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Found 19 results

  1. hippie dave

    M20 Manual Gearbox stuck fast!

    Good afternoon, long time no post, hope we are all well. I am attempting to replace the clutch on my 520i (5 speed, RHD, 1986.), as I suspect the release bearing is on its way out. I have removed absolutely everything necessary including prop, gearbox crossmember, linkage, hydraulics, and starter motor. I have dropped the back of the box down, and removed absolutely all the fastenings (lower plate, three 19mm-head bolts on dowels, two 17mm bolts and entire starter motor). With assistance, I have released the box from the three dowels and attempted to lever it off. It is just not budging. It'll lever about 6-8mm or so on a pair of crowbars, and doesn't appear to be being held by anything solid- i.e. there is a bit of "spring" to it. It would appear to be held by the main shaft somehow. I fear that the release bearing has collapsed and is holding it in a circlip-like fashion. I don't mind breaking the bearing, but the possibility of collateral damage (or even having it crash down off the stands) from the required level of force is a concern. Has anyone come across this problem on an M20 car before and was this indeed it? The bearing is completely inaccessible until engine and box are split. How the hell does one get around this problem without cutting into the bellhousing? Answers on a postcard (before I push this effing thing into the thames). Thanks all, David
  2. adragonr

    LE2-Jetronic - Help Needed

    Hi All, After a fairly exhaustive check, clean, rebuild schedule I'm seeking some advice on my running issues with a 1985 520i with LE2-Jetronic. My major issue is that it starts, and idles at 800-900 rpm, and after 30 seconds, cuts out and smells like it running very rich. Car hasn't been on the road for 3 years. Mine has no Cold Start Valve. No Thermoswitch. But does have an Air Slide Valve and far too many vacuum lines for my taste. For reference, I have fitted new distributor cap, rotor arm, spark plugs, blue temp sensor, air filter, timing belt, water pump. I have cleaned the air slide valve and some other coolant passages that were blocked. I have also trialed known good fuel pressure regulators and injectors. The previous owner did play around with the AFM but unfortunately did not mark the start point so I have no idea what the correct position is. Prior to replacing the timing belt etc the car ran, and at the very least got up to temperature, however, had no power, struggled to get above 35mph, spluttered under load and was generally dangerous. I am now just trying to get it to run long enough to bleed the coolant system. For reference, it will stay running so long as I keep the idle at ~1000rpm on the throttle. Any advice that people can provide would be much appreciated. Cheers
  3. Hello all, I am looking to buy a bmw 5 series as a personal purchase. Have not decided if saloon or estate, as will decide after seeing the car (I need space for uni drop off's every term time!). But my biggest question is: do I buy petrol now (vs diesel, where I am put off due to all the negative news and potential political clamp down/taxes in the next few years)? I don't do a huge mileage - around 6 - 8,000 miles p.a. - most of it will be short journeys around town, with the odd 70 mile uni trip. Will likely keep the car at least 5 years, probably longer if I have no problems with. I like the 520d but should I also be concerned about potential damage to the particulate filter and go for the petrol? Any thoughts on this and helping me decide, especially if you own the petrol 520i ... I just couldn't see any posts from anyone on this! Thanks
  4. ljonny18

    What button is missing

    Anyone know Which button is missing? Cheers, Jon.
  5. ljonny18

    Twin Vanos

    Hi all, I am trying to sort our some emission details with my car regarding the German emissions (plackette) system: http://www.blaue-plakette.de/en.html anyway, a question that arose is if my car has "Twin Vanos" or not - how can I tell? (sorry for the novice question) Cheers, Jon.
  6. SpazaB

    E39 520i-530i Manual

    Hi All, I'm new to this forum, after scouring the classifieds on autotrader/pistonheads/gumtree I thought I'd try and put a wanted post out there. I'm looking for a manual 6 cylinder BMW, 3 or 5 series, under £1,500 - ideally with as few miles as possible, but I am aware the 5's particularly wear their mileage well. I'm based in Oxford and wouldn't mind travelling a little for the right car. If anyone is selling in the next month or so, or knows anyone that is, I would appreciate the feedback! Thanks, SpazaB
  7. Hi guys I have a fault on my car suggesting I need a cam position sensor. I've found some here: http://m.mister-auto.co.uk/en/sensor-camshaft-position/bmw-5-e39-520-i-170hp_v15266_g3946.html But it looks like there's 2 types which do I need. Screenshot of fault code attached
  8. Hi Everyone, As the title says really. I've got replacement shocks and springs for my 520i saloon, bought spring compressors too and had a read of how to take the shocks & springs out of the car. Last MOT the guy said the top mounts might have bent/warped etc, so top mounts will be replaced too. Any suggestions for top mounts to get? Or would standard ones from eurocarparts do? Also anything else I should look at replacing while the suspensions apart? Many thanks
  9. Hi guys, had my replacement transmission fitted, however the mechanic reported that the gear lever was in a weird position! The first picture is the gearbox in neutral, the second is the gearbox in reverse! Neither of us had any trouble selecting gear, and the box shifts sweetly, however we cannot work out why the lever is in this position. My car is a July 95 build, and the car the gearbox came out of was an L reg (believed early 94) 520i. I checked part nos online and they are the same for shift linkages up to 10/94 and from 10/94 onwards. The fact they divide the years up suggests something is different... My my mechanic is very good, but we are both stumped! Any ideas? Simple case of mal adjustment? If I can get the original linkage from the supplier would that work? Any help appreciated and thank you in advance!
  10. Micho

    BMW E34 520i For Sale!

    I've owned this car for just over 10 years and it was my daily driver for most of that. It then passed to my father who did not want to spend any money on it apart from keeping it on the road. Following his death in 2014, it was put on SORN and parked on a neighbour's drive. I now need to move it and I have to admit that I am not going to get around to its restoration any time soon. Before it rots away completely, I thought it best to give someone else a shot at recommissioning, restoring or for parts. The reason I kept it was because I think it must be one of the earliest E34s into the UK and because of the extensive receipts from 1996-2003, totalling over £7000. I also happen to think it's one of the nicest colour combinations I've seen for an E34. It is effectively a 3 owner car although the second owner merely bought it as a trade in then sold it to me. It has about 170,000 on the clock and was running when parked. The faults that I know on it are: Rear strut top mounts broken Fuel leak in supply line (caused by the guy who transported it to the driveway, his ramps were too steep and the car bottomed on the trailer Engine cuts out when full lock applied at low speed The interior is in generally good condition except for the drivers seat where the fabric on the seat base has split. All electrics, windows, sunroof etc., worked okay albeit a wee bit slow. The sunroof does not leak. The engine was pretty sweet but needs a good service and oil change, the cambelt should also be done. It would be great to see the old girl restored again to her former glory, the final picture in the gallery will show you what she looked like just after I bought her and cleaned her up. In reality of course, because she is just a standard 520i, she may be used only for parts. The car is advertised on Ebay too so I reserve the right to withdraw this ad at any time, should it sell there first. If you want to view the car, it is in Glasgow, G33. It will need to be trailered away. The Ebay auction starts at £50 so I would like at least that but I realise that it's not going to fetch much at all. I'd prefer to know that it was going to someone who can either use it for parts for their own project or are going to restore it and get it back on the road. It's a lovely car for a sunny day!
  11. GlasgowAlex

    New To The Forum, E34 Owner.

    Hi Guys, Just thought I'd introduce myself to the forum. My name is Alex and I'm the proud owner of a 95 520i SE in Ascot Green Metallic (of course). I'm relatively new to BMWs having owned this car since September last year but have had some Audis and Land Rovers in the past. The ultimate goal for the car is to load it with as many factory options as possible and get everything back to showroom condition. I live in Glasgow and would love to get to meet some local owners. Alex
  12. Hi, new to the forum and also new to BMW. I was a biker for 11 years until i gave in and got a car licence. My last three cars have been an '83 Opel Monza, a '81 Mazda 626 Montrose and an '88 Scirocco GT. My car is the '86 BMW 520i in bronzitbeige metallic and so far she's been lovely. Cheers Mike
  13. Hi everyone, I have a 2002 E39 520i (2.2L) manual which I bought with 66,000 miles on the clock. It had one owner from new who sold it to buy an F10. I have now clocked 9000 miles (75k current odometer reading) and so far it's been perfect. However, since pretty much everything is still the original parts and no repairs have been done as yet, I am worried that I might face expensive repair costs soon. I have read a lot on forums about E39 issues such as the cooling system needing overhaul at around 80k miles, suspension bushings getting worn out and window regulator issues. However, most of the guidance seems to be for DIY and give an estimate for the cost of parts only. Unfortunately, I am not confident on attempting DIY repairs because: - it's only my first car and I don't have any prior experience with maintaining cars. I don't have any friends who know about car repairs either from whom I could have learnt some skills. - I am a uni student and live on campus with a tiny bedroom and crowded parking lot. I don't have much space to store the specialized tools needed for car repairs and it would be quite awkward for a novice like me to be attempting to work on a car in a busy campus parking lot! There is a lack of space and privacy in the communal parking lot compared to having one's own garage. - Time: I am in my final year at uni and will be very busy in coming months. Attempting DIY would mean spending hours reading up on the web, searching for the best places to source the parts, spending hours tinkering around with the car and possibly troubleshooting if the repairs are not successful. I therefore think the best thing for me is to get my car repaired by a BMW indie. However, i don't know how much this would cost me; as I previously mentioned, most of the posts I've come across seem to be for DIY spare parts cost as opposed to indie costs. Obviously, I could attempt to drop by a few indies and ask them about their prices, but I reckon the prices would probably vary significantly among different indies. I would appreciate it greatly if you could give me advice on which indies would be cheapest. i live in the East Midlands, but don't mind travelling reasonable distances if need be. I am mainly concerned with getting the preventative maintenance needed on an E39 reaching 75k miles such as the cooling system overhaul, suspension bushings, alternator (feel free to suggest anything else which I might need to do). I really need to work out an estimate of these impending repair bills as, if they are too high for my limited student budget, I would probably sell the car as I no longer need it for the time being (It was essential for me last year as I was going on distant placements). I really love the car though - it's an amazingly practical, refined and comfy long-distance GT, while being fun and nimble too! I paid £2650 for it and I can hardly think of any car which would have provided so much bang for the buck. However, if the repair costs I would incur soon would be too high, it might be preferable for me to sell it and then, once I start working after graduation, get a newer car. I think that a 2007 E90/2/3 330i manual with around 60,000 miles would be feasible when I start working if I can get a £10,000 loan over 3 years. I would however prefer to stick to the E39 than splash so much on an E9x as long as the maintenance won't be excessive. I am planning over the long term when it comes to whether to keep or sell the E39. After all, the E9x would suffer from depreciation and would have running costs of their own. I need to work out which one would be cheaper to run over the next 2-3 years (maintenance + depreciation) - the 2002 E39 520i with 75k miles which hasn't been repaired yet or a 2007 E9x 330i with 60k miles. I have a slight preference for the E9x mostly because of the additional poke of the 3L engine, but LOVE the classic looks of the E39 to bits. I would therefore keep the E39 as long as it doesn't work out to be more expensive than the E90. Thanks
  14. Afternoon all, As some of you will have seen, I've just recently joined after buying an e34 520i SE. Loving the cars to bits, and thanks to everyone for the ideas and suggestions you've come up, I'm building a nice "To-Do" list for the car. Anyways, I've had the day off work today, so thought I would dust off the camera and get some photos of the car, they're not great and Photoshop may have assisted me haha! But she doesn't look bad considering her age and condition!
  15. gavgravity

    E28 ignition timing

    Hi there I'm new to the forum- been driving my E28 520i as an everyday driver for a few years now and enjoying it greatly. Commuting from derbyshire into sheffield most days. I'm a keen DIYer and confident diving in with the toolbox. I've just had a bad water pump and changed the pump, timing belt and tensioner pulley taking great care to line everything up as per Haynes. Everythings back together and running as good as new or so I though. I think the timing may be a fraction out as its idling at around 600-700rpm ticks over fine but feels a little under powered. Any one out there have any experience in advancing timing on an e28 via distributor. My local garage are saying it can't be done? Any pointers would be hugely appreciated. Thanks, Gav.
  16. J.WellsE28

    Hello there

    Hi, I'm James, I am new to living in the UK as well as my recently acquired '87 520i, with a manual trans. the car is in pretty decent shape for the year and mileage but is rough around the edges. I plan on using it as my daily driver and cruiser and am kicking around the idea of an engine swap for more power and fun. Pics to come soon.
  17. Sharknose_best

    I'm new... my E28 is not!

    Hi guys. My name is David. I'm 23 and not driving a BMW (still on notsoFast Fords at the moment) but there are plans to get the poor old E28 520i that has been sitting for +10 years up and slowly jogging again this summer. History of the car is simple. My Dad bought it off a friend when I was 4 and drove the family down from 'North of the Wall' to sunny Berkshire (where we stayed). It was used as a daily on and off for 10 years and has sat it out for the rest. Its a part of the family in my eyes (a forgotten brother locked away in the attic maybe) and I've convinced my Dad it might be worth saving. The car body is still solid (as expected) but as for the rest, who knows! Joined because I know we're going to need a lot of help with this one. It might be a short lived project if it all shite under the hood and things get expensive but lets hope otherwise. So, a big hello and thanks in advanced for all the help!
  18. Hello all, I just joined this site yesterday - I bought a 1983 520i with about 84k on clock on Sunday just passed. I put the photo up in the 'new' section, under subject 1st timer. Unfortunately the day I bought it on was snowing, and it's been freezing since and won't start. Anyway, I bought this car with the intention of doing as much to it as I can myself and learing about cars as I go along. I've always had an interest, but lacked confidence to do it. Being totally honest, I've had to start from scratch in terms of reading up on how the basics work. The first thing I gather was that I'm better forking out for a new timing belt with this engine (timing belt was replaced at about 64k however that was around 2002). I would really appreciate any help you can offer with the questions below (I've tried to keep it to a minimum): The timing belt is something I'm going to get a garage to do - been quoted £130 for timing belt and kit fitting. Is that a good price?It started pretty well when I bought it, however the temperature just dropped that very night and starting has been an issue. Have determined its the battery. I realise I could jump start the battery and charge it by taking a long drive, but if it happens once, then does that mean that it's likley to happen next time it's cold?Would it be best just to get a new battery?I want to be economical, but I don't want to cut corners - can anyone suggest what make of battery I should get (particualrly one that can cope with the cold!)?It seems to be common opinion that the Bentley manuals are better than the Haynes manauls, however I can't find any Bentley manuals that include the 520i - what's the best manual for a newbie?As a newbie - what tools can I not do without?Again looking to keep my spending to a minimal, so can anyone reccomend where I shoudl get stuff (tools, batteries)?Finally, I bought the car for £900 (MOT till end of August, Taxed till end of January, 84k milles, minimal rust (had a trusted friend check it), and virtually imaculate interior) - have I paid a good price? I bought it because I like it how it looked and got a massive smile when I drove it, but would be interested to know if this model is desirable, or if the engine is too small?Any other advice not relating to the above will also be most welcome. Thank you for taking a look. I'll post more photos soon. Gordon
  19. jimfisher

    My 520i engine observations

    Hi, it's mid 2000 (pre facelift) 520i touring manual, 175k miles. I managed to get inpa running and the only fault is '65 signal camshaft error intake' . Most of the time the car runs perfectly well, with decent power and economy, and starts on the button. Occasionally though it will take quite a few turns to start, and when it does this it will run with much less power, the car is really sluggish and bogged down at low revs. I've learned not to let it start like this - if it doesn't fire up right away I switch off and try again. Does this problem sound related to the error? As it's sporadic and manageable I'm no too bothered but if it's an easy fix I'd get it done next service. Thanks all, J.