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Found 7 results

  1. 2008 BMW 520d n47 157,000 miles This is a reoccurring issue I've been having for a couple of months. It's important to note that the car doesn't suddenly lose power whilst driving, the engine will either start and the power will be there from start to finish, or it'll start and be sluggish the whole way. When it's sluggish, it feels like it's got a big amount of turbo lag and it doesn't start pulling properly until around 2750rpm, not like it does normally. Any advice on this issue would be appreciated
  2. enformatique

    bmw 520 D 2009 model roof bars required

    Hi i am looking for roof bars which can fit on my bmw 520D 2009 model saloon. please text me on 07838459715 or email on zubair_hr@yahoo.com much appreciated Zubair
  3. Hi, So for over 3 months this S* started. While driving at mid-high speed 80 / 90 km/h from passenger - engine side some sort of whining noise started. Cannot really diagnose from where it is really coming. Changed AC Belt, but haven't touched any pulleys. But it's really weird as it only happens when there is big wind and driving at 70 / 80km/h or higher speed. Attached video of that whining noise too. Hopefully someone knows about this BS, Can someoene tell me what could it be ?. Thanks in advance ! IMG-0529.MOV
  4. Hi , My 2009 BMW 535d is now almost 10 years old and has covered 62000 miles and with service required in approx.600 miles car is feeling sluggish . Let's face it no matter how good the car maybe it is not a sought after M5 or an M3 .... so i have decided to save my battered wallet and try an alternative service with a BMW mechanic and i supply the parts from Mahle , Mann , Hengst , Knecht and the various branded oils recommended for my car . The choice out there is bewildering and BMW are never going to tell me who makes their overpriced bits and fluids ! BMW major service quoted inc vat £ 359.00 , my local indy that i use : £ 285.00 plus vat , Munich Legends £ 399.00 and my friendly no garage / overheads cash job BMW trained mechanic will do it for £ 350.00 inc 10% discount on parts and book stamped !!! Oil from Castrol website recommendation is 0W 30 but the Mobil ( Super XE 3000 )and Shell ( Helix Ultra ) expert recommendations state 5W30 which seems to make more sense economically and taking into account vehicle age and would slightly quieten a nosier engine . Now filters are much trickier with many stating that Mahle and Mann are OEM for BMW albeit rebranded and packaged BMW for a lot more $$$ . I would like to know which brand of oil and parts supplier is better for my car as i'm not gonna bother paying over the odds for main dealer parts .... I will change the oil filter , air filter , 2 cabin filters , fuel filter . Inspection 2 kit from BMW is £ 111 .80 but looking around the internet i can get equivalent parts for around $ 50 less or more . Similarly , BMW branded twin-turbo oil looks very pretty but wallet battering and the Mobil and Shell offerings are again almost 50% cheaper . Now , do i go for Euro Car parts , GSF or the German based buy car parts uk pretender , which offers parts cheaper and wider choice with OEM numbers and specs listed ? As part of my new year resolution , i would like to save some money this time on this jalopy after what she cost me a few years back in repairs ! Any advice or ideas appreciated , thank you , Pumi
  5. Hi Gents and maybe ladies who're fun of Bm I'm currently sitting on Stage 1 and will go for Stage 2 soon, so what BHP you guys reckon I can except? Stage 1 is getting boring I just need more power, also thinking to get 535d but I love this car too much so thinking to upgrade to top As we know that pre-lci this engine has an Iron block and solid chain, I was even thinking to put twin turbo is this is even possible fellas ? to get up 400bhp with my car, So what you reckon is it worth ft to go for Stage 3 Hybrid turbo etc, if yes what I can expect? Has anyone done the same engine to top spec? I've done so far - delete cat, blanked egr, modified the exhaust, link attached Thanks
  6. Jon Payne

    New and so far loving it

    Hey guys. another newbie here....just bought my 2007 bmw 520d in black. i went with the se spec as I really wanted m sport but I found a beautiful 1 owner lowish miles (97k) full supplying main dealer se black on black leather and couldn't say no. The car is bog standard apart from I have just had it remapped and it is absolutely amazing difference. it started 162 bhp which coming from my old Volvo was still positively Spritely however I had a quantum red remap and it's now at 200bhp with 420nm and I have to be honest if absolutely flies! I know the 520d gets a bit of stick but I just don't see it. with my auto box it's a breeze to drive and I don't feel it's 'underpowered' it may be slower than a 525 530 535 etc but it's certainly not a slouch in comparison to other vehicles but hey....I am little gooey about the bmw at the moment. i am massively into my old VW camper vans and if you want slow....get one! i find myself smack bang into my 30s and financially have a little more freedom now as they say the older you get the easier it gets and it's working out for me that way So that's when I decided to treat myself to a nice daily what with the VW camper taking all my money I always ran a cheap nasty daily but now figured what the heck....I work hard....damn hard. Next on the shopping list is some 19 inch csl wheels as I love the concave look. i will run an m sport front bumper and a little m5 spoiler. i will see about the m sport side skirts as I don't think in black they make a huge difference. anyway thanks for reading! i left a pic of my camper because it's badass and my bmw is pretty standard looking lol! jon
  7. hotice121

    2009 525d DPF Light

    Hi all, A few days ago my DPF warning light came on for the first time, the cars done just under 140k(mainly motorway) so its had a good run on this DPF. I've run it about 250 miles since(on the motorway) hoping it would go into regen but this doesn't appear to want to happen. My question is, I've read else where about the thermostats causing the car to not wanting to go into regen, what is the easiest way for me to tell if the stat has gone and needs changing? Or is it just the case that my DPF has exceeded its life ?? I'm considering replacing the DPF for a straight through pipe and having the ECU recoded to blank it out. I know that part of the MOT is a visible check of the DPF, so I was thinking in replacing the DPF with the old one(cleaned) just to get it through the MOT every year ?? OR Depending on the which type of DPF it is hollowing out enough of the filter to put a pipe though effectively so it looks like the DPF is still there for the MOT(that if its like the type bellow?) but if its the like this picture~(below) I've read about people hollowing them out and welding them back. I'm not the best at welding and will probably mess it up and cant find anyone that will do it in my area, do you know if you can buy them pre hollowed or something?? My car is a 2009(09) 525d MSPORT which filter is mine likely to be the first or second??? Or if anyone else has done DPF removal\replacement what you recommend? Thanks all