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Found 8 results

  1. I'm looking for an E39 business CD head unit (or X5 if they're compatible), with a build date post 09/2002 and a software version 40 or 50 to allow me to fit an AUX kit. I bought the car with no head unit and have recently discovered that DSP makes fitting an aftermarket head unit an absolute nightmare so I think this would be the way to go if I want to use AUX. Thanks!
  2. Good morning all, here goes my first of what will no doubt be many questions of doing bits and pieces to my E60! Anyway, currently I only have the 3.5mm aux jack socket behind the centre console for the rear passengers to use but no USB. I have seen that I can buy the cable with the USB port as well as the Aux port, my main question is basically can I just simply swap the ports out and run the cable to the back of the head unit with no further modifications or do I need any coding etc. Secondly if I do get the USB installed what sort of functionality does it give on the IDrive CCC? I.e. can I control the music from a phone/USB stick through the steering wheel buttons? My thoughts are this may be alot of hassle if I don't achieve much extra in therms of functionality when I could just buy a mini MP3 player with an SD card/USB slot mount it somewhere convenient and leave it connected to the AUX port. What are the thoughts of the group?
  3. Hi ... this is my first post! I just got the 318D Sport Plus 2011 which has the IDRIVE, However The thing I can't do right now... In the iDrive, I go to External Devices, select the Aux Input (says its active) and press to select the volume (currently at zero). I then twist the big knob to turn that up and ... nothing happens.... Its wont leave zero. The volume highlights like I have selected it but it will not turn up. and also, Yes the volume on the device is up! Any ideas and thanks in advance.
  4. Aux cable installed in my e60 Installed the jack point in the slot next to the drivers door, perfect size for phone/MP3 player. Coded the Idrive using NCS expert.
  5. Just been flicking through bmwfans.info for my car as I am looking at sorting out the air con and noticed that there are two types of aux / additional fan. Anyone know the difference between the std air con auxilary fan & the trailer coupling option? They look like one pushes and one pulls? I didn't recall mention of the fan in the trailer coupling retrofit guide ... Can someone take pics of the fans if there car was specced with air con and trailer coupling? T I A Additional fan part number 64 54 1 392 913 (http://bmwfans.info/parts/catalog/E34/Touring/Europe/525ix-M50/RHD/M/1993/july/browse/heater_and_air_conditioning/climate_capacitor_additional_blower/) Additional fan (Magna) for e34 with Trailer coupling 64 54 1 381 395 (http://bmwfans.info/parts/catalog/E34/Touring/Europe/525ix-M50/RHD/M/1993/july/browse/heater_and_air_conditioning/electric_additional_fan/) I bought the 913 part number fan from Euro Car Parts and checked with them just in case the the part numbers refer to the same unit but they don't They can sell me the 395 unit.
  6. Azzy420

    e60 Aux connection

    Hi guys just wondering if any of you have tried this - I have an E60 LCI M Sport with standard audio. As you are all aware the Aux connection for it at the back of the centre console / arm rest. As I have a strong case of OCD I am very picky on how the cable come from the back aux connection into the front of the car. THE PLAN I want to plug the aux connection into the back, and somehow get it under the small piece of leather on the rear of the arm rest and pop the wire into the glove box THE QUESTION Has anyone done this? If yes, how easy is it to remove the small piece of leather, or whats my best route to get the wire from the aux connection into the arm rest compartment. What I plan on doing is just loading my old ipod up with S*** loads of tracks and just leave it there. Cheers for your help in advance guys
  7. Hi guys, I have a 57 plate e60 lci with standard radio, also i have door speakers in front door panel, 2 tweeters (one in each front door), 2 speakers in rear shelf, 1 centre speaker (above the screen on dash) and 2 subwoofers under the front passenger seat. (i think thats all of them!) Despite having so many speakers the sound quality out of them is awful! What do you guys recommend I should do to make the sound quality better without splashing out daft money! I have seen people of various forums buy a Blankpunt PnP amp, the one everyone goes on about is discontinued though. Also if I bought a PnP amp would I need to upgrade the speakers around the car aswell, or could I leave the original ones in? Cheers guys
  8. I may sound a bit sad as its friday and i am writhing topic this time off night lol, any way i don't care, lets get to the point, on my bmw 520d i don't have bluetooth built in, so i was looking for an alternative and i came across this little device which work through aux connection, it called Kinivo, cost me only £20, and believe me it worth every penny, i can make call and stream my music from my phone, and it looks good to, its been few weeks since i installed it, so far no one complain about call quality, and music quality is as good as cd, it even has forward and rewind button, and the best thing is i can connect my ipod and my samsung s4 at same time, and it works perfectly,if i get a phone call while listening my ipod it pause the music and connect to my phone. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/customer-media/product-gallery/B009NLTW60/ref=cm_ciu_pdp_images_2?ie=UTF8&index=2 Pardon me for my spelling, as i have dyslexic issue Hope this may help few people, or may be u guys already know.