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Found 12 results

  1. Jim Gee

    E39 M52TU emissions and ULEZ

    I have driven a much cared for E39 528i (with M52TU engine not the M52 one) for many years. The car with the M52 engine doesn’t meet London ULEZ standard for Nox emissions (0.08 g per km) because it emits 0.095 g per km). The M52TU engine which I have, is supposed to have substantially cut Nox emissions from the old M52 one, with its double vanos system BUT I can’t find anything online with confirms this or what the M52TU emissions are. Does anyone know where I can find out please? Thank you.
  2. Capnophobe

    Looking at ‘79 528i

    Hello all, I’m new to the forums here, but I was looking for some information on e12’s as I can’t seem to find much of anything. Was wondering if parts are easy to find and if they’re pricey, how long the motors last, what common issues do the cars have, any info at all would be greatly appreciated, tell me what you know! And it’s good to be here!
  3. Hello all, Been a member a few months but not needed to come here yet.. I would of liked it to be something positive about my 2000 E39 528i pre facelift. To be fair it's been parked up for a week but I usually use it on my days off work which I work 4 on 4 off. Before this problem I used it to tow my caravan for 120miles there and back which I'm pretty sure has nothing to do with it? My key fob battery has died which was fine before not that it should matter as I've used the spare key before with a dead key battery. I used the key to unlock the doors, opened the doors and the alarm went off, I can start the car with the alarm still sounding then after 30seconds the alarm goes off but the hazards keep flashing. Soon as I stick my hand through the window the alarm goes off with or without the engine running. I'm guessing this is an electrical fault of some sort and it's just a coincidence that this has happened with the flat battery in the key? I wasn't too impressed to be fair as it's a bank holiday, it's hot, the bimmer is gleaming and I was taking the family out to the zoo. Lucky I have another car which I use to go to work. Any help with this would be great. I've googled it and seen a few similar issue but not the same issue I have so would be nice to to hear your thoughts! And gives me a chance to use the forum for more than browsing! Cheers Floyd..
  4. I've been using the car as normal over the last few weeks and the on board computer has been as god as gold - even telling me I needed to add a litre of oil at some point - but one evening recently I had a 'ding' from the OBC and the note on the dashboard was as shown in the photo - Vehicle Check - since 01/2000 Visual Inspection Overdue! Looks like the OBC has had a hicccup and partially reset itself and its data. Anyone any idea? I've not read the OBD for any codes. Will that help? Thanks
  5. Life's been very busy these last two or three years and I've had precious little time to do anything remotely resembling hobby stuff - particularly on cars and so on. The best I've managed is to buy me an SLK a year ago and I've managed to run around large parts of the UK with the top down and the sun shining. I even got the SLK into a classic car magazine as part of a buyers' guide over the summer. My BMW has been great - reliable, quiet, comfortable and still great to travel in but now I have the SLK I've effectively halved the already small mileage I was doing per year - and it shows. As she is an old-school diesel, she doesn't like short journeys and needs to do lots more miles than she does. Also, as she needs four new tyres, a Inspection 1 service and a new windscreen I felt it was time to put the old girl out to pasture. Therefore, I've been looking around for a petrol replacement. I'd been thinking a 3-series or maybe a C class possibly - even a Jaguar - but looking around it seems that petrol versions of these cars are like hens teeth to find - there are so few! So off we went to a car supermarket to kick some tyres and... my choices were all deemed 'too small' by SWMBO. Apparently none of them had enough room in the back (guess who'd asked our six foot son to come along???) Anyway, instead, we ended up looking at E classes, 5 series, an A6, the Jaguar again, a Passat, a Mazda 6 and others. Just sitting in the cars quickly got us down to three possibilities - the E class, the 5 series and the A6, So I then started looking for real-life petrol contenders to drive. The nearest of seven petrol E classes for sale in the UK was 60 miles away; the nearest of three petrol A6's was over a hundred miles away and the nearest of twenty BMWs was 12 miles away. We tried the E class first and we didn't like it. The ride was too soft and the car wallowed a lot. Oddly, the car (an E350 CGI) also seemed slow to react to steering and acceleration (even in S-mode). Then we looked round for 5 series examples and found a 528i SE fairly close, five years old, 44K on the clock, the right colours and the right major toys (but no sat nav or xenons - both of which will keep me busy as Projects!) and drove it on Sunday. We both felt right at home. Ride, response, the feeling inside, road noise, seat comfort all good. The car has a single tiny stone chip on the bonnet, unmarked alloys, good tyres and was 'reduced - this weekend only'. So we bought it and we pick it up tomorrow. As the garage only offered me a low part exchange for my old girl I've stripped out the stereo and popped the original radio cassette back in. The removed kit (a sub, an amplifier, head unit and cables) I'll sell to help fund my new 5-Series projects.. So it looks like I'm back to stay - and, with the new 5-series arriving, I'll hope to become a more active member once again. So ... Hello again. Savcom
  6. wayneywoo

    ACtronics or BBAReman

    Hi all, So it's my turn to look to getting my ABS mod remanufactured. I've approached BBAReman and they want £155+VAT+Shipping. I then saw ACtronics getting good comments so thought I'd approach them. Just got off the phone, apparently they only deal with Garages! The girl wouldn't budge even when I said I was a mechanic to which she asked "have you not got a friend in a garage?". This got me thinking, firstly, has anyone had any experience of ACtronics? Anyone know the cost from them? Second, if ACtronics are a safer bet, is there anyone who can put me in touch with anyone local to me (Hemel Hempstead, Herts) who can put my modulator through their garage? If it's worth it I guess? Thanks for reading
  7. 3V8

    ZF Auto Gearbox Model

    Hello All, What Auto gearbox model a ( date of manufacture 07/98 ) E39 528i would have please ? Would it have the ZF A5S310Z or the A5S325Z ? Any thoughts on how to find out without actually lifting the car would be appreciated.. Thanks
  8. Hi all, Im a new member in this forum. I currently drives a 1998 E39 528i Saloon. Living in Jakarta, Indonesia. Not a stranger with BMW as i had several 3 series and 7 series before, but this is my first 5 series. I acquired the car about a year ago in a not so good condition. Did several restorations and modifications to the car; Painted the car Sterling Grey Metallic, M-Tech Body kits, M5 mirrors, 19" Hartge, and more... As this is my first 5 series, I hope that i could get some knowledge regarding 5 series especially e39s from more experienced fellow owners and enthusiasts. Thanks Cepe This is my car
  9. Hi I have a 1988 528i that I recently got running again. After quite a lot of work she is almost back to her former self. The biggest issue I have right now is that the car doesn't run that well when warm. The motor "dies" every now and then - Engine speed drops to about 250 rpm and then comes back alive. It will never cut out completely though and this doesn't happen all the time, it's very irregular. stepping on the clutch will immediately bring the motor back to idle speed so the problem only seems to occur under load. One mechanic said he suspects the petrol pump. The pump and filter are new so he thinks it had a factory fault. I am running without a fuel pump relay, it's jumped to keep the pump running whenever the key is turned to the on position (Don't know if this has anything to do with the problem) The car stood for 3 years before I managed to get it running so I thought maybe there was dirt in the tank that clogged the filter up quickly. Most say this is unlikely. The car has no idle problems when hot or cold
  10. My 1997 528i has started playing up intermittently, as if being starved of fuel for a split second, causing revs to drop and auto box to change gear. It's really frustrating when driving around town, I've added plenty of fuel and the problem still comes back to haunt me. The fuel level on the dashboard appears to be correct and functioning normally. Sometimes, when parked in a car park after a run in to town, when at temperature, the revs will not settle, and it struggles to idle at the normal speed, typically dropping below and revving back up to prevent stalling. After 30 seconds, this will slowly fix itself and again is intermittent. The only error code via dash menu reports D7 which is Fuel Level Sensor 2, I've already replaced the fuel pump a few months ago as part of some preventitive maintenance (having had one fail in the past) and that works just fine, an italian tune up yesterday didn't give me any problems at all. The car has covered 80k miles and the fuel filter was also replaced at the same time. Does anyone know whether the second sensor (passenger side on UK vehicles) if faulty, would cause running issues? Paolo.
  11. Thought I'd share my experience with a recent problem. My 1997 528i's performance has been lacking over the past few weeks, it's due a service but wouldn't expect it to be this bad - I was over taken by a Nissan Micra at one point. In the past week though starting from cold and warm has been awkward, the odd judder at low RPM and a terrible 17mpg on the OBC whilst driving like a saint. Getting worse daily but needed the car and only just had time/weather to fix. Symptoms No error codes Poor economy Lack of power Hard starting from cold or warm, bit better when warm, sometimes misfires Hesitation at low RPM when blipping the accelerator Sometimes after starting, idle is lumpy and you can feel the engine moving Scares me when pulling out of junctions Idles fine after a minute but not as smooth/quiet to drive as normal I knew this would be something simple, my car has full BMW history, caring previous keeper and 74k on the clock, up until recently not a glitch. Starting with the cheap parts first I changed the plugs and inspected the old ones, quite a bit of carbon fouling on all of them so thinking mixture perhaps, car seemed to run a bit better on new plugs but nothing to write home about. Everything on the air intake side is clean as a whistle, removed it all to inspect and put a new air filter in, all visually fine. It's my first E39 but I've had plenty other big six Es over the years and went with a hunch - temperature sensor cocking things up. Paid £11.05p for part number 13621739510 which is the inlet air temperature sensor (IAT) and resides underneath the intake manifold held in by a built in clip. Old one came out really easy and was even looking tired. New one popped in just as easy, took 10 minutes to put all the air box etc. back in place, took a deep breath, turned the key and started on the first turn, you could balance a penny on the engine the idle is really smooth. Took her for a spin and she's back putting a smile on my face. Went for a regular drive for 20 minutes from cold and averaged 28mpg on the OBC - time for an afternoon beer. Paolo.
  12. After much deliberation and family confusion as to why I was giving away a mechanically perfect BMW that's been given to me, I've decided to get rid of the E39. It's not been an easy decision, but poking around on eBay for lightweight seats and on forums for "the weight of an E39 sunroof", I hope you will all agree, has made passing my car on to the most responsible driver in my family, and one who is against modifying any aspect of the car, the best thing to do. At least for the car! My dad's going to take it over for a while. Who knows after that, but it will remain in our family. I've switched the lamps back to standard, never fitted the new interior, but have kept the 16" alloys (15" ones gave it scary handling round tight corners). What am I going onto now? A slightly ropey E36 328i. A sum total of 186,000 miles (but had the engine replaced around 80k ago due to nikasil issue and has had new suspension brakes and serviced week before I picked it up). Has the M50 manifold already on it and it cost me, with 3 days tax and 6 months (ish) MOT, £601! Not a bad find afterall. I've started a thread on E36coupe if anyone wants to keep up. As for the E39. I'll be updating the mileage register as my dad goes along and will update pics on my thread when I successfully convince him to sort out the scratches on the leather and on the outside. And, for that last drive, what did I do you cry? Well I did my longest ever drive. After a 9 hour day at work, jumped into the car and drove from South London to Sheffield and then went past Birmingham to South West Wales. A mix of town driving, evening cruising, license-losing A-road beating and country road nosing around. The car managed around 440 miles before the fuel light came on, which I thought was exceptional. It still reckoned it could go another 40 miles. That was two days ago. I've just completed a 240 mile journey back from Wales. So 680 miles in one long weekend. Unfortunately that Journey has reminded me just how good the E39s are at doing this stuff, you might see me again in an E39, probably a fully loaded manual 530i or perhaps an M5. I may have only about 200 posts but thought I should post a conclusion to my E39 ownership. It's been epically comfortable.