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Found 14 results

  1. Hi All, getting my alloys refurbished on the 29th and figured that spanking new look alloys would look rather poo with old bubbled caps, but cant seem to find what size they are.. I see plenty on EBAY that suggest they are 68mm but does anyone have a definitive answer?? im on staggered 19s in case it made any odds... Thanks in advance
  2. Hey I'm looking for at least 2 Flat star alloys. Mine are buckled so bad the car gets a nasty vibration. I can come pick them up and obvs put tyres on them.
  3. Hi all I noticed this morning that the centre cap off my driver side front alloy was missing. Not sure how long it's been missing but I would have noticed it missing within a few days if you know what I mean. There are a few roads with potholes near me that I have no choice but to drive over daily trying my best to miss the potholes but sometimes they are unavoidable. There is another long stretch of road that is awful and needs resurfacing that I have to use daily as well. I am thinking that maybe going over them has caused the centre cap to become loose and to come off. I had my winter tyres taken off about 6 weeks ago so could be the garage didn't fully push in the centre cap? Is this common? Any ideas or the sharing of past experiences would be very much appreciated. Many thanks in advance
  4. Csm101red

    E39 wheels on an F11?

    Hi Hope someone can help! I was wondering, would 16 inch E39 wheels (strictly for winter use) be compatible on a non-Msport F11 (which otherwise rides on 17/18 inch rims)? I've seen an ad for some used E39 rims, but clearly don't want to splash out if they're not compatible. Thanks!
  5. Oily10

    19" staggered alloys for my E60

    Just testing the water to see if anyone had any after market alloys for my 530i M Sport?Getting tired of repairing these Spiders
  6. Hi, just about to pick up a 2015 520d M Sport with the Sport Plus pack but as I travel down some bumpy country lanes I am hoping to exchange the 19" 351M wheels for a set of 18" 613M wheels of similar (excellent) condition and tread (only 7k miles done). Anyone interested let me know at michaelpd123@yahoo.co.uk Based in Nantwich, Cheshire but willing to travel to meet up if required. Pics to follow Thanks, Michael
  7. I've been looking into 18x8" wheels for summer tyres, to replace the 17" with winter tyres still on my F11. I thought others might find the information I've dragged up useful, so I thought I would post it all in one place. Wheel/Tyre weights Size Style Weight, kg Weight with 14kg RFT (225/50R17 or 245/45R18), kg Delta to 236, kg 17x8 236 9.93 23.9 0.0 17x8 327 11.88 25.9 2.0 18x8 350 11.40 25.4 1.5 18x8 281 11.90 25.9 2.0 18x8 365 12.13 26.1 2.2 18x8 237 12.48 26.5 2.6 18x8 330 12.60 26.6 2.7 18x8 328 12.77 26.8 2.8 18x8 234 11.10 25.1 1.2 F07 wheel 18x8 234 11.10 22.2 -1.7 F07 wheel with Michelin PSS Sources: http://www.bmwstylewheels.com http://tiredb.com http://felgenkatalog.auto-treff.com/ The take aways from this for me are: 1.There's little difference in weight between 225/55R17 and 245/45R18 tyres - RFT's come in at around 14kg, non-RFT around 2kg lighter (although there seems to be more variation in the weight of non-RFTs). 2.There's quite a range of weights for the OEM wheels. 3.The F07 234 wheel is significantly lighter than the second lightest, the 350M, and is cheaper (AFAIK there shouldn't be a problem fitting an F07 wheel, other than the fact that F07 and F10/11 use different profile tyres, but waiting for supplier to confirm). 4.The humble 17" 236 is actually quite a light wheel. RFTs can be deleted in other markets? Ummm.... sort of. In the test I did on the French BMW site, you can indeed delete RFT's from a new car configuration, unlike the UK site where you can't. However, it appears you can only do this for 17" wheels, as, as soon as you up the size, the delete option is no longer enabled. Type-approved non-OEM wheels X10 seems to be the most prevalent, but there are a couple of variants. Wolfrace X10 is not RFT compatible but Uniwheel X10 18" is RFT compatible (also sold under Rial brand I believe). Still trying to confirm weight of Uniwheel X10 18", but the 17x8" version apparently comes in at 10.8kg, based on a post on another board. If that's true then it compares well with the OEM wheels in that regard. So..... still undecided (except I want to keep RFT's).... but if the 18" X10 comes in at 12kg or less then I am not sure I can justify spending £1300 on BMW wheels rather than £500 on X10s!
  8. Last month I had to replace 3 out 4 of my 19" spyder m-sport alloy wheels due to cracks. Is it worth me downgrading to 18" to get a little extra tyre.
  9. Im going to have a go at respraying my four wheels on friday as they have huge chips of paint of them which keep peeling away. Ive been looking at a lot of resources of how to do a good job of it, not just slapping it on with a paint brush The paint can literally peel off in some places near to where it already has and when it comes away its almost like a plastic coating or something and is peeling away to black. Will I need to get all of this off with sand paper before hand and if I don't will it eventually keep peeling away the new paint as well?? Thanks.
  10. can anyone work out the size at the question mark (?), apparently this is officially classed as the outer rim depth (size) for ordering identical replacement lip.... thanks in advance. (based: HULL E.R.Y. 'HU9' England/UK)
  11. Hi Guys and Gals, I am going to have to get some alloys refurbed shortly. They are BBS style5's that were bought on here, however I am stuck as to which route to go down. Powder coating is supposed to be more durable and uniform but also less resistant to cracks etc. Any thoughts on this matter would be appreciated. Thanks, Romes
  12. As the title suggests, I'm after a set of classics for my 530d M Sport. 19 or 20 inch. Have to be genuine and in decent nick. Just love Alpinas. On my E46 convertible, i had BMW style 32's, as they were the closest look to the Alpina softlines without costing the earth. Dunno if this is a stupid place to post this request, but thought i'd give it a go! My 19" spiders are pretty much as new. No scuffs or blemishes at all. I think they look very nice on the car, in fact probably the best match for the E60, but i prefer Alpinas. I can post pics if there is anyone out there Cheers
  13. I've got a set of Style 66 alloys, they're in below average to poor condition I had intended to use them but... Summer wheels? Having had them on I prefer my Style 5's. Winter Wheels? as a staggered set they're not ideal, it's tricky to keep the correct wheel circumference without breaking the bank. So I'm going to move them on, question is would sending them off for a refurbishment be a good idea? Or should I just sell them off, pointing out as clearly as possible that they need to be refurbished. Pics up.
  14. Hello all! Just searching for Winter Alloys and came across a set of 17x 7.5J alloys that came from an E60 (supposedly) Would these fit on a 525D? Just asking as I am not sure if the more powerful models had bigger brakes or not (come from a VAG background where VAG would fit bigger brakes on the more powerful models) Alex