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Found 4 results

  1. Yet another RFT post Changed my '12 F11 530d SE for a '17 F11 535d M-Sport last month, as a I managed to get my ideal spec. at a great price and low mileage. Both cars have VDC. Straight away decided I would be swopping the OEM RFT's for non-RFTs, and as Goodyear had a promotion on, I ordered some Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3's. When I picked up the car I was quite pleasantly surprised, the current generation RFTs were actually 'OK', or at least the Goodyear Excellence (19") fitted to this car anyway. I still went a head and got the F1's fitted, and initially did not seem as dramatic a change as I expected. However, after running them in I am now really pleased. Ride is less harsh over sharp ridges and a little quieter, but main thing is the car rides and handles as I expect it to. You can actually 'feel' what each corner is doing. I suspect this is how BMW chassis engineers meant it to drive I just swopped again(!) to winter tyres - Continental Winter Contact TS850P on 18", and interesting thing is when I had only 10 miles on them, I dived a bit to fast into a wet roundabout (not a great idea on new rubber I know). But, it was so easy to control - lifted off, felt the back start to move, but all easily corrected, just because of the amount of feedback. Never experienced this feedback before on RFT's - they just feel 'lifeless' in comparison.
  2. Lennox

    Tyre pressure

    Gents, any one got ideas on tyre pressures for STD Msport alloys with OEM RFTs? I was running at 25 at the front and 30 at the rear. After a pothole and a pressure warning I have given them all 10 more than STD.....so 30 frnt with 40 at the rear. My MPG has also been lacking and I wonder if this is contributing factor? Also the car does not move through the week, should that effect pressures?
  3. Bought my '12 F11 530D SE (on 17" style 236) in October, and ditched the Turanza's for Blizzaks straight away, with the thought that I would get 18" wheels and summer runflats in the spring. Car has VDC. Now I am starting to think about ordering, initially I was going to go for style 328, but according to this website http://felgenkatalog.auto-treff.com/ , there is quite a difference in weight: 328 18"x8" 12.77kg (£1194 for set of 4) 365 18"x8" 12.13kg (£1194 for set of 4) 350M 18"x8" 11.40kg (£1424 for set of 4) I am thinking now to go for 365's, or even 350M's - but realistically what difference is that weight going to make? On the tyre front I will definately stick to RFTs, I am looking at Goodyear Excellence, Bridgestone RE050A II or Conti Sport Contact 3 SSR. I am thinking that the Conti's are quite an old tyre where as the other 2 should be 3rd gen RFT. Anyone got thoughts/experiences of any of the above?
  4. Hi everyone, I wouldn't normally open a new thread as a first post, but I thought this information might prove useful to some of those members looking to change tyres in the winter season so here goes. I have been looking on various forums for years to decide whether it was a good idea to switch to non RFT tyres but for some reason I never managed to convince myself. I have been running Bridgestone Potenzas r050a on all four corners (used two sets in four years), and I put up with the bad ride, tramlining, poor wet traction and road noise just because I knew this was the tyre recommended by BMW for the E60/E61. Lately with all the wet roads that I have driven on during this autumn, I started getting fed up with the vague (I am being kind, I should say dangerous) handling and started blaming the car itself. Standing water on the side of the road would just pull the car towards the hedges on the side of the road. Even on the motorway the car would feel very lose on wet surfaces. Before anyone asks me how many mm of tread I had left, I will say 6 at the front and 7 (practically new) at the rear, so the tyres should be able to clear the water. Two weeks ago, I thought as a last resort I would have a go at changing tyres and putting some non RFT tyres on. Since it's winter I thought I would try some winter tyres, I looked up at the German tests for winter tyres and I liked the Continental wintercontact ts850 P tyre (2014 design), as a bonus it topped most of the wet/dry and snow tests so I was really convinced. I ordered four of them for a little less than £500 and installed them at my local BMW dealer. They did confirm that I was aloud to run non RFT tyres, unlike some other dealers that try to tell you are only supposed to use RFT. Ideally you would need a space saver, but a repair kit should also be a viable option. Now for the first impressions. After about 10 miles of driving on a familiar road, from the dealer back home I had the impression they had resurfaced and filled all the potholes. I was hoping there would be some improvement but I would never have thought the difference to be so phenomenal. So that's one box ticked, ride does improve a lot. Second test was a few days later on a trip mainly on country lanes with mud and a lot of small bumps that would simply unsettle the previous RFT+M sport suspension setup, once again my confidence in the car's ability to cope with the bumps was restored and I did start thinking this was almost too good to be true, so I thought I should do a proper long run on the motorway with wet weather to really see if the car would behave as I would have always liked it to. The answer is that the handling is transformed, before with the Potenza RFTs, aquaplaning was always round the corner at speeds over 60 mph. With the Continental not a hint at 70mph. Interestingly but unsurprisingly, I can see in the rear view mirror that the car produces much more water spray than previously, indicating that the new tyres do clear water much better, so the grip is justified. Now this cannot be taken as a generalized comparison between RFTs and non RFTs. We need to keep in mind that the Potenza's have always scored pretty low in group tests, and the Continental ts850p is apparently one of the best. Maybe if I had some Michelin pilots sport RFT on the story would have been rather different. For reference, I use 245/40 R18 tyres on my 2006 525i M Sport Touring, and I enclose a picture of the new winter tyre I am using. Feel free to ask any questions, I'll try to answer in a couple of days. Also congratulations, for a great forum, plenty of useful information for everyone.