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Found 36 results

  1. Hi guys is it possible to swap my 2005 E60 525D turbo to one from a 2005 530D will it work ? Will it boost ok has anyone done this swap ? And lastly is it worth it ? Thanks
  2. Hi guys just go an E60 525d M-Sport last week with the turbo actuator not moving at all had these codes , 41A2 , 4191 , 3F97 , so I got a replacement actuator from turbovanes they said it would be plug and play so I removed my old actuator code G125 , and replaced it with the new actuator code also G125 and I have a bit of turbo but only really getting boost around 3000rpm , I can hear the turbo sound on rev up at stand still but no pull until 3000rpm so am.i right in thinking that the actuator is needing calibrated to my turbo as its like its out of sync with it anyone had this problem I have no fault codes at all but car is like a straight Diesel pulling out junctions and such so actually dangerous
  3. kennetkarlz

    e61 died

    Hello. Sorry in advance for my english. Really need some help with my e61 525d 07 lci. A couple of weeks ago my car just died while driving in 70km/h, no error codes. Started the car and drove home. From that day the car has never felt the same as it used to. Feels like i loose the connection with the accelerator pedal from time to time and im always worring about when it will die again. Was out driving some days ago and the car died again, got all of these codes, + throttle body, accelerator pedal and all the glowplugs. 004671 006E24 005F74 006DCB 0051A8 Bought and changed : Accelerator pedal Throttle body Glowplug module And cleaned the DPF as good as i could. Everything was fine for a week and then the car died again.. with the same codes as above but without glowplug, throttle body and the pedal. Can you guys please help me where to start looking?
  4. I have a 525d 2013, and have been having a blast owning this car so far. Recently there was a recall regarding the egr cooler, so I took it to the dealership and all was taken care of (as far as I know at least), action that took place like two weeks ago. Im not totally sure if this new issue that Im having is related to this part change, but since that part change I have a issue on cold starts. The issue happens only when the outside temperature drops bellow 3deg C. Basically I run the start procedure, the car start fine, but after a few seconds I can see the temperature gauge moving randomly, from the default position 50, to 70, 100deg C, and back again for around 5-10 mins. During this period, the car revs up to 2000 - 2300 rpm, with intermittent drops during this period. Also when this issue happens, the fan blowers in the front of the car move to full speed as I think its trying to 'cool' down the engine somehow. After 5-10 mins, the issue disappears, the temperature gauge drops back to default position, all fans shut down and the car doesnt rev up on its own, like nothing has happened. No error codes, no lights in the dashboard also. Has anyone encountered this issue so far, or has any ideas if this is somewhat related to the egr cooler? Im trying to document myself as best as I can, as I have to take back to the dealership, and hopefully not pay for something that I didn't break or not be taken for a ride. Any ideas or suggestions are much appreciated. Thank you!
  5. Hi All, It's been a while since I last posted on here, but I thought I would share with you an issue I faced with my car last week, the terrible advice and technical knowledge I got from Vines and my pleasure at finding sound advice from BMR Turners Hill West Sussex... So my F11 LCi 525d went into limp home mode after its service last week at Vines of Guildford, so I took it back to them. They did a diagnostic and was told either the intake manifold actuator had failed and was not activating one of the swirl flaps, which would be replaced under warranty or, if the actuator has failed due to the engine being coked, then I would need a replacement intake manifold and have an engine de-coke which is not under warranty. What made me question Vines BMW methods was they said that they needed to remove the manifold to determine whether the engine was indeed coked which would be 3 hours labour and once they had removed the manifold I was committed to any repair. This is simply nonsense, and I told the service advisor as such. A simple compression test would be able to ascertain whether there was a coking issue and secondly the manifold was a single enclosed item that had a few bolts and could be removed in 10 minutes and thirdly if you are able to ascertain that there is or is not a coking issue, to claim I am now committed to the repair was total rubbish as they are more than capable of putting the manifold back. He did not seem to know what to say at that point. He then said he was unable to quote for the job, but only offer an estimate as the job could take up to 3 days… Again total tosh…. If there is a de-coke needed it takes 30 minutes to do (I had it done to my mini last year) not the 4 hours he said it would take and replacing the manifold would take tops 20 minutes so the maximum time is an hour. He said it was a hugely complicated job and I clearly did not know what needed to be done , which as you can imagine angered me somewhat…. After I demonstrated I knew exactly what was involved and the time it took he admitted that he need the flexibility as they were down on staff. I said I was not prepared to pay for time that was not needed and to say he needed three days was ridiculous. He then got his boss who agreed they only needed 3 hours, but I still said no you don’t and what the hell were they pulling. This is after performing a service on two occasion that was not what I booked and tried to charge me for……So I said that I wanted the car back and they tried to protest saying I could not drive it home… again clap trap as the limp home only happened once and did not do it again. The estimate came in via email and was from £1,700 - £2,200 (inc VAT) but subject to change, but the minimum being £1,700…. They also said the job would only take 3 hours but would need to have the car for 3 days due to staff shortages…..Fast forward to yesterday. I decided I was going to take the car to the BMW specialists in Turners Hill near me called BMR and the chaps that did my Mini’s cam chain. I started the car and the engine management light came on but the car seem to be behaving correctly. Got to the garage, explained what happened and what Vines said and they laughed but were not surprised. I spoke with one of the co owners and he confirmed that a compression test would immediately confirm a coking issue, but he then told me something I did not know. As the manifold issue is a known problem so the manifold had a small dipstick/nipple at the top of the manifold expressly to check if the engine had a coking issue and was a simple 5 minute job, which Vines should have checked that immediately….. They did a quick diagnostics and confirm the actuator had failed or seized and that swirl flap 4 was non longer activating correctly. Best case scenario there is no coking and actuator has failed and therefor should be replaced under warranty or worst case a de-coke and new manifold would be needed…. They would like to have the car for half a day but would charge 2 hours labour maximum as it is a “simple job”.I was then asked if I wanted to see what they did for this job as they were about to start that exact process on a 2012 520d. I obviously said yes and they showed me the coked up manifold and cylinders. It became very clear to me my car was probably suffering the same problem. So booked it in for Thursday….. As the manifold is a sealed Item and made of plastic it is impossible to clean and is an expensive part at £600 +VAT and the de-coke would be £230 +VAT all in £1,015. Vines want £690 +VAT for the manifold but a whopping £708 +VAT for the de-coke plus labour charges…. So a huge saving but still financially ruinous when you were hoping to go on holiday! Suffice to say I much prefer dealing with people who have true product knowledge and not the local village idiots that Vines seem to employ as their service advisors (who clearly do not have any product knowledge at all). So I will no longer be take my car to Vines unless it is for a warranty item as they are far to expensive and frankly I simply don't trust them.. Cheers All RC
  6. Adz

    N47S1 2.0 525D

    Hi i have a bmw 525D M Sport (LCI) 2015 2.0 engine, is the N47S1 prone to same issues as N47 engines or were there any modifications made to N47S1 for timing chain issues?   Did BMW ever shift the b47 unit under 525D? Any advice would be useful esp in 525D common issues/timing chain/engines....
  7. Firstly hello, new member here looking for an E60/61 (not too fussed) but interested to know what the physical differences are between the 3x 3l engine variants in both the pre and post LCI models. Basically I'm looking for a 535d but can't decide whether it's worth the extra premium for me. Should I consider the 530d or even the 525d and look at remapping and other mods? Ultimately, can I simply replace parts on a 525d to create a 535d and tune from there? Thanks in advance, Rob
  8. So about 6 months ago I had a gearbox oil leak and sent it to a local Indy for repair and a gearbox service. Recently I’ve noticed when slowing down that sometimes it CLUNKS when going into first gear. It doesn’t seem to do it all the time, but when it does you can really feel it. From research online it seems that the solution is a gearbox service! Any other ideas? car has done around 100k miles thanks!
  9. Owain

    Immobiliser Problem

    Hi everyone, hope someone can help with advice. I have recently bought a BMW 525D F10 2010 reg. it came with a key fob (see photos) recently, I have been having issues with the car starting up. You press the start/stop button and nothing happens with the engine and only turns the electrics on or off. Sometimes even the alarm goes off. Inside the cubby box under the steering wheel(see photos) is some light with a button on it. I think the key fob with the button on it is for this. Whenever I have this problem the light flashes. Not sure if this is a 2nd immobiliser? Has anyone come across this before? Is this a after marker immobiliser? Can I remove it? Can I disable the alarm? I spend about 5/10 minutes pressing the button on the key fob, eventually the red light stops flashing and allows me to start my car. On the display is says ‘ignition on’ sometimes when this problem occurs. No faults on the car showing. any advice would be greatly welcomed and thanks for reading my post, Owain
  10. Nice E61 touring, quite local to me actually, I think I've probably seen it driving around in fact https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-525d-3-0-M-Sport-Touring-6-Speed-MANUAL/182917925168?hash=item2a96c20930:g:GWgAAOSwCQlZ8kUn Presumably quite rare being a sport with a manual gearbox?
  11. larriebee

    My 525d M sport is here

    After waiting for what felt like 11 years, 8 months and a week, my 525d is finally here and boy do I love it. I almost spent the night in it on the first night but opted for a long drive instead. I've also decided to work from home this week so I can have a good play around with in. Oh the adaptive LEDs Very nice. I've been advised to keep revs under 3,000 rpm for the first 1000 miles, so I can't tell yet if it really pulled with its 231 horses. I guess I'll just have to wait. SPEC BELOW =========== 525d M Sport, Black Sapphire, Black Dakota with exclusive stitching Visibility Package (Headlight wash, Adaptive LED Headlights, High-beam Assistant) Comfort package (Comfort Access, Elec Fr Seats + Driver Memory, Exterior Mirrors - folding with anti-dazzle) M Sport Plus package (19" M light alloy Double-spoke style 664 M wheels with run-flat tyres, Sun protection glass, Loudspeaker system - harman/kardon) Piano Black trim Parking Assistant Plus Panoramic Glass Sunroof 12V power sockets Remote Services Online Entertainment M Sport suspension Enhanced Bluetooth with wireless charging WiFi hotspot preparation Lumbar Support, driver and front passenger Display key
  12. Hi guys, on saturday I thought I'd just go test drive the new G31 m sport and after about 3 hours of not being able to leave the showroom, I put an order in for the 525D m sport but surprisingly, I haven't see or heard of the 525D anywhere else. So it got me wondering if its an engine no body wants. Has anyone else opted for the same model?
  13. Ian Richards-Thomas

    525d Electric Failure

    Hi I hope there is some good advice for broken car. The battery died on my car about a month ago. The RAC came out and jump started it ever since then it got progressively worse to now I can drive it. Firstly the dashboard told me things were failing and wipers were going mad. The speedo went and now I can tell if I'm indicating or not along with idrive gone and can open windows etc. Its a complete electric meltdown and failure. the engine starts but then the alarm starts going so I taken battery out and but on maintenance. Any ideas if this fixable issue or is good night 525d. I had many bits of advice but all very confusing. Sounds like it could one of 100 things. where should I start. fyi battery is new. thanks in advance any help will be greatly appreciated. Ian
  14. Hi All, I hope this is in the right location for posting (sorry admins if not ) however I now need the best advice possible, I now have cleared funds to go and start sourcing my 5 M sport !! the issue I have is I don't know which one to go for, so its at this point im now asking you guys WHAT DO I PURCHASE have a budget of 8k don't want to spend it all and im looking at early years 55 06 etc and also 58 and 59 plates I like the early shape on the 55/ 06 car I know its real similar but there's something about the shape that's got me hooked its engine im struggling with,,, I do mostly motorway driving it will be a manual gearbox as auto is not a consideration so what you all think 520d or the 525d ???? thanks in advance all Jon
  15. MrSweet1991

    525D or 530D

    Hi All, Looking to purchase an LCI 525D or 530D, I will be doing mostly town driving so the 520D would probably appeal more in respects to MPG but I wouldn't mind sacrificing some MPG for that awesome torque increase! I am willing to DPF gut, swirl flap removal and map the car to squeeze some extra power and MPG but I'm interested to know how the two engines compare both with common problems and MPG town driving if possible. Cheers.
  16. I picked up a well-priced immaculate 525d and so far have: - Replaced the cracked exhaust manifold with an aftermarket cast iron from x8r - Replaced the Main and EGR thermostats with genuine stats as the temperatures were stuck around 70, now they get up to around 90 - Oil change, air filter, brake pads done I've plugged in DIS and everything is mostly fine except for some glowplug errors, as the glowplugs are so cheap should I go ahead and replace all 6? Is it worth doing the controller at the same time? I also plan to blank the swirl flaps. Any other preventative maintenance or improvements you would recommend? I've read something about vac lines? Remap? thanks a lot for your help
  17. Hi every1 hope some1 can helpHaving a problem with my 2002 E39 525d all of a sudden the drivers door will not open from outside with handle....everything else works central locking etc...door will open from inside, i just use unlock button to put window down and open the door from inside but very annoying when raining and its raining most of the time in Ireland hope someone can point me in right direction Thanks in advance also my fuel tank is empty when fuel gauge is at quarter left but 1 problem at a time i suppose haha
  18. AdrianJones

    First time BMW Owner E60 525D

    Its official I must be getting old .... picking up my first Diesel and an Automatic !! First time BMW owner here taken the plunge after many trouble free years of Honda ownership hoping for more of the same plus a little more luxury. A quick look through the forum and looks like a valuable resource, very well put together. Adrian.
  19. Hi, ive been a member here for a while but forgot my old accounts log in and had to create a new account! for a while I've had this issue now. After heavy acceleration where the turbo has been used hard, after I come to a stop there will be clouds of white smoke pouring from the exhaust. Very strong smelling and sometimes quite embarrassing. Im not convicted the car reaches the right temps as a 30min motorway cruise at a steady 60mph in 6th gear(manual box) struggles I go above 73degrees. Not it quite sure where to start. Any ideas guys? its a 525d pre lci. Dpf and egr still fitted and swirl flaps blanked off. i thought it was due to the swirl flaps but it still does it after the deflap. Another thing, it has a very light murmur on idle and when cruising on motorway. It can be felt as a slight miss and the needle jumps. Have removed the injectors and cleaned them out individually and replaced the copper washers but still no difference.
  20. Ifti007

    SAT on a 525D LCI

    Hi, I recently aquired a SAT LCI gear lever (with the sports button) i had it fitted in by a forum member KadirLLB thank you to him. Now the gear shifter works just as normal as my other lci non sport shifter, when i press down on sport the steering stiffens up too. Now i am wanting the full SAT option with S1/S2...etc modes on my car. Will it be possible as my car is a 57 plate 525d LCI. and i have purchased the flappy paddle steering as i got a goot deal for it. Will that work? I dont mind it working normal worh M1/M2..etc modes. Thank you
  21. Hello, I recently got a 2005 525d and whilst I'm impressed with many aspects of the car, the MPG has been pretty terrible. I drive a 6 mile commute to work (50% dual carriageways, the rest is 30mph roads) and no matter how easy I drive I cant get over 19mpg. First thing I did was get the car plugged into INPA and no faults showed up. I then accessed the hidden menu to check the engine temp. I let the engine sit idle for 15 mins and it peaked at 68C. I then drove the car hard for 10 mins and the temperature peaked at 84C. Are these temperature figures right or too low? I read that they should be around 88C - 93C. If the EGR or main temp sensor are faulty, should they have shown up in the diagnostics result? What sort of average mpg should I get for in town driving? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Stu
  22. Hey, just had a question so wondered if anyone here could answer for me I've had an LCI 525d M Sport (Manual) for almost a year now, love it! But I figured it's about time. Time to give her a remap for her birthday present. But I'm in a dilemma.. I've been reading about a DPF gut and EGR delete on many of these forums to go alongside the remap for obvious benefits such as no clog worries and bhp gains. I do know it may come with a bit of extra smoke but the efficiency and power gains will offset this in my eyes so I can potentially live with the smoke. However there's one thing putting me off.. 1 - I know if it's a gut, it won't really be detectable in an MOT so that won't be a bother. But what if you need to sell the car in the future? Has anyone experienced any problems in removing the DPF and trying to sell the car thereafter? Especially since you're doing a permanent (I think?) illegal move in removing the dpf? Wouldn't really want to fork out £1200+ installing a DPF to sell the car.. PS. What are the pro/cons of doing a remap without the DPF gut & EGR delete? Thanks!
  23. So lets cut to the chase, couple months back i went to avon tuning and gutted my dpf and got the egr delete and remap. But only now i have decided that i want to liven the car up in terms of noise. I wanted to give the car to an audible prescence lol. So i decided to resort to a downpipe, now i hope not to spend silly money on a downpipe but keep the cost minimal..can somone reccomend me a downpipe other than the ecotune downpipe??? I have the m57n2 engine aswell Will appreciate it alot
  24. Hello Phil, Not sure whether my battery is on the way out. Just in case perhaps you'd be kind enough to give me a price for a replacement as I've been told that the dealer price is pretty competitive. Regards, Tim
  25. REFERENCE: 2007 525d (3-litre engine) chassis number WBANX52040CW82095 Hello, I’d be grateful for prices for the follow items for my car please: Main engine thermostat (and any additional gasket/seal if not included with the thermostat).EGR thermostat.Antifreeze.Engine oil filter element (and seal or 'O' ring if required). You did quote me via the 5-Series forum a while back (quote 59077) but I guess prices may have changed. I know you usually include carriage in the price, but perhaps you’d let me know if it’s cheaper to collect as I’m not far away. Many thanks.