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Found 29 results

  1. Hello. I've recently bought a 1999 540i Touring automatic (M62B44TU) cheap as I've been wanting a 540i in my life for years and my other car was written off when this came up on Ebay. 116,000 miles, NOT been meticulously maintained and hasn't been used much in the last 10 years. It has lots of niggles but priced accordingly. Since I collected it the engine management light has been on. Issues that I've noticed with the engine are: Occasionally it stalls when started from cold, unless you hold the revs above idle. It's unable to hold revs at about 1,200 rpm (fluctuates up and down on steady throttle). When slowing to a halt the revs often drop too low and the car tries to stall or does stall. It's NOT misfiring. I've timed 0-60 in about 7.5-8.0 seconds, which isn't as swift as it should be even at 20 years old and 116k miles (possibly lacking power?). Sometimes it feels like its hesitating. I changed the oil and filters etc as soon as I bought it (BMW LL04 spec) and I've added about 2,000 miles to it. I checked for vacuum leaks and I've had a go at cleaning the Mass Air Flow Meter. A friend with an OBD2 diagnostic has scanned it for me today and its thrown up a few codes, including "Camshaft Position Sensor Bank 2". I've attached a photo of the readings. Is the CPS the most likely culprit for the symptoms described above? Also, in the second photo I've attached, there appears to be two hose outlets at the back of the engine nearest the firewall (flanked by yellow). One has a hose attached and one doesn't. That doesn't appear right to me, but I don't actually know what the hoses are for. Any thoughts? I'm happy to maintain the car but I don't want to throw money at it as it's not the nicest of examples and I hope to upgrade to a nicer one when I can afford.

    1994 BMW E34 540I - GF22093

    Hello And Welcome I'm a firm believer that somethings are just meant to be and today that philosophy come bouncing into play much like it did with the Silver Unit ( Butler HQs Original Silver 540i ) Today innocently going to view an E34 with my Poppa ( Carl-E34 ).. 100 + miles from home as you do on arrival I became strongly attached to this diamond in the rough I couldn't help but think with a little Butler HQ love It could make a very special E34 and I truly thought that maybe Butler HQ was its last hope. Shes defiantly a project make no mistake about that but what else are you gonna do on a cold damp winter weekend ? before I could pull myself away as in the worlds of the late Marlon Brando the seller made me an offer I couldn't refuse... and a deal was done. I'll be embarking on this project with one person in mind. Tomorrow will be the full fat first update with all the great and gory details. Comments Welcome.
  3. Hi there. Can anyone help me please? I changed the injector seals on my car and put everything back together as it should have been. The problem is that the car now dosnt start. The engine turns etc, fuel pump and fuel ok. The engine turns but nothing else. Using a one tool I have got two fault codes. P0443 - POWERTRAIN- Evaporative Emission Control System PURGE Control Valve Circuit P1622 - POWERTRAIN - MAP cooling control circuit ELECTRICAL. i am not sure why this is happening? It could be that I have plugged in the electrical connectors the wrong way? Are there any diagrams I can compare with or pictures of engines where I can compare the connector locations? Any help most appreciated. Thank you
  4. jamesb2001

    M62 auxiliary waterpump price

    Hi there, My e39 540i needs a new auxiliary water pump as the current one is leaking. Please could you give me a price and whether this could be delivered by next Friday, 3rd August? Many thanks James
  5. Loadregal

    BMW E34 540i fuel lines

    Hi all long time lurker this forum provided me all the info for an m62 swap I am currently undertaking. Recently purchased a 540i as a donor for all the running gear as the body was shagged. The car runs sweet as a nut and has had no expense spared by previous owner (spent £27K since 1999) who only ever took it to BMW partridge for anything it needed (have receipts for every tyre change). Noticed a Big smell of fuel yesterday in traffic to see a lot of fuel leaking from rear. Looks to be the fuel lines which are royally fucked. I have a mint bodied 520i I am dropping the whole running gear into. The question are the fuel lines the same for the V8 and M50 E34's? The other question is it easy enough to do/worth doing? I will have everything going into the m62 car within the next two weeks. That smell all and spray of fuel was very scary. I'd rather get a new set from BMW, but want to confirm if either for the V8 or the M50 ones I will need. Any advice or comments appreciated!
  6. busmn540

    Other side of pond newbie

    Hi fellow car freaks! I'm new to this forum but not to BMWs, or even 5 series to be exact. I've owned two E28s, and two E39 540i6s including the one I still have. From what I've read on this forum, there are a ton of knowledgeable people doing some cool mods to their E39s. I'm looking forward to learning more information about cost-effective E39 big brake upgrades and hopefully helping others solve the problems I've encountered during my E39 ownership! Here are a few pics of my current daily driver. Cheers!
  7. Hey, I am currently on the look out for a 540i Touring, though I have spotted this saloon. Seems expensive but looks great in the pics. Though is this a Champagne model? The centre console is black and the wood seems too dark? What are your thoughts? https://www.gumtree.com/p/bmw/2003-bmw-540i-auto-sport-champagne-edition-ii/1289205919
  8. amebb

    540i error codes

    Hi, The other day I checked the error codes on my car and found the following issues: Error code ... 1... P0308 .. POWERTRAIN ... CYCLINDER 8 MISFIRE DETECTED 2... P0443 .. POWERTRAIN ... EVAPORATE EMISSIONS CONTROL SYSTEM PURGE CONTROL VALVE CIRCUIT 3... P1585 .. POWERRTRAIN 4... P1622 ... POWERTRAIN ... MAP COOLING CONTROL CIRCUIT ELECTRICAL The spark plugs have been changed to new ones and I have checked all 8 coils and the resistance is what it should be... 0.8 ohms I am not sure what these codes actually mean, is there any place online I can go to see what the codes mean? Thanks
  9. willshere112

    2002 E39 540i Sport Touring for sale. 172k

    Hi It's sadly time to sell my 2002 540i sport touring in azure blue. The car runs and drives very well for the age and miliage and has been a joy to own. I have spent a small fortune over the two years I've owned it in maintenance a lot of major work has been carried out over the last 5000 miles including an entirely new coolant system, new cam chains and guides, new alternator and battery. New rear suspension airbags and carrier bushes, gear box service and upgraded bm54 amp. Mechanically the car should be good for a long time to come. Bodywork wise the panels are all straight, no dents or scratches, the front bumper is a genuine BMW e39 sport bumper and was replaced last year, it has fog lights fitted but no surrounds. There is however some rust around the front arches and the skirts at the rear wheels. Having this sorted was next on my list but unfortunately the I've run out of time and funds to get it sorted. Interior is in very good condition for its age and mileage. Black electric leather sport seats with driver side memory settings. Electric steering adjustment, widescreen mk4 nav with 2016 maps and speed cameras, 6 disc cd changer, parking sensors front and rear, cruise control. Automatic headlights and windscreen wipers. And dual zone aircon. The aircon Is currently not working due to a split in one of the pipes, easily repaired. There are also the standard dead pixels on the dash but they never bothered me enough to have fixed I would be looking around £3000, I'm not overly sure what the car is worth as there aren't many around so would obviously be open to any suggestions and offers. I think I've covered most of the details and have tried to be as honest as possible, any questions just ask on here or call me on 07535807721 car is located in Banbury Oxfordshire. Many thanks, Dan.
  10. RoaringTouring

    LSD conversion for E39 540iT6

    Hi guys I appreciate this is a reasonably discussed topic across the various forums, but the information is a bit dispersed and some of it slightly old. I was hoping to perhaps collate the different options and people's experiences together on this subject. Essentially I'm looking at an LSD conversion project for my '97 540iT. Reasoning for which, is in part, to prepare car for a SC install. Just to add that I'm currently unable to carry out any of the work myself so I'd be relying on either my indy or diff specialist garage. There are, from my research so far, three obvious options available. I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts/experiences on having carried out any of them, or indeed any other options: 1. Swap internals of OEM open diff for those from an E36 M3 EVO LSD. 2. Swap diff for E39 M5 LSD. This requires a little more work, including modifying the driveshaft, which will need rebalancing. https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?1767892-E39-M5-limited-slip-differential-swap-into-an-E39-540i 3. Purchase a third party torsen type LSD suitable for the E39. For example: Quaife - UK based company, with a good reputation, from what I've anecdotally heard. Takes less than a day to have the unit swapped. https://shop.quaife.co.uk/quaife-bmw-limited-slip-differential-kit-for-5-series-e39-540i-manual Wavetrac - Based in the USA, so hassle, buying, customs, etc. OS Giken - Japanese based. As such, much more expensive. Bit overkill perhaps, unless you're die hard track enthusiast; I may do the odd hill climb in my touring, but it's not going to get a roll cage and go on the track every week. I guess option 4 is to do both, swapping the final drive for an Msport E36/E39 AND replace the diff for a third party torsen type LSD. Pros of swapping in an E36 or M5 diff: You're swapping the entire final drive unit, so beefier parts, which may well be useful putting the extra horses to the wheels, and you're getting the Msport ratios. Cons of swapping in an E36 or M5 diff: Old LSDs will have an uncertain history, and will often have been taken out of their original cars for a reason. Granted it can be reconditioned, but old ZF design LSDs with only half a dozen clutch plates aren't a great design, compared to more modern variants, and will require a reasonable amount of work to fit into existing subframe and shafts. Even newer BMW LSDs (E46 and upwards), which use the M-variable diffs, which have many more clutch plates, have known issues with weak spur gears. Pros of putting in a new third-party LSD: You know your final drive is working and probably have a history of its use and maintenance. Still able to replace output bearings if damaged (although unlikely). Torsen type LSD, uses gearing rather than clutch plates to provide power. ASC/DSC guaranteed to still work (albeit less likely to kick in as the LSD will be doing a lot of the work). Cons of putting in a new third-party LSD: Retain original crown wheel and pinion and therefore original non Msport ratios (although I imagine this isn't too noticeable - would appreciate any experience of this). I guess I think I've already made up my mind, but I would be interested to get people's thoughts on the forum. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi there I need some help please with my car. My car is a BMW e39 540i - R reg - Auto. The issue is that when i start the car sometimes there is a cloud of smoke from the exhaust - a greyish white colour. This dosnt last long...... and then dies away. Sometimes i can get the smoke whilst driving too. The engine feels eratic..... its not smooth. I have changed the spark plugs and they were ok. I also checked the water and oil to see any signs of a blown head gasket. The oil was fine and so was the water. All the levels were acceptable. There are no error messages on the dash or using a computer etc.. Someone told me that there is something on the back of the engine that needs to be changed as this tends to go sometimes..... Can anyone give me ideas as to what else i need to be looking for to fix this issue ?? Thank you
  12. For sale is a brand new and genuine BMW oil supply line / tube. Part number 11 42 1 747 782 old part number 11 42 1 747 171. Ordered as a mistake and never fitted to the car, it's been sitting in my garage ever since. Will fit M60 V8 engined 5 series e34 and 7 series e32 cars - 530i 540i 730i/L 740i/L Price is £30 including P&P or collection in person from New Milton Hampshire at a discounted price. Please check my other items as well, as I'm having a garage clear out.
  13. Hi, I am having some issues with my bmw 540I, e39, 1997 reg. Last week the car was fine. I was driving it ok then a few days ago I parked it on my drive. Today I tried starting it. It just wouldnt start. When I turn the ignition key the starter motor turns the engine but dosnt stop the starter motor when I let go of the key. To stop the starter motor I need to turn the key back myself. Check list... The spark plugs have been cleaned and are ok. Fuses are ok Engine turns Can smell petrol etc Fuel is fresh etc and not contaminated. There is no sign of anything unusual in the engine bay. The water is fine and so is the oil. Would this issue have anything to do with a faulty ignition switch? Any help much appreciated. Thanks
  14. Whilst changing the hoses that go from the back of the engine to the aux heater I broke the bracket that supports them. http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DE62-EUR-04-1998-E39-BMW-540i&diagId=11_4228. Have searched realoem with no luck. No support for these hoses + pot holes means that there is a possibility that the hose(s) would / could come loose....and the consequences Would appreciate if you can take a look at the attached pic of the bracket and let me know what the part number is...any other suggestions on how to secure these hoses are welcome. Thanks
  15. 3V8

    540i Auto diagnostics

    Hello all, I noticed that when I shift to P or N the RPM goes upto 2K and stays there for a few seconds - however if I gently tap the accelerator pedal it goes back to idle rpm. This issue only started today. I would appreciate your opinion on what could be causing this sort of strange behavior. Many Thanks
  16. I would like to have the Autobox on my 04/98 540i serviced (i.e oil & filter change) and perhaps a software update by an independent Automatic transmission specialist. The car has 74k miles on the clock. Are there any who do a complete oil change ( i.e including the torque converter ) ? I have looked up on Fedauto website - but would appreciate members suggestions / recommendations. Thanks
  17. amebb

    BMW 540i M5 alloy wheel

    Hi everyone... Just wanted to see if anyone has an alloy wheel for slae like the one in the picture ? either one or a set will be considered... Thank you
  18. Can anyone please tell me if the 740d thermostat is a direct replacement for a non-vanos M62 ? Thanks
  19. Can anyone please advise me on an Independent Garage and / or mechanic around Peterborough who is familiar with BMW V8 engines I am looking to have complete cooling system refurb on my E39 540i as preventative maintenance.
  20. Would like to treat the Autobox in my E39 540i to a Hot Oil Flush, Fresh Oil and a new filter :). Any recommendations please ? I am based in Lincoln. Thanks
  21. Hiya I've got an M62 engine and its done about 150,000 miles. Its getting a little rattle on start up ,not all the time but more often now and Im looking to sort it out. A few weeks ago I changed the cam cover gaskets as there was a slight leak and knowing they hadn't been changed thought it would cure the misfiring issue. I was right and the misfiring stopped ( little oil down spark plug ) Now if you haven seen the inside of a 150k cam cover which (not owner from new) hasn't had the best service, you can imagine the crud that's collected. The oil breather pipe was also well blocked with crud. The worst thing I could have done was to scrape out the crap from the cover as I would not have had everything to hand to get all the bit outs and could have caused a bigger issue with floating debris. so planned to do this at a later date. I've been advised that on start up, the bottom end rattle could be a lazy oil pump. the crud at the top will almost certainly be at the bottom, clogging everything up so I wouldn't be surprised if the pump is a bit clogged Taking the covers off isn't a big job and while the covers are being cleaning I was looking at taking the sump off and also having this cleaned. at this point I though, well Vanos, im sure this could do with sorting out and not fussed about working on this engine thought id tackle it (going to change water pump and bleed power steering as well) So Vanos. I've seen a few places that sell the kits...but... do you have any recommendations, links or experience in doing this. Im after a kit list, everything to over hall the vanos including seals and press tools (if required) any alignment tools for the cams also. I know its not a 5 minute job but best to tackle everything in one go. Any advise? Cheers...John
  22. High Lander

    New Fiver

    Last summer I bought a really rough E39 535i for the princely sum of £450. It had MOT for 9 months, so I've been running it for as long as possible, spending as little as possible on it. It really is not worth fixing, too much wrong with it, but I love the drive so have put a deposit down on a 540i Touring. Here are the ebay pics. Picking it up on Wednesday and can't wait.
  23. I'm having a maddening problem with my E34 540i Auto. When it's cold (temp needle in the blue), the revs surge and fall quite dramatically, almost as though you were manually opening the throttle. This happens whatever gear it's in. It happens most prominently when you drive away and pull up at the lights: then, with my foot on the brake and the car in Drive, it surges from its usual revs all the way up to 800 or 1000rpm. If you try and pull away while it's doing this, it cuts out immediately, and then it takes forever to restart and you can tell that it's flooding itself. The problem goes away as soon as the car is warm (needle at halfway mark), but if you park it up once it's warmed and leave it for an hour or so, it will again battle to start, swinging away lustily but not catching. I can get it to start by swinging at it with the throttle half-depressed. Doing this while cranking for a minute or so will see it starting. This problem began in earnest after the CPS was changed, after the previous one failed. Other things that have been checked are the injectors (fine), fuel lines (fine) and fuel pump (also fine), and the various vacuum bits and gaskets have all been done. Any ideas, before I drive her into the cold Cape sea?
  24. Hi guys, I need some help please. I'm replacing the water pump on my B10 V8 and managed to loosen it all off and remove all the bolts but it's stuck behind this silver pipe that I can find no reference to The water pump needs to come out somehow but this pipe is stopping it. I can find no reference to the pipe in the TIS, and guides or any youtube vids. It goes across the front of the engine stopping at a vacuum regulator device thing in front of the offside cylinder head and it disappears underneath the cylinder head overhangs just above the exhaust manifolds. What is it and how do I loosen it off to get the pump out please? All help and suggestions gratefully received. The pipe..... The regulator thing.... Disappearing under the nearside head above the alternator....
  25. VanosBadger

    E39 540i Sport - OEM+ Project

    Hello chaps Over the coming months I will be making some subtle upgrades to my 540i Sport, I like to document these things and here seemed like a good place to start. Bit of history, I have had four BMWs, an E36 318is, an E39 535i Sport Individual in Velvet blue (should never have sold that one), an E36 325i Sport Coupe, and now my latest the E39 540i Sport. I have had the car for just over a year and was on the edge of selling it, however after finding nothing that will replace it in a satisfactory fashion within budget it is staying, that and I knew I would pine for it once it was gone! Now it will be given a number of updates to make the car more enjoyable to drive and easier to use. Normally I would leave my daily car stock, but things are a little difficult at home as my daughter is very ill, so my long term project has had to be put on indefinite hold. To keep me busy at the weekends the 540 will step in, a few little mods and updates should keep my hand in This is the other project, currently a bare shell waiting for some fab work and paint - Time for some pictures, this is just after I picked it up, in pretty good condition and around 88k miles. It had a stupid cone filter and four different brands of tyre, but overall condition was not bad at all. Paint needed a damn good clay and wax and the interior was filthy, all of this was seen to over the subsequent weeks. In the past year it has had new Meyle HD thrust arms, TCA's, arb bushes, track rod ends, pitman arm and bearing, custom geometry set up, along with all the normal servicing etc. New boots were purchased and most of the tramlining and odd handling disappeared - A set of winter wheels and tyres were purchased and fitted - The car hand since done a lot of miles with us, trips all over the country. Yorkshire - On the way to Loch Lomond - Today was a wash wax and tidy up before some of the bits arrive Plan is over the coming months to do the following - Rear tca's and lower bearings. Auto gearbox fluid change. Gearbox and engine mounts Paddle shift conversion using the AMG paddles, I have ordered the heated steering wheel slip ring off of an E46 m3, just need the paddles and a bit of time. Some exhaust work, removing both the rear boxes and fitting a nice stainless straight through box. An android double din satnav head unit and replacing the stock speakers with some infinity or jbl units. Build the current 10" bass speaker into a built in enclosure to get the boot space back and make it neater. A possible seat change to something even better than the electric sport items I have atm. I will try and keep this thread up to date with pictures of the work Thanks for reading. J