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Found 13 results

  1. Bought a key off amazon or ebay, cant remember which but I've just tried to hold it up to the key logo on the steering column while starting the car and it hasn't coded to the car. Should I really be surprised? I did do my homework and check the Mhz of the old key etc however the new key hasn't taken to the car. The old key managed to be retrieved after 16 hours under salt water in a marina but its obviously toast. Basically I just need the electronic part programmed. any thoughts or advice or should I just write off the £50 and go straight to the dealer with pants round my ankles?
  2. domt101

    M5 Lower Grill

    Has anyone had any experience/fitted one of these lower grills...? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/182590032936 I want to replace my t-bar grill on my 530i m sport bumper but don't want those "sink holes" for the brake cooling ducts
  3. mikeday1991

    Longevity of the 535d and 530d

    Hi everybody, its my first post on the forum, so thanks for having me. My question relates to the 530d and 535d E61. I've viewed and test driven a few E61's. My budget dictates that the mileage of the car I buy will be over 100k. I've driven some around the 120k mark, which still felt tight (Ex police) I'm also looking to view MatR's 535 in the classifieds which currently has 193,000 miles. My question relates to how many miles these can usually live to. In my ownership it will do approximately 15k miles a year. Can these see 300k? I'm coming from a world of Fiat's, so don't have much German experience What do you owners keep in the bank for emergencies? £1000? More? Whats the biggest bill going to be at that mileage? Thanks in advance! Michael
  4. Had a couple of days off to go on a city break to Seville, but missed our flight by 2mins, Ryanair wankers. Wife is pregnant, had to stop for the loo on the 20min walk from the terminal to the gate. Even though we had 18mins till take off and the plane was still there they wouldn't let us on. So took the misses on a country break instead, nice drive through some twisty roads with some decent weather. So got a couple of good pics of the M5 Parents house sat for us while we were away so sorted the old mans motor out a bit and gave it a minor detail As I've mentioned I've been on the look out for a car for the misses, initially was looking for a sport touring, but they just don't seem to come up. Also initially I was looking to spend about £5k on the second car, but the bits I want to do to the M5 are going to cost some money, so went and saw this below today, got a bit excited and just went for it. 530iA se Wide nav Electric heated leather Electric steering column Split fold seats Parking sensors f&r Face lift lights and wheel 17" alloys Main reason I bought it was its a one owner car, unused spare wheel, full tool kit, serviced on the button every 15-20k at one dealership, BMW Cotswolds, IAM sticker in the window, which would explain the speed restrictor set to 78mph, and the long term average of 27mpg, even the second key looks unused. Hilarious! One more bonus the misses actually loves the colour. Here's the new addition in all its metallic peppermint green glory: I know it's a bit of a grandad-mobile, but for the misses to smash to bits over the next couple of years it'll do just fine. Oh, and it has new disks, pads and tyres all round. Had to drive to Leicester to get it but I'm actually really happy with it, pretty sure it'll be cheap motoring for the next two years anyway.
  5. Rafeabrook

    M60B30 hesitancy at high revs

    Hi all, My 530i V8 is hesitating at high revs (4k plus) which as many of you will know is where it comes alive. It feels like fuel starvation so I'm thinking maybe a knackered pump, or is this a symptom of sulfur from the fuel affecting the dreaded Nikasil lining? It will rev up to the red line, but the burps along the way at high revs are a little disconcerting. Any ideas? Thanks, Rafe
  6. Bennybear

    I'm back....

    ... In an e39. After the sale of the ALPINA, I went over to the dark side and bought a mk5 golf GTI, a nice one. Black with black leather, low mileage, £12k of options when new, plus a 260 bhp remap etc etc. I absolutely hated it! Low quality plastics, crashy ride on the 18's, terrible road noise, flimsy, tacky, everything about it was awful, it was quick but that's about it. Nothing else on the car was enjoyable, got to the point where I loathed driving it. The misses felt the same. After looking around and considering all sorts, I'm back in what I consider to be pound for pound the best car available. The e39. This time it's a 530 Champagne II, any of you studying the classifieds might recognise it. Is the previous owner a member of the forum? If so I'd like to buy him a beer, the car is exceptional. I swore I'd never like wood trim but this Canadian Birdseye maple is a dream!! Or am I getting old?
  7. As title. Not seen it mentioned so here you go. He clearly states could be put back on the road but breaking ??? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/281272733830?ru=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fsch%2Fi.html%3F_sop%3D10%26_sac%3D1%26_from%3DR40%26_sacat%3D0%26_nkw%3D281272733830%26_rdc%3D1
  8. luton e34 man

    E34 530 v8 manual under £1500 ?

    E34 530 v8 manual £1,495 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1994-BMW-530-3-0-i-V8-Touring-2-Owners-From-New-Out-standing-Condition-/171243438728?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item27dee78288 The forum won't let me post this on the autotrader ebay bit for some reason
  9. Bennybear

    Am i taking the pi55?

    Hi all, I'm looking for a bit of advice. I've recently put my car up on PH and i'm just wondering if i'm being realistic or not. My reason for procing is i had a look on the PH site and the only other cars that are comparable ie. 530 sports are a champagne edition for £5.5k, a grey (great colour) 530 sport with 99k but its on a Cat D for £2900, a 2001 model with 175k for £2,750, and a silver (same as mine) but with 132k on it and has had a deposit taken on it for £2,160 which i'll admit is a good price. I've put mine up for £3695, expecting to get knocked down to somewhere around £3,350 Is this reasonable? I've had an email from some joker asking "why do you think its worth £3,695" admittedly its only been up for 2 days, but still. I'm not desperate to sell it, but as its surplus to requirements it would be handy if it went soon-ish. Please no abuse, as i really rate this car as being in excellent condition, just serviced, taxed and MOT'd. Surely its worth that sort of money? PS, i'm a gold member so I think i'm ok to post this? http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/bmw/e39-5-series-96-04/bmw-5-series-e39-530i-sport----------------2002/1595524
  10. stevenc3828

    Is this an 530 / 540 v8 exhaust?

    My Dad's neighbour popped in the other day and said "I have a sports cat for your BMW" and he only wanted scrap money for it so I bought it without seeing it However, its definitely not for a M50 engined e34 and there are no markings on it. Its in pretty good shape but does anyone know what it would be suitable for? A 540 or 530? I'll see about getting some diameters of the pipework when I am back over my Dad's...
  11. Hey people not been on the forum for a while. Have done a couple of new mods to my 530 recently so thought I'd share a few pics was going to just leave the car standard but front shock went and standard grill broke so coilovers and black grill were purchased. Sorry, pics aren't the best but you get the idea. Think it looks pretty well any opinions welcomed Poor car hadn't had a good wash for 2 months after getting a bone graft, plate and 8 screws in my collar bone in April so 2 more pics after it got a bath this morning
  12. madoktopus

    Hi gang, heres my new E39

    Hi Guys, Thought I would say hello and intoroduce myself and the new whip. I'll probably copy and paste this if I start a journal. Richard, 23 live on the Kent / London border work in finance. First car: E36 coupe 316i manual stahlblau (Standard) Second: E36 coupe 328i manual stahlblau (Light OEM+ modification) for sale... Third: E39 saloon 530i manual topaz blue: so about the new beemer: Firstly, I think the car is a sport replica as there is no mention of sport on the logbook and the steering wheel is... odd. Will get some interior pics shortly. But the conversion looks to have used genuine parts so i'm not complaining - perhaps you giuys can clarify that. Otherwise in very good condition - only bad points that I have found so far is a few rust bubbles in the petrol cap area under the flap, laquer peeling on steering wheel and armrest and cracked OBC buttons. I'm sure there will be other faults yet though... . 84k with full BMW service History Angel eye rings have been replaced by previous for "white/blue tinge" as opposed to standard "white/yellow" soon to go on private number plate R88 FAL Hope to fit short shift kit as I find gearchanges sloppy compared to the 328, and will probably give the car some light modification. For example, first on my list is to replace the walnut trim for piano glass black items. Other than that, I hope to learn a lot on here and contribute where I can
  13. chevy-stu

    Brake pads..

    As the discs had warped after some 'spirited' oop north in the Northumberland B roads at the end of last year, I had new drilled/slotted discs and some EBC Redstuff pads fitted to the 530D around Xmas time. I'm very happy in general, and it's removed the oversensitivity I disliked with the old pads (factory Pagid ?? ). I always found it over-servoed and the new EBC's being a much harder compound have less initial bite so are more progressive to me. They stop better when hot so really pull up when it matters though. Had the fluid replaced at the same time too which can't hurt. I went with the Redstuff as I've used them before and quite like them, and there is less brake dust than standard too. Only downside is the discs are a bit noisier and you can really hear and feel the brakes gripping now compared to before, which I don't mind, but it may annoy others. Recommended upgrade if anyone fancies..