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Found 8 results

  1. Dear all, I seen a message pop up recently claiming my key remote battery is low. I am sure this is a DIY job and not an extortionately priced dealer job Does anyone know if doing so risks the key losing its synch with the car? Are there any gotchas basically. Does anyone know exactly what battery I should buy? Is this it --> https://www.amazon.co.uk/Duracell-CR2450-Lithium-Battery-Blister/dp/B0042KL882/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1522325477&sr=8-1&keywords=duracell+2450 While I am at it am tempted to change the other case also, the BMW logo button is completely knackered by other keys and it just a silvery mess now. Am sure there must be some OEM cases on ebay! Thanks again!
  2. dj1233

    E61 Key Randomly Died

    I had an odd incident with my key today. It's one i've used the past 4 months and my car journeys are always at least 1/2 hour - so plenty of charging time. When i got to work this morning and parked the car my key died. The car would not recognise it in the ignition, remote locking wouldn't work, global opening of windows not working etc. My 2nd key works fine and the car is ok - no faults at all. It seems odd the key would die and go instantly, unless there's a break in the circuit. Is there a way to check the key and the battery? Is it new key time, or are there batteries/parts available. Edit - my key is the newer version model which is sealed TIA
  3. Bought a key off amazon or ebay, cant remember which but I've just tried to hold it up to the key logo on the steering column while starting the car and it hasn't coded to the car. Should I really be surprised? I did do my homework and check the Mhz of the old key etc however the new key hasn't taken to the car. The old key managed to be retrieved after 16 hours under salt water in a marina but its obviously toast. Basically I just need the electronic part programmed. any thoughts or advice or should I just write off the £50 and go straight to the dealer with pants round my ankles?
  4. u03mlr

    Key fobs - FIXED!

    Just wondering if anyone can help. 2005 e60. 2 Keyfobs both don't work. New batteries installed but no improvement. Comfort access doesn't work. Radio reception is fine. Changed the Diversity antenna for a 2nd hand one (works allegedly) with no change. Key works to start the car when in slot. DIS doesn't seem to show any faults? Please help!
  5. ikr3512

    Can Anyone HELP!

    Hi I have read loads about the syncing the remote key and have checked all my fuses on my 525D Touring but the remote locking dose not work the car locks on the key and button in the car all doors open and close as they should including the fuel flap. I have 1 key brand new from bmw and the original I fitted a new battery in and both open doors start car but will not sync the remote locking, I have looked at all fuses and all look ok if I am looking at the right ones? The remote locking was working when I had the car and did start to play up so I obviously thought it was the battery at the time but now I am looking for other options that could cause failure I am unsure where the unit that receives and sends the signal is located but when I try and sync Should the car beep at me before I turn the ignition off whilst I hold the button on the key and do the 3x push button thing on the locking button. I know there is the control unit behind the glove box but dose that also deal with the remote signal incoming from the keys? many thanks
  6. straydog68

    2008 328i Key Fob

    I recently purchase a 2008 328i that only has one key. I need to get another one. I dont care to get one from the dealership obviously due to costs. Can I buy a used one off of ebay and have it reprogrammed or can I buy a new one off ebay (chinese probably) and have it cut and programmed? Can I program it myself? If I get it programmed, will it work with everything (door locks, trunk, and starting car.) I appreciate everyone's input and look forward to your expertise and insight. thanks!
  7. If you guys can help with this one I'd appreciate it. I've got an E60 2004 530D with 102k on the clock that has this intermittent fault. The strange thing is that the car will start as normal most of the time, but when there are temperature extremes, such as when the car has been parked in direct sunlight, or when really cold the main key ( or spare ) will not operate. Once the key is in the ignition & turned no lights come on.....just blank everything. The fob still operates the remote locking, so didn't think it was a battery issue. I have the diamond shaped key and it is non comfort access, so battery cannot be replaced without a DIY job on it. As it is intermittent, the car will start most of the time, but the message can appear whilst driving. I can use the valet key to operate the car as normal, but want to remedy the problem before something else happens and I get stranded. The other odd thing is that the "Remote Control" message comes on when I turn right, like round a roundabout. If anyone has had a similar problem or can suggest what the solution would be it would be a great help. Cheers Jon
  8. Hi i have owned my 520D M Sport LCI Auto for about 2/3 months now - first BMW so still a newbie with it. I noticed this morning when I put my key into the ignition (before I even pressed the Start button) I got a Yellow key with a line going through it pop up on my speedo dash screen , so I took the key out, and put it back in and it never came up again. Anyone know what it might have been or what that light resembles Its probs nothing, or maybe I put the key in with too much force or on a wrong angle - I dont know Your help would be very much appreciated Cheers

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