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Found 5 results

  1. I hope I am not duplicating this question that I did not find in the forum, or somehow might have missed to find. Question seems simple, but looks like the answer is complicated and hard to get. Maybe someone here could help (yes, I've already asked Jimmy from Cable Shack): What is the correct Code Reader to use on a 525TDS E39 09/97? I've seen some devices on eBay but I was advised to be careful because this 525TDS may use ADS. The 20pin "pacman" socket is under the hood (no OBD inside), and pin 15 is 12V, so I guess it needs ADS interface. Can someone please help about this and advise about what is the correct cables and devices to use on a USB port of a PC? Thanks.
  2. Hello All Thought I show say hello as I've recently become the owner of a 1995 E34 525tds Touring. It's an Auto with what I think they say is 'SE spec', paint is burgundy/red metallic and interior blue cloth. It came with a lot of history that suggests it was well looked after up until around 2015 when it was on 140k miles but since then I think it's suffered a bit from a lack of attention and insufficient use. I bought it in January at just over 146k and in the last few weeks have done the following: 1. Replaced glow plugs - not long after buying it the weather turned really cold and it just would not start. Prime suspect was the glow plugs and sure enough 5 of the 6 were gone. Replaced the lot and now starting first time, all of the time. 2. Replaced rear shocks - it looked a bit low at the back and wasn't at all happy over speed bumps. Inspection revealed a deformed collar on the OSR shock so I set about replacing both sides. Removing all that interior to get at the top mounts was a pain but nothing in comparison to trying to remove the shock from the bottom mounting! First one I tackled simply wouldn't budge and I eventually had to admit defeat and get a friendly mechanic to change them for me. 3. Full service - finally a job I could do myself in its entirety! New oil, air and fuel filters and of course an oil change. Also replaced the cabin air filter thanks to an excellent post on this forum showing how. 4. Replaced OS headlight - initially thought I'd get a second hand cluster but prices seemed to start at around £40 which seemed a lot when all I had was a cracked lense so then thought about just replacing the glass which you can get for around £14 all be it from Latvia! In the end though I found the exact headlight unit on GSF and on a "50% off weekend" that came in at £13. Result! Next up is an overhaul of the brakes, they're OK and I thought I might get away with this for a while longer but warning light has just come on the dash so going to need to do it before the MOT in May. Have done abut 1500 miles since I bought it and am pretty happy. Still very much learning about it though so I'll end my "hello" with a couple of questions: 1. Temperature gauge - I'd describe the behavior of this gauge is "curious". It fluctuates quite a lot. On the plus side it never gets above half way and only gets to that level when in traffic or when having accelerated up a long incline etc. Rest of the time is usually around a quarter but occasionally dips, even in the middle of a long journey when engine must be at normal operating temperature. Is this normal or a recognized issue that I need to address? 2. Handling - basically at high speed it doesn't feel quite as "planted" on the road as I'd like. I can't put my finger on anything particular, it doesn't seem to wander or pull but I'd say something isn't 100%. History shows PO replaced the front shocks and anti-roll bar drop links and an inspection with my untrained eye hasn't found anything untoward but if anyone has any thoughts I'd be interested. Thanks for reading!
  3. I'm now part of the BMW club, after many Fords and Vauxhalls I have seen the light! WoW what's the difference ! Excellent in every way. She's a Blue E60 (2005) 525 TDS , 100,000 miles with Beige / Walnut / leather interior. Servicing required in May 2017. Help me guys .... I want to look after The engine and maybe tastefully upgrade elements of the interior . Please advise....
  4. Hi All, Whilst I've been toying with whether to scrap or fix up my rusty old iX (see other post) someone was chatting about the possibility of switching the M50 block for the diesel version (M51?). Does anyone know if this has been done before and how effective, is it worth doing (mpg gain mostly)? Regards Will
  5. Kmerchant

    E39 525tds shaking at idle

    I have 1996 525tds having covered 123000 kms. I've resolved Quite a lot of issues since i bought the car buth this one remains to be solved. The car when cold idles smoothly for about half a minute and then starts shivering at ilde. If the a/c is off then i get shivers every 3 seconds or so. But if the a/c is on (which is always) the car shakes continuously and it is felt through the whole car. It is always only at idle. No shaking when the car is in motion but everytime it idles it shakes violently. Passengers ask what's wrong. My indy says that a new fuel pump would sort that out. What do you suggest? What could be the problem?