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Found 24 results

  1. Bluetooth can be turned on/off from idrive and shows pairing screen but no phone can see the car. My INPA does not have a section to read the ULF2_60 which is definitely what is fitted. (the one with the long ears).DIS v57 correctly reported all the hardware versions and build and the error of a faulty antenna when I unplugged it. There are now no errors and MOST bus is OK (CAN reports errors though). The centre console has the holder for the snap in adapter, which I believe is the same one I use in my F07 for an iphone6s. No phones are listed as paired, and I can reset the module from DIS. Could it be a coding issue? I have never tried coding, although I have an E63 which requires coding a control unit to restore the adaptive headlight function - VIN does not match? Worried about bricking an otherwise working car ( the wife's!) Options? 1. Assume unit is oddly faulty - buy ebay replacement. 2. Get dealer diagnosis/coding - if it is that. 3. get ISTA working on a exchangeable hard disk in a Sony vaio ( Windows 7 or 10?). It needs a dedicated machine, but I have ISTA/DIS on an IBM T30 and dont want to alter this. I use a K+DCAN cable, not ICOM. Then bite the bullet. 4. Say its distracting to make calls anyway - forget it. The only reason not to take option 4 is that I like to have everything working - makes a sale easier. having just repaired all the tailgate wiring and replace valve cover then it owes me that. Thoughts from the community? John
  2. hi all, I have internet as an optional extra in my CIC and am able to connect my phone (Sony Xperia Z5, Xperia XZ2 and Samsung Galaxy A3 2016) to it no problem, but the internet doesn't actually work. It says "starting internet" or something and then hangs until eventually, it says "cannot connect to the internet, please try again later" Is there a workaround? Can one install an app on phone to tether the Bluetooth internet via an understood protocol by the vehicle? I have upgraded the CIC software to the 2014 version (latest) I have enabled Bluetooth tethering on my device I have restarted everything I have disabled music and contacts and messages and only ticked Data on CIC Anyone else having trouble connecting with their Android device to the internet?
  3. Raptor101

    05 E61 Tailgate Woes!

    Folks, some of your collective advice please? I have an 05 E61 530D with 160k on the clock. A couple of years ago, having left the boot open for a day and running it down, the car failed to start. Battery recharged but was never the same running flat at inopportune moments so had it replaced by a local garage. Since then I've had a variety of issues that are related and some just coincidence some of which have been fixed and some still with me and despite doing a shedload of research I can't seem to pinpoint what may be the issue here. Problems I've had since then: No Bluetooth (greyed out box on iDrive screen). Poor FM reception. Battery drain message. Battery running flat. Random opening of tailgate glass. Failed rear wiper motor. No remote locking key reception - never slowly failed just stopped working one day. Alarm sounds on 50% of opening driver's door with key. Annoying. The rectifications I've completed in the intervening period are: New YUASA batt - correctly coded.The 2nd since I replaced the original 2 years back. IBS disconnected to check the batt drain message - no effect. New rear tailgate glass switch. Stopped the random opening of the glass lid. Both rear hinge wiring looms repaired professionally. O/S done with an aftermarket eBay loom from Germany. Several broken wires found but the fix didn't resolve any of the niggling issues. Removal of Diversity antenna - looks fine without any moisture/corrosion so was put back into position. Rear wiper motor replaced (I think that was just seizure due to position). FM antenna re-positioned under boot spoiler - FM reception now 80% of pre-failure standard. So I still no longer have any Bluetooth or remote central locking. After all my research the finger would be pointed at the Diversity antennna but that looks fine without anything obviously wrong with it. I cleaned it with electrical flux cleaning solution and refitted the cover. At 250 quid I'm loath just to buy another off ebay and hope for the fix. Can they be tested at all? Anyone know of any companies that provide this service? I would appreciate your collective advice as I'm getting rather tired of tghe endless electrical snags this car seems to throw up continually. Really takes the edge off owning a motor like this. Cheers
  4. Hi Guys, Have a 2011 BMW 525D SE with Bluetooth but unable to stream music which is what I would like to do with Spotify. Any recommendations in regards to what to use?
  5. vcator

    Software issue

    There was a time when I could play tracks from my mobile via bluetooth, but now my Software is stuck! When I try and play tracks from my mobile, the screen shows an Unknown Track and Unknown Album "Please wait . . . ". I've waited 2 hours but it never finds a track and I can't can't change the search ie its stuck. I have the latest version of software, . . . . . and I've re-loaded, ensuring the original is overwritten just in case the software was corrupted I have tried 2 different phones, and its the same with both phones I have deleted and re-connected the phones from Bluetooth And I have made sure there is a Unknown Track in an Unknown Album on the phones. . . . but I can't get the systems out of searching But When I select tracks from a USB memory stick, no problem, it plays OK. Everything works. The phones do work fine using Bluetooth. If anyone has any thoughts, I'd be very grateful to hear them
  6. Hi, I have a problem with my Bluetooth. I have had my phone paired but recently the option to turn on the Bluetooth doesn't work. On the setting menu I try to click it but it won't tick the box. I recently had to charge my battery and when I plugged it back in the Bluetooth worked. Then later that day it wouldn't work again. I can highlight the option to turn it on but wouldn't let me tick it to turn it on... any ideas?
  7. Apologies if this has already been asked. I don't frequent the forums much and I do my best to search old threads for latest developments. Up to now I've been using an old iPod but would like to upgrade to something newer, perhaps an iPod Touch. If I purchase the (a) 12v to 5v adapter plus and (b) lighting to 30 pin adapter, will the iPod Touch work seamlessly? Will I still have the same issue or deep sleep mode if I haven't done the "wake up mod"? Separately, has anyone successfully used a Tune2Air WMA1000 in conjunction with their Intravee to stream audio via Bluetooth? I realize Bluetooth audio is inferior but it rolls be nice to play Spotify or Pandora from my phone.
  8. I had my 520d (business edition) taken to the BMW service dealer for a software update. It's fitted with a business package (bluetooth, CD changer, NAV with DVD, etc). Unfortunately this update was not possible to complete, since according to the dealer there was a fault initiated by the bluetooth module. If they proceeded the problem could either be overcome or the bluetooth could be blocked and become inoperative! So in the end, nothing was updated. The most worrying thing of all, (according to the BMW dealer) the bluetooth module has an internal battery with a lifetime of approximately 7 years. When this battery dies, the module becomes useless! Is this true?
  9. Dodger0548

    BMW E60 Bluetooth

    Hi guys im new to this site and this is my first post... Be kind I am thinking of fitting a Bluetooth module but I'm not sure if the wires are pre installed... My car has the fin on the roof but nothing on the comms section on the computer... Is there any way to find out if my car is pre wired? It's a 2006 plate btw. thank in advance Dodge
  10. Hi Everyone, I've had an on-going issue with the bluetooth module in my car which I am looking to get resolved. I have a 535D M sport 2005. Around mid 2014 the bluetooth function in my car stopped working with my phone, it had been working fine with my phone since I had the car but one day it stopped. Later in the year the car battery kept draining and a result the alarm was being triggered (usually during a silly time in the night). After allot of investigation it turned out that the faulty bluetooth unit was causing the car battery to drain and causing the alarm to go off and leaving me to charge the battery. To avoid the battery getting drained and to keep the car running I disconnected the bluetooth module, however, doing this stopped my radio and ipod working (there is a dension unit installed, which was already there when I brought the car) and as well as losing bluetooth I now did not want to lose the ability to listen to music while driving. At the moment a temp fix is a switch connected to the bluetooth fuse which I switch on when I get in the car so the ipod/music continues to work, when I leave the car I switch it off so the bluetooth is not draining power. I've been looking at replacing the bluetooth module myself and hoping swapping the module out will work without needing to go to the dealers for coding or any sort of syncing. My question is has anyone had the same issue and tried the same as I am looking to do? I've been searching for a bluetooth module and so far the only one I have found which maybe suitable is a 2006 E61 Motorola module. Would anyone know if a newer module would work? I noticed the newer module (from a picture) has more inputs in the top but I am not sure if this is an issue or not. Thanks for reading a long description!
  11. aaron3200

    Few issues with new e60 520d

    Hi All, Am new to the forum. I bought a 2006 bmw 520D last week and have noticed a few issues with it. I had a mechanic look at it and he pointed out a few minor diagnostic issues that i have yet to sort out such as glow plugs that need replacing. After driving the car for a few days and especially after start up, there is a loud humming noise coming from under the bonnet. It seems to get mildly louder when steering but im not convinced its steering related but thats just my opinnion. Anybody had issues like this before? Second issue is clutch related. Clutch fully pressed down or fully up no noise. Clutch half up/down there is a rattle. Haven't noticed the clutch slipping so am not sure what it is. A neighbour suggested it could be the release bearing?? Again any help greatly appreciated. Not mechanically related but maby somebody knows... i have the iDrive system in my car. There is a phone cradle sort of device mounted on the passanger side of the centre console and there is a "Communication" option on the screen with a few BMW SERVICE numbers. I cannot find bluetooth settings in the settings option and am not used to bmers for a start. Anybody know has my car got bluetooth (as it was advertised to have) or how do i find out.. or is it only compatable with whatever sort of phone goes in this cradle? Theres no connections at the bottom/top of the cradle but there is a cable coming out and going behind the dash. There lies the confusion. Cheers, Aaron
  12. I'm trying to fit a Bluetooth eject box into my e38 centre console armrest, but finding it won't fit (eject box is too wide.) Most unhappy! Please could anyone be so kind as to measure the width of your eject box and post the results so I can work out which part I need to change? I've got an 01/1997 E38 armrest (originally with classic phone eject box) and the eject box is 63mm wide. I've got an E46/E39 Bluetooth eject box (p/n 84216933415) and it is 69mm wide. Many thanks in advance for your help.
  13. OfftheGrid

    Intravee Switch vs. KCA 410c

    Gents: First, thanks for keeping the Intravee threads alive! Second, I have a 7 series E38 2001, with Mk IV Nav. and widescreen. About to retrofit Bluetooth from Bimmernav. At the same time I install the Bluetooth I intend to install my Intravee II along with a brand new KCA 420i and a KCA410c. The 410c is so that I can add at least a satellite radio and possibly other future goodies. However, for some reason I never spotted the Intravee switch and I am very attracted by its small size due to how I intend to install. I managed to purchase a broken BMW CD player. I have gutted it, and will be putting the Intravee(s) and the KCA(s) inside with the Intravee serial cable inside the hinged lid. I'm doing this for aesthetics and I understand the Intravee knocks out the BMW CD player. Is that correct? (If anyone is interested I will post pictures - well I thought it was a cool idea.) What, if any, are the pluses and minuses between the Intravee Switch and the KCA410c as I do not mind changing horses midstream? (I also know I can sell my 410c for a profit!). Thanks OfftheGrid
  14. Pjn11

    Bluetooth Help

    Hi there, I was just wondering if any one has any information on why I cant get caller id on my E39 I have an Iphone 4S and the car has standard sat nav and bluetooth unit, any help would be great.
  15. Folks, I am in the process of adding a Bluetooth antenna to my OEM MULF2 which is located in the "Polystyrene Boat" in the spare wheel well...... Does any one know where the OEM antenna mounting location is for an E61? Yes I know where it is on a saloon.......it's the touring installation which is confusing me....there's no real help from T'Internet that I can find.....so who has actually seen theirs on an E61? Also...anyone got a spare BT antenna (84506928461) for sale? Cheers, Peter
  16. I've just updated my phone to a new Galaxy S4 but am running into a strange problem with the bluetooth telephone connection. The phone initially appears to connect successfully to the BMW and you can see the contacts, messages, etc. However after a few minutes the connection disappears, bjt then reappears a short while later. This happens once or twice and then it disappears completely. However not only does the connection to the S4 disappear, but all of the other phones that were stored in the BMW for bluetooth connections have also disappeared - the list is empty! I've restarted the BMW but get the same issue - the list starts off empty; I connect the S4 phone and it appears OK; then it intermittently loses the connection; and then the list of phones becomes empty again. Has anybody encountered this issue or can you suggest a solution? Many thanks,
  17. Last week I bought a 2007 BMW 530iA Touring (LCI). A wonderful car, but I'm having trouble pairing my iPhone 4 with it. The car can't find my phone and my phone can't find the car. Just to clarify: I don't even get to the point where the pin code should be entered. The car is equipped with: S644A Preparation f mobile phone w Bluetooth S609A Navigation system Professional S676A HiFi speaker system Bluetooth version 9226711 (compatible with iPhone 4) It's NOT equipped with: S6FLA USB/Audio interface S620A Voice control I have tried a lot of suggestions found in different forums: - Removing all previously paired phones from iDrive (there were none). - Removing all bluetooth devices from my phone. - Turning off Wifi in my phone. - Resetting the network settings in my phone. - Leaving the Bluetooth search in car and phone active for a couple of minutes (~12 minutes actually). - Trying to pair with my wifes Sony-Ericsson X10 mini (also supported by the 9226711 version). It finds my iPhone but not the car, and the car finds nothing. - Deactivating and then reactivating Bluetooth in iDrive. - Disconnecting the MULF2 module overnight, driving 2x20 minutes with it disconnected and then reconnecting. I have now found out that the previous owner also had problems with Bluetooth. He had the car at the dealer and they suggested to exchange the MULF2 module, but I don't know how much they actually troubleshooted the problem. I did manage to get a screenshot from BMW displaying the MULF2 data: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h2fjo44qd0gv6ig/bluetooth.png Before shelling out the money for a new MULF2 module, I would really like to be more certain that it will solve the problem. When disconnecting the optical MOST bus from the module, I can see red light flashing at both ends (both at the module and in the disconnected cable). With the module disconnected, Bluetooth is deactivated in iDrive and I can't check the checkbox. When connected, I can deactivate and reactivate Bluetooth in iDrive. From what I've read, a toasted module won't give red flashes in the MOST connector and it's not possible to check the Bluetooth checkbox in iDrive. Of course, my module might be just slightly toasted so it still seems to work when looking at the iDrive menu. But on the other hand, I guess there could be other faults as well, for example a bad Bluetooth aerial? Is there anything I can do to pinpoint where the fault is located?
  18. I may sound a bit sad as its friday and i am writhing topic this time off night lol, any way i don't care, lets get to the point, on my bmw 520d i don't have bluetooth built in, so i was looking for an alternative and i came across this little device which work through aux connection, it called Kinivo, cost me only £20, and believe me it worth every penny, i can make call and stream my music from my phone, and it looks good to, its been few weeks since i installed it, so far no one complain about call quality, and music quality is as good as cd, it even has forward and rewind button, and the best thing is i can connect my ipod and my samsung s4 at same time, and it works perfectly,if i get a phone call while listening my ipod it pause the music and connect to my phone. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/customer-media/product-gallery/B009NLTW60/ref=cm_ciu_pdp_images_2?ie=UTF8&index=2 Pardon me for my spelling, as i have dyslexic issue Hope this may help few people, or may be u guys already know.
  19. sliyk

    525 bluetooth music?

    hi guys i know my car has bluetooth and my iphone does connect with it, its very good for calls skype viber etc but doesnt play music there IS a cradle for a phone in the car [i think one of the old nokias] what options do i have to play music off my iphone? thanks!
  20. Hi Guys First post, so sorry if I'm repeating something... I want to put bluetooth in my 2001 M5. I have the DSP and a motorola v-series phone already installed, and after some research, I figures all I need is: In the cabin: Eject box - 84212222122 Eject box adapter cable - 84109205271 Snap in adapter for iphone 4 - 84212199389 In the boot: DB25 to 54 pin adapter - 84120308375 SES jumper - 84110018038 13th gen ULF - 84109154358 antenna cable - 61120137616 bluetooth antenna - 84508387422 Anyone care to comment / confirm this is the right parts list? Thanks Tom
  21. Hi, Had my f10 for almost a month now and loving the car. I am due to get a Blackberry 9300 curve phone from the office and when I checked the Bluetooth software compatibility list on the BMW website the 9300 isn't listed under the software version my car has. The car has version TX-002.005.021-002.005 now the new TX-003 version seems to support the 9300 but I can't update the software as it requires the additional USB socket in the armrest to update the software through. Can I request a software update through the dealer when the car goes in for a service? Will I have to pay for this even if the car is still under warranty? Has anyone used a 9300 with this Bluetooth software version? Thanks, MalithS
  22. Sorry if I am in the completely wrong section; or this has been covered before. I have just aquired a second hand Nokia 616 kit; to use in my E39. It was previously fitted to a Suzuki Vitara (my mothers vehicle). I was attempting to install it yesterday; but was struck dumb when attempting to see what the ISO connector looks like. My vehicle is fitted with the TV/Sat Nav and see no way of removing it; to see how exactly to proceed. Anyone have a guide or options? I have taken some photographs of the connector and have seen an adapter for BMW. This is the current ISO connector This is the adapter I have seen. http://www.nexxia.co.uk/PDF_Files/06-976B.pdf I am under no illusions that I may be barking up the wrong tree with the current connector but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Daniel
  23. I have an iPhone 3GS and was somewhat surprised to learn that only the 'contact's' function is supported with the business professional package. If you refer to BMW's website, it appears that no 'new' phone has the ability to fully support emails and calendar viewing. All the older phones listed on their website only support limited functionality. I'm out of contract and have the ability to choose pretty much any phone, so when will BWW be fully supporting this functionality and on what phones? Does anyone know? Cheers Ollie
  24. No problem paring my basic business issued Nokia phone to the car and works fine - however car will not store or access the phone book. Have done some digging and the bluetooth version in the car is 9177754 which doesn't appear to support the Nokia 6303 classic. Latest version I can find is 9231093 which does support the phone but this needs to be updated via USB which is an option I don't have. Furthernmore the BMW website say the update is only available for vehicles made 06/2010 – 08/2010 but this might only be due to USB requirement. Any ideas gratefully received. Thanks Info from website as follows: Conditions The software update is only available for certain vehicles equipped with a USB audio interface (option code 6FL). In these vehicles, the menu option "Software update" is provided in the main menu under "Settings". Further information is provided in the Owner's Handbook for Vehicle under Software Update.# Supported vehicles The software update is available for the following vehicles: >BMW 7 Series Saloon with production dates 03/2010 – 08/2010 >BMW 3 Series Coupé/Convertible with iDrive and production dates 03/2010 – 08/2010 >BMW 5 Series Touring with production dates 06/2010 – 08/2010