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Found 12 results

  1. Hi All, it would seem that me looking for answers on here regarding issues with my car is becoming a recurring problem As I got in my BMW E60 5 SERIES this morning it wouldn’t start. It came up with a yellow (not red) symbol on the dashboard and a fault code on the built in I Drive system Saying “Electro-mechanical steering wheel lock system(ELV) is inhibiting engine start, Move steering wheel in order to start engine” however, the steering wheel is locked and doesn’t move or hardly even wiggle from side to side. This is causing my car not to start. Any ideas on how to resolve? i’ve tried bypassing this by calling a local mechanic out to try and clear all the codes on the car with the diagnostics computer but this doesn’t seem to be working thanks in advance!
  2. drpep999

    Instrumentation (I-bus) fault

    Just put everything back together after checking the LCM for corrosion, none found, and I now have the code in the photo and the cluster does not work. Is this a knackered LCM or have I damaged some wires or something. No issue with this before. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi guys, im new to this. Recently bought a 530d e60 (2006), had the transmission fault come up on the dash. It's come up a few times and wondering has anyone else had these issues. Would a gearbox service do the job? Thanks! sadiq
  4. Can anyone help please? In the mornings I keep getting the message 'high rate of battery discharge' on my 2005 M5. When I bought the car the guy had had an Ipod adapter fitted. Does anyone suspect that this may be causing the problem? It always looks active when the car is even off. Has anyone else ever had this problem? Thanks, Abi
  5. Hi guys, I'm looking for some advice please One of my adaptive headlights is a little unwell (driver's side) - all bulbs work and the headlight operates fine as far as the lighting itself goes however the movement has stopped. The passenger side operates fine and I can see it adjusts/ moves when I turn the ignition on. The stored Error is; Communication with Stepper Box Motor Right disturbed (roughly translated!) I'm looking to do some troubleshooting hence the thread. If any one has experience of a similar issue do you know if; 1. I can swap the SMC controller from the fully functional light to the faulty one to test if the SMC is at fault? 2. If the stepper motor is at fault can it be replaced/ repaired? Thanks Jav
  6. Hi All hoping someone can help I've recently had my e39 m5's rear parking sensors replaced along with a new parking sensor controller, all done under BMW warranty. The thing is, since the work was done in late december the battery has been drained 3 times. I thought it was odd and didnt even start to put two and two together but the other day I could hear the sensors clicking away all the time even with the ignition off! For information the battery was new in December 12. BMW havent returned my calls but I will persist with them, I'm guessing they shouldnt be on all the time but regardless of that is there a simple fix to this (other than disconnecting the controller)? I'm worried that BMW might not approve more work on this now Thanks
  7. Hi guys I plugged in my cable I bought from BMTechnics and run INPA on it to see if I can find any error codes on my car. Below are the screenshots I managed to get, will anyone be kind enought to explain any or all of this to me please This is message I got when I Read Error Memory on Engine This is when ECU Information Memory was read (to be honest I do not know the differant between the 1st one [Read Error Memory] and 2nd one [Read Information Memory] In INPA I selected the first option, which reads something like "Functional Jobs" and then selected Identification I got these when I was reading Error Memory when I had selected "Functional Jobs" Sorry my knowledge on INPA is very minimal so have no idea what half the stuff means, but thought I would ask you guys. Thanks for your help
  8. euclid

    Diagnostics - OBD II

    I have read numerous articles on diagnostic tools. Cannot decide though which one would be more suitable, and why not value for money. -ELM327: is the most popular and least expensive. Understandable that being cheap could have reliability issues. Some new devices work, others don't. Unclear to me to distinguish which ELM327 would be the best choice (wired USB, bluetooth, WiFi). Any experience? I would prefer to use a USB with a PC software, provided it would give me more diagnostic power. I've read articles that the wired/USB choice is bad since the PC based software available for this device are useless. -Cable-Shack: BMW specific and looks promissing. Is this a standalone solution or would I need extra software like DIS, TIS, SSS to work? -BMW C110: BMW specific and looks promissing as well. Please correct me if the statements above are incorrect. This is just my understanding on the subject. Since I would like to have one device capable to work on my BMW, EvoX and Ford Focus, the ELM would be the ideal solution, as long as it works. I don't need fancy graphics. I need a powerfull tool for diagnosis, fault reset and live sensor data. Your support would be much appreciated.
  9. Hey Guys! Rough running, idle, and power loss over 2/3 throttle... Hoses had perished in places so fixed that in good old pikey fashon, however, http://bmwfans.info/parts/catalog/E34/Touring/Europe/525i-M50/RHD/M/1996/may/browse/engine/intake_manifold_system/ Item 9, the connector in the link feels loose and will wobble easily, Saw other threads suggesting that plugs may cause running rough... How screwed am I? Is there an exhaustive list of items to replace to eliminate vacuum leaks? TIA Chris
  10. Bennybear

    Gearbox issues fixed

    Hi all, Just thought I'd share my recent good fortune in fixing my cars gear box. In the hopes it may be able to help someone else out there looking at the prospect of paying £1500 for a box rebuild on a car worth £4-5k I'm running a 530 sport auto at present, the car hasn’t skipped a beat. Ever. Apart from, starting a few months ago, almost every time I started the car from cold the gear box would go into limp mode with the cog appearing on the dash. Every time this happened a quick turn off and on again would remedy the problem. It occurred to me that this only happened after the car had been switched off for a while and therefore made me wonder if it could be battery related? I recently returned home from holiday and found the car‘s battery completely flat, so I went and bought a new one. Since fitting the new battery problem has completely stopped. I've waited 3 weeks and many time driving the car to report this incase it was just a coincidence. Just wondering how many people may have had a box rebuild when possibly they didn’t need it? Hope this helps at least one of you! Ben
  11. johncornwallcar

    Turbo or not?

    My 530D touring (114k) has been virtually faultless until about 14 months ago when the turbo blew, big time, causing oil fire I got a reman unit and had it fitted by my local garage, all good except that it whistled a lot at low revs, power delivery and consumption all fine with no smoke. after 7- 8k however Im getting intermiitent power problems, mostly on motorways, put foot down at say 60mmph and response is zero, if it s a hill it will slow and the revs will gradually decrease. After a few miles and a bit of juddering normal service will kick in again. the problem might not occur for up 200 miles but at other times can be more frequent. Garage put it on diagnostics for me and it came up with P1E30, Boost Control or Boost Control Valve. Phoned Turbo supplier ( Essex Turbos) they say most likely cause is carbon build up on the vanes, but I cant understand this as I had the oil breather changed and the In Intercooler cleaned when the new turbo was fitted. Im no expert to say the least but im wondering if; - An unrelated problem is present and the Turbo fault code hasnt cleared from the previous issue - The boost Control Valve/sensor is faulty - There is a problem with the replacement turbo (I hope not as the guranttee has expired) Also I dont know whether to to take it to my local garage again or whether I need a BMW specialist workshop to have a look at it. Bearing in mind its a 10 year old car which is no worth a fortune Would welcome any thougts

    E34 Fault Codes

    Hello Listers Plugged a Peake reader into my (1993 M50 E34 2.5 Petrol) and got; Codes for - Ignition Secondary Monitor Knock Sensor 4-6 and all the coils I presume one thing is wrong and its showing the others. Car runs intermittently bad then good etc. Any clues to pin it down and save monies would be great. Thanks All