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Found 21 results

  1. jonwil560115

    PDC issues

    Hoping someone can help with this! Have an issue with PDC at the rear of my 2001 E39 where if you turn the ignition to position 2 (dash lights on) and turn on the PDC and walk up to each they work fine. If I connect the laptop and view the output of all the sensors they can be seen to be working OK. However, if I start the car the sensors then go mental and start beeping away and the laptop shows they think they're detecting something - No error codes recorded Actions so far: I have replaced all the rear parking sensors All rear sensors click away fine I have replaced the PDC unit I have cleaned all the connections
  2. DerekJr.

    PDC silent treatment

    Hey guys, Looked all over the interweb for a cure, but to no avail. I've replaced my problematic PDC sensors, but now I have another problem (or one that existed along with the problematic sensors). Before I replaced my faulty sensors, whenever I selected Reverse, I would get a continuous error tone, and sometimes it would be silent (no tone, not even when getting close to things). I've replaced the faulty sensors and selected Reverse, and they worked the 1st time. "Great!" i thought. I locked the car and went back home. A few hours later, I went for a drive to the shop and when I selected reverse, there was not error tone, but there was also no beeps when getting close to objects. When I got home I selected reverse and still no sound. While still in reverse i decided to remove the bottom plug from the PDC module which caused the error tone to sound. I inserted the plug back in and it sounded the "beeps" presumably because I was standing behind the car, as I moved further away, there was more time between each beep (shows its working). I thought maybe it wasn't plugged in properly. I locked the car and went inside. A few hours later, I selected reverse and nothing. Again I unplugged the bottom plug and plugged it back it and the PDC came to life. Immediately after this, I switched off the ignition and locked the car. After a short period of time (3 seconds) I unlocked the car and selected Reverse and the PDC worked. A few hours later it didn't. Notes: There are no error codes in INPA, all the sensors are clicking (I can feel and hear them), car only has rear sensors (1999 E39) It's like once the car goes into sleep mode, I have to reset the PDC by unplugging and plugging it back it. Could the PDC module be faulty? Many thanks
  3. Hi, First off I apologise for raising a new topic, as I'm thinking this may have been covered before. It seems I've got a bad PDC sensor on the front of of my F11 - (M Sport bumper) does anyone have a guide on how to replace it with step by step instructions? I've searched the usual places and here but can't find anything. Many thanks.
  4. Cheddarbell

    Rear Restraint and PDC failure

    Hi, ive got a bit of a unique question as my issues have come about through my own stupidity. I have an e60 530d (2004). A warning appeared one day telling me there was an issue with my rear right restraint, shortly after my PDC started failing intermittently and then all together (flashing light on PDC button). I decided to take up the rear seat to see if there was any obvious issue...there was. I had a large container of liquid in the boot that had leaked through to the back seat and into the spare wheel well. I think I know the answer but wanted to confirm before I go out and try and replace parts and what not. Is it likely the two issues have come from this one leak (I read somewhere that the PDC unit is in the spare wheel well) and what is the best action I should take to sort these issues out? cheers in advance
  5. Abbadon

    PDC front not behaving

    So, my rear PDC work great, turn on, detect objects great etc... The fronts, I sometimes see a flash of all 4 sensors and all the colour bands, and then nothing, or sometimes just nothing. No errors on idrive, not plugged it in yet but it's not screaming at me. I've checked front and rear sensors, and all buzz when you put your ear to them, altho rears to my ear seemed louder but coukd just be me. I did find if i put my finger on one of the front ones and rub, I heard a blip in the car sometimes, which is odd. I've checked module in wheel well, no water, all looks good to me. I think bumpers on this were changed to M sport as it's an se originally, so maybe an issue created then? But seems odd anyhow with no errors. Any thoughts? Andy Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  6. Weird problem with my 2006 E61 rear parking sensors today, they stopped beeping but still visible on the dash. Checked fault codes and returned the following error: 'parking sensor 00, 01, E2, 05 not found' . I'm assuming this means the rear sensors but not sure and it's weird because they are visible on the dash and all are clicking when I checked, so I'm out of ideas and any help appreciated. Fronts seem ok and still beeping. As an aside, I repaired the right side tailgate wiring a few days ago and wondered if the parking sensors go through that loom and maybe there is still a break, or maybe this is just a coincidence?
  7. Having had the touring for a couple of weeks I'm slowly building up a "must look at" list, like we all do with a new-old car. Any suggestions for popular faults and fixes gratefully appreciated! Car is a '99 520i SE Auto with 135k miles if it makes any difference. PDC (rear only) - when bought, I just got the solid 5 second bleep. Quick check of the "listen for the clicking" suggested the RH outer sensor was U/S. Bought one from GSF, fitted it, tested and working - for all of a day. I don't get anything now - no solid bleep, no nothing. Has the "new" (pattern) sensor killed the unit? VANOS - I know the 520i isn't a ball of fire but I was expecting a bit more "go". If I hit the boards and invoke kickdown it's not too bad. A quick google suggested that unless I have a receipt otherwise, assume the VANOS is duff at this mileage but aside from a little bit of rattle if the revs go over about 2500rpm when its still cold, I don't have the other symptoms of it sounding like a sewing machine at idle, or a poor/rough/surging idle. Is it worth rebuilding it with new seals anyway, and are the kits the rattle rings necessary or will the "basic" kit do? When coming to a stop, I get a feeling of a pitching fore and aft as soon as I actually come to a stop about 3 or 4 times, but at a quicker frequency than I'd expect from duff dampers? The pitching is at about 1Hz frequency. It's the first car I've ever had with airbags on the back so don't know if its a peculiarity of the system or something is a bit "sloppy". I think there's a squeak from the back end as well when the rear suspension moves but not all of the time. I think the PO didn't have a clue on about cars in general - he might have sent it in for a service once a year but I think he was taken for a ride. Plugs were a right state, as was the air filter and the oil filter came out in 3 parts (top, bottom and the actual element came out as a 6-foot length). Add in the fact it's running on a mismatched set of chinese ditchfinder tyres maybe I should have seen the warning signs but it does drive nice and the engine is (generally) quiet and very smooth with no shimmy from the steering and aside from some peeling lacquer I've only found 2 small spots of any rust (tailgate and a bit of brown on one rear arch so took a punt and think it's OK in general - just want to catch any problems before they become major issues. It's recently had a new rad, alternator and ABS controller - those 3 probably bring me up to the purchase price so I shouldn't complain..
  8. NuckingFuts


    Evening all, So i've got a few niggles with the car (530d sport touring) every so often something goes wrong. The latest things to go wrong are the front and rear PDC light just flashes, but no *beep* when i start reversing nor when i get close to immovable objects, I then have to eyeball the distance. Next is this evening, when i parked near my house, to get something from the local corner shop, i got back in the car, started it, and out of nowhere the hazard lights start flashing, button is fine, not stuck or anything, still on even when i turn the car off and take the keys out. I drove it home, and parked on my drive, as im searching for an answer from the almighty google, the hazards suddenly turn themselves off. Google said it could be the fuse or relay. Anybody got any bright ideas about either problem? Cheers Deepan
  9. Foxhole Norman

    2002 525i PDC Problem

    Hey lads, looking for a bit of help here with my PDC. It was never working when I bought the car due to some bad sensors and the front speaker being unplugged. Recently I finally decided to go at it, sorted the speaker and replaced the 4 Sensors up front and two in the rear, the middle two rear were replaced last year as part of bodywork. Now the weird issue. When the engine is on the sensors seem to go mad, the front ones mainly, always seem to cut in on the rears for some reason. Yet with the just the ignition on and the gearbox in R they work perfectly? You can go around to each sensor with your hand and it detects the space perfectly, start the car and then they go mad again! So any ideas? PDC module at fault and needing replacement? Overvoltage maybe? I'm getting no faults on Carly for BMW.
  10. Breaking E46 318 2003 Suspected headgasket failure Black manual leather, lumbar support with rear through-load Good drivers wing Obc Pdc Aircon Located J16 off the M1
  11. supertramp101

    pdc question

    question inpa shows no errors fault codes cleared last week new sensor fitted as well but when in use still dosnt sound right eg long tone when some distence from objects jiust pluged in and ran test on inpa and got misses to stand in front of sensors and 1 rear and 1 front give no reading on the read out bar chart any body know why as i though if any sensor faulty system does not function at all thanks st101
  12. Two PDC sensore are out on my car at the moment, one's the rear right outer and the other the front left outer. Lucky for me, being the outer sensors, they're both plain black. When putting the car into reverse, I get the usual long gong tone with flashing PDC indicator light. This is swaping out the rear sensor, the damage free method. Got the sensors off of eBay for around £15-£18 each rather than the dealer £145! For this you'll need two flatblade screwdrivers (thin and medium blades) and a nice looped piece of ribbon (you'll see). I'll do the caption first followed by the pic. Mine's a sport saloon, so may look different to yours. If you have a sport and the rear inner sensor is broke you're looking at taking the bumper off! Place the driver into the trim slot on the side of the car, it's located nearest to the rear door. Don't pry it out against the bumper, cover it in tape or put a cloth under it, you don't need to. Place your free index finger along the bottom of the driver as close to the blade as you can, and keeping a firm grip on the handle, push up. The lower corner of the trim will pop out and you'll be able to grip it with your fingers to pull it a liitle from the bumper. Hook the ribbon around the trim and gently pull towards you, it'll un-clip. If you pull too hard on the ribbon, you may go over board and snap the trim so keep it stable with your free hand. (No, it's not a gouge it's bird s**t) Work your way around the bumper. Keep the palm of your free hand against the fixed part of the trim to avoid damage, especially on the corner. What you'll be left with when you've removed the trim, then the PDC sensor from the trim. Use the small blade screwdriver to unclip the sensor from the wiring plug, not the wiring loom! Depress the clutch, slot into reverse and turn the ignition on. Jump out and make sure the sensor is ticking. If all is well, shut the ignition off and knock it out of reverse (use the clutch, even when it's not running!). It's pretty obvious where you go from here and refitting is working in reverse, just gently but firmly tap the trim back into place with teh palm of your hand. Job done. Total time, aprrox 5 mins. I'll post the front swap out (with video of the before warning tone and after when fixed) when Royal Mail can be bothered to deliver it!
  13. I've had a new Bosch battery installed in my car. Numerous electrical issues have now been triggered including no PDC audio, no seatbelt bong when you don't out it on, screen switches on and off. My garage have plugged in their diagnostic and the PDC is measuring distance when you walk around the car but tere isn't an audible tone. The battery has been disconnected and reconnected but we still have these issues... Any guidance appreciated Thanks
  14. Tonemapper

    PDC weirdness

    I wonder if anyone can offer some insight: When I reverse out of my drive in the morning the PDCs all work fine. When I reverse into my work parking space 30 minutes later, 2 or 3 of the rear PDC sensors go onto a continuos beep and stay like that until it switches itself off. (See attachment) When I leave work at the end of the day, everything is fine again until I get home and then it starts the continuous beep again. This happens almost every day but not 100% of the time. I've checked each sensor and they are all clicking. I've given them all a gentle tap, squirted with WD-40. This has been going on for a couple of months. Any ideas? Thanks.
  15. jamiedpl

    Help! Pdc holes

    Hello I'm new to this site so hello all! I need some help... I have a e60 5series and am upgrading my back bumper to a m5 back bumper but my pdc holes are to big, I brought the back bumper 2nd hand and it came with 1 of these adapters! (Exactly what I need) I'm looking for a set of 4 of these! Anyone know where you can but these.. Not sure if this is a Bmw part number.. Been bugging me so much!
  16. DerekJr.

    Prefacelift PDC module

    Hey guys, Are rear PDC modules interchangeable? I have a late 1999 E39 523i with rear PDC. I want to sort out my PDC system by replacing the module in the boot. The one that's in the car is black with two plugs (black, and white), and has a part number 66.216904023 with SW1.3 Code09 stamped below that. After typing my VIN and looking on realOEM, i found that the part number is different (66.209129815). When scrolling though eBay, i see a lot of PDC modules that look similar to the one i have (same plugs and colours), but have different part numbers, and stamped with SW1.1 or SW1.2, and code08. Can I use any of these? NB: I checked INPA for any errors, and there was a voltage error which im guessing is the module...which also obviously threw up error codes for the 4 sensors. The PDC is silent most times when selecting R, other times it'll just have a continuous tone. Symptom of a faulty module? Thanks
  17. Hi everyone, I used to be on here with an E28, now got an E39. I have the common problem of a faulty parking sensor. I've done the clicky noise test and moved the sensor to another position - definitely the sensor that's gone, and it's having none of the WD40 treatment. My part number appears to be different from the ones available online. Mine says this: 602 414 6 911 838 AI 02 04 24/02/03 688.632 3 ...And inside the connector the shape of the plastic moulding is different - there's an offset plastic tab instead of a symmetrical arrangement on the ones you can buy. Anyone had the same issue? Can I buy 66206989069 (the one that comes up online) and make it fit with careful use of a Stanley knife? Many thanks...
  18. I'm in the process of retrofitting a rear electric sun shade to my facelift 530i sport, and having sourced the parcel shelf with blind (the easy bit) I now need to fit the wiring and control. My car currently has DSC and PDC switches on the console switch centre. This is the very thin (basic) switch centre. Being unable to quickly find a replacement switch centre with exactly my new options (DSC, PDC and sun shade,) my next instinct was to crack it open to investigate inside and this is what I found... It only contains the switches themselves, backlight illumination LEDs and the LED indicator for the PDC switch. The resistors are to set the LED current. There's no active circuitry at all, and there's lots of option links on the PCB to allow each switch and LED function to be routed to various different main connector pins. This allows BMW to put any function in any switch location (well almost) by simply fitting the surface-mount components, including zero-ohm resistors (which act as wire links,) according to the vehicle's option list. This led me to believe that so long as I got a three-button switch centre with the sun shade option (containing the sun shade drive electronics) I should be able to re-configure the other buttons for PDC and DSC by a little bit of soldering. A quick look at BMW WDS confirms that these functions are passive switch circuits, both on the basic switch centre and on the more exotic (deeper) switch centre typically found with heated seat and sun shade options. So, now to find a switch centre with at least 3 standard buttons including the sun shade...
  19. diddaw

    PDC Failure Warning

    It is just a co-incidence this foggy morning that the PDC failed today? Off my drive the PDC didn't work at all and a warning message displayed. When I parked up in the car park I got the same warning message but the PDC itself worked with the usual display in the iDrive. Anyone else had this?
  20. Hi all, My E60 530d has had a scrape and since then the PDC hasn't worked I've read as many threads as possible before posting this and I've noticed/tried the below: - I haven't once received the PDC Failure notice - 'CHECK' shows no faults - When activated by selecting reverse or pressing the PDC button the LED stays lit but doesn't flash - When deselecting reverse the PDC stays active for a few seconds as per usual - Turning on PDC and listening for clicking at each of the 8 sensors - they ALL click?! Bizarrely when turning PDC off they still click?! - Unplugging the 3 connections in the PDC module and reconnecting - no difference, but this is the only time the PDC button flashed (when unplugged) - Holding PDC down for 10 seconds before turning on engine - iDrive reset using volume, CD eject and DVD eject Nothing has resolved PDC visual still appears in iDrive but no audio/colour indicators Any ideas? It seems most have a PDC failure warning or one or more sensors don't click but all mine do?! Thanks