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Found 6 results

  1. Rohan

    Idrive USB Video

    Hi, I apologise if I have posted this message under any wrong sections as I am new to this forum. I own a 2016 520d M Sport with Professional Navigation and I believe the NBT idrive system, I was under the impression that USB video may be played via the idrive but I cannot figure out how it may be done, I have had countless attempts and I have put mp4 files onto several USB drives none of which have been played, only the audio of the file, is there anyway someone could suggest why this may be or if it’s possible my vehicle cannot do this? Many thanks, Rohan
  2. Good morning all, here goes my first of what will no doubt be many questions of doing bits and pieces to my E60! Anyway, currently I only have the 3.5mm aux jack socket behind the centre console for the rear passengers to use but no USB. I have seen that I can buy the cable with the USB port as well as the Aux port, my main question is basically can I just simply swap the ports out and run the cable to the back of the head unit with no further modifications or do I need any coding etc. Secondly if I do get the USB installed what sort of functionality does it give on the IDrive CCC? I.e. can I control the music from a phone/USB stick through the steering wheel buttons? My thoughts are this may be alot of hassle if I don't achieve much extra in therms of functionality when I could just buy a mini MP3 player with an SD card/USB slot mount it somewhere convenient and leave it connected to the AUX port. What are the thoughts of the group?
  3. vcator

    Software issue

    There was a time when I could play tracks from my mobile via bluetooth, but now my Software is stuck! When I try and play tracks from my mobile, the screen shows an Unknown Track and Unknown Album "Please wait . . . ". I've waited 2 hours but it never finds a track and I can't can't change the search ie its stuck. I have the latest version of software, . . . . . and I've re-loaded, ensuring the original is overwritten just in case the software was corrupted I have tried 2 different phones, and its the same with both phones I have deleted and re-connected the phones from Bluetooth And I have made sure there is a Unknown Track in an Unknown Album on the phones. . . . but I can't get the systems out of searching But When I select tracks from a USB memory stick, no problem, it plays OK. Everything works. The phones do work fine using Bluetooth. If anyone has any thoughts, I'd be very grateful to hear them
  4. IroningMan

    F11 Music

    Hi all, First post here, first fool questions... We've just collected our 64-plate F11 520d SE Luxury, Professional Nav and the following (standard) setup: 6AC Intelligent Emergency Call Intelligenter Notruf 6AE Teleservices Teleservices 6AK Connecteddrive Services Connecteddrive Services 6AM Real Time Traffic Information Real Time Traffic Information 6NS Enhanced Telephony With Extended Sm Komforttelefonie Mit Erw. Smartphon 6WA Instrument Cluster W. Extended Cont Instrumentenkombi. M. Erw. Umf. 609 Navigation System Professional Navigationssystem Professional 654 Dab Tuner Dab Tuner 698 Area-code 2 Area-code 2 The previous owner has left some music on the HDD, and I can rip from CDs in-car, but everything I've tried comes up as 'Unknown Artist/Album/Track etc': I presume this is to do with the Gracenote DB being out of date - can anyone point me to the most straightforward way to update it? Or am I wrong - it does seem like a bit of a weakness on BMW's part. I'm also struggling with getting music onto a USB stick and then into the car: I think this could be because I'm tripping over Apple Music DRM? An idiot's guide to how to do this either via Apple Music/iTunes or Windows Media would be really useful. Cheers!
  5. Right I have just spent almost 1500 on my car to sort the timing belt which means I will be keeping it for the next 10 years!!! I just need help with something and I would appreciate all the help I can get. My car is a 2010 build. 520d f10 with business navigation i.e the small screen one and not the wide screen display. I have no USB on my glove box, just a 3.5 mm audio in. Anyone know how I can rig it to read music files from a flash drive. I dont even mind a crude one. Maybe something like an adaptor that can connect to the box or whatever it is in the (combox?) I just want to be able to read music files from a flash drive. At the minute I'm having to burn MP3 files to a CD and it works ok. Its able to read from folders etc Can anyone please help
  6. I have just purchase a 5 series M Sport touring, 2008, which has the media pack / idrive fitted with the cd interchanger. On leaving the dealership the salesmen mentioned that you can open up the comms unit, within the side panel in the boot, and there is an usb interface in it for use with a iPod Does any body know how this is done Andrew