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Found 16 results

  1. Mark Wooder

    5 series CCC + CIC

    So I recently watched the BMW doctor compareing LCI and pre LCI. So the LCI 520d usual stuff, lights, home light options, extra features being buisness edition, but had CIC drive. So mine is 525d 2009 - def LCI as I have the correct lights + home feature on the lights too, but i have CCC drive?! I searched everywhere and cannot find answer to why i would have CCC being if i'm correct CIC was more updated? so why would a LCI 2008 model have cic drive and mine ccc. Would it be buisness edition on M sport came with cic drive and mine being just m sport would come with ccc ? Were cic and ccc being produced in cars at the same time or was cic the newer version overriding the ccc ?! little consued if anyone knows....
  2. Harminder

    BMW GT530d (2013 Model)

    Hi everyone, First time posting a query - I own a BMW GT 530d (2013 Model) and recently noticed that when applying the handbrake (on and off) there a clinking noise made when it engages/disengages the handbrake......... any thoughts as to what this could be.......does the handbrake need adjusting? Thanks. Harminder
  3. Hi guys, looking for for some info or a good thread on small things with big return to look at an a 520d e60. Not huge like turbo or timing but things that make up a cars life if addressed, like ; thermostats, coolant pipes, seals, bushes, belts and pulleys. Really just a to do list that combined can help big time with the cars longevity. For instance regular oil change and back pressure can increase the life of a turbo....so change the oils and keep your DPF healthy and your turbo will more likely be sweeter for longer. My e60 seems like some random unicorn car that’s engine isn’t on any threads, or at least common ones. Haven’t checked the engine number but it’s a late 58 plate 520d facelift e60. so far it’s had; remap new dpf fill service tranny fluid disk and pads air intake all new lights on anything that lights up still to fit; glow plugs clutch and flywheel so any help would be great. I genuinely couldn’t be happier with the car at 100k. Sounds like a modern petrol, no smoke, no gear change issues and never lets me down. Thanks guys
  4. I'm looking for an E39 business CD head unit (or X5 if they're compatible), with a build date post 09/2002 and a software version 40 or 50 to allow me to fit an AUX kit. I bought the car with no head unit and have recently discovered that DSP makes fitting an aftermarket head unit an absolute nightmare so I think this would be the way to go if I want to use AUX. Thanks!
  5. Dragon

    F10 Wind Noise

    Hi all. I'm new to forum which I found today. I've purchased a used approved 5 series Luxury yesterday. It's 2016 with 18k miles on the clock. I had to travel 200+ miles to pickup from the BMW dealership. Before travelling I had tried out the F10 Luxury and M Sport at a local dealership and enjoyed both ( I have prev had Audi A4's). On the journey back I had to drive forseveral hours on the motorway at high speeds and noticed a lot of wind noise around the front screen (at least it sounded like it was around the front windscreen). I turned the radio up to hide the wind noise. Is this wind noise common to the 5 series (F10)? Any help or comments are greatly appreciated before I think of contacting a dealership to try to technically resolve. Thanks guys.
  6. Hi All, So, I have a 5 series with the following options 6AA Bmw Teleservices Bmw Teleservices 6AB Control Teleservices Steuerung Teleservices 6FL Usb/audio Interface Usbaudioschnittstelle 6VC Control Combox Steuerung Combox 609 Navigation System Professional Navigationssystem Professional 612 Bmw Assist Bmw Assist 615 Extended Bmw Online Information Erweiterte Bmw Online Information 616 Bmw Online Bmw Online I have been trying to get the connected drive app to work on my iphone but it never really seems to do anything or give me any options. MY car is an 11 plate 525d msport and im just wondering if anyone else has had any luck getting this working?? even if its for things like fuel left etc I have registered my car with BMW themselves so it shows the car and VIN in the app, but it just does nothing.. I suspect I need a subscription but cant find a clear answer on this.. Any help much appreciated
  7. Bought a key off amazon or ebay, cant remember which but I've just tried to hold it up to the key logo on the steering column while starting the car and it hasn't coded to the car. Should I really be surprised? I did do my homework and check the Mhz of the old key etc however the new key hasn't taken to the car. The old key managed to be retrieved after 16 hours under salt water in a marina but its obviously toast. Basically I just need the electronic part programmed. any thoughts or advice or should I just write off the £50 and go straight to the dealer with pants round my ankles?
  8. Hi guys I have a fault on my car suggesting I need a cam position sensor. I've found some here: http://m.mister-auto.co.uk/en/sensor-camshaft-position/bmw-5-e39-520-i-170hp_v15266_g3946.html But it looks like there's 2 types which do I need. Screenshot of fault code attached
  9. One British Brexit please

    Turbo strange noise

    Re : Turbo noisy!? car : BMW 525 d Auto E60 2005 , 110,000mls I am not a racer and the vehicle has been well looked after by the previous one owner but it seems to make a little bit of high pitch whistle extra noise at slow speed and moves low revs ( in fact it sounds quite good ) - is this a problem on horizon that needs to be dealt with ? - if a problem what can be done about it? - if a new turbo , then which good one would you recommend to buy privately and ill ask professional to fit it ? ( I understand the turbos on the E60's are not particularly good ??) I look forward to your replies and suggestions from those that know Kind regards, Luke
  10. I'm now part of the BMW club, after many Fords and Vauxhalls I have seen the light! WoW what's the difference ! Excellent in every way. She's a Blue E60 (2005) 525 TDS , 100,000 miles with Beige / Walnut / leather interior. Servicing required in May 2017. Help me guys .... I want to look after The engine and maybe tastefully upgrade elements of the interior . Please advise....
  11. e60london

    EuroCar Parts...Parts?

    Hey guys Any one recently bought ignition coils from eurocarparts? I love their prices but some of the things I buy from them dont last sometimes.
  12. Hi, The language on my onboard computer (520d SE) keeps reverting back to German minutes after I have changed it to English. Can anyone help what to do to have it permanently as English as it is really annoying. Many thanks, Eoin
  13. jrsam

    Private Number Plate

    Gold membership needed to advertise.
  14. Matt


    Followed this chaps simple guide http://www.bmw-driver.net/forum/showthread.php?t=31521 And managed to demist one of my headlights which looked as if it had taken a bath. Took it apart easy enough. Borrowed the wife's hairdryer to dry it out (thank God she was out, she'd have gone ballistic). Put it back together, started her up and checked all the lights worked. Took me a couple of hours due to interruptions, but its a simple enough 30 minute job on pre-facelift lights. Sanding next
  15. recently got my car to a standard I'm happy with, what you guys think?
  16. E34 Man 92

    BMW E34 Battery

    Hi my e34 needs a battery change but because it is under the seat I would like to know if I am required to have a certain battery and also when i unplug it will it reset errors with check contrOL. Your Help Is appreciated E34 Man 92