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Found 8 results

  1. Bwayeast

    E34 Instrument Cluster needed

    Hi My recently required E34 520 touring needs a new instrument cluster. Display was intermittent when I bought the car (earlier this summer), but is now off permanently. Any advice as to best place to locate one much appreciated. I'm based in Chester
  2. alobaidi

    This week work (My E28)

    so decided to change my front shock obs as they were looking worn off , and while i was at it decided to change the track control arm , control arm & the stabilizer link . having a problem finding rear shocks as non available here in the market . any good websites that sell good rear shock for my model ? any advice ?? other things that i might need to consider
  3. Hello all. I take more photos of my own car than I do anything else. Figured since I love photography and my E34 so much, I'd dump my archive of stuff here! ^^ I won't post the old stuff, as I've already done that in my welcome thread, or you can look at them from my Flickr. I also update my Instagram daily should anyone want to follow me. My handle is @bally_san. Toodles.
  4. scruffy

    My new E39

    Hi again, I have missed my old 523i since I sold her around 4 years ago. So for a while I have been looking to get back into a 5! I test drove two 525d sports but they just were not good enough and had clearly not been looked after, then I stumbled across this 520i SE. Now I know the engine is a bit of a let down but I was surprised! She pulls really well and the car has clearly been loved. I like modified cars and own An Alfa 155 and an MG Maestro Turbo (both heavily modified) so this SE with the sport bumpers appealed to me! It's really good to be back in an E39!!!
  5. Bowwow

    Shock Absorber Advice

    Afternoon! Need some advice if possible. Driving around Milton Keynes is really taking its toll on Red; especially some of the vicious speed ramps. With the suspension being lowered with Eibach springs, and even just creeping over obstacles / speed bumps, the travel in the current dampers is too much and meaning that the exhaust bracket is taking a real beating, but also putting extra stress on the front subframe & anti-roll bar bushes. I'd like to get some firmer dampers to stop this (and just to help with general handling anyway) and wanted to see if anyone has any recommendations as to good alternatives to the standard OEM / Sachs parts? I've seen Bilstein do 'sports' dampers, but have read on here they are a bit hit & miss fitment-wise. Any recommendations or advice would be appreciated, thanks.
  6. So I have bought myself a 2000 520i se 2.2, it has 80k on it an set me back 1k (GBP). I have been driving it for about a week and have a few problems that I could do with trying to sort: - When the rear window heating is on there is static from the radio, reading up it sounds like a common problem and there is a dodgy earth, has anyone a bit of a guide on how to fix? - The parking sensors don't work, listened and the rear and front left aren't buzzing so I assume these are causing the problem, not bothered about the front, if I took a working one from the front and put it in the place if the broken rear will this make the rear work again? Or do all need to be working? - Flicking through the computer and it says the temp is -40.0 - the Max "cold" button doesn't do anything, light doesn't come on when pressed, possibly something to do with the temperature being wrong as above. - sometimes it takes like 5+ seconds to start up as apposed to the approx 2 seconds as usual, and when this happens there seems to be a proper lack of power but turn of and on again and works fine??? - The clutch randomly stayed flat to the ground? Kicked it a few times and it eventually popped back up, going through the previous owners paperwork and he took this to a garage who replaced the clutch think this will resolve the problem but it still seems to happen? Possibly need the clutch bleeding, gonna take it back to the garage asap. Any advice on any of these problems would be much appreciated. Cheers Rob
  7. Afternoon all, As some of you will have seen, I've just recently joined after buying an e34 520i SE. Loving the cars to bits, and thanks to everyone for the ideas and suggestions you've come up, I'm building a nice "To-Do" list for the car. Anyways, I've had the day off work today, so thought I would dust off the camera and get some photos of the car, they're not great and Photoshop may have assisted me haha! But she doesn't look bad considering her age and condition!
  8. harry_mason

    172 Wheels upgrade on E60 SE

    Hello guys, I am the owner of a very standard 2004 520i SE , with some pretty ugly 16" alloys and I've been looking for quite some time to upgrade them. I've found a set of genuine 19" staggered 172 Spider alloys on fleebay, in a good condition for a fair price I would say. I know these wheels are on the M sport, but will they fit on my car without any problems? Is the ride height going to increase or is it going to be the same as with the 16"s. To complete the look I am going to change the bumpers and side skirts to M sport ones so the car won't look too bad Thanks in advance.