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Found 14 results

  1. From the album: My 523i Conversions and Maintenance

    I was among them who stated that it would be hard if not impossible, to install a two stage airbag steering wheel in a one stage steering wheel car from 97' but on the contrary, it is possible without getting any red airbag warning lights. This is not a straight forward replacement but it is possible, by using the old clock spring, plus some modifications to the back side of the steering wheel by forming a new base for the old clock with an "aluminum epoxy" for the clock spring base, plus grinding/drilling and cutting a new hole for the plugs and wires and on top of that, you definitely need a new clock spring made for heated steering wheel, if you are going to put in a steering wheel with flaps. Hear are related pictures; #3 SSG/SMG Steering Wheel #4 SSG/SMG Steering Wheel #5 SSG/SMG Steering Wheel A one stage clock spring is mounted on the steering wheel itself, but two stage is mounted on the steering column itself. These are to different type of steering columns and spring clocks, also the wiring connection plugs are different. If this is done right, everything should work just fine, but with the sacrifice of loosing one of the airbag stages, so if it blows, you only get full blast in your face, instead of slightly less if you should get into a minor accident as the two stage was intended to work. I'm willing to accept a full blow and sacrifice the lesser one, not that I have any personal experience from airbags in my face. My first try was plugging into stage #2, red warning light that I had to erase but was unsuccessful. Tried stage #1 and ones again, I got red light but it was easy to erase and now everything works, including everything else on the steering wheel. That took me by a surprise, sins this steering wheel has 4 extra buttons that where not on the old one. This steering wheel is a little bit smaller in diameter and thicker in your hands and not as bulky at the stem, therefor it is easier to see the bottom half of the instrument panel. If you are wondering what that thing is in the right corner of the picture? I had an old original BMW telephone holder that I added USB charger to it and a fold up stand/holder for my tablet or phone. My latest steering wheel with integrated "paddle" shifter, seen inside the car; SSG-SMG Steering Wheel With Flaps in e39 from Feb.1997-/04.04.2021 and with the new Android display; 9' Head Unit
  2. From the album: My 523i Conversions and Maintenance

    In case, as I experienced when I mistakenly bought a two stage airbag steering wheel, instead of one stage for my car, I would like to give this advice to any one who is thinking of getting a new or refurbished steering wheel. These are two different type of steering wheels, on the left is a one stage airbag wheel and on the right is a two stage airbag wheel. It is nearly impossible to put a two stage wheel, in a car that was born with one stage steering wheel without some major modifications. My advice and 2c, do not try to attempt to do that conversion, unless you have a good understanding on reprogramming the ECU bin. files, (that is if you decide to convert it to a functional two stage airbag car) and a fairly good understanding of your car wiring. So far, I have not heard of anyone that has made this conversion 100% to the specs and correct......> BUT, there is an "easier" way around this, by scarifying one of the stages of the airbag, thereby it becomes a one stage airbag steering wheel, like the one you have in the older BMW´s like mine from 1997. You can read more with; Two Stage Airbag On One Stage Configuration. Sins writing this above in 2016, I have installed the two stage steering wheel, back in late 2018 and I got it to works perfectly as an one stage air bag steering wheel. Everything works perfectly, including all the control buttons, without getting the red airbag warning light! and again in late 2020 I installed ones again a "new", two stage steering wheel with shifter flaps, with the same positive results You can read more about how to make this changeover with other pictures and "info" I have in my portfolio. #3 SSG/SMG Steering Wheel #4 SSG/SMG Steering Wheel #5 SSG/SMG Steering Wheel
  3. If your estate BMW 5 Series (known as a Touring or the F11 or the GT F07) has its backside on the ground one morning or you have an error message on your dash relating to a ride fault or an air suspension fault, have a look through these threads to give you an idea on what the issue is and how to resolve it. This is a collection of just some of the threads to be found on here, not all are one here simply due to the fact, they were never resolved or closed out so there is nothing to be learned from them. This is purely a reference thread to other posts on here and is not to be used as a discussion thread. Failure symptoms above thread was closed out in last post of this next thread DIY guide to replacing the rear sir springs. DIY Guide to replace the solenoid valve System Behaviour Normal behaviour Compressor Compressor removal (access needed to NewTIS) Compressor Faults Ride Height Queries F11 Rear suspension height F07 Ride height query F11 ride height to high One side failure F07 Bump Stop issues Disintegrating rear bump stops Valve block Air spring fault Lowering of an F11 Standard or MSport Air spring differences Tech chat on tools needed for air line. Relay If you want another thread adding to this, please message me and I'll reference it in here.
  4. Johan Schultz

    Thorax Airbag driver side

    Hi everyone. Hope someone here can give me some advice please. My 2009 BMW e60 520d Lci has a 93AC "front thorax" side airbag, driver side code with airbag and safetybelt light permanently on. Can someone confirm if its the airbag in the drivers door (It's RHD)? I've tested continuty from the airbag to the module in the center console, swapped the airbag in the door with a "good known" working one, but still get the same code. Any help or advice wil be appreciated
  5. When it comes to sorting the suspension I've a good mind to go Bilstein. I had a chat with them and for a touring with airbags I get B8 shocks on the front with lowering springs and B6 shocks on the rear, airbags stay the same. I know Bilstein are a good quality product. Their only down side is no adjustability and I'm not willing to go to coilovers, especially as I want to keep the air bags. Koni are the only company I can find who sell a shock on its own that is adjustable, and they don't make the adjustable one for the touring, not only that the ones they do make for the touring are not compatible with SLS. Has anyone ever fitted an adjustable damper on a touring with airbags without using coilovers. I have not been able to find any. Maybe someone knows something I don't.
  6. Hi All, (Warning: Bit of a ramble) Given the current state of affairs with our friendly pandemic at the moment I am working from home and have a bit of time. I thought I'd share my thoughts something that has been bugging me for a while and I may have finally gained some insight into. It''s concerning the difference between the Sport and SE rear airbags that typically come on tourings but were also a rare option on the saloons as well. The reason this came about was as follows; In the first few months after buying my sport touring, one of the air bags popped a leak. I was extremely lucky that I was literally 1 mile from my Mum's at the end of a 70 mile journey from London. Since I had to get back that day I had no choice but to get a new set of bags from ECP. I would have preferred BMW OEM parts, but not possible in this situation. I was at pains to ensure that ECP were supplying me with the correct part and asked them to double and triple check that I was buying the correct airbags for the Sport and not for the SE suspension. I spent the afternoon fitting the airbags and it got me thinking about the SE/ Sport thing. The ECP bags are supplied by Arnott and it turns out after a few back and forth emails that Arnott only make one bag that fits both the Sport and the SE. 'How could this be?' I asked, I can't remember the exact reply but it was vague and obviously didn't answer the question. This troubled me, as it looked to me as if Arnott had done the equivalent of making a coil spring that was a little bit harder and shorter than and SE spring, and a little bit softer and longer than a sport spring, and said 'That'll do, we can sell that spring for both the sport and the SE.' I then set out on a quest to find out exactly what the difference was between a Sport and an SE airbag. I started with the parts department and Park Lane. It took some time to get through to the parts manager who, as expected, did not know. It was suggested I ring BMW UK. BMW UK did not have a clue either, so I asked if I could speak to a technical person or an engineer of some sort. This did not go anywhere either. So I suggested that I speak to someone in Germany at BMW's actual head office and I was told that they don't have any contacts in Germany. So I asked who I can speak to who might know of someone in the UK who can put me in touch with someone in Germany. Still nothing. Someone at BMW in the UK must have some sort of contact with someone in Germany. It's impossible for this not to be the case, but over the course of a month and half a dozen phonecalls I realised this was not going anywhere, so I jumped on the internet. I found some scientific papers about airbag suspension and piston design. I was interesting, as you can design the piston so that the suspension behaves as a linear rate or a rising rate spring. As more of the piston goes though its travel and displaces more air, if the diameter of the piston increases it will displace proportionally more air for each mm of travel making the spring firm up quicker that otherwise. As interesting as this was this didn't answer my question about the difference between a sport and an SE airbag. My quest for this information was forgotten for a couple of years until I started looking around for what shocks to put on the car for a general suspension upgrade and refresh. Since I want to get rid of these airbags someone suggested I check out Aerosus since they have a separate SE and sport bag. It was there that a potential answer struck me. I already seems to be common knowledge that the Sport airbags are a bit shorter that the SE bags, which intuitively makes sense as the same applies for coil springs. Not only that, but the Sport airbags also appear to be wider. This got me thinking back to basic physical principles. A shorter but wider piston would displace more air per mm of travel compared to a taller narrower one. This would make the kg/mm stiffness increase faster on the short wide spring that it would the long narrow one. It seemed obvious after I had thought about it for a while. but this had never crossed my mind before. This was a bit of a Eureka moment for me. Sorry if you've got this far and the main point is a bit underwhelming/ obvious, but I felt quite pleased with myself when this popped into my head. This could of course just be a trick of the eye and could be something as daft as the camera being a bit closer to the airbag when the photo was taken. Let me know what you think. Link below. https://aerosus.co.uk/bmw/5-series/e39/filter/p_construction_year/2003.html?pf=1 So I wonder if this is the case with the OEM BMW airbags. We know the sport bags are shorter, but are they wider. Has anyone got one of each they can measure? Has anyone ever cut them open to see what shape the piston is? So you could argue I'm none the wiser regarding the OEM bags but this is something I've seen a few people asking about over the years and though I'd get down on 'paper' everything I've learned so far regarding this topic. Hope this is useful for someone.
  7. I've had a problem with my airbag light (diagnostics say a passenger airbag circuit short to earth fault) which having substituted a known good airbag and checked the wiring/plugs etc seems to me to be a likely ECU problem... and that's the final step on the diagnostic fault guidance too. Today it is at the local BMW dealers for the drivers airbag recall work and I've asked them to spend a max 1hr extra labour to double check my findings... then advise and quote. Unless they find something daft I've missed no doubt they will be quoting some massive price to change the ECU which I will decline and do myself. Reading around this and other forums it seems if you get the exact same airbag ECU then you can fit it, clear the fault codes and it will not need coding which I guess I might be able to do but would rather not. Image shows my ECU so could someone tell me which of the 7 number sequences I need to match up to get one that is operationally the same?
  8. RoaringTouring

    Spurious fault lights

    I have a number of alerts on my dash which I'd like to clear and I would appreciate the experience of the forum in tackling some of the jobs. 'Low brake fluid' - with associated red brake (different to p/brake) light: I've checked the fluid level, and the pads, which all seem fine, so I'm assuming it's a sensor malfunction. Is this a straight forward job? Do I need to replace the entire reservoir or can I get the sensor (assuming it's the fault)? 'Check coolant level': Similar thing, levels checked and seem fine, so assuming a sensor fault. 'Self level susp. inact.': I had coilovers fitted, and this then generated the alert. The rear suspension airbags were removed and I assume it is related to this, but I was wondering if anyone knew a way to deactivate the alert message? Airbag light Changed the old boat wheel for an msport wheel. I've managed to get all the buttons to work, but I'm left with an airbag warning light. Any thoughts on this, and any of the others, would be greatly appreciated. Ta.
  9. NuckingFuts


    So i saw a post on the E39 facebook group, that said something about an airbag recall for the driver's side steering wheel. They we're told to wait for the letter, but it is indeed a genuine recall, and calling for people to get their cars booked in. So i guess my question is, for the E39 experts on here, that have been there, done that, go tthe T-shirt and subsequently lost said t-shirt, how reliable is this information, as, at the moment, it's just word of mouth/here-say. How many people have actually had this done, and is it worth waiting for the letter, or JFDI? I'd very much like to couple the recall in with a service, as i've not done one since i've had the car, and even though i think the person i bought the car from was cool, its 200K+ on the clock and would be good just to satisfy my curiosity. Anyone recommend a dealership in the West London / Berkshire area? Muchos Gracias Deepan.
  10. I have spoken with a couple of members and the general consensus is that this is a retrofit too far... ... But before I write the idea off (i'm not adverse to putting in the effort) has anyone else looked into this? The donor vehicle is a M reg 1994 525i Touring auto with the second airbag system control box under rear bench. The unit has a power, input from passenger seat & door connector plug and then feed wires to the two airbags. The recipient is a 1992 525iX touring with an earlier system of two small orange boxes on the front suspension towers. The wires go into the cabin through the fire wall. I have taken out the glovebox and some of of the gubbins like top vent and radio but can not find a connector for the passenger airbag + dash that the parts file (BMWfans.info) lists for this vehicle ??
  11. Hi all, I own a E60, 535d, 2005 110,000 miles. I am new to the site and have joined here as I need help diagnosing two issues with my car. Issue 1 - When driving at constant speed the rev counter needle moves up and down with no change in pedal push, this also happens in cruse control. Sometimes it feels like the engine loses and gains power in respect to the revs falling and rising. - Does this sound like a torque converter issue, gearbox or faulty sensors ? Issue 2 - I have airbag warning light on dashboard, car has been to BMW dealer and they say it is not a faulty sensor in the seat but a voltage issue caused by the positive battery blow off terminal and weak battery, I have bought a brand new battery now but after resetting the airbag light it came back after a few days. I have attached pictures to this post - Its hard to find cheap positive battery cable off the internet that has not been involved in accident as they may be blown and brand new one is around £150 from dealer, which is way too much. I will appropriate your responses Many thanks Hyecar
  12. Hey everyone, a airbag/seatbelt warning light has popped up on my dash and idrive on my bmw 525d msport. This happened a few months ago but has recently happened again. Its literally as i turn the ignition on, a noise is heard and then symbols appear. Also on the idrive it says restraint system faulty but still to use the seatbelts. Will my airbags still operate in a crash with this warning light coming on? Ive looked under the driver seat and the wires look as thought they are hanging down, maybe come loose when the seat has been moved. Is this a regular thing with 525's? When i initially took my car to the garage, they plugged in there diagnostic kit and nothing appeared ref the airbag, and the warning symbols disapeared for a few days but now have popped up again. Many thanks.
  13. Hey everyone, a airbag/seatbelt warning light has popped up on my dash and idrive on my bmw 525d msport. This happened a few months ago but has recently happened again. Its literally as i turn the ignition on, a noise is heard and then symbols appear. Also on the idrive it says restraint system faulty but still to use the seatbelts. Will my airbags still operate in a crash with this warning light coming on? Ive looked under the driver seat and the wires look as thought they are hanging down, maybe come loose when the seat has been moved. Is this a regular thing with 525's? When i initially took my car to the garage, they plugged in there diagnostic kit and nothing appeared ref the airbag, and the warning symbols disapeared for a few days but now have popped up again. Many thanks.
  14. Hafiz0786

    Occupancy sensor in seat

    Hello, I am new to the forum and haven't got a clue about the mechanics of a car . I own a 535d sport (E60) which i've had for 6 years , we have worked out that the sensor in the passenger seat is faulty and i have got a new one from BMW but i need someone to fit this in the seat. Does anyone know of a decent garage or individual who could do this for me in the Edinburgh area , who isn't going to rip me off and do the job correctly ? With the new laws coming into place in April regards to MOT's this problem is now a failure and i have to rectify asap. Thanks in advance to all who can offer me advice and help.