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Found 13 results

  1. Probably the rarest and almost certainly the most expensive Alpina alloys you'll find... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Genuine-Alpina-B12-18-e31-wheels-BMW-840ci-850ci-CSI/233571128568?hash=item3661ec94f8:g:QAMAAOSw-AFepYM7
  2. Just posting this to help a new forum member get some identifying and sourcing a bowden cable for his rather rare right hand drive Alpina B10 3.0 AllRad which is based on the 525iX. https://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/142067-restoration-project/?tab=comments#comment-1523381 I know there are a few 525iX owners and enthusiasts on here so perhaps someone could help him? It seems rhd and lhd cables are different and the rhd is discontinued and not available anywhere at this time. Could a lhd cable be made to fit? There are two new available on ebay.de. Any help greatly appreciated.
  3. Here are my two E39's (kinda). Finally got some decent pictures taken and it would be nice to share with others on here some images and ownership details given the amount of pleasure I have had over the last few months looking at the threads of fellow members. The B10 was my first V8 purchase after hankering after an M5 since I was a nipper. Unfortunately I didn't have sufficient funds at the time to go solo so I had to go halves with my old man. Problem is he wanted an auto which put the stoppers on the M5 dream, although a B10 is no bad substitute! I found this example on PH with 121k miles which checked out well and had been well known on the Alpina Register pretty much all its life. It had been undersealed from new and had a rebuilt gearbox and numerous other new bits recently replaced. Since then its had a fortune spent on it to make sure its as tight as a drum including a total front suspension rebuild, all new cooling system, full brake system replacement, all arches, front sills, boot seam repainted and waxoiled along with the whole front end to get rid of stone chips along with loads of other bits. As a result she looks and drives fantastically well, as you would expect. Here are a few pics from the other day after a journey to and from York (hence she is a touch dirty). If the car looks familiar to regular visitors to PH its because the previous owner featured it on PH Carpool a few years back. Here is the link if anyone is interested. http://www.pistonheads.com/regulars/ph-carpool/carpool-alpina-b10-e39/25645 You will note that I removed the stripes! A tad controversial perhaps but I thought they dated the car and weren't factory Alpina decals. Late last year I sold my share to my old man (although I still look after it and get to drive it regularly...Bonus!) purely because my hankering after an E39 M5 never went away, in fact sampling the B10 just made me want one even more. Given prices were noticeably on the rise I decided to act fast before I was priced out of the market, so the hunt was on. I viewed a few 'minters' which turned out to be total sheds before spotting an LMB facelift in Glasgow with 107k on the clock. Initially I really wanted a Silverstone Blue car but I couldn't find a nice one so decided to get myself to Scotland. It turned out to be a lovely example and I was cruising down the M6 the same day. Its a great spec with extended leather doorcards & lower dash, sunroof, alcantara headlining and titanline trim. Here are a few pics Sitting next to the daily & track slag Clio 182 Added a Royal Steering Wheel (brilliant addition, same as on the B10), a ZHP gearknob and E90 sat nav buttons. Needless to say I absolutely love it, it has surpassed my (high) expectations and is getting under my skin in a way that only one other car has done (my 2010 Focus RS). I often get asked how the B10 and the M5 compare, well, they drive very differently despite the similarities to the uninitiated. The B10 rides amazing well and the auto box is great around town yet provides a surprisingly sporty nature when using the paddles and it handles really well indeed. The M5 on the other hand feels a lot stiffer, has quicker steering and is far more physical to drive (which I prefer) and generally feels far sportier. In terms of outright performance they are quite closely matched, with the quick shifting box of the B10 keeping it on the boil easily, although the M5 has the edge. Both are epic machines though and I would totally understand someone owning both at the same time as they deliver very different experiences. More pictures and updates to come.
  4. hello i just want to show you guys my little project here in norway i just bought myself a 525dat in good condition that im going to give more power. then i bought myself an alpina d10 biturbo engine. my goal is to reach more than 300bhp out on the wheels, the engine have managed 440whp with a bigger single turbo previously here's the option list : i also got a set of style 95 wheels that is coming on to the car very soon, and im also going to fit my contourseats from a preface e38 into my facelift e39. here are som pictures:
  5. Hello all – Modern Classics is looking to do a showdown between the E28 M5 and an Alpina B10 3.5 – or, if we can get one, B7 Turbo. This is a UK shoot, and fuel will be refunded and food provided. We'd ideally like to shoot this in June/July. Interested? Drop us an email via nathan.chadwick@bauermedia.co.uk. Thanks, Nathan Chadwick, Acting Managing Editor, Modern Classics magazine.
  6. Hi folks, was looking for a little guidance on a set of E39 Alpinas, so any wisdom appreciated. I've got a set of Genuine Alpina softlines that I'm looking to put back on an E39 530D saloon, and it's running a square setup with 245/35/19 tyres all round. Wheels beneath the centre caps read 8.5x19 h2 E24. I know this isn't technically correct as the B10s ect. ran a staggered setup, however I'm covering 20-25k in motorway miles a year, and like the idea of being able to rotate tyres - will I run into any problems if these go back on, or would it be recommended/ will it fit going up a size on the rear tyres?
  7. E39 2000/X reg Alpina B10 V8 rolling shell, Individual Mora Metallic 2000/X reg Alpina B10 V8 rolling shell for sale as a project to rebuild or to strip for remaining parts. The shell is in Individual Mora Metallic and comes with complimenting purple carpets and over mats. The interior also sports a black headlining. The shell is still fitted with: - glass sunroof - black headlining - suede parcel shelf with electric blind - DSP amp - DSP subwoofers - BM24 radio amp - Xenon headlamps included, not still fitted - electric steering column The following panels are still fitted: - all doors - bonnet - bootlid (holes where spoiler was) - front bumper with Alpina lip - front wings - exterior shadowline trim The running gear has been removed. It still sits on the original Alpina suspension all round (brand new rear springs included), and the brakes are still with the car although not fitted. The engine, gearbox, prop and diff are not present. The Alpina VIN number is stamped into the front strut tower. There is a folder full of history for the car, plus all the service history is present as is the V5. I am looking for 1100 for all of this, willing to split and sell on any remaining parts. This would make a great project for someone wanting to build their own Alpina; looking to re-shell a damaged E39 or simply to strip the good bits off and make a bit of cash.
  8. in_memoriam

    Wheel set 19'' (staggered)

    Folks, I am looking for a set of wheels with the following parameters: - 19 '' - 5x120 - Fronts at least 8.5J, rears at least 9.5J - ET between 15 and 25 - Center bore 74.1mm but it's not mandatory Much want a set of Linea Corse LC888 (9J/10.5J). I don't need tyres. Let me know if you have some for sale. Please include a tax for shipping in the final cost to: 72 Badshot Lea RoadBadshot LeaFarnhamSurrey GU9 9LTUnited Kingdom PayPal ready. Thanks!
  9. boo


    From the album: B10 3.3

  10. As the title suggests, I'm after a set of classics for my 530d M Sport. 19 or 20 inch. Have to be genuine and in decent nick. Just love Alpinas. On my E46 convertible, i had BMW style 32's, as they were the closest look to the Alpina softlines without costing the earth. Dunno if this is a stupid place to post this request, but thought i'd give it a go! My 19" spiders are pretty much as new. No scuffs or blemishes at all. I think they look very nice on the car, in fact probably the best match for the E60, but i prefer Alpinas. I can post pics if there is anyone out there Cheers
  11. http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/86112-pics-from-first-weekend-with-the-b10/
  12. Hi All, Going to see this later today, whilst I appreciate the exclusivity of this colour combo (not seen it before) its priced higher than the other B10's of similar mileage. Is this good value or overpriced because it has a red steering wheel? Any advice appreciated, I'll be taking cash so could buy it today if i like it in the metal. Thoughts / Comments appreciated.... http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201306267500522/sort/default/usedcars/model/alpina/make/bmw/onesearchad/used/onesearchad/nearlynew/onesearchad/new/radius/1501/quicksearch/true/page/2/postcode/wd35lq?logcode=p
  13. Bennybear

    Looking for an Alpina

    Hi All, I'm looking to buy an Alpina B10, would consider any variant and have the potential for either a straight cash sale or if preferred I have the below e39 530is which I can put towards a deal. I'm a paid up gold member, so hopefully this email doesn't offend. I didn't think putting tis add in "for sale" was right either. 112k Silver 02 530i M Sport (original sport on log book) Petrol, Auto Black leather, silver trim (unmarked) Just serviced, taxed and MOT'd Standard car apart from BBS LM's and white halo's and HID's If Anyone's interested please PM me. Thanks everyone