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Found 10 results

  1. Taffy 1

    Improved headlights...

    Has anybody carried out an HID headlight conversion to an e28? I'm using nightbreakers in new headlamps and I'm still not that impressed.
  2. I recently got some Philips D2S X-tremeVision HID bulbs for the low beams on my facelift E39. These are 4800K and 150% brighter than normal HID bulbs apparently. They are very bright and are definitely whiter than the 16 year old original OEM bulbs I removed, but they are still a little on the yellow side when compared with the white LED angel eyes I now have installed. I am wondering whether I can expect the D2S XV bulbs to get significantly whiter as they burn in. Also wondering whether anyone has the D2S WhiteVision HID bulbs, which are 5000K. These WV bulbs might be an alternative, but wonder whether they look any different to the XV. I'm really wanting a closer colour match to the angel eyes without losing too much light output performance. Thanks in advance.
  3. Romes

    HID Upgrade

    Maybe you kind peeps can shed some light on this (sorry had to do it - couldn't help myself). After driving the E34 back and forth yesterday including in the dark, I have come to the conclusion that the uprated head light bulbs are just not really up to the job. My E38 has HID and they are so much better than the standard Charles Dickens candle like bulbs. So anyway onto the question, if i were to retrofit / upgrade to HID lights would I need to install the headlight washer system for MOT time?
  4. AJ-E60

    H7 Bulb help!

    Hi guys, Sorry if I don't explain this too well, but I'll try and clarify where I can. I recently purchased some new LED bulbs for my high beam H7s (wanted to move from halogens). They are the CREE LED bulbs with a heat sink/fan at the end (you can probably see loads on eBay). An example of a similar bulb below; The problem is, I can't use the H7 metal bracket to clip the bulb in place. This is because these new bulbs have a huge fixed heat sink/fan at the end so I can't attach the metal clip from behind. The black H7 fitting ring unclips and slides out through the front for "easy fitting" but I can't slide the metal bracket from the front as the bulbs are thicker than what the bracket allows (see below) It seems as though even if I manage to get both back on the bulb, the fitting ring wont have the room to "clip" back on the bulb which won't fix my problem of a loose fit? Any advice? Anyone had experience fitting these bulbs and how they went about it? I've returned the set I bought as one bulb was faulty so before purchasing a new set, I thought I'd see if anyone has any input on the fitting? Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone, There is not many accurately detailed posts on this, I've had a look & I'm a bit unsure on what to do so any advice will help. I've been keeping up on this forum for years however this is my first topic so excuse me if I'm doing anything wrong.. I have a 535d M Sport Pre LCI with the ugly hazey Halogen headlights. I've managed to pickup a pair of BMW Pre LCI Dynamic Xenon headlights with the ballast (and I think headlight module) without the bulbs or bulb holder for £50! Which I think is bargain of the century. I wanted to know what my options were. The route I was thinking of going as a last resort was, HID with bulb holder, and some E53 X5 SMD LED Angel Rings which I bought as I know these are the same measurements for the angels on E60's. Is there any other way to do it so I can get the Dynamic Xenon also working with the whole steering wheel etc.. Will there be any coding required? Do I need any additional parts etc. Thanks, Nahid
  6. DerekJr.

    Best HID Bulb? (not kit)

    Hey guys, I would just like to know which is the best HID D2s bulb (4300k - 5000k) that I can use. At the moment I using a genuine BMW/Hella ballast which some cheap bulbs. I initially bought cheap ones to use with the ballast (2nd hand) as I didn't want to spend +£40 on bulb to only find out that the ballast are faulty. The set up (OEM ballast + cheap bulbs) that I currently have is okay. Certainly brighter than my halogens before, but I also see some newer cars with even brighter HIDs...so it's kind of making my envious, and I know that cheaper bulbs can have quality issues like reliabilty, colour, colour fade etc I've done a little research and it is essentially a two horse race between Osram and Philips; Osram Night Breaker Unlimited Xenarc Philips Extreme Vision Philips Vision (apparently not as bright as Extreme one) RealOEM mentions 63217160806 which is an Osram bulb (not sure which model) but its £182!! For 1 bulb from BMW! Anyone tried any of these? Any one jumped from cheap bulbs to a branded one? Anyone recommend others to look at? Thanks
  7. Fitted led angel eye bulbs an a 5000kelvin bulb to the dipped beam today . Gives a nice effect
  8. Has anybody here tried these units in their xenon headlights? Read some positive comments on LR Discovery forums. Pretty pricey, the cheapest I've found is £96 for a pair shipped in from Germany. Website here: http://www.osram.com/osram_com/news-and-knowledge/automotive-special/automotive-performance-lamps-full-power-of-light-for-your-vehicle/xenarc-night-breaker-unlimited-product-details/index.jsp I used the Osram Night Breaker H7 bulbs as my main beam, and they are very bright compared with standard bulbs, and am thinking I'll upgrade these to the newer Unlimited version as well.
  9. Hi im wondering if anyone can help me with this problem I am having - I recently upgraded my headlights to H7 HID kit on my 520d Msport Lci Step Auto - everything was going fine but then I noticed when I switch the HID lights on I get a little jerk in my car. It does not happen all the time, just on the odd occasion. If I am driving in Manual mode, it either automatically drops my gear down or if i am slowing down/standstill in traffic and I switch the light on I get the jerk and it changes the gear to DS Or if i am driving in D the little orange light on the gearbox goes out for a split second and lights back up, also this results in my gear to drop down automatically (only notice it as my revs increase). Its a bit hard to explain so sorry if i have confused you all - its like whenever it happens its like theres an extra volt that goes through the car to initially power up the H7 bulbs and thats what is causing the issue - but i may be wrong. I know bulbs have nothing to do with the auto gearbox, but as that auto gearbox also gets some sort of power supply from the battery, thought this may all be interlinked. Any one experienced this before? Or any advice on what i can do? I really like the HID upgrade I have got and do not want to get rid just coz of this jerk issue I am having. Also dont know if the problem is interlinked, I have 10w CREE LED AE bulbs in which flicker when the car is initially started and I have also got white LED number plate bulbs with a built in resistor (these have never flickered though when the car is started or AE or H7 bulbs are switched on)
  10. Hi All, Just wondered if anyone had or knows of Crosshair templates for the Front Headlights for an E28? The plan to to give my M535i a "Darker" front lens look without tinting. Cheers Neil