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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, so I own a low mileage E34 5 series and the dashboard is reading "Error Tacho" followed by Miles/Kmh. Theirs some back story here.... I took the car out one night just to drive around as he was sat for a couple of weeks, so I let the car warm up and took it not much more than a mile out. I sat did some work, let the engine run, switched it off after a while started it up, went for a small drive came back, and then went to say hi to a fellow enthusiast. Here's where it gets weird. I parked the car up and left the engine running and as we were literally discussing how good the older engines are the car starts reving in and out at Idle, almost as if it was trying to keep itself on (their was. a quarter tank of fuel)(still is), then the car shuts off. Weird. The first time it ever happened. So I turned the ignition on, no errors and thought it best to give the car a moment before turning it back on, engine temp was fine as well. Fifteen minutes later I turn the car back on and again no issues, the only thing I found weird was the power steering was much much lighter, I felt like I could turn it with my elbows I need be. I get home and as I'm reversing into the drive, again the car shuts off, this time "Error code Tacho, Miles/Kmh, Owners handbook". So I just wanted to know if anyone has ever experienced this and how they've gone about fixing it, a few people have said it could be the fuel pump but I've ruled that out since I started the car the next day and moved it, once I had literally finished parking the second time it cut out again. I tried starting it but it just ticks and clicks no actual turnover. (but if you try again ten mins later full turn overdrives but gives the error code and cuts out again). So if anyone ever experienced this before please let know what to do, it's a 1991 E34 BMW 525i SE Automatic and his only covered 46,000. Any suggestions and help is much appreciated. Attached a few pictures, let me know any thoughts (for the record I never drove the car in the snow but couldn't let the opportunity for the pictures get away)
  2. Hi All, it would seem that me looking for answers on here regarding issues with my car is becoming a recurring problem As I got in my BMW E60 5 SERIES this morning it wouldn’t start. It came up with a yellow (not red) symbol on the dashboard and a fault code on the built in I Drive system Saying “Electro-mechanical steering wheel lock system(ELV) is inhibiting engine start, Move steering wheel in order to start engine” however, the steering wheel is locked and doesn’t move or hardly even wiggle from side to side. This is causing my car not to start. Any ideas on how to resolve? i’ve tried bypassing this by calling a local mechanic out to try and clear all the codes on the car with the diagnostics computer but this doesn’t seem to be working thanks in advance!
  3. Mightymj1

    5 Series 2016

    I’ve recently bought a 2016 5 series and have a question, being totally new to BMW... - I can see on the dash that the car has active lane keeping capability, but not the buttons to switch it on - does this car have the capability to do this, or would it require some sort of upgrade? any ideas?
  4. Hi, I recently purchased a bmw 525i M Sport LCI 57 plate(Automatic transmission). Im wondering if ianyone can help me out. So in short my car is making a noise from the engine maybe a motor/pump? Something that rotates? (see attached video). The noise is not present on cold But Gets louder when the car warms up. When i give a little gas the noise goes faster (noise disappears above 1500RPM+). I have changed the spark plugs, filters ect.. no difference. Doing an oil change soon. Now one mechanic said it maybe the timing chain, VANOS or hydrolic lifters? Which i doubt because (using a stethoscope) the noise is different to the timing chain noise. Now i have narrowed the noise down to a specific part it is loudest just behind the pulley's after some research i found out it is the vacuum pump related to the breaking system. Could this pump cause such a loud noise like this? I don't want to risk buying a new pump for around 350GBP and it does not sort the problem out. Any recommendations? Any ideas what it could be? If video doesn't work here is the youtube link: IMG_8021.MOV
  5. Henal Madhvani

    H3NAL E60 Build Log

    After driving a BMW 1 Series E87, which i very much enjoyed the nippiness of it. for roughly 2 years of owning the car i thought to my self i need a bigger car, and before i knew it, an opportunity came for buying a BMW E60 LCI in Dark Blue after driving it for many months i really liked the feel of how it handles its massive space. and for some reason i got bored with its looks and it felt that I'm driving an older man's car, which people would think its my fathers car or something, i found my self looking at M5 bumpers, since it had more of an aggressive look compared to the LCI SE bumpers. also i kind of didn't like the original colour of the car since it was not blue and not black so the dark blue had to go. so with the help of friends i wrapped my car in Matte Royal Blue slowly this have been turning from a simple E60 SE to some thing that puts a smile every time i look at it, (thinking how it will look ) Next M5 bumper installation !! After waiting for my bumper to arrive and my car looking half wrapped and half original just looked odd. And it arrived in a bumper box that I have never seen before , well packed. So so installation process began After many attempts to align the bumper and get the spacing correct it was on had to transfer all the parking sensors brackets and cabling to the new bumper even had to drill the holes for the sensors since it doesn't come with hols due to the different parking sensors in the LCI not a problem an pilot hole is marked to correct positioning. The chrome had to go and give it that meaner look. Getting somewhere wrap about 80% complete at this stage A nice mean shot of the front in dark. Number plate on and picture of it in the day light boot was open since I was fitting the rear number plate. Many of you lot won't notice but my headlights inners have been removed. This is because something dark and deep is happening to them. Will post more about this in couple of days. Just to keep you on your toes !!! time to heat them up and open them New rings RGB with the ability to change the colour on your phone ! sorry old rings you got to go where you belong in the bin. quick picture of the demon eyes when its on already liking the outcome. all boring silver sprayed in a nice deep blue with extra clear coat for that deep gloss look. that's enough for now. What do you lot think ?
  6. Hi , New owner here of bmw 5 series E60 se 2.2 4dr salloon model 2003 ...swap it with my vauxhall astra , my bmw got 77000 mile and it drive like new car with fully serviced at bmw dealers and i enjoy driving it but i have only some questions at the moment and i would like to be directed to the right thread with your help or at least an answer pls : 1- is 77000 mileage a worry ? or at least how long this car could go for lifetime ? ( of course i will keep it servicing at bmw all the time , finger crossing ) 2- i have i drive system but instead of Navigation ----> i have OBC , so my question i would like to update the idrive software is that would possible ? if yes what would be included as features in the newest version ? 3- I would like to have a sat nav instead of OBC ( not realy necessary if it will cost me a fortune ) . I think that's all for the moment , Thanks for reading and taking your time to answer . Vroom vroom