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Found 12 results

  1. jongriff1066

    Need help !! Frustrated !!!

    Guys and girls, Need some help as I'm at the point where it's now getting to the point I'm falling out of love with my 5 series 520d m sport a car I've always wanted but starting to regret..... please help any and all advise will be so so appreciated ...... about 3 weeks ago my left dipped beam bulb blew, replaced that and a week later the right dipped beam blew, now tonight in 1 go I've lost the right dipped beam again and also my left angel eye ! Is this a common fault or could it just be a case of expired bulbs and an iffy one in the replaced one ? Ive checked the fuses they are all ok, until I can afford upgrading the light system to creed xenons I need these to last a little longer than a bulb a week !!! Thanks all jonathan
  2. Dave Tunstall

    E39 U.S. lenses

    Hi. Ive just bought an e39 imported from Japan and want to replace the tired headlight lenses. Does anyone know who supplies the angel eye lenses with the Amber corners?
  3. I am looking into installing some LEDs to upgrade the angel eyes on my 2001 E39 from the incandescent yellow. I have factory Xenon headlights and would like to get a rough match in terms of colour. I see most LED conversions seem to use 6000k which seems a bit blue to me. The factory Xenon headlights are around 4300k I think. Has anyone used 5000k LEDs with their factory Xenons? Is there any particular brand you would recommend? Cheers.
  4. HuwE39

    Trouble with angel eyes?!

    Hi, I'm having trouble with my angel eyes and I'm stumped! I've had the 10W Cree LEDs in there for a couple of years, and had no problems. However, now, I have no near side light, as you can see on the pic. The LED is litany stable, again see pic, and I can't see any problem with the headlight, but when I put the bulb into the headlight there is no light from the angel eye. The other main beam and full beam are fine, and the indicator, but strangely I'm getting no warning light and the indicator isn't lighting, as it would normally. Can anyone shed any light (sorry!) on this, please?
  5. Hi, I've recently replaced my original angel eye bulbs for a pair of CREE LED 35W bulbs (with external resistors) from xenonhids.co.uk. They worked for a couple of days but this morning when I started my car it had lost the time/date and said there had been a battery drain so it had turned something off. Neither angel eyes are working now. Am I right in thinking the computer has decided to turn these off and that I'll need a diagnostics cable to cleat the error to retry them? I will be going back to the supplier but wanted to understand what my car had done first. Regards Stu
  6. Fitted led angel eye bulbs an a 5000kelvin bulb to the dipped beam today . Gives a nice effect
  7. Ok angel eyes topic...again. Just wanted to purchase some decent angel eyes for my lci halogen headlights. Now i have got welcome ligts enabled and wanted to know upon unlocking will the angel eyes flicker or will they come on as normal and then when the engine is switched on the fickering business will happen. also someone reccomend some decent angel eyes preferably one that does not flicker at all.
  8. I'm struggling to fit the e60 lci angels lights on to my projector headlights. Anyone out there to help around the London area, will pay ofcourse. I don't have the tools or time to attempt it myself unfortunately.
  9. Stephen101

    Angel eyes, please help!

    Hello I know this has been talked out before many times but I'm also in a state of confusion over lights. I have an error msg stating front right parking light failure. It appears to be the two rings that are out, when side lights are on the only thing that lights up on that side is the eyebrow, when headlights are on its hard to tell but I think the rings are still out (headlights work fine) also full beam works fine. I have looked at videos on you tube etc and some appear to have two bulbs, one for each ring and some have one bulb which light up both. I have no idea what bulb or bulbs or LEDs I need but the details of the car are 2003 bmw 530d e60 and the lights appear to be xenon (so a halfords guy said). The angel eyes when turned on before this malfunction are a nice white colour, no yellow or orange hint,just pure white. Il try and attach a photo of it sitting with the side lights on for extra info if anyone knows. Basically I was wondering can anyone tell me what I need to correct this, one bulb, two, led or what? Highly confused Thanks in advance Stephen
  10. Hi guys - I am new to the BM family. I bought my first 5 series lci msport auto going back a few weeks ago and first thing I done was upgrade the Angel Eyes to 10W White LED bulbs, these have worked fine for last 2 week or so, but only last night I noticed when I started up the car one of the bulbs was flickering, I then switched the angel eyes on using the light switch and this stopped and they worked fine - any one else know why this may have happened? Also upgraded light to H7 Canbus free HID kit as the lights in my car have the projecter lense, and i noticed that when switched on it changed my auto gear from D to DS - this has only happened once however - maybe its me going crazy - any one else had any of these issues at all?
  11. Well I decided to treat my sorry looking beast to some new eyes, found some refurbished angel eyes on eBay that had been fitted with new adjusters and brand new lenses, cost me £465 delivered plus £52 for the wiring adapters from here: http://www.allpartssouthwest.com/acatalog/Special_Offers__5_Series_E39_1996__609.html. As you can see from the below photo my old headlights were shot to bits. Fitting the new ones was quite straight forward, however I did need to buy adapter brackets for the new lights to sit in as the bolt locations were a little different on the old style headlights. Apparently this isn't always the case when upgrading from the old style Xenons to the new ones. The new headlights (below) look fantastic, however I didn't really like the yellow side markers so I have opted for 10w CREE 7000K LEDs which were £54.95 from here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/270993927308?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649, they come with a 2 year guarantee, come on straight away without any flicker and match the colour of the Xenons perfectly. I'll take some photos and post here later.
  12. Bricko!

    Angel Eyes

    From the album: My E39 M5

    Replaced pre-facelift Xenons with a pair of Angel eyes.