave it be. The car certainly seemed to be running a couple of degrees cooler than I had expected following the remap but motorway speeds or a constant uphill gradient would see the temperature climb to 94/95 degrees which was just below pre remap figures so went some way towards confirming cooler running. After running with the remap for a couple of days, heading home after finishing work one night when admittedly it was particularly cold the engine took 18 miles/20 mins running to reach 80 degrees. This seemed excessive so deciding the cooler running remap had tipped the thermostat over the edge making the car struggle even more to warm up I set about finding a replacement. A quote for a genuine item from a dealer close to this forum was rather higher than I’d hoped but a visit to a well known internet ‘auction’ site turned up a more favourably priced item from a well known brand of good repute so I went ahead and ordered it later arranging for the local BMW friendly garage not far from me to fit it. After fitting it soon became obvious the new stat was not working as intended. In fact it was worse than the faulty one it was replacing. The car was now struggling to get above 50 degrees anywhere on my 45 mile drive to work with the top radiator hose getting warm after 5 mins running and 35 degrees on the gauge. Returning to the garage a few days later they asked if I wanted them to get a price for a genuine one from the local dealer. The price came back almost half of the previous genuine quote I’d had and not much more than the ‘bargain’ I thought I’d bought. I asked them to order and fit the genuine stat. It’s been a week or so since having the new stat fitted and now all is well. The car warms up faster but I was concerned to find the top radiator hose still getting warm before the engine was anywhere close to fully warmed up. My understanding was it should stay cold until the thermostat opens but when I mentioned this to the garage they said they they’re happy it’s working properly so I’m trusting their judgement. The new stat is keeping the engine running in a much narrower temperature range. I’ve yet to see coolant temps above 90 degrees. That was with the outside temp up to 8 degrees so nowhere near as cold as it has been. There’s a downhill section of road I drive when heading home from work where the car will more or less roll on over-run for 3 miles. Even when it was still -4 degrees outside if I switched off the heater and let the car roll it would hold its temperature at 87 degrees for most of the way down, only dropping to 86 at the last 100 yards or so so it seems to be doing its job pretty well. So the conclusion so far is it looks as though the remap may have made the car run slightly cooler but the new stat is working well at keeping the temperature under better control. I’ve had to call back to the garage to have a splash of coolant added but they’ve not given me a bill for the genuine stat yet. ‘Just run it for another week to make sure it’s ok then come back and see us’. Fair enough. The other stat has been returned as faulty and the cost refunded.