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Found 17 results

  1. Morning BMW5, Yesterday as I was leaving work I felt a crunch from some ice on my wheels, then my ABS and Traction Control warning lights both flashed up and my speedo, MPG and mileage counter have all also stopped working - my best guess from a quick skim on the forums is that the wheel speed sensor has gone - although the fuel gauge is also being temperamental. I rang a local independent garage, who I trust, who said it's likely the wire has come loose or the sensor has broken which is a big job to get it out and replaced (something about drilling the sensor out?). He suggested to check the cable and leave it as it may clear itself, otherwise he wont be able to see the car for a week or so. However, I had a look last night and the wire to the sensor is still secured in place as far as I can tell. Without a full diagnostic I cant be sure if the sensor does need replacing, does anyone have any suggestions as to ruling out any other causes before sending the car to have the "big job" done? E39 520i Touring SE.
  2. Other thread deviated to thermostat so restarted here! Was braking towards a roundabout this morning, and then had two faults come up, one for ABS/DSC and one for Trans. When I got to work they aren't showing in the idrive screen (altho all my other small niggles are - led bulbs causing checks etc..) Am I surmising correctly that this could be a speed sensor /ABS sensor needing attention? I assume the gearbox uses some of those signals to help it know when to change and when to not change gear, and obviously the ABS and DSC need those signals too? I didn't have time when I got here to plug it in, but ill try and do that later today. Andy
  3. Hi all, my 2010 registered F10 530d SE has turned up with multiple electrical failures, so much so that the car wont even start now. This has now happened 3 times in total over a period of a week. I returned from a 4 week holiday and took the car out for an hour long drive. On the return journey home, the car just stopped in its tracks, with the Drive train failure light first coming on. I tried a few times to start it up by using a boost charger as well as a trickle charger, but this did not work and then later on, every other error came up from: adaptive light failure rdc (tyre monitoring failure) stabilisation failure and a few others that i cannot recall now I got the car towed back to my home address and then a few days ago was able to get it jump started from my gardeners large transit truck. I then took the car out for another hour long drive, for exactly the same scenario (car just stopped in its tracks), to happen and the same errors to turn up again. Has anyone else experienced this and aid me in diagnosing what the problem is? Thanks all Arun
  4. Hi all, I'm relatively new to the BMW world and have only had my car for around 2 months. Last week my remote central locking stopped working for both key fobs, but the radio still worked fine with no issues. I did the usual and Googled the problem and came across the usual 'Diversity Unit' failure. Last Friday I checked it and it looked perfect with no corrosion or rust anywhere, put it all back together and it still wasn't working. I found a thread on here suggesting there could be corrosion on one of the pins that connects to the diversity unit in the boot so I checked that. I opened the boot with the button on the boot lid and it powered open. I unplugged the cable that was pictured, checked it, all looked OK so I plugged it back in again. I also checked some fuses just to make sure none had blown and they were all OK. I made sure everything was back as it was, went to close the boot using the close button inside the boot and it was dead, no power or anything. I checked to make sure I could start the car and it started fine, however now lots of warning lights are on the dash and the following are no longer working...: Idrive Speedo MPG needle Power steering Airbags ABS Traction control Seatbelt warning light is on (no dinging) PDC Heated seats Suspension level control Tire pressure monitor And probably lots of other things! Any ideas as to what has happened or what I need to do to get them working again?? Thank in advance.
  5. Alex1985

    E39 520i auto

    Hi i have a 520i automatic 2001 130,000miles. I'm looking for some help, last week for a reason unknown to me the traction control and ABS light decided to come on simultaneously. Then next time I look at the dashboard the transmission light has come on as well and the car is now running in limp mode. I got the car home and tried turning the engine off and back on yet the problem was still there. So next morning i thought i would try the car again and all the lights remained off for about 5 miles then just like before the traction control and ABS light came on followed shortly by the transmission. Now I have asked a few people and the suggest it could be i need to top up the transmission fluid, if this was the case why are the traction control and ABS light coming on first? I'm not sure when the transmission fluid and filter were last checked as i only got the car a year ago. But it is now on my to do list anyway. Does anyone have any input for me on what i should next? Cheers in advance Alex
  6. I am getting the "check brake linings" message on my dash display AND the "red brake shoe with exclamation mark".All pads are good and fluid is correct level. Brakes work as they should. No speedo issue or gear changing issue.I joined the wear pads wires last week just to rule them out. (no change)When driving I will see the linings warning AND the red warning flash up together, never noticed it happening when braking. This will happen dozens of times and eventually the red light will stay on.... then the lining warning stops (until ignition is turned off).INPA shows all speed sensors working and tracking the speed together when driving.The red light gives a 151 error (canbus brake system).I did get a brake light switch code (6) but changing that has made no difference.I will trace the wear sensor wires back to see if there is a break anywhere BUTdoes anyone know if the red light SHOULD come on with the pad wear sensor ? I have seen a low voltage error logged with the canbus 151. Battery tests good and charging is good. Left in on a trickle charge overnight to see if that changes anything ?(I have added an image (not my dash) indicating the red light (shown orange in the pic) showing.) getting confused !
  7. wayneywoo

    ACtronics or BBAReman

    Hi all, So it's my turn to look to getting my ABS mod remanufactured. I've approached BBAReman and they want £155+VAT+Shipping. I then saw ACtronics getting good comments so thought I'd approach them. Just got off the phone, apparently they only deal with Garages! The girl wouldn't budge even when I said I was a mechanic to which she asked "have you not got a friend in a garage?". This got me thinking, firstly, has anyone had any experience of ACtronics? Anyone know the cost from them? Second, if ACtronics are a safer bet, is there anyone who can put me in touch with anyone local to me (Hemel Hempstead, Herts) who can put my modulator through their garage? If it's worth it I guess? Thanks for reading
  8. osealy

    Asc Dsc abs module

    I have asc and abs lights on. I disconnected the module after the abs pump wouldn't turn off. Inpa keeps giving canbus, speed and pump errors. Inpa says all wheel sensors reading the same. Can I use abs module from car with Dsc? Is it true that abs light will go out if module is not coded. Cheers.
  9. Hi folks, currently building up an e28 528i se using M635i engine / box etc. I'm currently getting rid of rot in the front wheel wells and have noticed that the brackets which hold the rigid brake pipes to the flexibles and the ABS sensor on the Near side are a bit soft. I have looked through all the body brackets on realoem but cannot see those anywhere. Are they available or will it be a case of fabricating up some new ones from scratch? Cheers
  10. I'm hoping that someone can offer me some advice with this. My ASC and ABS lights had been on for a while until I finally got the codes read and discovered that the right rear wheel speed sensor was faulty. I bought a new sensor from GSF and tried to fit it but the head of the bolt snapped and I was running short of time so I put it into a BMW independent garage to get fixed. They phoned me later to tell me that they were having trouble removing the sensor, they would have to drill it out and there was the slight possibility that this may damage the sensor pickup ring on the hub. I told them to proceed with caution. When I picked the car up, they told me that there was some pulsing through the pedal occasionally and this may be due to a piece of dirt or debris stuck to the ring and it may work itself free over time. Now that I've driven the car, the "pulsing" happens all the time and is also accompanied by a scraping or grinding sound, particularly at low speeds and it would appear that the ABS is now coming on all the time. Does the mechanic's explanation seem plausible? I thought it sounded believable but I don't understand why he wouldn't try to remove any foreign objects in there. I've read several posts that explain how to change the sensor and they all recommend cleaning the pickup ring and even blasting some compressed air in there. I'm also not sure I understand why the sensor was so difficult to remove. Even though it's probably the original and has been there since new (the car was built in 2000) but the sensor body is plastic. Could it bond to the surrounding metal over time? Also, the mechanic explained that, if the pickup ring was damaged, the only way to fix it was to remove the hub which apparently is a 4 to 5 hour operation. My next move is to look at it myself. First off I'm going to clean the ring, blast some compressed air in there then see if anything has changed. Other than that, I'm open to advice. Cheers
  11. Micho

    Rear Sensor

    Hello, Can you give me a price for the right rear wheel speed sensor, OEM 34351163207 Thank you.
  12. I have an E39 523i on which I have spent far too much money trying to put right so far (long story). The most recent issue has been the intermittent appearance of the "trifecta" ABS / ASC / BRAKE warning lights, and no speedometer. The BMW specialist I use diagnosed the left rear ABS sensor which he duly replaced (damaging the wheel bearing in the process - a well known issue, I know). However... within hours of getting the car back, the ABS lights re-appeared, and this time it was diagnosed as a faulty ABS module, now quite a common fault apparently. So I sent my module away for repair, but was informed that it was beyond repair so they sent it back. But now... I put it back in the car (which had stood unused / unstarted whilst the module was out) and now I not only get the ABS lights etc. but the temperature gauge immediately shoots over to the right and the EML light is coming on now too. I also noticed that trying to feather the throttle at low revs (500 - 2000 RPM) results in rough running (which it didn't do before). Can the ABS module cause the EML Light to come on, or do I have another issue now as well? I don't have access to a code reader, so I'm unable to provide codes until I can get it to the specialist to check it out. My indy is away on holiday right now, so I'm unable to get any codes read until he returns on the 24th. Please, please help. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi All, Just a fun one. I have not put her onto the laptop and checked codes yet but looking for places to start with. Briefly last Friday replaced the Air bellow rubbers from the MAF to Throttle body as i had a weird idle surge and possible leak in a boot. I cleaned the MAF sensor and with A/C on and car running reset the Adaptations and all seemed to be very happy. On a trip from London to York and back over the weekend on the motorway i noted engine light flickered and went off then the ASC and ABS lights came on. when this happened i lost cruise control and the speedo and mpg gauges stopped working as well. after several minutes the lights went off and the speedo slowly raised back to the correct speed but still no cruise. Any clues as these should be completely unrelated to the cleaning of the MAF, i can understand that cruise would be effected if the ASC and ABS lights were on due to possible failures as a safety precaution. Anyway trip back the same, every so often the ASC and ABS lights come on and then go off the speedo would stop working and then come back and no cruise control functions ? i have a pic of when she completely stalled in traffic but started back up OK, ill check with the laptop and INPA tonight to see if any codes but any suggestions ? or any one have ASC / ABS lighting issues ? or just a Electrical Gremlin in the system coincidently at the same time i swapped the boots. Thanks for any suggestions.
  14. HI I wonder if anyone is within reasonable distance of leicester with an error code reader that could help me please? 2002 530d sport auto, DSC and ABS lights coming on and self clearing on new start up. not much of a pattern, could be a bump in road or cornering to set it off. BMW wanted £50 for "an hour's diagnostic" and then no doubt a small fortune to guess what the problem is with a long list of expensive parts.....! as an old DIY'er I like to know what's wrong myself and do as much as I can but I don't have code reader tech - just actual tools! assistance appreciated...
  15. Have just bought a cheap pre-facelift 520iSE on a V plate (1999) to replace my trusty P-reg 523iSE which has just bitten the dust with a cracked cylinder head - nearly made it to 200,000 miles and 10 years of ownership The 'new' car was only £700 from a local 4x4 dealer who'd taken it as a part-ex and just wanted to move it on - only 90k miles and very clean and tight, so far as I can see. BUT .... the ABS and ASC lights are on and after a quick diagnostic at my friendly neighbourhood mechanic, he reckons its the wheel sensors need replacing, worst case scenario the control box. SO ... can I just swap the good ones from my 523 on to the 520? Any help gratefully received as always - cheers!
  16. ronster1701

    bmw 528i abs woes

    hi all im new to this so here goes I just purchased a 98 bmw 528i all was well then I started her up and drove a bit the abs light came on and the little triangle one too. took it to a mate and the cades said n/s/f sensor I wen to the local car shop , bought new sensor and fitted it. had light turned of , drove it 5 feet light came on with same code . reset it same again I was told it could be the ring on the hub so I bought new hub still nothing on sunday the lights suddenly went out and the car started to misfire and run bad the lights came on again and it run fine again any ideas im stuck
  17. Hello! My DSC light is stuck on. I press the switch but it's still on. I've had the codes read, no faults! Was initially told it was likely to be ABS sensor before the codes were read, but no faults found.The ABS and brake light haven't come on just the DSC light, everything else works. Recently had a new battery fitted, but the light was on before the battery died Tire pressures were checked, so was gearbox, and the was road tested. I was told to just drive the car hard and use it more often hmmm.... I have tried using the search function, but the DSC light faults all refer to the ABS lights being on at the same time, mine comes on when the car starts and goes out shortly after. I can live with the light on is just slightly annoying and I want to be sure it works. Does anybody have any ideas? Thanks in advance Rob