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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone, i was wondering if anyone has come across a rear coil spring conversion for the F11. Or if anyone has done it themselves. I’d rather eliminate the issue of these airbags failing and being stranded somewhere because of them! thanks in advance Harris
  2. V_MAX

    M50, manifold modification 2

    From the album: My 523i Conversions and Maintenance

    M50 intake manifold and modification_2 The way I made this modification is only one way to make the pluming work- there are many good information on the internet and some kits that you can buy to install. I chose to let this look as much as the original M52 setup and thereby I use al the original parts converted over to the M50 manifold. The air intake temperature sensor on the m50 is far on the back side and it should be blocked and instead use the one for M52 in the center of the under side cover plate, otherwise you get a wrong temperature reading. There are two supports for the manifold, one in the back and one in the front, you can use the ones that are for the M52 manifold simply by widening the holes outward, that bolt to the manifold itself. I added on both sides of the cover some metal plates so I could bolt the the bracket that holds amongst other things the pressure regulating valve, some cal it "oil separator". There are two things more that you have to get or make and that is a metal plate between the manifold and the throttle body and you have to use two gaskets, one on each side of the "adapter metal plate". The other thing is a round dowel, usually made of aluminum that you have to glue in the back of the M50 manifold, I am not certain but I think that this hole was used for the pressure regulator on M50. Vacuum leaks are one thing you do NOT want to happen, so be diligent when mounting the under side cower plate from the M52 to the M50 manifold, in addition to the gasket use either glue like some good epoxy glue or use a gasket mounting silicon that can withstand oil and heat for longer time. By doing it this way, everything looks like the original and all your future part changes will fit without any hassle.
  3. RoaringTouring

    LSD conversion for E39 540iT6

    Hi guys I appreciate this is a reasonably discussed topic across the various forums, but the information is a bit dispersed and some of it slightly old. I was hoping to perhaps collate the different options and people's experiences together on this subject. Essentially I'm looking at an LSD conversion project for my '97 540iT. Reasoning for which, is in part, to prepare car for a SC install. Just to add that I'm currently unable to carry out any of the work myself so I'd be relying on either my indy or diff specialist garage. There are, from my research so far, three obvious options available. I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts/experiences on having carried out any of them, or indeed any other options: 1. Swap internals of OEM open diff for those from an E36 M3 EVO LSD. 2. Swap diff for E39 M5 LSD. This requires a little more work, including modifying the driveshaft, which will need rebalancing. https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1767892-E39-M5-limited-slip-differential-swap-into-an-E39-540i 3. Purchase a third party torsen type LSD suitable for the E39. For example: Quaife - UK based company, with a good reputation, from what I've anecdotally heard. Takes less than a day to have the unit swapped. https://shop.quaife.co.uk/quaife-bmw-limited-slip-differential-kit-for-5-series-e39-540i-manual Wavetrac - Based in the USA, so hassle, buying, customs, etc. OS Giken - Japanese based. As such, much more expensive. Bit overkill perhaps, unless you're die hard track enthusiast; I may do the odd hill climb in my touring, but it's not going to get a roll cage and go on the track every week. I guess option 4 is to do both, swapping the final drive for an Msport E36/E39 AND replace the diff for a third party torsen type LSD. Pros of swapping in an E36 or M5 diff: You're swapping the entire final drive unit, so beefier parts, which may well be useful putting the extra horses to the wheels, and you're getting the Msport ratios. Cons of swapping in an E36 or M5 diff: Old LSDs will have an uncertain history, and will often have been taken out of their original cars for a reason. Granted it can be reconditioned, but old ZF design LSDs with only half a dozen clutch plates aren't a great design, compared to more modern variants, and will require a reasonable amount of work to fit into existing subframe and shafts. Even newer BMW LSDs (E46 and upwards), which use the M-variable diffs, which have many more clutch plates, have known issues with weak spur gears. Pros of putting in a new third-party LSD: You know your final drive is working and probably have a history of its use and maintenance. Still able to replace output bearings if damaged (although unlikely). Torsen type LSD, uses gearing rather than clutch plates to provide power. ASC/DSC guaranteed to still work (albeit less likely to kick in as the LSD will be doing a lot of the work). Cons of putting in a new third-party LSD: Retain original crown wheel and pinion and therefore original non Msport ratios (although I imagine this isn't too noticeable - would appreciate any experience of this). I guess I think I've already made up my mind, but I would be interested to get people's thoughts on the forum. Thanks in advance.
  4. NuckingFuts

    530d Manual Bits - Updated

    Need bits for a 530d E39 auto to manual conversion. Cheers
  5. Ok, I know there have been numerous posts on manual swaps in the past and I think I have read most of them but there seems to be conflicting information, particularly with the electronics end. Here is what I have and what I plan to do: A 1995 540i/6 factory manual, production date 9/95 (EWS II security), and a 1994 540iA, production date 3/93 (EWS 1 security). Both cars run and drive fine. Both are USA cars. The manual 95 has much higher miles, a rough body and challenged cosmetics. The automatic 94 is a low miles cream puff. I want to put the 6 speed in the 94 and the auto in the 95, then sell the 95 as a running car. I know the DMEs are not interchangable due to the security systems. I want to end up with a 6 speed with working cruise, nothing butchered and no error messages in the cluster. And a drivable automatic in the now 6 speed car. My specific questions are: 1. Do I need to put the gauge cluster from the manual car into the auto and vice versa, or just switch coding plugs, or do I just need to program the auto to match the manual, or do I not need to do anything? If I do need to reprogram, what device is needed, who would be able to do the programming? 2. I’m leaving the original DME in the auto car and planning on buying an a/m manual calilbrated performance chip, this should clear up any drivablity issues there, correct? 3. I have a 95 530iA parts car (built 3/95 EWS II). Can I put the DME and the auto trans TCU out of this 530 into the 95 540 manual after the swap? Is it plug and play or would it have to be recoded? If I left the original DME in the manual car would the automatic function if I put only the auto TCU in from the 95 530i? 4. Is there a harness for the shifter/console in an automatic car I can easily plug into the manual car that will be needed for it to function as an auto? 5. I gather I have to swap out the starter immobilization relay from a manual car to the presently automatic car when I put the 6 speed in. Can I take it out of the 95 6 speed car or do I need to leave that in that car? Is it located behind the left kick panel on the 95 or is it part of the EWS module? 6. Any other electrical or electronic parts I should transfer from the 6 speed car to the automatic car with the swap? Any advice would be greatly appreciated thanks!
  6. Hi I recently purchased a 530d touring (my 4th e39 touring) with an air suspension issue. The story goes that the owner left the hatch open and flooded the spare well (lesson, ensure there is a drain hole!). This affected the suspension electrics. He has unfortunately played around with it and left it so that it can be topped up manually by plugging a few wires in but it's all cut around and bodged. The pumps work and he has supplied a spare set and control box. The car is useable as the offside stays at the level set, the nearside loses a little over a few days but can easily be topped up by running the pump. The service history shows new airbags two years back. I have two options: I have a pair of eibach springs and pads ready to go in (it has the optional M sport suspension so front already low), or I could purchase a replacement wiring loom and try to get it all working again. I have time to play with as MOT is Feb 16. My question is, what about the Xenons? If I fit springs and leave all the sensors in place will they still self level? Or are they dependent on having the self levelling suspension? i don't want MOT issues on this next year if I go the springs route. I do like the air as I do load the car and it is nice to stay level but springs are a temptingly simple fix if it works with the xenons.. Thanks for any advice
  7. Hi there, I'm due to change my old SE shocks for new KONI STR.T M Sport shocks on my e39 525d 2002,I've got the set of Eibach Pro Sport springs to go with new shocks,but not sure what Top Mounts do I need?! As far as I concerned,there is no difference between Top Mounts for M Sport suspension and SE suspension,so is it ok to use standard top mounts with performance shocks or do I need some performance top mounts is well? Regards, Alex
  8. Wolfgeorge

    S38B36 engine in LHD E28

    Hi guys I know it's been discussed before but I want to know what will happen if I use an LHD car instead of a RHD for an engine from a E34 M5. I prefer the E28 body and the actuall M5's are really expensive so I'm lloking for a nice alternatives around the E28 body. I've been searching the internet and I can't find a conclusion from someone that actually made the conversion. I'm looking to get something like this Is it worth it? The final product is satisfying? What are the most common issues? Where should I pay attention? Thank you all for looking. George
  9. Hi guys Odd question, but how do I convert BACK to halogens? My car has halogen headlight assemblies from the factory. When I bought it, the previous owner had installed a xenon conversion. But I'm shipping my car over to NZ in a few months, where xenon conversion kits are illegal (as they are in the UK, I believe). The car will be going through a rather thorough entry certification process, and I don't want to get caught out with the xenon kit. The inner lights on both sides of the car are the standard H7 halogen bulbs, but the outer lights have been converted to xenons with a ballast. What do I need in order to remove the xenon bulb and plug back in an H7 55w halogen bulb? ie. as it stands, there's nothing present for me to physically plug the halogen bulb into. Perhaps it's identified on this diagram, but I'm unsure... http://www.realoem.com/bmw/showparts.do?model=NC92&mospid=47755&btnr=63_0798&hg=63&fg=05 Thanks! Chris.
  10. Hey guys, So the M50 sits in the bay nicely. The G240 tran I used sits on the original mounts nicely. But.. As you can see, the sump is hanging down too low. I'll have that demolished by a British speed bump within a few minutes I used the mounting arms and rubbers from the M20. All seems okay elsewhere. Just the sump being too close to the floor for my liking. Aswell as, she's being lowered so... can't have this. Anyone any ideas? I've heard of using metal plates to push the engine up. This sounds like a good idea to me as I have enough clearance on top to push her up a bit more and I can do the same to the tran-mounts. no way of the Intake fitting with the standard brake servo so, have an 944 one inbound but maybe if I push the N/S up a bit, it might help some more?! I'm pretty okay with the mounting arms I have. I'm pleased they fit nicely. The rubbers are from the old car and are 26 years old so I will defo be changing them anyway. Any better ones I can buy? Like... would anyone suggest an alternative? otherwise i'm just going to buy the E28 M20 ones again. What would YOU do in my position? all help greatly appreciated! Daz
  11. DazH

    Hello 5er Folk!

    Hello Fellow 5er Pilots! My name's Darren and from South-East London, Bermondsey. some 'Might' recognise me from BMW owners club Uk. I have me a gorgeous '87 E28 520i. Not looking so gorgeous right now as it only has half an engine and a dismantled... well... Everything. I'm about half way through an M50 conversion. Good fun, Good fun. Just joining for the banter really. I'm quite savvy with a spanner so, if I can assist I shall! Maybe some of you older folk can lend a hand with my motor to! Anyway, I have a facebook page I recently started so if anyone wants to join in on that, feel free https://www.facebook.com/BmwE28SocietyUk Hope to jump in the forums as soon as possible thanks very much Daz