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Found 17 results

  1. n80nag

    540 starter motor

    Good evening all, I’m contemplating replacing my own starter motor on my ‘99 540i. Just wondering if anyone has done this and any advice would be welcome. Autodata gives a time of approx. 2 hours, I’ve been told but I believe they state that the inlet manifold has to be removed, not sure that sounds right to me. To be honest, I’m struggling to even see the starter from under the bonnet lol
  2. Steve540

    540iA transmission grumble

    My 97 540iA has decided to develop a grinding noise when under loading. When you put your foot on the accelerator at cruising speeds there is an awful grinding noise from the transmission. The revs also fluctuate slightly. Once your foot is either lifted off or pressed harder into the pedal the noise stops.It used to only happen at like 50mph in 5th and 30mph in 4th when the car needed to change gear but its not happening more often in a wider range of speeds and gears.The best way to grasp what I'm saying is by listening to the videoIn the video I have my foot on the pedal maintaining a constant speed which causes grinding. Im lifting my foot off and on to make the grinding more noticeable. Pressing too hard results in the car changing into a lower gear which is what I do in the end of the video.Thanks for your time
  3. n80nag

    540 rear silencer removal

    Hi all, I’m finding the exhaust note on my 540i a bit too “refined” for my tastes. I’d like the hear the V8 sound a little more. I’ve watched many rear “muffler delete” videos on YouTube so I know it’s an easy mod to do but it’s difficult to asses how loud the exhaust will be afterwards. I was hoping some people on the forum may have done this themselves and may be able to give further advice. I just don’t want the car to be too loud but I’m also yearning for that V8 to be heard a little.
  4. n80nag

    V8 Misfire

    Hi, I’ve got a misfire problem on my ‘99 540i - fault codes showing multiple cylinder misfire & cyls 2 & 3 misfire Any advice on some common causes would be most welcome
  5. Motor84

    BBS Split rims on 540??

    Hi Guys. Question. Were these BBS style alloys available from BMW on my 540 when it was new? See the blue touring below. Oddly, seen a few 528s with these same wheels. bmw-e39-5-series-96-04-528i-se-touring-S2892933-1 by Motion Limited, on Flickr I ask because I really like them and would consider putting them on my car, but I might not if they were never available for my car. This is mine. I know the current wheels were not available in 1998! IMG_1367 by Motion Limited, on Flickr The same wheels I think on this very nice looking 8 series same colour as mine. 368 by Motion Limited, on Flickr Thoughts?
  6. Sold the 523 sooner than expected because this came up for sale. Had to have it. Been looking for a 540 with high spec for a while and I prefer the SE. Will report on its progress! Comfort Seats Heated Seats Sunroof Double Glazing BMW phone Msport suspension Canyonrot red - Love it! IMG_1370 by Motion Limited, on Flickr IMG_1369 by Motion Limited, on Flickr IMG_1367 by Motion Limited, on Flickr 11 by Motion Limited, on Flickr 7 by Motion Limited, on Flickr
  7. Steve540

    Northern irish 540

    After reading threw alot of posts in this forum about e39s, mostly about interiors i thought id join since ive got a bit of a project on atm. I was thinking of making a thread of my car .. work done work to do sorta thing.. is that what u guys do here? Heres my montreal blue 540i
  8. Steve540

    Steering wheel fitment help

    Hi ive a 97 540 under going major interior surgery.. so i thought id buy it a new steering wheel to match its champagne interior! So i got a single stage m sport steering wheel off a breaker who assured me it would fit my car. But it doesnt seem to be as straight forward as i hoped I know its probably obvious but how do i detach my old steering wheel Theres a wire running into the steering column as u can see and the wires coming out of the new wheel look completely different and theres 2 off them Do i have to swap slip rings?
  9. Steve540

    Northern irish 540

    After reading threw alot of posts in this forum about e39s, mostly about interiors i thought id join since ive got a bit of a project on atm. I was thinking of making a thread of my car .. work done work to do sorta thing.. is that what u guys do here? Heres my montreal blue 540i
  10. Steve540

    Newbie.. rough cold idle

    Hi so i litteraly just joined the forum after a couple of years off searching on it i decided to make an account Ive got a rough idle problem but ill introduce my 540 1st Winter this year i sold my 520 and bought a 97 540 113k montreal blau auto I couldn't afored a manual im only 20 lol Anyway it wouldn't run up to temp so i put in a new tstat and discovered the old one was drilled out Gave the car a good service and put a factory airbox in So since the car had been running lean jn petrol (13mpg) i wonder what harm it has done to the engine. I clean the idel control valve which was blocked with carbon i guess thats due to the car running so lean on petrol So on a cold start the car sounds awful. Throwing 5 miss fire codes also. However once its running for 2 or 3 mins if you restart her she starts with a nice rev and falls down to a smooth idle Just got e38 parallels diamond cut and put onto the 540
  11. Good evening all Sadly for me, but luckily for another enthusiast - the time has come to part ways with what has probably been the most reliable and driveable car i have ever owned. In the two years i have owned this car, it has rarely needed anything with the exception of small wear and tear parts. I travelled to buy this car as it was such a good example, and to this day i consider it to be one of the very best E39 Tourings available for the money, and reading on you will see why. This car needs to go to another enthusiast to be appreciated, and i would love to see someone else look after it as much as i have. The only reason for selling is that i have purchased an E60 M5 and cant justify keeping them both. In all honesty - i think part of me enjoys driving the E39 more than the M5 at times as it is just such a good, balanced, effortless and solid car to drive. Anyways, down to the all important stuff, and details. The car is a February 1999 BMW E39 540iA Touring with Steptronic Gearbox. 4.4 litre V8 Engine M62/TU Speclist from factory was as follows:- M62/TU COSMOSSCHWARTZ METALLIC (303) STANDARDLEDER/LICHTGELB (07LG) 302 - Alarm System 339 - Satin Chrome (dechromed) 352 - Double Glazing 386 - Roof Rail 428 - Warning Triangle 431 - Interior RR Veiw Mirrir with AUT Anti Dazzle 441 - Smokers Package 481 - Sports Seat Driver / Frt Passenger 500 - Headlight Washer Sys / Intensive Cleaner 508 - Park Distance Control (PDC) 609 - Navigation System Professional 670 - Radio BMW Professional 672 - CD Changer BMW for 6 CDs 710 - M Leather Steering Wheel 773 - Wood Trim 812 - England Version 850 - Add Fuel Tank filling for export 863 - Europe Dealer Directory 877 - Deletion Cross-Over Operation 880 - English / On Board Documentation Optional Extras 202 - Steptronic 210 - Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) 220 - Self Levelling Suspension 280 - LT/ALY Wheels Spoke Styling 473 - Armrest Front 520 - Foglights 534 - Automatic Air Conditioning 540 - Cruise Control 555 - On Board Computer 853 - Language Version English I have the Original Quote and also the original genuine Bill of Sale from Sytner totalling a staggering £49936.63 complete with all options added pre delivery. The car has a full service history, a mix of SYTNER, HR Owen, and some other BMW Specialists. There are 3 overflowing folders full of receipts and invoices and the amount of money spent on this car by the first and second owners is staggering The car has wanted for nothing all of its life, and receipts for £1200, £897, £1289.40, £1089.89 are commonplace within these folders. THE most important receipt which any prospective V8 E39 Owner should look for is one for £1933.37 which was only 3 years ago for the timing chain replacement. This is a VERY costly job and the fact this was done only a few years ago and only 20k miles ago, is a huge peace of mind for anyone buying this car. Parts included and changed include:- Timing Chain Gasket Seal V Belt Guide Rails Gasket Sets Rails x 2 Chain Tensioner Breather Block etc etc This played a huge part in me myself buying the car as it had only been done a year before me buying it, and a £2k bill and the peace of mind its been done are a huge plus. The car has so many receipts its impossible for me to list them, brake pipes, belts, tyres, radiator, oil cooler, air con rad, bushes, brake pipes, mountings, and absolutely stacks more, there are approximately £17000 of receipts and invoices in there. All original handbooks, manuals, original sales brochure with dealer card, radio card, and 2 keys are present. First aid kit is present and complete Fire extinguisher etc. The car itself:- The car i believe (correct me if i am wrong) is an SE Spec The M Sport front bumper, kick plates and updated LED rear lights with proper control module were added by a previous owner. Facelift Angel Eye headlights Semi tinted windows from pass rear windows back Black carpets Leather door cards with full leather interior. Vavona wood trim has been wrapped with 3M Carbon Dynoc wrap which looks miles better and compliments the black paintwork (modern) (Ignore the wooden gearknob trim this is now black) Style 37 Parallel Alloy wheels 8x18 front and 9 x18 rear Self levelling fully functional air suspension at rear (professionally lowered 15mm with BMW Software by BMW Master Tech) Eibach front springs which level the car out perfectly The car bodywork is impeccable. Dont get me wrong there are a couple of marks here and there, and if i am being hugely fussy there is a TINY spot of rust at the back passenger wheel arch where it meets the bumper about the size of your pinky fingernail, and a small spot about a 20p piece size inside the inner edge of the bootlid. Other than that the paintwork is outstanding for a car 17 years old. Dont expect a brand new car, it has small blemishes here and there but nothing at all that detract from the car and i am confident enough to say it is one of the best around at this price, and you can see from the photos that compared to almost every other E39 touring on the market just now it is outstanding. I recently a week ago had the car into the bodyshop to have the front bumper removed and completely resprayed (stone chip rash) at the same time i also had the side sills resprayed as they were also stone chip rashed. Both now are absolutely spotless and i drove the car home at 20mph to avoid stone chips! The bootlid is a weak spot on these, and the very lower edge was showing signs of rust a few months ago so before it got too bad, i had it stripped down, rubbed back, and fully treated primed and resprayed also. New 540 badge added to bootlid at the time. Other than the two small spots mentioned above thats pretty much it bodywise. There is a very minor scratch on the wing which has been touched in but again thats me being fussy. The car runs faultlessly. No issues, no lights, no rattles or bangs, no smoke, doesnt burn excessive oil and doesnt use water, everything works as it should including the elctric mirrors, windows, and central locking. The undertray was a bit tatty when i got the car so i eventually tracked down a V8 one on ebay (different shape and mounting points) and fitted. It even has the small metal support bar beside the oil drain hatch!! Ignore the speaker in the rear boot panel this has been removed and replaced with a new genuine inner boot trim panel. There is so much more i have probably forgotten about this car but its late at night so any questions please feel free to ask. In a nutshell, other than a few blemishes the bodywork is outstanding. Not like new.... but outstanding. Three of the wheels could prob do with a refurb if i am honest as they have the usual water under the lacquer, and some light scuffs to the edges which were there when i got the car. To be honest i planned to have this done in addition to all the paintwork at the bodyshop, but where do you stop spending when you are selling?. I am selling the car and a wheel refurb isnt the end of the world if the new buyer sees the need but the uk weather we get i didnt ever feel the need to have the wheels re diamond cut and only ever intended to have them powder coated in high power silver once i got round to it. Diamond Cut just doesnt last on UK roads. I have a brand new front Diamond Cut (boxed brand new unused) Style 37 parallel wheel which i will give to the new owner for free if i get as close to the asking price as possible. Brand new and boxed. Only other thing i can possibly even think of being 100% honest is the front window rubber is looking a little bit brittle at top, but doesnt leak or anything, but again thats me being niggly and picking up on everything i can mention. The tyres at rear have just been put back on for winter, Vredestein Wintrac which have about 5-6mm on them Front tyres are good, Eagle F1 if i remember correct with about 3mm on them. Brakes are all good, and all fluids are fairly recent. The current mileage is 161k, but i genuinly assure you that the car drives and looks like it has 61k on it. The car has to be seen to be believed and appreciated, anyone who comes to see the car will realise it drives like it is only a few years old. No rattles or creaks or bangs, and it has been meticulously looked after all of its life with receipts to astonish at the amount of money spent on it through main dealers and specialists. MOT is until end of march next year. Condition wise i have not seen a better one for sale currently that isnt priced at £8/9/10k ! This is an honest car with honest history and all receipts to back it up as far back as day 1 with its original bill of sale and invoice. Copy of original reg document and Sytner Paperwork and Brochure. I will have forgotten loads that i havent mentioned, but please feel free to ask. Car is located in Aberdeen, 15mins from Railway Station and 25mins from Aberdeen Airport. I can collect buyer from either. Photos show how good a car it is. But anyone who drives it will appreciate it drives like its a quarter of its age. Probably one of the most reliable and best cars i have ever owned in terms of simplicity, comfort, and it has good power from the 4.4 V8 to boot. I am looking for £3995 or as close to it as very possible, I would love to see the car go to another enthusiast who will touch up the small bits and keep it in great condition. I am open to sensible offers around the asking price Thanks for looking.
  12. Well how did we get here.. Well started off saturday morning we got a phone call from my dads mate saying there was a car that he might be breaking an e34 for its engine. So we went over there to have a look at spec stuff etc knowing that it had eletric rear blinds side rear door blinds and rear parking sencers . The front bumper and bonnet had been removed but it was in cracking condition.We started looking around and it looked lovely a crying shame to break...so...we made him a offer ... later that day we got "the call"..so off we go bumper and bonnet back on.. then we drove him home. As we pulled on to the drive way at butlers secret HQ some where in sandwell.Dad (Carl-e34) said have a look under the seats etc you never know what might be there, so i did and i found the service folder for him, here is how it reads for the people that are intrested. Date of reg-1/8/94 Sold by Evans Halshaw (Chesham) LTD Reg (At that time) M56 PPP For the first 3 months of his life, he was a BMW Demo car The reg ... then became 25 CP and changed again to BJ1 Then went to Birds BMW ..... The first owner wanted the E34 M5, but could only drive autos ..... see later posts So the 540i went to Birds for some TLC Service History Evans Halshaw-Oil service 9,378 (6/12.94) Evan Halshaw-Inspection one 15,676 (13/2/95) Evan Halshaw-Oil service 24,525 (21/5/95) Evan Halshaw- Inspection two 31,100 (21/8/95) Evan Halshaw - Oil service 40,636 (3/6/96) Evan Halshaw- Inspection one 46,515 (13/12/96) Evan Halshaw - Oil service 55,723 (30/8/97) Evan Halshaw - Annual check 55,723 (30/8/97) Evan Halshaw - Annual check 58,000 (13/12/98) Evans Halshaw - Inspection two 62,800 (19/9/98) Evans Halshaw -oil service 68,542 (12/9/99) Evans Halshaw - Inspection one 74,251 (20/9/00) Evans Halshaw - Oil service 80,451 (2/10/01) Evans Halshaw - Inspection two 87,300 (18/9/02) Evans Halshaw - Oil Service 92,700 (10/1/04) A 1 BMW services - Oil service,106,92 (7/3/07 OSC Motorsport - Inspection two 113,128 (26/11/09 Body Inspection 13/12/96 Body Inspection 30/8/97 Body Inspection 13/9/98 Body Inspection 11/10/00 Every MOT since During this time OXL had gone from M56 PPP To OXL 9062 that why hes called OXL This car was sold in march 2007 by Old Colonel Cars @ 106,92 ( £7000 ?) Recent Money Spent by his past owner... He has recently been service by OSC MOTORSPORT A1 BM Specialists - Oil service 106.100 (7/3/07) Osc Motorsport - Fuel pipe removed and replaced (£100) 106,405 (17/4/07) Osc Motorsport - Inspection two 113,128 (26/3/09) KWIK-FIT - Brake pads and bleed the system (£91) 113,181 (28/11/09) KWIK-FIT Brake disc pads and senser (£261.95) 113,676 (4/1/10) Osc motorsport - Fuel pump, Regulator valve (£492.31) 116,383 (10/11/10) New Radiator/ water pump and thermostat (£589.91) 118.481 (9/3/11) Now to him himself.. Hes an Artic Silver 540 Automatic Spec- Whats it got Black Leather Seats Floor Mats Boot Straps (Still after all this time) Rear door blinds and electric rear window blind rear parking sensers Bmw business radio CD player never been out and working cold air con The reg now is M358 XNM..
  13. E39 2002 540 Auto Spares, spare's, repair's or breaking M62tub44 with only 102,000 miles on the clock Titan silver, with sport's, electric, memory grey leather sat on a set of 17 inch style 32's, 235/45ZR17 97W all around Extra's fitted:- Dbl glazing Glass/moon sunroof Anti dazzle rear view Rain sensor Folding and auto dip mirrors's Headlight wash Pdc Dsc M sport suspension Rear clear's 005 Abs pump The only fault I can find is a dent in the driver's wing and the mid has lost its' pixel's, of which I have a spare. Apart from that it stop's, start's, hold's temp as it should and no warning light's As it stand's it is a grand, or it can go on to keep other's on the road Located, Uk junction 16 off the M1 Delivery for part's will be with Ups/Parcel Force or on a pallet
  14. Wow Anyone seen this yet e34 540 6 speed manual schnitzer ðŸ˜ðŸ˜ðŸ˜ðŸ˜ http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/bmw-540i-v8-6-speed-manual-e34-ac-schnitzer-spares-repair-drift-lsd-e30-/371011958129?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item5662093571
  15. stevenc3828

    Is this an 530 / 540 v8 exhaust?

    My Dad's neighbour popped in the other day and said "I have a sports cat for your BMW" and he only wanted scrap money for it so I bought it without seeing it However, its definitely not for a M50 engined e34 and there are no markings on it. Its in pretty good shape but does anyone know what it would be suitable for? A 540 or 530? I'll see about getting some diameters of the pipework when I am back over my Dad's...
  16. Good Afternoon, I picked up my new 2001 540i yesterday and I am in love! Having gone through many Japanese cars, to a 1987 BMW E30 325; it's an absolute blast. Spec is standard, has some coilovers and X5 wheels. I am going to tidy a few bits up and use it as my daily. Hope you like. Look forward to having some banter will all of you. My Old E30 The new 'hotness'
  17. http://static.ak.fbcdn.net/rsrc.php/...616764884&ev=0 got me 9th place but then i put one wheel off track and knocked my self out in the battles.