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Found 20 results

  1. Hi all, Been a while since ive posted and sort of approached this subject a while ago, but i need to replace my pads all round but finding the correct ones for my car seem to be impossible!! Real OEM gives me a million options none of which make sense, so bottom line is what do i need? I have 348x30 discs at the front, and 330x20 at the rear ( i know the fronts are without high speed system as i replaced the discs a while ago and the 348x36 didnt fit as the caliper would not go over them) Ive seen front pads with strange hooks on them which didnt fit (had a set supplied with last discs and threw them away due to not fitting) can anyone point me to what pads i might need front and rear, im replacing the rear disc with MTEC which i have on the front and i know the size of those, its ust the pads im struggling with. any help appreciated
  2. Hi all, I finished the replacement of both rear coil springs and then went for a test drive. All was good, so I am happy. This morning I had the service light on, and I thought I had screwed up on something. Thankfully, it was for brake fluid. I read this excellent how to change brake fluid from @535i Andrew but want to check something. Can I use a vacuum/pressure system instead of someone pumping the brake pedal? Also, is there a procedure to ensure I don't mess up the DSC? I am sure I read about being careful with DSC. Which vacuum/pressure system would you recommend? All help and guidance appreciated. Cheers
  3. Back2Beemer

    Some annoying teething problems

    Hi all..nearly Friday! I was just wondering, has anyone experienced a vagueness to the steering on their car from new? (standard steering). Mine feels overly floaty on the motorway...been into BMW and they checked all the alignment and tyre pressures, and all is well, but it somehow just doesn't feel quite right to me sometimes. Car is a 520d SE on standard 17" rims with non-runflat tyres. I have not found anything like this when I went on a test drive prior to ordering, which was again a standard steering car but with 19" wheels. I'm wondering if a 225 section tyre maybe just isn't enough for the size of the car?? Also I've found the brakes to be extremely harsh, especially when coming to a complete stop...jerky and not smooth, and you have to be so careful feathering the brake, the stop/start will kick in but immediately re-start the engine as the brake pedal is too high and it thinks you want to pull off again. (it's back in BMW again today to have this re-looked at). Anyone else found this? One thing I must say (and I've used this dealer a lot over the years), Lloyd BMW in Newcastle's customer service is absolutely exemplary. Car dealers (and anyone in a customer facing role) can learn a lot from these guys!
  4. Today my car lit up like an xmas tree, reduced power, pedestrian impact system not working, no power steering, no abs, no dsc, reduced power, warning about changing gear without having to press brake pedal etc. etc. Turns up, Fuse 2 in the glove box, second from bottom on left on UK cars (fuse map upside down btw) and 5 amp, is connected to lost of things, in my case comfort access as well as the main DME. When it gets really damp the comfort access can short and blow the fuse, making the throw all these codes. Don't panic. have a spare mini 5 amp fuse ready. It seems 100s of people have had this issue but I had never heard of it. Oh, and it also means communicating via OBD is tricky as won't connect to certain modules of course. But posting it here for future reference if anyone has the same issue.
  5. Hi Guys! I just need a bit of advice. This is probably a really stupidly straightforward one, but here goes .... Got into my car last week and it duly informed me that my Front Brakes needed changing pronto. The flashing message said that there was like 200 miles left. Yikes! The car is braking fine. No noise. No shuddering. Pedal is not spongy. Naturally I wasn't overly delighted but so be it I thought. I jacked her up on Sat and removed the driver-side wheel to have a good look. I was pleasantly surprised (and a tad confused) to see they seemed in pretty good nick. Being a total DIYer and not having any real mechanical experience I got my calipers and measured up. The Disc read 23.7 mm and the Pad read 12 mm! Now I am really confused. Why is the car telling me I need new brakes? Could it be that the passenger side is worn and the driver side is not? Is it simply the iDrive deciding that after X number of miles the brakes need changing regardless of condition?
  6. Hi all I have a strange clunk coming from the front end when the steering reaches the full left lock. What is weird, is it only really happens if I am stationary, have my foot on the break, and turn the steering! I am struggling with a bad injury, so am looking for ideas before I start scrambling underneath the car. My early thoughts are track rod end ball joint or lower arm ball joint. I have jacked the car up and gave the wheels a good wiggle but cannot feel any movement. One good thing, I have determined the off-side-front bearing needs replacing. That is the source of the dreaded bearing whine!
  7. Hi I think my brake pad sensor is failing, I only had the pads changed recently and a quick look suggests there is miles left in them. It went from 34000 miles to 900 to -9000 in two days! @KeliussIs the sensor on the driver or passenger side? TIA Changy
  8. Hi all, I have my 2011 525d flash up what i suspected was coming soon... the Brake pads worn message!! So wanting to make sure the garage I use get the OEM parts what brand should i be making sure they use? or can anyone recommend aftermarket that are good and wont crucify me cost wise? Obviously I need to get this done quick so any help would be great, also I have the staggered setup on 19s so is there a specific size of disc etc or will the garage know from the reg? Thanks
  9. Dragon

    F10 Brakes

    Hi Guys. Just bought a 2016 520 Luxury with 18K on the clock. Pre buying I demo'd a 520 M and luxury at local dealership and liked drive (prev A4 owner). Bought car from dealership a couple of hundred miles away as it was the spec I was looking for. All good but a few queries as I am new to BMW cars. One query is that I quickly noticed that it took a fair bit of pedal pressure to brake. This surprised me as the brakes on the two F10's I demo's were very good. (A4 brakes were also very good/responsive and light pressure only needed) I am now wondering if the two demo'd F10's had uprated brakes as my F10 is quite poor by comparison.. Any thoughts please, guys? thanks Dragon
  10. Jammin0990

    Sensible Mods

    Hello All, I've been pondering this for a while now and whilst I absolutely adore my Bavarian Beauty, I feel she is slightly under powered being a 520i. I'm thinking of a few reasonably sensible mods to get the best out of her without it being too over the top. My ideas are: Induction Kit Remap Brakes Lowered (slightly) Leather Seat and door card conversion (not urgent). Has anyone here had any experience of doing this and what are general thoughts? Many thanks Jamie
  11. RoaringTouring

    Spurious fault lights

    I have a number of alerts on my dash which I'd like to clear and I would appreciate the experience of the forum in tackling some of the jobs. 'Low brake fluid' - with associated red brake (different to p/brake) light: I've checked the fluid level, and the pads, which all seem fine, so I'm assuming it's a sensor malfunction. Is this a straight forward job? Do I need to replace the entire reservoir or can I get the sensor (assuming it's the fault)? 'Check coolant level': Similar thing, levels checked and seem fine, so assuming a sensor fault. 'Self level susp. inact.': I had coilovers fitted, and this then generated the alert. The rear suspension airbags were removed and I assume it is related to this, but I was wondering if anyone knew a way to deactivate the alert message? Airbag light Changed the old boat wheel for an msport wheel. I've managed to get all the buttons to work, but I'm left with an airbag warning light. Any thoughts on this, and any of the others, would be greatly appreciated. Ta.
  12. Hi, it's coming up to new brakes time on my 530d LCI. Thinking of upgrading to 535d discs. Does anyone know the diameter of 535d discs vs 530d LCI discs? I'd need the new calipers carriers if disc is larger....anything else. .? Also has anyone tried different brake pads and any results? thinking of EMaps remap so upping braking power slightly if I have to invest in discs anyway.... thanks
  13. rrm

    AUC rubbish

    Evening all, i've learnt something new and rather interesting today. i purchased a used BMW last year from a dealer quite often seen here supplying quotes for parts, after several months of issues BMW gave me an extra years warranty on the car. However i I recently had a issue with the brakes, the computer suddenly dropped from 60k to 1200 miles remaining. I booked the car in at a stealer more local to me and they diagnosed a faulty sensor, due to a clip that had come off, the wire had rubbed against the inside of the ally. OK, I thought that should be covered under the warranty,... Boy was I wrong. appartently the sensor fitted is not genuine and therefore I had to pay for a new sensor, clip and re-programming of the car. Now I have not had the pads changed and had no idea which previous owner changed them and there is no way of tracing either. I have fortunately got the old part and to me it looks genuine it has the correct BMW part number on the cable and BMW in the plastic connector. How the hell are we supposed to know when buying a used car what the previous owners did? not happy
  14. jdh91

    Squeaky brakes

    Just had some new genuine BMW brake pads put on the front. (Independent garage) Brakes are pretty squeaky even after being lubed. Been worn in as well Any advice
  15. Hi guys I have a 57 plate 520D M Sport and I need to change the following; Front Brake Pads and Discs plus sensors Rear Brake Pads and Discs plus sensors Hand Brake shoes i have been to my local indie and he quoted me to supply and fit Pagid parts: Front Discs £160 plus VAT Front Brake pads £140 plus VAT Rear Brake pads £120 plus VAT ... I stopped there and didnt get price for the rest of the stuff. Only reason I went to him was because the car has sensors and needs to be reset everytime you change the pads, as I don't know how to reset this I thought I would take it in to him otherwise I could buy the parts and get it done cheaper myself. Now going onto parts I am looking at Pagid bits and bobs for my motor from ECP but when I put my reg in it comes up with two differant types of front brake discs: http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/BMW_5+Series_2.0_2007/p/car-parts/brakes/brake-friction/brake-disc/?104110938&1&d37108f6b39d81b075a4d87cb91749aab84358f7&000027 http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/BMW_5+Series_2.0_2007/p/car-parts/brakes/brake-friction/brake-disc/?104110958&1&886be8784c6c2be83335c07f1258137bc880ac2a&000027 What the differance between the two - which one is best for my car? I don't fancy going back to my indie to ask him lol! Same goes with the front brake pads theres 2 to choose from - so how do I know which ones I need? http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/BMW_5+Series_2.0_2007/p/car-parts/brakes/brake-friction/brake-pad/?101110438&1&505a4c036652ea938d2fd7763128d7242adbd1be&000036 http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/BMW_5+Series_2.0_2007/p/car-parts/brakes/brake-friction/brake-pad/?101110838&1&0ce5614a9f5be59621d9c0587a559287c7f30d98&000036 The Rear discs and pads it only give me one choice to go for in Pagid range so that should be fine As for the sensors for front and back do I need 1 sensor for the front and 1 for the back, or is it a sensor each side i.e 2 on front, 2 on back? Also where do these sensors plug in to, or how do you change them. The sensors which one do I need from this link: (again for the front theres 2 choices lol) http://www.eurocarparts.com/brake-pad-sensor Sorry for the long post as you can tell I am a novice, only going to learn if I do it myself rther than pay an indie to do it. Thanks for you help guys
  16. doo

    Any ideas?

    So about a month ago, I get a warning that I will need my front brake pads replaced in 500 miles. 500 miles comes along and I thought I would ignore the warning for a while. The warning even went red when I started up the car. Then out of the blue a few days back, I suddenly have another 2,200 miles on the pads! Whoa! Any idea why this happens? How accurate is the BMW service warnings for brake pads anyway?! Thanks for reading.
  17. A couple of months ago I brought some new calipers for the front and refurbed the rear as the brakes were sticking. I used some Liqui Moly silicone grease for the slider pins as there is argument online for using grease and not using grease. As these are 'slider' pins i thought it might be best to grease them, to allow them to slide. Knowing that rubber has friction against metal, i thought this was the best option. Now im beginning to wonder, as i sense some brake sticking forces are back - (if i coast to a stop, the last few CM's have a bit of bite) Whats the deal?
  18. Have just bought a cheap pre-facelift 520iSE on a V plate (1999) to replace my trusty P-reg 523iSE which has just bitten the dust with a cracked cylinder head - nearly made it to 200,000 miles and 10 years of ownership The 'new' car was only £700 from a local 4x4 dealer who'd taken it as a part-ex and just wanted to move it on - only 90k miles and very clean and tight, so far as I can see. BUT .... the ABS and ASC lights are on and after a quick diagnostic at my friendly neighbourhood mechanic, he reckons its the wheel sensors need replacing, worst case scenario the control box. SO ... can I just swap the good ones from my 523 on to the 520? Any help gratefully received as always - cheers!
  19. Hadleigh007

    Whether to upgrade discs and pads

    I have been advised that at my next trip to the garage service/MOT (June) I will need new discs and pads. As I have to buy them anyway I'm wondering if it is worth spending a little more and upgrading them. Has anyone done this and are there any recommendations as to what brands are a decent value upgrade? 2001 E39 530d Touring Manual Thanks
  20. Hello guys. This weekend I will be fitting new discs, pads and brake hoses. I also want to attack the callipers with the wire brush on my drill. Treat the BMW pig iron for rust, red oxide, primer then high temp silver. Where my car is at the moment, I don’t have garage space so the only option for me is to take off the callipers and go to my workshop in the cellar to carry out the work. As I’ve never had callipers off before (I’ve done everything else, clutches, engine change, cam belts) I’m wondering about the best way to go about it. Possible scenarios are: Take the calliper off one at a time. Paint the calliper, put it back on. (Partial bleed here needed? Then once all the callipers are done, carry out the bleeding procedure started with the rear first.orTake all callipers off. Paint them all (preferred). Put them back and carry out the bleeding procedure.I’m aware I can place cling film over the top of the fluid reservoir then put the cap back and this will help me to stop losing fluid while the callipers are off. But, I’m wondering exactly how much fluid will piss out? I have 2 litres of dot4, so I think I have plenty to flush the system ( I won’t be doing the ABS part this time). Has anyone experience in this? This weekends job: