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Found 14 results

  1. Hey guys, Wonder if anyone can help me. My E61 520 has the rubbish stereo system so have decided to start upgrading it. This morning I fitted a set of 2 way speakers to replace the original speakers in the car. All works but now I have noticed the left speaker is the one delivering the bass whilst the right delivers no bass but is delivering the treble from the tweeter in the two way speaker. Is this down to bad speakers or have I done something stupid? Cheers
  2. So far: I'm using the high outputs of the floor subs to feed an Amp in the boot, to then drive 2 medium sized cabs, each with 8 inch sub drivers (from my previous E39). The stock basic (head unit powered audio) system has a somewhat querky setup. As noted elsewhere, the other speakers are hi bass pass filtered and do not contain full range sub frequencies, hence using the floor subs as a feed (instructions here and info here and this post explains why). The head unit also does strange mixing left/right when pushing the balance fully left or right, so leaving the left/right balance centered. Edit: Took the Amp remote from boot cigaret lighter socket where again brown is earth/neg (wondered why it wasn't working...). This will only trigger the Amp remote when then engine ignition is on (when the engine is running). I've added some front door tweeters in the quarters, also as previously noted on this forum, the over EQ'd brightness of the head unit requires dialing back the treble to the middle. Referenced the BMW E60 E61 FRONT DOOR PANEL REMOVAL video, but I left all connections and airbag attached, using a large cardboard box (15cm above the bottom of the door) and a chair to hold the door card whilst tapping in the tweeter (with inline supplied crossover box) onto the front door speaker feed. Remember, any audio wire with a brown stripe is the negative (German). Fitted a pair of Hertz DT 24.3 80w Tweeter 24mm (~£30 for a pair including crossovers, not plug n play but a workable fit, full specs here). Caution: the black tweeter quarter grill (door triangle) is very soft and can be easily damaged/bent/creased. Whilst an improvement I still have to balance the full strength of the boot subs relative to the floor subs with respect to a bass setting about +3 (where 0 = centred). Not sure this kind of upgrade is going to be as successful as with other cars and might find a less muddy solution by disconecting the floor subs (that requires removing the front seat bolts again!). Noticed some CPU like electronic interfearance being dragged in from somewhere, maybe the hi output feeds running too close to kit in the bottom of the boot or along side wiring looms without using twisted pair wiring. Luckily when the boot Amp is switched into sub frequency mode the interfearance is not a problem and is largely filtered out. Tomorrow I will try putting the sub drivers closer together centered instead of at extremes. I'm looking for the best orientation for phase compatibility with the stock floor subs? After trying this n that and swapping polarity, I'm currently settling on the boot subs facing upward and situated up against the rear seats (eventually settled rear facing). Not too bad but I feel there could be a better sub location setup, any opinions? Edit: Found some good detailed E60 upgrade options and background info here. and here! And another related thread here and more legacy budget options info here Identify your stock audio system: https://musicarnw.com/start-here-your-car/ https://musicarnw.com/bmw-sound-systems-by-us-model-year/ CCC, CIC, MASK... What's the difference between CIC and CCC?
  3. Hi guys, just wanted to share my recent audio upgrade completed today. I bought an F10, 520D recently and as we all know the OEM speakers are not the best. I start searching for compatible speakers and found the usual suspects, Focal IFBMW, MTX, Bavsound stage one, Match, ESX, Harman Kardon etc. I am very price conscious and usually search for days until I am settling for something and in this case, I focused my attention towards the Focal range as I like the brand and had 135VR's and 165VR's in one of my previous BMW E46 coupe. It was out of discussion paying £5 - 600 for the IFBMW and as I wanted to have high-quality sound for the best price I started to look for 4" Focal speakers. I found quite a few and the interesting thing is they are not advertised as compatible with BMW, I am sure they will put the price up if they will.... I bought a pair of these for the back https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Focal-AUDITOR-R-100C-4-10cm-2-Way-Car-Coaxial-Van-Door-Dash-Speakers-240W/262351114177?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 And a pair of these for the front https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Focal-Integration-ISC100-4-10cm-2-Way-Coaxial-Car-Speakers-200W-Total-Power/401093581124?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 As well 2 pairs of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/10cm-4-Front-Rear-Door-Speaker-Adaptor-For-BMW-X3-2007-Onwards/351735857820?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 As well you will need 4 x 61138373583 and 8 x 61130006664 from BMW for a neat setup. The result is, to say the least, impressive with very clear midrange and crystal clear highs. The Integration speakers in the front have a rotary tweeter which you can adjust to face the driver and raise the soundstage and you really have the impression that the sound is coming from the pillars. All in all, for £160 all in I find it very hard to believe that there is a better solution to upgrade your sound system to match this setup and wanted to share with you all, and believe me you will not regret it!
  4. vcator

    Software issue

    There was a time when I could play tracks from my mobile via bluetooth, but now my Software is stuck! When I try and play tracks from my mobile, the screen shows an Unknown Track and Unknown Album "Please wait . . . ". I've waited 2 hours but it never finds a track and I can't can't change the search ie its stuck. I have the latest version of software, . . . . . and I've re-loaded, ensuring the original is overwritten just in case the software was corrupted I have tried 2 different phones, and its the same with both phones I have deleted and re-connected the phones from Bluetooth And I have made sure there is a Unknown Track in an Unknown Album on the phones. . . . but I can't get the systems out of searching But When I select tracks from a USB memory stick, no problem, it plays OK. Everything works. The phones do work fine using Bluetooth. If anyone has any thoughts, I'd be very grateful to hear them
  5. David Adeniran Yesufu

    BMW 09 1 series

    I just bought this BMW 09 1 series. 58,000 miles £6200 And honestly, apart from what sound sounds like a coin somewhere in the vehicle sliding somewhere in the car when I do a harsh stop or fast go. The Car is perfect. It's my first car and really wanted heated seats and parking sensors, So when I found a car in my city, with both a colour I liked and in my price range, I jumped at it! The fan works from hot to cold, breaks, suspention, clutch.. I even checked the radio, it works. I did ALL The checks, but didn't check if my phone works with the interface. As I said it was my first car, so even tho I went through all the used car buying guidlines I saw online, I knew I'd miss something. First 2 days I was so paranoid listening to the engine I didn't care to play music. After 2 days feeling more comfortable with the car and allowing my car guru buddies to give the car the AOK. I decided to start adjusting the car to fit me. BOOM. No usb. Naively I got a USB carport thinking it will some how be able to read my phone through that. NOPE. Theres an AUX jack and in my defence I saw that and thought the radio works, and theres an AUX Jack, if the car isnt smart, worst comes to worst I'll just plug in the AUX. Plugged in the AUX... Nothing. Looking online there should be an AUX tab that you select when using the AUX... My car doesn't have it. Just Tuner, CD, and USB. As you can see in the photo's in the arm rest there is some really old looking connector, looking online I can't figure out what this is. The Fact that it says USB is giving me hope... but there is no port sooo? What do I do?
  6. jongriff1066

    BMW E60 Standard audio

    Bit of a risky thing but thought I'd pass my findings on to all, I've been doing a little project on the audio system in my 5 series, separate thread already on here, however I have ordered a direct replacement for the rear shelf speakers but they don't come for a week so today being impatient I decided to connect the standard poverty rear shelf speakers to my amplifier !!! ( don't judge ) the results are astounding my god the clarity and power they are taking is unreal !!! Probably going to now do 2 things 1st save myself £145 and cancel the components I've ordered and the second is leave the standard ones connected, does leave me with the question though if the speakers can actually handle the amount of power I'm putting through them why have BMW put such shite power through them in the first place as trust me these things are handling a beating and sound superb !!!
  7. jongriff1066

    Custom install 520d M Sport

    Hi guys after becoming more and more impatient with my 5 series poor quality audio system so I've decided to go ahead with a full install and upgrade all of the audio system .... Ive sourced 2 replacement front headrests which will each house a 7" tft screen, up front a pioneer DVD player with a complete custom install of all components and amplifiers to accompany it, I will be leaving the existing head unit and speakers in their original positions, I want to retain all features of the existing idrive, Bluetooth, and navigation as they are in use daily, I will be starting this in the next 2 weeks and il post pics and a walk through of what I've done to accompany the build, The new head unit will be located in the recess in bottom of PHOTO 1 below the existing radio/cd player. This will have its own separate power supply, I am hoping the dash does not need removing for this to be installed Front of the car, 6" coaxial component set consisting of speaker, crossover and tweeters The tweeter will mount upon the dash itself to fire into the cockpit, The 6" speaker will be housed in a custom built pod in the door card PHOTO 2 (The bit we all dump junk into as you can see clearly in mine currently ) Rear of car ( The exciting bit ) rear shelf will have another custom built pod to house another 6" coaxial right behind the rear head rest PHOTO 3, TRUNK SPACE 2 x 12" ported subwoofers in a custom made box ( The plan is to only use enough space that boot space is not compromised ) Enclosure will be designed with the theory of small perameters taken into consideration, This will allow the subs to fire correctly and produce the correct amount of punch / rumble and ultimately bass that I'm desperate for. This entire system will be pioneer to accompany the head unit DVD Player PHOTO 4 Power will be supplied by 1x pioneer 4 Chanel amplifier (for front and rears) 1 x pioneer monoblock run in Phase to lower impedance of the subwoofers I have plenty of audio installation experience and I'm familiar in the use of fibreglass to design, Fit and secure the 4 pods needed, I've just had the head unit arrive PHOTO 4 and ive ordered enough dynomat to cover my living room (twice) Guys I'm not going to put a timescale on this install as I have a family and hold down a full time job so it will literally be an hour here and there when I can spare it !! I simply would love to take the car off the road and do it all at once but that just isn't an option. I can only hope if I do encounter any issues / snags along the way the community will be on hand to assist and provide advice along the way. Photos and descriptions to follow, My next day off is this coming Tuesday which will hopefully see the headunit and power supply put in, Thanks for reading all and I hope this may encourage more of you to be a little more adventurous with your 5s cheers Jon
  8. jongriff1066


    Hey guys, ive got the poverty system in my 520d I'm looking to install a secondary head unit into the recess just above the ashtray (see pic) the reason for this is I don't want to mess with the original stuff and loose any of the systems like nav Bluetooth etc has anyone done this and are there pros and cons or pointers you can give me please
  9. luton e34 man

    E34 install

    Anyone on the forum done an e34 audio install of any type ?? Looking for ideas
  10. agent orange

    Smoking iBus...

    Morning all hoping someone might be able to help. Getting my E39 530i Touring ready to sell and was removing the Intravee plus Alpine units and cabling to return to original. I've had the BM54 repaired by Baris which worked beautifully yesterday morning before I started this work. Unfortunately the iBus connector in the Intravee had disintegrated and whilst the top half of the plastic connector came away the 3 individual connectors were still left in the Intravee so I carefully removed with pliers. Not thinking about any power that might be carried I unintentionally touched two of the iBus wires at the same time with the pliers and got a little bit of white smoke. My car has a factory CD changer installed and the iBus connector originally went into that before the Intravee. I've put insulating tape around the 3 iBus wires to make it safe and both the iBus and audio cable that would plug into the CD changer are disconnected. I tried the radio and now nothing. I can no longer power on the radio (prof nav 16:9) So what have I done? Fried the BM54? Blown a fuse? Or by not having the iBus and audio connections I'm just not making a circuit so radio wouldn't work And where can I get a replacement connector for the iBus cable? Gah.....!!!! This is why I try to stay away from doing stuff like this!!! Many thanks
  11. rb0135

    I've lost an audio channel

    Hi All, Had the Intravee for a while now and it has been great. However, sometime in the last week, I have lost one channel and I only get audio from the left side of the car (standard equipment, no DSP). When the radio is on, it's perfect. Nothing has changed and no cables have been disturbed in this area. I did checked cables which are plugged in OK and plugged the CD changer in and that played a CD fine, both channels Any things to check? Could it be the iPod or Intravee, etc? Thanks, Rob
  12. bbbl0d

    Crackling speakers?

    Put a couple of Cd's in the CD changer today to play around with the sound and the audio sounded horrible and crackly. I didnt have the engine on and actually after listening to a few songs I went to start the car and the battery was dead (as it has been sat in the garege for a week). Is this due to the battery being flat or something to do with the changer/speakers? Any suggestions? Ta.
  13. declanroughan

    B&O System in a New 520d

    Hello I have just joined the Forum and I am about to buy a 520d. I am considering putting the B&O audio system in the car but and over £3k I want to make the correct decision. has anyone got any opinions on the quality / reliability / and is it worth the money for an audio buff ?
  14. Hi guys, I have a 57 plate e60 lci with standard radio, also i have door speakers in front door panel, 2 tweeters (one in each front door), 2 speakers in rear shelf, 1 centre speaker (above the screen on dash) and 2 subwoofers under the front passenger seat. (i think thats all of them!) Despite having so many speakers the sound quality out of them is awful! What do you guys recommend I should do to make the sound quality better without splashing out daft money! I have seen people of various forums buy a Blankpunt PnP amp, the one everyone goes on about is discontinued though. Also if I bought a PnP amp would I need to upgrade the speakers around the car aswell, or could I leave the original ones in? Cheers guys