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Found 4 results

  1. MikeTheSmith

    M50B30 Stroker vs M52B28

    I've seen a few posts on here lately about people getting bits for their stroker builds and i've seen posts in the past about it being better to just swap in an M52B28. I can't seem to find any comparison between the two though. Does anyone know the benefits of one over the other? Power, costs etc? From what I have gathered the M52 could be used with the M50 manifold and would give more low down torque than a stroker. Does anyone have any build threads for a stroker? price list etc Stroker seems to cost about £1k, but an M52 can be bought for about £300 then there is the installation costs and loom mods. But it will be more efficient due to the more advanced engine management. I much prefer the idea of the stroker as its more about building and tinkering with an engine though. Sorry if this has all been discussed before, but I can't seem to find it if it has. Cheers!
  2. MikeTheSmith

    M50B30 Stroker vs M52B28

    sorry. seem to have started this twice somehow. Can it be removed?
  3. Hi All, Whilst I've been toying with whether to scrap or fix up my rusty old iX (see other post) someone was chatting about the possibility of switching the M50 block for the diesel version (M51?). Does anyone know if this has been done before and how effective, is it worth doing (mpg gain mostly)? Regards Will
  4. nowa

    E34 M50B20

    hi all, im starting this thread prior to start another project on rebuilding ,my E34..last nite i came across article saying that S52B30/B32/S54B32 is an upgraded engine from M50 that used by most //M cars..i try search the web to find whether anyone has done conversion for these engines on E34..is it possible for me to use these engines without having much trouble in terms of having cutting the firewall,mounting for engine and tranny,braking system,exhaust system..etc..i welcome comments and ideas.. regards Nowa