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Found 3 results

  1. Hi folks, since I have a "cattle grind" effect(rpms flactuating while cruising, but not in a MS mode) I came to to conclusion that a torque converter needs to be refurbished/uprated. Found a company called Sussex autos, they also uprates/reinforce the TC locking mechanism(or something along those lines) Since the gearbox oil will have to be drained and new sump pan fitted anyway I thought that I could Google the other stuff that I could change it while at it. Besides mehatronic sleeve and other gaskets seals I found complete refurbishment kit/kits. Some of them comes with a nozzles(or something like that)and some don't, fair enough. Then I stumble upon different articles regarding this gearbox like stage 2 exedy sport clutch package that fits zf6hp26 AND 6R80(gearbox wich is a uprated gearbox but from Ford, straight fit would be nice..). Then there is a company in Autralia or NZ that does a uprated gearbox internals like drive shafts and other parts including TCs.... Anyway. . Has anybody bothered here to upgrade/uprate the gearbox for 535d? Got a remap and all but the gearbox and the TC is a limiting factor at the moment. I could change the oil and the TC + the seals/gaskets for the gearbox itself but for a extra £450 from exedy I could improve the gearbox so it handles close to 900-1000Nm instead of standart 700 Nm.. The other thing, is there a trader here or somebody else who could point me to the right direction where to get the ZF longlife 6 (or something like that) gearbox oil? I think I need a 10 litres of that stuff.. offcourse with a member discount and all.. Not too keen on ebay as one seller was offering 10 litres for £104 and the other one just offered 6 litres for £94.... something dodgy over there.
  2. Just thought i'd post to warn you all about my issue with clutch E since changing my gearbox oil. The car is an e61 with 113k miles - assuming the box had never been serviced. I had a pretty steady weep from the box so decided to change the pan and oil with genuine ZF bits last weekend. Filled the car up as per instructions and went home - I noticed that the gearbox was acting a bit silly, whereby it seemed to slip more before actually engaging the clutch fully. I just took it steady on the way back and put this down to the box having to relearn itself. A couple of days later i went for an overtake and the revs just jumped straight to the redline, and a tranmission fault came up..... GREAT! Having read the codes and the adaptation values, it now seems that i have an issue with clutch E. A little annoying given there was no previous issues (other than the leak)
  3. Hello everybody , my E60 535d post LCI , march 2009 registered saloon has covered 61000 miles and i would like to change the gearbox oil , filter and sleeve . BMW , naturally are the most expensive and claim boxes are sealed for life . I contacted Meyle but no response but ZF replied stating that oil should be changed between 60-80,000 miles and they suggested buying from ECP ! . Various emails to independent gearbox service kit suppliers and specialists also told a similar story -no such thing as ' sealed for life ' There are a number of suppliers of these kits on the web and on Ebay but i want to make sure my gearbox is 6hp26 or is it GA6hp26z , which is the model on Real OEM Parts.com site , based on the last 7 digits of the VIN . I am also advised to use only ZF lifeguard 6 oil and not other equivalent spec alternatives such as Meyle , Castrol , Vaico etc . BMW have quoted me £400,00 for the parts : the sump (plastic ) , mechatronic sleeve , 8 liters of ZF oil and screws . All of the other sites inc Ebay state 7 liters of oil . Labor charge is quoted £ 150 upwards but i wondered if anybody also knows of recommended specialists in Middlesex that could change oil without ripping my arm off . One specialist in London has quoted £ 380 inc parts , labor and VAT and only use ZF bits but i know of a BMW specialist that will charge around £120 plus parts . Could anyone enlighten me regarding the gearbox model designation for my car , registered 25th May 2009 with the correct gearbox code and trusted seller of the bits and a fitter that would remove the old oil , flush with cleaner , drive 10 minutes flush oil and then refill with new oil as in a nice video from VAICO on a 535d on YouTube channel . Thank you for any advice that you can give and i will keep you updated when i get this done . Pumi