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Found 92 results

  1. TrM5

    Steering lock gone?

    Hi guys, I just swapped over my original steering wheel for a sportier item, utilising a hub adapter. I must have done something wrong because my steering lock no longer engages??? Can anyone set me straight on this please? many thanks!
  2. Magava

    E28 525i Restoration Project

    Hi Everyone! As introduced under the I'm New thread, my name is Brian and I am from Nairobi, Kenya. I recently bought back my dads 1986 525i which has been sitting under a tree for the past 6 years. I figured i'd join a UK forum as 525i were only made for the European Market plus it would be easier for me to buy parts from the UK and ship them to Kenya as opposed to any other market. So yeah, happy to be here and I know this will be a long and slow project being that I do not have too much money to blow on the car but I look forward to working on it and all the advice I can get from you guys. The car was parked in an upcountry farm in 2012 due to a faulty ignition system.I think the owner just wasn't keen on fixing it up so it was just left there to gather dust and moss. It's not a terribly humid area so luckily there isn't too much rust on the car. However, nature has done its best to grow around it as so there is grass and leaves everywhere, even the fuel tank has some. There are lots of insects and rodents that have made their homes in there and the seats have a lot of stains on them. I expect there to be a lot of electrical damage as the wiring has most likely been eaten up by said animals or deteriorated due to rain and sun. The tires have good tread on them but since they have been in the sun so long, they will most likely blow once inflated. The fan is rusty, the front bumper is damaged, the interior and center console is in bad shape and the right rear tail light is broken. A lot of little stuff like handles, seams, levers etc are also missing. This is my first restoration job and I am not a grease monkey so I will need all the help/advice I can get. My plan is to restore the car to an Alpina look: Mechanical: Tires - just to get it running Engine fix to get it running first Engine rebuild, clean and polish Shocks and Springs Exhaust Aesthetics: Bumpers and Side Skirts Strip down and repaint to Astoril Blue Redo interior to a cream color (How hard is this given that some of the trimming has the green color to match the car?) Alpina Rims and low profile tires Let me know what you think and I will be updating the progress in the coming weeks/(years? haha).
  3. Hello My new e28 525e is starting well but the pump relay is making a permanent noise It looks like something rotating inside thé relay It looks like a failure Have you any idea about it ?
  4. Tref

    e28. 525e lux. SOLD.

  5. Taffy 1

    Clutch master cylinder

    WTB Clutch Mastrer/ Input cylinder part no: 21521156002 as below please-
  6. E28525e

    After e32 I am a e28 owner

    Hello after 10 years with a e32 750i I found a e28 525 e. Very zen car 200000 ikms a starting failure fixed with this forum It was because a missing flyWheel pin thank you Has my Ref Sensor snapped my Trigger pin? - 525e/535i EU M20B27
  7. I currently drive a car that is less than desirable as my personal daily, and I would like to change things up a bit. I have some money saved up and I have been contacted by an acquaintance about their '83 533i that they want to sell. Its really clean but has at least 200,000 miles on it. No rust as of what I know, and starts and runs well. The guy has not given me any margin of price, and only wants me to make an offer as he personally does not know the exact worth. I was wondering how much you would pay for a car in this condition.
  8. DanMcQ

    e28 project

    Hi guys, I picked up this 525e at the weekend. The car had sat under a tree for a long time. I wasn't holding out much hope when going to view it but as they don't come up often I thought I'd make the 2hr round trip to see it. I was surprised to find it as solid as it is. sills, arches, roof, sunroof, door bottoms, boot floor, inner guards, floors all in great nick. One of the window mechanisms had been removed and the window fallen down for some time. The floor was soaked so I set about stripping the seats and carpet out of it. My plan is to recomission it and drive it as a weekend Car. The car came with no keys but I was chatting to a guy who told me to bring a barrel along and he could strip it and build a key off it so fingers crossed. I've a barrel out and ready to go. The car sits on 4x (what I think are) magnesium style 5 wheels. they aren't alloy anyway. I will keep posting progress as I go along. Ever since I sold me e30 sport in 2014 I've been looking to replace it with something of the same era, I have a 1995 540i project but my relationship is on and off with it. Waiting for the better weather to get it finished. I stripped the carpet out to see what I'm dealing with and to my surprise there is no rot on the floor. A previous repair to passenger side footwell is the only sign of repair work. As the car came with no keys i stripped the drivers door barrel (and passenger door barrel as per Locksmiths requests) out and brought them to a locksmith to make me up a key. I collected it today and had an anxious drive home to see if the ignition barrel matched the doors. Good news is it does! Not only that but a battery and a few cranks and she started right up, albeit a bit tappy. I'm super happy with the project this far and will post progress as I go.
  9. ROOTS.

    1986 E28 M535i - Restoration

    Hello everyone. Just wanted to introduce myself and my latest addition to the family, Fünf (not the dog, that is Scooby-Douche), the Zinnobar Red E28 M535i I picked up last week. I bought the car from another forum member (GCM535i) and have just left it in to get some work done whilst traveling for work in China - if anyone can recommend a good sprayer please let me know! No doubt I will need some parts, advice on upgrades and so on in the coming weeks so I look forward to hearing from you all. Cheers, Ian
  10. FilmCarsNeeded

    BMW E28 Needed For Film

    Hi All, I am new to the forum and truth be told am not a maven in this area. I work at a film production company currently searching for a BMW E28 for a single day worth of shooting. The shoot will take place at the end of this month (2020) not far outside of London. Ideally the car would be a shade of green, but as I'm learning the make alone is hard to find. So, if you're keen to have your car featured and it's not green please reach out anyway! I would be happy to share more information on the project and the necessity of the car if any of you would be interested. Thank you so much!
  11. Axolotl

    Cooling loop behind grill?

    Hey Guys, This is my first post here and I've had the pleasure of owning an e28 M535i for about 3 months now. I'm slowly building up and going through a list of bits that need doing. Most are straight forward but there's a pipe behind the grill that I can't find on any parts diagrams, forum posts, or mentions on google relating to it. I've attached a picture of it; it's rusted to bits and needs replacing but I'm not sure what it's purpose is or what part it is. The hoses lead off to the bottom of the engine/gearbox but admittedly haven't looked under the car since finding this. My questions are: What is the part? And can I remove the loop completely and install a small pipe with a U bend? Thanks.
  12. Captain Beaky

    E28 For Sale

    Regrettably the Little Donkey is up for sale 1986 E28 525e Switchable Auto in Silver that has been a cherished friend used as a daily runner in the summer months. It’s been uber reliable and has taken the family on holidays to Scotland, North Wales and Cornwall on many occasions and recently on a tour of Normandy. She drives superb and holds the road firmly, always attract attention wherever we go and just puts a smile on your face, an uber cool custom 80’s ride, brilliant for mooching around town or touring the autobahn The Donkey has been in my ownership since 2012 and has been well looked after and wanted for nothing. In brief: New front valance New N/S wing 2 Rear Arches All consumable part have been changed, bushes, ball joints, steering arms, M5 suspension, progressive custom springs, discs, calipers, polybush, braided lines, wheel bearings, top mounts, windscreen rubbers, window rubbers, master cylinder, exhaust and lots more Pfeba front spoiler Engine Rebuild Fully waxoiled shell, every 3 years Genuine Alpina 15” alloys (Summer) Mahle BBS 14” cross-spoke Refurbished (winter) Stainless back box Genuine E12 M535 Recaro L8 front seats Leather M5 rear bench Custom leather door cards Custom premium sound system, JBL 9x6 ported under the rear bench, Kenwood 3way 6x3 fronts, 10” sub in the boot. Too much to remember let alone list I’ll be sorry to see her go but there’s a new car in the family and an E30 to finish. All in all a well sorted E28, its not perfect and has its little foibles but worth every penny I’m looking for offers over £6k All viewings welcome if the 600+ pictures are not enough follow link below https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipMa-FA2lpUlF4k1xEJ0otAcdpSrCLg_TTlhzxOP THE LINK IN NOT WORKING ?? TRY THIS ONE https://photos.app.goo.gl/WK2CeoCeNhNsbEEh9 Alternatively Send me a message and i can share the link Now on Flea Bay & Facebook so offers over £6k
  13. JM001_E28_520i

    NTTF E28 Owner

    Hello, just introducing myself. Owned an E28, 520i Lux for about 8 months now. 70,000 on the clock. Just replaced the drums and pads. Aside from an idling issue its running very nicely. I love it, my wallet doesn't. Ive attached some random pics as per the forum rules. One from a very nice drive through Normandy over New Years. Look forward to learning/sharing information here. cheers
  14. frank_maz

    E28 525e differential 3.08

    Hi Let's see who can shed some info on this as I'm struck 1987 525e From my knowledge 525e were equipped with either 2.93 or 3.07 diffs Some were lsd which should have an S at the end Mine as 3.08 2001 as you can see in the picture Never come across this before It seems to be an lsd as well
  15. TuRQu

    Project Remain Parts

    Hi people, im kinda selling the remaining parts from my E28 project, if anyone interested i can accept paypal and shipping all over the world. (some of the parts are not e28 related)
  16. dsgrnmcm

    poss leap in to E28 ownership

    Afternoon Team, So currently I have a F11 520d Sport, which is up for sale . I have a few people planned to see it in the new year and a few offers of a swap. I was after a E91 330d. Reason being is I commute Plymouth to Portsmouth every week for work so need some thing comfortable and good on fuel. But I have found the 520d to be too big, too boring and an AVG of 40mpg. Not the ground breaking 50mpg I was expecting. Also I like to drive round Europe when I get leave, last year took the old man round the D Day beaches and in 2019 I want to do the Italian lakes and the Stelvio Pass. I believe that a E91 330d would tick these boxes, comfortable commute to work and back, cruise to Europe with a bit of speed and style (although the derv will sound crap in tunnels) I have about £8k wish in my car (up for 8600 with offers at that point) and about 5k in reserve. I have always wanted an E28 or £24 to get in to the shark nose clique. I'm not sure an E24 would stand the weekly commute and also the miles getting piled on to it. Does anyone do this , use it as a Dailey? or do 360ish miles a week in a E28? So while the Mrs is watching dirty dancing, and waiting to go next door for a New Years eve bash, I have been doing some man maths. What is I got a E28 for weekends (Classic insurance, limited milage 6k pa) and a cheap golf TDI for my work run? I have found these 2 e28's, I prefer the 528, looks more gen, a bit of work done on it as well. plus will leave me cash spare. gents can I ask your thought on running a E28 as my weekly commute machine or as a weekend only beast! What range do you get out of your full tanks?
  17. Hi! So... I've an E registration 525e that was built in December 1986. It doesn't always start (for reasons I cannot make sense of – further details below), which I am thinking is to do with the Cold Start Valve. I've found differing reports/diagnoses around the internet (including from realoem.com) about where the CSV is situated. I was wondering if anyone on here can tell me definitively... a. if this car *has* a Cold Start Valve b. if it does, where it is located (I thought it was by the fuel tank – as my Haynes suggests – but my local mechanic says it's on top of the engine block?) c. the right part number and where I can get one (emailed a few places and eBayers, but nobody has one so far) Non-start nonsense – all ideas welcome! There seems to be plenty of power in the battery (which is new) – the engine turns over but doesn't fire. Mechanic says there's spark. Once I jump the car, it starts first time and runs fine. Can't understand how this happens if it's a fuel injection issue, but this is what happens! I tried using a battery charger to boost the battery, but over a six-hour charge the battery level actually fell. Maybe all this sounds more like an electrics issue than a CSV issue – could be there's a power leak? Just keen to know if any of these problems sound familiar and if anyone has any suggestions, really. Thanks JJ
  18. Mister_Fatty

    E28 Bmw UK Turbo (7).png

    Been under the knife for a while, here's an old snap of My e28 when it was running.
  19. ROOTS.

    WTB: E28 Front Doors

    Anyone got a pair of GOOD E28 doors for sale? Colour isn't a problem once the parts are good condition and straight.
  20. Hi all. Just a quick question to see if anyone knows where i can source a set of early type rear headrests in pine green for my E28? Happy to pay a good price. Thanks all.
  21. Munich1

    E28 fuel tank

    Hello Cotswolds BMW can I have a price for a fuel tank please part no 16111178881 many thanks nik
  22. The e28 525e is having problems. I'd be the first to admit it's been neglected recently, only covering short distances a few times a week for the last couple of years, However with it's upcoming MOT I'd begun to get on the things that need doing and then this started... After starting without issues it will run for 4-6 minutes before instantly cutting out, sooner if I'm driving, longer if it's left idling outside at home. Going to start whilst still 'rolling' so to speak the engine will just turn over without catching. The temporary solution I've found is to pull over, and go through the ignition on for 10 secs, ignition off, repeat a few times and then it starts as normal. The engine either runs for less than a minute before instantly cutting again. Or it's fine as I turn around and head the few minutes back home, with everything crossed, whilst I'm stroking the dash and murmuring positive platitudes (as if that will help!). I'd like to see if it would then run indefinitely as I continue on my way, I suspect not and being proved right would involve being recovered which is not really something I'm keen to have happen. The instant cutting out rather than 'choking' to me says electrical/ignition system rather than fuel, it's almost as if it's running up to temp and then something is failing and cutting off the electrics, as when it's running it seems fine. But the fact that the ignition/priming trick seems to work (it could be incidental) would lead me towards the fuel system being at fault. As it's easy to do I've checked the pump relay, fuse and changed the fuel filter, without solving the problem. I thought I'd ask if this seems familiar to anyone?
  23. ROOTS.

    188mm S3.91 or S4.10 diff

    Im looking for an E30 S3.91 (or S4.10) if anyone has one for sale.... That also means il be selling my 210 S3.07 if anyone wants it? Thanks, Ian
  24. ROOTS.

    WANTED: S3.91 or S4.10 188mm diff

    Change of plan because sourcing a 210mm in a decent ratio has been a nightmare. Im now looking for a 188mm S3.91 or S4.10 from an E30 if anyone has one? Thanks, Ian
  25. ROOTS.

    E28 Power Steering Cooling Pipe

    Does anyone have this pipe brand new or used but in good shape / not rotten! Part Number 1: 32411128838 Got a shock from dealer when it came to approx £160 including VAT! Thanks!