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Found 172 results

  1. Micho

    BMW E34 520i For Sale!

    I've owned this car for just over 10 years and it was my daily driver for most of that. It then passed to my father who did not want to spend any money on it apart from keeping it on the road. Following his death in 2014, it was put on SORN and parked on a neighbour's drive. I now need to move it and I have to admit that I am not going to get around to its restoration any time soon. Before it rots away completely, I thought it best to give someone else a shot at recommissioning, restoring or for parts. The reason I kept it was because I think it must be one of the earliest E34s into the UK and because of the extensive receipts from 1996-2003, totalling over £7000. I also happen to think it's one of the nicest colour combinations I've seen for an E34. It is effectively a 3 owner car although the second owner merely bought it as a trade in then sold it to me. It has about 170,000 on the clock and was running when parked. The faults that I know on it are: Rear strut top mounts broken Fuel leak in supply line (caused by the guy who transported it to the driveway, his ramps were too steep and the car bottomed on the trailer Engine cuts out when full lock applied at low speed The interior is in generally good condition except for the drivers seat where the fabric on the seat base has split. All electrics, windows, sunroof etc., worked okay albeit a wee bit slow. The sunroof does not leak. The engine was pretty sweet but needs a good service and oil change, the cambelt should also be done. It would be great to see the old girl restored again to her former glory, the final picture in the gallery will show you what she looked like just after I bought her and cleaned her up. In reality of course, because she is just a standard 520i, she may be used only for parts. The car is advertised on Ebay too so I reserve the right to withdraw this ad at any time, should it sell there first. If you want to view the car, it is in Glasgow, G33. It will need to be trailered away. The Ebay auction starts at £50 so I would like at least that but I realise that it's not going to fetch much at all. I'd prefer to know that it was going to someone who can either use it for parts for their own project or are going to restore it and get it back on the road. It's a lovely car for a sunny day!
  2. Hi everyone I'm Matt! I owned an E39 540i (lpg system fitted) due to long drives for work. That sadly only lasted 9 months due to a fantastic MOT fail and was then passed on to a friend. Picture of the offending car: I do miss it's effortless pace and refinement (even if it did smell like farts due to the lpg system). So I may be looking for an E39 DD in the near future...! And the current car/project is a 1995 E34 525i Sport Auto, it needs a bit (probably a lot..) of rush sorting and a respray, but she'll do for now I've been posting a ride thread on Retro Rides so I'll copy that over soon. I'll have lost of questions in the near future I'm sure! Thanks
  3. Hello all. I take more photos of my own car than I do anything else. Figured since I love photography and my E34 so much, I'd dump my archive of stuff here! ^^ I won't post the old stuff, as I've already done that in my welcome thread, or you can look at them from my Flickr. I also update my Instagram daily should anyone want to follow me. My handle is @bally_san. Toodles.
  4. New thread up for the next neet, SUNDAY JUNE 14th - http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/109403-kent-meet-sunday-14th-june-2015/ EDIT: Final location, date and time finalised! 19th April 2015 at 11am onwards, the BBC will be attending to film a documentary The American Diner Bybrook Barn Garden Centre Canterbury Road Kennington Ashford Kent TN24 9JZ http://www.bybrook-barn.co.uk/dining/diner.php I have also managed to reserve a massive chunk of the car park! Enter your details on the spreadsheet and convoy meet locations can be established, en-route to the eventual meet location: post no.399 http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/105320-kent-south-east-meet-19th-april-2015/page-14? 1. Shaz - E60 2. Staff - E61 3. Splondike - E28 4. Blobby - E61 5. IanW - E60 6. Lufbramatt - E39 7. Oxo - E39 8. M3Matt -525 or M3 evo 9. Simonc - E60 M5 10. Andy Ran - 997 Turbo 11. Mikem - E39 M5 12. Jam172 - E28 or E3 2500 13. Bmwdan528i - 528i 14. BMWLOVER - E28 15. WillIAm4 - E60 16. Bungles27 - E28 Supercharged 17. B10WGB - E61 18. Twiglet - E61 19. 530dE60 (Andy) - E60 20. LBTaylor1984 - E60 21. babzy - E39 22. theguv - E39 23. Brian - 530d Sport 24. RumRunner - E34 25. Yellowgixxer - E39 M5 26. onks - E39 M5 27. ROBZILLA - E34 28. DMW (Micky) - E39 29. Romes - E34 30. M5 Russ - E39 M5 31. Mit_p - F30 32. Luton e34 man - E34 33. Luton e34 man 2 - E34 34. Jut 535i - 525d / m535i 35. Supertramp101 - E39 36. Bmpaul - E39 37. Jholzherr (James) - E39 M5 38. Stevenc3828 - E34 39. Alpinewhite525 - E34 40. Uber Tramp - E34 41. Mastacrx - E39 Sport 42. AndrewMac85 - E39 Alpina B10 43. Bumbaclut - Alpina 44. Klaxhu (Andy) - E61 45. YNP - E39 46. longman h - E61 M5 47. Jags53 - E39 M5 48. george - E24 635 49. jones73 - E39 M5 50. Brad - X5 51. Brad's +1 52. dpbayly - E39 53. Loadmaster - E39 54. Monkey27 - E39 55. bon - E39 M5 56. Elizabeth - E39 57. RichieR - E60 58. Kevin - E46 59. leew88 - E60 60. Chippy - E46 Tourin 61. Samuk - E60 62. Jamworth - E39 63. amand - E39 64. Adrian85 - E60 65. Tom (Jamworth #2) 66. TwoZeroAlpha - E61 67. Kris Silver - E60 68. 711jrp (Pete) - E39 M5 69. Tej - E60 70. Urquattro - Alpina 71. Bennybear - E39 M5 72. Tonemapper - E61 73. Geez e28 - E28 74. Readie - E28 75. Johnspin - E60 76. Barney - E39 77. Nigel (BMWLOVER +1) - E31 78. Raiyan (BMWLOVER +2) - E38/Z3 79. Bigdaddybmx - F11 80. Ian.p - F06 Gran Coupe 81. Romes +1 - E38 750i 82. Romes GF (Clarissa) - Z3 Roadster 83. SHAHZ - E60 84. Beemarman - F10 M5 85. XKaLiBaR - E46/E39 86. LBTaylor1984's + 1 - E39 87. TONYM/// - E60 88. 5ermad - E28/E34/E60 89. Frank.Ind - E34 90. Joss - E12 M535i 91. Rado16v 92. M5woh - E60 M5 with NBT 93. TazD - E60 94. Ian E (maybe) - E12 95. DennisCooper! - E39 Touring (I'm still provisional at this stage - car issues & a family function!) 96. Kadirllb - 530D M sport 97. slx 525 - E39 98. Ifti007 - E60 99. Zeeman - E60 100. Splondike's dad - E34 525 101. Lee (oxo's +1) - in my E39 Touring 102. Maca - E39 M5 103. Dan M5 - E39 M5 104. SteveTaylor - E39 M5 105. Stuclark - E39 106. 520D Murph - E60 107. Stuie 5 - E60 108. James8whippy - E60 M5 109. Lbtaylor1984 +1 - ST3 110. Shakeym35 - E28 M535i 111. Raj, Detailer (Shaz's +1) 112. kenny-E39 540 lpg (soon to be supercharged) 113. Dave, Photographer (Shaz's +1) - 3 Series 114. Lbtaylor1984 +1 - ST3 (Another one) 115. Saicab - clubsport/E39 530i 116. TheEnd (EndTuning) - E39 540i 117. bm56one - E60 118. Klaxhu's + 1 - E60 119. Jalanson - E39 120. Parrot - E39 M5 121. Kriskori - E39 122. Ayaba - E28 123. Azim (Shaz's +1) - Nissan 124. Horsey - E60 Morning all, Let’s start getting official names on the list for this meet. Location as stated in the other thread will be decided in due course as most places won’t take early bookings but definitely will be in Kent. For now we have the following in mind, The Woodman - TN14 6BU, Ship & Trade – ME4 3ER, Newham Court Inn – ME17 1PG, American Diner Ashford – TN24 9JZ, The Aiport Café Ashford - TN25 6DA ‎and The Squirrel Inn - TN33 9LJ. I was thinking late March, last 2 Sundays perhaps? Late morning meet and grab a bite to eat either in or out but that can be decided later anyway. Feel free to change the date to suit everyone. Cheers, Shaz
  5. Here are some pictures from the day - 5 series heven! For those who took pics, please add it all to this thread Don't forget the next one on June 14th - http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/109403-kent-meet-sunday-14th-june-2015/#entry1176572 Pictures courtasy of Zamanur Quadir - FaceBook page: https://www.facebook.com/zamanurquadirproductions Instagram: zqproductions YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/user/DigitalDreamzGuy/videos
  6. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Atev-Avez-Alloys-Bmw-E36-E34-Deep-Dish-Rare-/111971299982?hash=item1a1202728e:g:ADkAAOSw7n9XEnBI Advert says they have come off a E34 Touring - Would be an awesome set of wheels for someone waiting a 90s period correct look. £750 - Collected.
  7. Bowwow

    Interior: e34 or Original?

    My driver's seat has finally succumbed to the all-too-familiar driver's side bolster wear and needs to be replaced; unfortunately I've exhausted anywhere that has a decent replacement in the same colour / material (ebay (both UK & abroad), forums, breakers, Tim :-)), so I'm considering just replacing the whole lot with replacement seats from an E34. I would desperately love to keep it original, but I don't think this is going to be possible unless a decent one is broken / trashed anytime soon, so I think an E34 replacement is probably the best option. I know that fitting e34 seats is a fairly simple process that only requires some minor adaptions, but can the damage be repaired? the rest of the interior is unmarked and it would be a shame for it to go to waste!
  8. I hope this should be OK to post here but this post is mainly for those who don't know or are searching the Internet as I couldn't find anything anywhere on the matter not even in the bmw workshop manual. The flywheel locking hole is below the starter motor on the left side of the engine and has a little plastic bung in the hole (mine was yellow). Before attempting to remove the pulley it is advisable to remove the radiator. The crank vibration damper pulley is removed by first undoing the 8 little bolts in the front to remove the Aircon drive pulley. Then the crank bolt itself is a 22 mm socket and is removed in an anti clockwise rotation. It is a right hand thread (like most bolts) and I used a 1.2m breaker bar. Do not use an impact wrench or air ratchet. Once the bolt is removed everything should slip off, it may require a little leverage but only gently whist lightly tapping simultaneously with a rubber mallet. The air-conditioning pump bracket also has to be loosened to remove the lower timing case cover or removed but I had gas in my system so I loosened it off. If your are also removing the cylinder head as well as timing chain, the head bolts are an E12 female torx socket. You will need a minimum 150mm extension bar and a breaker bar this time I used a 400mm bar, it didn't need much force as they are at 30Nm plus a bit more. Do not use an impact wrench or air ratchet as this could shatter the casting, then it's game over. That is all.
  9. d1mkaz

    Door Tweeter Pods for E34

    Looking for door tweeter pods for e34. Maybe someone have a spare or not using. Thank you.
  10. E34 black carpet, trim's, dash, under dash, center console, glovebox, plastics etc. Carpet is very good, no holes or wear around the acc pedal area. Prices, 40 for the carpet, 40 for the dash, 10 ish each for all the other bit's and bob's Located Uk, junction 16 off the M1
  11. Ravi Rajput

    E34 Wheel Fitments

    Hi guys, I was just looking into some new wheels want the rears as wide as possible so I just wanted to know whats the widest sizes people are running and what offsets? thinking about 9/9.5j fronts if it allows, not lowered at the min but looking to go for the BC coilovers Pics would be great as well Cheers
  12. Hi all, Treffpunkt have organised another one of their charity meets in Bluewater shopping centre (Plaza carpark, middle level) raising money for Cancer Research. I went to the last one, and some very sexy metal were on show. It’s not a specific model meet - all German Cars welcome so you will have the odd hooligan revving his engine or blaring deep house bass It’s an evening meet starting at 7pm 1. Shaz – E60 2. Kadir – E60 3. Ifti – E60 4. Amand – E39 5. Azim – E92 6. Dilan – E46 7. Shax – E46 8. Sooroosh – E34 9. 10. These guys don’t know it yet, but I’ll make sure they come
  13. I know it’s last minute but who’s up for this? Please call the organisers directly to obtain your stand pass. Please mention that you want to be on their non-members stand and request a stand display pass to display your car. The cost is £12.50 per passanger plus £1 for postage, please call – 01970267989 The cost of the ticket is per person which includes a stand pass in which you have to request during the purchase of the tickets. Banbury Road, Gaydon, Warwickshire CV35 0BJ I have spoken to the organiser and they have confirmed that for non member’s you will be asked to park on the stand as you enter the venue. To keep us sticking together we can meet at a central location near the venue and then roll in together. Meet time at 08:30am – 09:00am at; Land Tyre Service Gaydon Rd Southam, Warwickshire CV47 2QZ Leave for final location at 9am. Please add your name and model and let me know if paid. 1. Shaz H (Shaz) – E60 (PAID) - Full details on page 1 2. Jam172 - E3 (to pay) 3. Jut535 - E28 (PAID) 4. Jay_W - E39 540I Touring (PAID) 5. Sive - E46 M3 lsb (to pay) 6. BMWowner - E34 (to pay) 7. Jag530isport - E39 M5 (PAID) 8. Initial M (Ray) – E60 (to pay) 9. Ifti007 - E60 (tpo pay) 10.
  14. Sunday 26th July, ME12 3DB Sheppey Sport Club. Lots of activities happening on the day, all details of the meet here - https://www.facebook.com/events/546418568830810/ I managed to get myself a spot on the hosts stand so if anyone is up for this, let me know asap and I’ll try and squeeze you in. entry is £5 and extra £2 for any passengers. Show and Shine is free to enter and I’ve put my name down for it, doubt I’ll win anything So far the people I know going; 1. Shaz – E60 2. Charlie – E46 330 3. Sive – E46 M3 4. Rob - E64 650 5. James – E46 M3 6. James Murphy – (maybe) 7. 8. 9. 10.
  15. Yes I know, here we go again Piston Heads meet in Surrey 21/07/2015 at 6pm with 50+ cars attending, http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=65&t=1522620&mid=0&i=60&nmt=21%2F07%2F15+%2D+PH+July+South+East+Gathering&mid=0 Location: The Botley Hill Farmhouse, Limpsfield Road, Warlingham, Surrey CR6 9QH Website:www.botleyhill-farmhouse.co.uk/ Time: 6PM Note on PH: Please DO NOT FOLLOW the Sat Nav - You will be led down single track, plan your route via Whyteleafe & up through Warlingham. You will then reach the venue coming from the North I know this is straight after the Uxbridge show but come along anway it’s not far from my work place so I’ll be heading straight there. Shaz H – E60 Longman H – E61 M5
  16. Hi all, The meet is currently being organised on Facebook so thought I’d give the local members a shout. The location is amazing for street style photo's – So far there are about 50 attendees and all BMW’s are welcome. Oh and there's a burger van on site too See you then, Shaz
  17. After the huge success of the last Kent meet - http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/105320-kent-meet-bbc-attending-sunday-19th-april-2015-american-diner-tn24-9jz-11am/page-1 Thought it would be rude not to do another one It’s always good to get to know the people behind the username and that is exactly what we are trying to achieve here plus the chance to see everyones pride and joy. The location: ANCHOR AND HOPE 7 South Ash Road Sevenoaks TN15 7ER JUNE 14th 11:30am onwards Please add your username and car 1. Shaz - E60 2. amand - E39 3. WilllAm4 - E60 4. 530dE60 - Andy - E60 5. bigdaddybmx - F11 6. Loadmaster - E39 7. Kris_KR52JAW - E39 maybe as my baby is due on 23rd 8. yellowgixxer - F10 or E39 or GSX-R 750 (Caveat - I missed the last one because I had to work, and things are a bit fluid at the moment so it could happen again...) 9. Oxo e39 10. Kenny E39 540 (maybe supercharged by then) 11. 711jrp (Pete) E39 M5 12. Joss (err Joss suprisingly) E12 M535i 13. Ifti007 - E60 14. Mit_p - f30. I'm gonna tweet this to Munich legends again. This time they will have plenty of notice and someone will hopefully arrive!! 15. Kadirllb - E60 530d M Sport 16. Raj and his brother with slr camera 17. 5ermad - E60 or E28 18. Blobby - E61 or K1300R 19. Uber Tramp - E34 20. Baus - E60 nbt retrofitted 21. Has - E39 M5 22. Whippy - E60 M5 23. Philrobo - E60 24. SHAHZ - E60 25. Brian-Wray - E60 26. murph 520d but earlier this time 27. saicab - e39 champagne II 28. Jam172. ? 29. Splondike (Mark) - E28 M535i 30. Supertramp - E39 tourin 31. Metscarson M5 E60 32. Klaxhu E61 33. jut 535i - E60 or E28 34. sutts - E28 M5 35. Joe - E60 36. theguv - E39 37. YNP - E39 38. bmwdan528i - E39 39. mastacrx - E39 40. L11 RCK - E39 M5 41. Adrian85 - E60 530 42. V8Raj - E39 43. JohnH -E28 44. Horsey - E60 (maybe) 45. m3matt - M3 Evo
  18. Car is locked and doors won't open. Boot will unlock on key but can't access passenger compartment. Tried the emergency unlock procedure on both front doors (insert key, turn while lifting door handle) to no avail. BMW garage has tried to lift driver's door lock button by inserting rod via gap between door and body to no avail. BMW garage now saying they don't know what to do apart from unscrewing front grille to access battery under bonnet in the hope that disconnecting and reconnecting will work. Rear door lock actuator was replaced and the others were checked recently and all working fine though the car has had lock bounce for many years (lock, unlock, relock) with no problem. Any ideas gratefully received!
  19. GlasgowAlex

    New To The Forum, E34 Owner.

    Hi Guys, Just thought I'd introduce myself to the forum. My name is Alex and I'm the proud owner of a 95 520i SE in Ascot Green Metallic (of course). I'm relatively new to BMWs having owned this car since September last year but have had some Audis and Land Rovers in the past. The ultimate goal for the car is to load it with as many factory options as possible and get everything back to showroom condition. I live in Glasgow and would love to get to meet some local owners. Alex
  20. Hi, I am a late 40's Australian, living in the southern island state of Tasmania. I'm a long term BMW 5 fan. Since the early 2000's, I have owned a 1993 530i (v8) in Calypsorot over black leather, a 1995 540i Manual Limited Edition (Australian version of the U.S. m-sport or the Canadian M540i - all 6 speed manuals) in petrol mica over bicolour leather, then a 1990 3.6 m5, sterling silver over extended light silver grey leather, then another 540iLE, arctic silver over bicolour leather. My current cars are an arctic white 540iLE over bicolour leather, a 1994 orient blue over light silver grey 540iA (soon to be running a 6 speed manual) and a UK delivered 1999 540iT auto in Siena red over black leather. Pics of current cars below. Regards David
  21. Nordhorn

    E34 from Norfolk

    Evening all, about time I get on here as I'm damn sure its going to be useful. So I reluctantly sold my first car, a 1996 MX5, owned for the last 1 and a half years its done me good but I needed something to lug my bicycles around the country and abroad so I went in search of something larger... Which has thus landed me with this 1995 525 touring. Being only 21, my colleagues and friends are disgusted by the fact i've bought an estate and despite my reasoning they persist in calling me an "old man" they just dont understand . Regardless I picked this because of the m50 lump and manual box which was what I'd been waiting for. Previous owner swapped in a set of heated sport seats which im not complaining about at all and despite the usual roof lining sag the inside interior pretty sound. Exterior is good for the age imo with the only real grumbles for me being the scabby roof rails, crack in bumper and the rust around the filler cap, all of which should be fixed over time. Now the unfortunate part, no MOT ... I carted it from Birmingham to Norfolk and I now need it MOT'd, it failed on 1 tyre being below the limit, corroded brake lines front to rear n/s and worn drop link. So not really any major probelmos. Having fallen into the metric tyre trap I didn't really fancy the idea of £150 a corner on old rubber and i've picked up a meaty set of style 66's saving my wallet a wedge there. And thats really the story so far. Next on priority list is sorrting the lines and drop link for the MOT and then who knows.
  22. luton e34 man

    E34 update and help required please

    So finally got the old banger in to the bodyshop for sills any bodywork that needs doing. A face lift conversion front lower and upper arms ball joints track rod ends tie bars anti roll bar bushes. And all the rear bushes and anti roll bar bushes basically a full overhaul. Eissenman exhaust fitted among other things. We noticed while under the old girl that the (cross member) that the radiator sits on has a big hole in it. Does anyone know what this might otherwise be called or where I can get one. Preferably a new one or a good second hand one please people thank you
  23. As title really saw a really nice burgundy e34 with alpina's on parked in front of an e36 black with what looked like contours on it just off northborough road south I think Leicester any one here ??
  24. luton e34 man

    E34 3d tuning

    Anyone seen an app on Apple and android that allows you to modify all kinds of cars including e34 you can raise and lower suspention choose from a selection of oem body kits if you keep the original lights on the car you can turn them on and off its just a gimmick really but you can have some fun with it it looks like this on the App Store enjoy
  25. Hello everyone hope we all had a good Christmas/new year I have been dreading this for a while now the dreaded sills. The old girl ran out of m.o.t last month and I have been waiting for someone I know to have the time to weld her up I was dreading it because I was jacking her up about 6 months ago and I realised that the wing wasn't even attached to the car any more a lot of rust fell out of her when jacking and a lot of crunching. So the skirts came off and I was pleasantly surprised no where near as bad as I thought :-) a small patch on the n/s front and a small patch on the o/s front and back the rest is solid happy days the only thing I really have to do now is remove the carpets so she doesn't catch fire when welding I already have new full sills fro both sides and a good pair of second hand wings. I tried to take the best pictures I could with no ramps p. Right enough typing pic time hope you like