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Found 27 results

  1. Now completed! Information regarding installation starts in this post; ****************************************************** I'd quite like to retrofit a reversing camera to my LCI F11, it's about the only option that it doesn't have (along with upgraded HiFi) that I would have liked. I've seen a few options available from various suppliers, which seem to be a (non-OEM) camera, wiring loom and control box and presumably some coding to activate. They're available fitted for varying prices from £450 to £650 or so. I'm handy with gap openers and wiring so reckon I could fit a kit myself, but I need to know what bits to buy - I'd prefer OEM equipment if possible although as long as it appears in the same way as OEM on the screen with dynamic guidelines and a decent quality camera then that's fine. The camera definitely needs to be integrated into the boot handle, I don't want to be cutting into bodywork, or have anything stuck on. Has anyone done this themselves and can list the bits that are needed, or offer any advice?
  2. heya guys, sometime ago got heated steering wheel complete with the airbag, column cover with heating switch and ... I'm stuck as cant find clear instruction how to put it in. I've seen somewhere diy writeup but it was for lane guidance option when my wheel got absolutely nothing. Did anyone tackle this retrofit by any chance? cheers
  3. Hi everyone. I bought my 2012 535D 1,5 months ago, and I am very happy with it. Awesome car, good spec too. There is one thing, what makes me the feeling, is something missing. It has a upgraded 2 zone climate, so I only get cold air from the rear air vents, even if the outside temperature is low. This is annoying because if I have passengers at the rear, they always complains due they are cold. So because of this, I try to find solution, and I would like to do some modification, as a 4 zone climate retrofit. Have anybody ever done this before? I saw, need a couple of things, like a rear panel, blower, air duct, maybe the front air vents as well, because there is an additional ’warm-cold’ switch for the passengers. I know, the car with the 4 zone c. has an air vents on the B-pillar too, but I think, it is not necessary for the proper operation. I do not know the wires, how does it look like under the centre compartment.I already found a rear climate panel, and I purchased it. I do not want to buy the rest of the item until I know what I will need exactly. And also, I will need somebody, how can do this retrofit job, because I am not a good handyman, and after the installation it needs to be coded. I live in Warrington, so if you know somebody, Who can do a job like this, I would be happy to send me the details.The other thing is, I have perforated leather seats, due the front ones has the active ventilation features, and I found on the internet, the heating elements already installed into the rear seats, just there is now wires and switches to activate them. The panel, what I bought has two buttons for the seat heating, so may it will work after the wiring?! Thanks!
  4. Hello Guys. I tried everthing, but im out of idea. I have FL e39, with retrofitted DSP system. The previous sound is an original standart sound system. I bought a full set FL DSP system for my car. I get amplifier, speakers, cables, subwoofer. (without radio and MID) (i bought elsewhere DSP mid) I put everything to my car, i put the cable, the subwoofer, the amplifier and the MID. My car not have phone, but where i bought from the car has phone. When im put in, i took out the phone cables from the cable set. (called for help BMW software to know what cables where going) My DSP connector have cables to radio, and speaker and subwoofer, have 1 ground, 1 positive, 1 I-bus, and 1 antenna cable (going to diversity). This OK? So i dont have CD changer! (i need it? ) When im complete with all, i turn on my radio and its work very very good! Next 5min is the radio turned off. I tried to turn back, and the radio is ON, but no sound. I tried to push DSP button on MID, but nothing. I leaved my car, i disconected the battery, and again the DSP is live! Im start driving to home, i put a massive bass sound, but when the drop is coming, the radio turned off. I tried the battery disconecting but nothing. One day again is turned on the DSP. I tried again to hear some bass music, and is sounded good. I heard music about 5 min, the bass again is coming and the radio AGAIN turned OFF. So im tried everything again, im try to find the solution about 3months... Im tried again discontect the battery, i checked all cables, i tried to read faulty code with INPA, but is still nothing. The radio DSP wont turn on about 3months! The positive amd ground cables to amplifier have stable 12V. I tried to replace the amplifier, but nothing... The radio turn on, but radio not recognize the DSP amplifier and no have sound. The ISTA-D when im opening the controll tree unit, the DSP amplifier not recognize. The program wrote: not response from unit. All fuses is OK. What can i do? Need programming? The I-bus cable is on it the I-bus cable. Im out of ideas, can everyone has a good ide what can i do? Thanks
  5. Greenninja

    6WB retrofit to F10

    HI all, has anyone attempted to do the following?? http://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/showthread.php?t=700327 I really like the idea of this and by all accounts can be done, my car is a 2011 F10 (unsure if this makes mine LCI or pre LCI????) and what exactly does LCI mean?? Thanks in advance
  6. Hi all Has anyone managed to retrofit heated front seats to an early F10, when heated seats were still an optional extra? I've got a 2010 F10 and would like to find out what's involved, from anyone that has done it before. Thanks
  7. Hi all, I wanted to share with you my experience of fitting LCI rear lights on to my Pre-LCI E60. Just to be clear, I had considered the following before successfully carrying this out: 1) I didn't want the expense of buying Bruce Miranda cables 2) I wanted to utilise the Ricky brake effect 3) I didn't want the hassle of running extra wires from the LM2 4) I wanted to utilise the official BMW retrofit cables 5) I didn't want to change my adaptive bi-xenons, I intended to keep the Pre-LCI ones 6) I wanted to the leave the factory wiring in the car untouched Firstly, I retrofitted the LM2 light module to my 56 plate E60. There are plenty of guides discussing this, so I will assume you already have the LM2 light module retrofitted or fitted as standard (from the later Pre-LCI models) as this is not possible with the LM1. I had to purchase the LM2 with adaptive functionality but this coding can be done with any LM2. I got the LM2 for £85 off eBay, the ones without AHL can picked up for a between £40 and £60. There is a little bit of pin swapping required on the harness bought from BMW. The part number for the Retrofit harness is 61120432110. I ordered it from BMW directly and it cost £25+VAT. I managed to pick up some LCI rear lights off eBay for £130 delivered also. OK let me discuss the coding first as this will make more sense when I discuss the pin swapping on the retrofit harness. This assumes you are familiar with NCSEXPERT also, again there are plenty of guides on this. In the LM2, you need to change: KALTUEBERWACHUNG_BLK_H_L from aktiv to nicht_aktiv KALTUEBERWACHUNG_BLK_H_R from aktiv to nicht_aktiv WARMUEBERWACHUNG_BLK_H_L from aktiv to nicht_aktiv KALTUEBERWACHUNG_BLK_H_R from aktiv to nicht_aktiv FEHLERMELDUNG_CC_BLK_H_L from aktiv to nicht_aktiv FEHLERMELDUNG_CC_BLK_H_R from aktiv to nicht_aktiv all of the above are in relation to the LED indicators and this tells the LM2 to not carry out cold or warm bulb checks and not report any check control messages in due course. Lastly, you need to change: PWM_ANSTEURUNG_BL from wert_05 to wert_02 and wert_04 This disables the brake light being used as a side light (I will explain this shortly). Essentially it changes the voltage output from 6.598v to 0v PWM_ANSTEUERUNG_RL_33 from wert_05 to wert_04 This increases the tail light voltage from the default 6.598v to 100% (around 13.8v) PWM_AN_NSL_SL from wert_02 and wert_03 to wert_01 This disables the fog light from being used as a side light by reducing the voltage from the default 4.699v to 0v We have to disable the fog light and brake light as side lights as we have increased the voltage on the side light to 100% therefore you wouldn't be able to tell when pressing the brake or putting the rear fogs on as the brightness wouldn't change. The bulb checks on the Pre-LCI as standard for the inner side lights are turned off by default so we don't need to edit the coding on these. The plan is to use the increased side light voltage to power the LED rods to match the OEM LCI lights brightness. The brake light will be utilised in the fog assembly and the fog light will be placed where the brake light was before (the outer light). The inner side light will no longer be powered as that is what we are using. This gives us the Ricky brake effect. In order to achieve this the following pins need to be swapped on the retrofit harness: Left hand side rear light Pin 1 = ground - OK Pin 2 = fog light - move to Pin 6 brake light Pin 3 = Reverse - OK Pin 4 = Side Light - OK (when you get the harness, this linked to Pin 7 on the LCI connector, this need to be moved on the LCI connector side to Pin 4 (LED rods) as we are no longer using the side bulbs Pin 5 = Indicator - OK Pin 6 = brake light - move to Pin 2 Right hand side rear light Exactly the same as above but Pin 4 needs to be moved from Pin 7 on the LCI connector to Pin 2 on the LCI connector side (LED rods) And that's it!! Plug your lights in with 0 errors and give yourself a pat on the back as you have saved yourself £200+ on buying Bruce Miranda cables and you have a working solution with no need for resisters or relays etc. It took me a few attempts to get the coding right but hopefully this will help a few people who are interested in this upgrade. If you have welcome lights coded as well these will light up the LED rods now as well instead of the halogen lights which look a lot smarter. Plus remember: When you sell the vehicle you can code it back to defaults and just plug the old lights back in too! I will upload some pictures at the weekend of my wiring etc. With a before and after. Thanks Jamie
  8. skorpas93

    e60 front sets retrofit

    Huy guys!!! I have retrofited from simple half electric leather seats to sport full electric seats with heating and got in a trouble. driver side now works well. Heating,memory,adjusting everything perfect but when all is conected passenger seat moves together just in different positions. Let say driver seat go to front passanger seat go back. I have conected pin 2 to the ground from right seat module power alsow is conected, can bus black wire is conected to new szm module pin 3 (same as left seat), kan low and high alsow conected to the new szm and both seats. Everything conected as WDS says but still not good. Oh and alsow passanger seat buttons not working, drives only with driver seat buttons. So my quesion is SZM module broken or passanger seat module ir broken? ir problem with coding? Actualy i still not coded the modules becose cant connect to the car due ncs exper caop error. But i think seats have to work without coding. Coding only for seat belt light turn off or i am wrong? Please help someone becose i becom crayzi, already spend more then 40 hours to fix this but still nothing.
  9. Hi Guys, It`s gonna be a little bit long so please have patience. I own an F07, from 2009. Last year I had a combox retrofitted (which after a while and the help of the forum, we made it work). This year, though, I am not happy with it and I want more. The screen has quite a few scratches and it looks like the satnav is a bit sluggish (at least thats what I think). I have been tinkering with and Android unit from AVIN but it`s not doing anything of what it says and it`s sluggish as well. What I want is tho get waze on the screen of the sat nav or to get the satnav to work better and different resolution. As far as I know the screen mirroring means that the phone`s screen has to be on all the time and that`s not what I want. I have been looking all over the net and the best option is to retrofit an NBT. My question is: What do I need to retrofit NBT in my car ? I will tell you what I know and please correct me if I am wrong. I need an NBT (touch controller, unit and screen), an ZGW-02 and a few cables (going the OEM way as I have read that the emulator way is going to stop things work, buttons on the steering wheel and so on). What cables do I need ? Is it hard to install it in the car ? DO I have to pull some other wires ? I know it involves coding and I know someone who can do it for me. Thanks a lot for your time.
  10. domt101

    M5 Retrofit

    Hi Guys, I've had a look through the forums and i know this has been ask before but i wanted to make sure. I have a 530i m sport and with electric folding/heated/auto dimming mirrors but I'm thinking of retrofitting aftermarket m5 mirrors, either from SSDD or ebay. As mine are already electric would it be a simple plug and play?? Also on the SSDD websites there's with and without memory glass, is this if your car has memory seats?? Also I've read problems about people receiving LHD versions.
  11. Hi Bought a 2008 535d M Sport a few weeks ago with some tasty improvements one of which is a retrofitted CIC. I want to upgrade the satnav from the 2014 release to the most current. I've been told i need the VIN number from thr car the CIC unit came from in order to do this update. I dont have it and neither does the previous owner. Anyone got any ideas?
  12. Hello all, New to forums, have recently embarked on a upgrade project on my beloved 06 M5. I have upgraded the CCC to CIC, changed the controller and installed the high LCI ac panel. I have an issue with the ac not being cold, have had it re gassed, changed compressor to no joy. (it was working before the upgrade). I have also done the pin 21 hack to stop the engine fan from running constantly, I am just stuck with where to go from here. Has anyone upgraded a pre lci high ac to lci high ac and had the same issue? Any help would be much appreciated!
  13. Has anyone tried to replace the radio amplifier and add DAB antenna from a different generation? I got a Dynavin N6
  14. NuckingFuts


    Morning all, so while at work, I'm poking around looking for parts, as you do. The factory Xenons on my car are poor. i'm not sure whether i just need new bulbs, or by design they're just a little naff. The build list (from bmwdecoder) lists: Has anyone gone ahead and retrofitted the Bi-Xenon headlamps at all? I've seen a video on the bimmerfest forum where someone has fitted the H7 LED bulbs to their M5, but i thought why not go the whole hog and do the retrofit and get a better light in a newer unit. I'd also like to go round and replace all the rest of the exterior bulbs for LED versions, so does anyone have somewhere they've bought LEDs from for their car, and can recommend? Cheers! Deepan
  15. Romes

    E34 Battery

    Morning guys, I need a quick bit of help / advice please. My E38 750 has a 700CCA battery in it and its supposed to have 850 - 900CCA. I can buy a battery from Halfords that will fit it no problem but my question...... Can I fit the 700CCA battery in my 525 E34? the voltage is the same and she should only take the Amps needed???? Any help would be appreciated
  16. Romes

    HID Upgrade

    Maybe you kind peeps can shed some light on this (sorry had to do it - couldn't help myself). After driving the E34 back and forth yesterday including in the dark, I have come to the conclusion that the uprated head light bulbs are just not really up to the job. My E38 has HID and they are so much better than the standard Charles Dickens candle like bulbs. So anyway onto the question, if i were to retrofit / upgrade to HID lights would I need to install the headlight washer system for MOT time?
  17. Hi all, I'm a newbie on this forum so please bare with me. I have just bought a 1987 m535i and would like to carry out an upgrade on it. I would like to retrofit ac to the car. I know this is way above my technical abilities so wanted to know if anyone on here can carry this out for me? I have hit the search button on this topic but am yet to find a thread where one provides a fitting service. All help appreciated. Arif
  18. Hi everyone, There is not many accurately detailed posts on this, I've had a look & I'm a bit unsure on what to do so any advice will help. I've been keeping up on this forum for years however this is my first topic so excuse me if I'm doing anything wrong.. I have a 535d M Sport Pre LCI with the ugly hazey Halogen headlights. I've managed to pickup a pair of BMW Pre LCI Dynamic Xenon headlights with the ballast (and I think headlight module) without the bulbs or bulb holder for £50! Which I think is bargain of the century. I wanted to know what my options were. The route I was thinking of going as a last resort was, HID with bulb holder, and some E53 X5 SMD LED Angel Rings which I bought as I know these are the same measurements for the angels on E60's. Is there any other way to do it so I can get the Dynamic Xenon also working with the whole steering wheel etc.. Will there be any coding required? Do I need any additional parts etc. Thanks, Nahid
  19. supertramp101

    pa soft

    PA SOFT --- hi all has any body got a copy of this and dongle working ok and from ware ? I know loads of Chinese clones are for sale but do they work ? I want to set up a lap top with an rs323 port and windows xp just for coding and most of the sets I have seen seem to have rs323 interface cable and from what I read a usb to serial seem to be a bit hit and miss I all ready have a set of jimmys but iam thinking of doing the m5 cluster retrofit and will have to recode vin and mileage as a side note does anybody know when bmw started using the cluster eep that holds the mileage info that only can be adjusted upwards thanks in advance
  20. I'm hoping some of you experienced e39 owners can shine a definitive light on this subject. I've read a few posts on retrofitting Xenon headlights but none seem to be complete. They usually invlove 3rd party products, a complete retro fitting kit, updating pre-facelift to facelift models or just end up being far too ambiguous to risk spending money on. I have a facelift 2002 model. It's got BMW/Hella head lamps, angel eyes with projector dipped lenses (see pics). It also has the intensive wash option. It DOESN'T have auto headlight leveling. What I'm wanting to know is, what will I need to install the Xenon light system on my car. Am I right in thinking all I'll need is the ballast packs, brackets and bulbs so it will be plug and play, or am I missing something. I'm aware that UK MOT law dictates that auto leveling and lamp wash systems do NOT have to be fitted but if they are, they MUST be working. I'm wanting to use genuine BMW prodcuts. I've heard of an ebay user selling the genuine BMW ballasts, brackets and bulbs for about £90. Here are some pics of the headlights on my car. Thanks in advance.
  21. What are you either Upgrading, Modding or Retrofitting to your car at the moment or in the future?
  22. I have spoken with a couple of members and the general consensus is that this is a retrofit too far... ... But before I write the idea off (i'm not adverse to putting in the effort) has anyone else looked into this? The donor vehicle is a M reg 1994 525i Touring auto with the second airbag system control box under rear bench. The unit has a power, input from passenger seat & door connector plug and then feed wires to the two airbags. The recipient is a 1992 525iX touring with an earlier system of two small orange boxes on the front suspension towers. The wires go into the cabin through the fire wall. I have taken out the glovebox and some of of the gubbins like top vent and radio but can not find a connector for the passenger airbag + dash that the parts file (BMWfans.info) lists for this vehicle ??
  23. DeeBoi

    E60 CIC retrofit

    Hi guys, can anyone pls tell me where inside or around Manchester can I retrofit CIC for my e60? Thanks
  24. I'm in the process of retrofitting a rear electric sun shade to my facelift 530i sport, and having sourced the parcel shelf with blind (the easy bit) I now need to fit the wiring and control. My car currently has DSC and PDC switches on the console switch centre. This is the very thin (basic) switch centre. Being unable to quickly find a replacement switch centre with exactly my new options (DSC, PDC and sun shade,) my next instinct was to crack it open to investigate inside and this is what I found... It only contains the switches themselves, backlight illumination LEDs and the LED indicator for the PDC switch. The resistors are to set the LED current. There's no active circuitry at all, and there's lots of option links on the PCB to allow each switch and LED function to be routed to various different main connector pins. This allows BMW to put any function in any switch location (well almost) by simply fitting the surface-mount components, including zero-ohm resistors (which act as wire links,) according to the vehicle's option list. This led me to believe that so long as I got a three-button switch centre with the sun shade option (containing the sun shade drive electronics) I should be able to re-configure the other buttons for PDC and DSC by a little bit of soldering. A quick look at BMW WDS confirms that these functions are passive switch circuits, both on the basic switch centre and on the more exotic (deeper) switch centre typically found with heated seat and sun shade options. So, now to find a switch centre with at least 3 standard buttons including the sun shade...
  25. Folks, I am in the process of adding a Bluetooth antenna to my OEM MULF2 which is located in the "Polystyrene Boat" in the spare wheel well...... Does any one know where the OEM antenna mounting location is for an E61? Yes I know where it is on a saloon.......it's the touring installation which is confusing me....there's no real help from T'Internet that I can find.....so who has actually seen theirs on an E61? Also...anyone got a spare BT antenna (84506928461) for sale? Cheers, Peter