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Found 91 results

  1. Hi, trying to fix or at least narrow down whats causing a 'clunk' from the rear of the eta, mostly with sharp changes of direction. It sounds like it's coming from the back end and I can just about feel it through the floor so I'm looking at the suspension first.... the 'Trailing Arm to Rear Axle Carriers' or 'Dog-bone' Links are shot so I'm replacing them today (along with my rear ARB links) but I can't find any reference to whether they should be bolted/torqued under load or free? Any-one know the definitive answer?
  2. Matt Rogowski

    My E28 518i

    Hello, This is a brief history of my little 518i. My dad bought a 520i LUX new in 1985, and owned and looked after it until 2003 when it was written off. Front right damage, bonnet and wing badly crumpled, chassis damage, written off. It was the only car I ever knew growing up and he'd always planned on giving it to me when I was old enough to drive. When I passed my test, he wanted to buy me a car, so he got me one. It isn't the colour I'd choose, and it's only a 518i, but I was only 17 so it was better than what most people had. I love it and have had a lot of fun in it. It's got a lot of character and I've got used to all its little quirks. It's an '88 reg and only had 84,000 miles on it when I got it in Spring 2009, and I took it through 100,000 miles a while back. We've repaired it when necessary even though we've spent several times the purchase cost in fixing it up. A few months ago I had the wings replaced. This: Became this: I wanted it looking nice for its 25th birthday, which was 4 weeks ago tomorrow. The wings and the nose is the best looking part of the E28. However, yesterday, this happened: Full scale of internal damage is unknown so we're not sure if it's finally had it or if we'll be able to save it one more time. Will be a shame if it's too far gone as it was a good friend.
  3. Hey guys, So the M50 sits in the bay nicely. The G240 tran I used sits on the original mounts nicely. But.. As you can see, the sump is hanging down too low. I'll have that demolished by a British speed bump within a few minutes I used the mounting arms and rubbers from the M20. All seems okay elsewhere. Just the sump being too close to the floor for my liking. Aswell as, she's being lowered so... can't have this. Anyone any ideas? I've heard of using metal plates to push the engine up. This sounds like a good idea to me as I have enough clearance on top to push her up a bit more and I can do the same to the tran-mounts. no way of the Intake fitting with the standard brake servo so, have an 944 one inbound but maybe if I push the N/S up a bit, it might help some more?! I'm pretty okay with the mounting arms I have. I'm pleased they fit nicely. The rubbers are from the old car and are 26 years old so I will defo be changing them anyway. Any better ones I can buy? Like... would anyone suggest an alternative? otherwise i'm just going to buy the E28 M20 ones again. What would YOU do in my position? all help greatly appreciated! Daz
  4. DazH

    Hello 5er Folk!

    Hello Fellow 5er Pilots! My name's Darren and from South-East London, Bermondsey. some 'Might' recognise me from BMW owners club Uk. I have me a gorgeous '87 E28 520i. Not looking so gorgeous right now as it only has half an engine and a dismantled... well... Everything. I'm about half way through an M50 conversion. Good fun, Good fun. Just joining for the banter really. I'm quite savvy with a spanner so, if I can assist I shall! Maybe some of you older folk can lend a hand with my motor to! Anyway, I have a facebook page I recently started so if anyone wants to join in on that, feel free https://www.facebook.com/BmwE28SocietyUk Hope to jump in the forums as soon as possible thanks very much Daz
  5. symmat001

    BMW 528i From South Africa

    Hi Guys. Greetings from SA. My names Matt, and this is my e28 528i in aqua blue with 220 000KM's. Ive had it for a little over a year now and have had to spend quite a bit to get it here. Still a long way to go till complete. Notable upgrades so far are the e24 recaros which match my navy houndstooth interior exactly, was a lucky find, but have no headrests And m system 2 wheels. I also have a set of 17" Hartge design c's which im going to restore. To Be completed for the future: (When time and money prevails) > XYZ Coilovers are on their way to SA and will be installed next > E34 540 Big Brake upgrade > Body work fixed up > Custom exhaust headers > LSD I have an option to but an automatic 535 LSD (3.46 i believe). I have heard conflicting stories , and searched the forum. in some cases they say a Large case diff from 535 wont fit, and others talk as if there were no problems with the swap. Will it or wont it work? My car is an 1985 and the 535 is an 1988.
  6. shanehaward

    my e28

    hello everyone im new to this site but thought ide post a few pics of my car. Only had it roughly 3-4 weeks but i love it. Its only a 518i manual but is pretty solid and thats more important to me its my daily at the moment but will be taking it off the road when i get a runabout I swapped it for a mk4 ford escort 1.3 Here it is shortly after i got Lowered it abit and bumper off whilst i was repairing it.. Put bumper back on today atlast
  7. Sharknose_best

    I'm new... my E28 is not!

    Hi guys. My name is David. I'm 23 and not driving a BMW (still on notsoFast Fords at the moment) but there are plans to get the poor old E28 520i that has been sitting for +10 years up and slowly jogging again this summer. History of the car is simple. My Dad bought it off a friend when I was 4 and drove the family down from 'North of the Wall' to sunny Berkshire (where we stayed). It was used as a daily on and off for 10 years and has sat it out for the rest. Its a part of the family in my eyes (a forgotten brother locked away in the attic maybe) and I've convinced my Dad it might be worth saving. The car body is still solid (as expected) but as for the rest, who knows! Joined because I know we're going to need a lot of help with this one. It might be a short lived project if it all shite under the hood and things get expensive but lets hope otherwise. So, a big hello and thanks in advanced for all the help!
  8. I'm a big time BMW fan, having owned/enjoyed an e46 323ci and currently an ageing but cared for 120d (86k miles 54 reg). I have the opportunity (after saving my hard earned) to upgrade my existing car. I have considered upgrading to a sporty e46 M3 as these seem to offer great value however as I still love my 120d and feel that running any M car as a full-time drive would be an expensive prospect I now now considering this is a chance to fullfil my lifetime love of the shark nosed classic BMW and purchasing an M535i e28 as a second. /weekend car. As I have no previous experience in running a classic car I have some natural concerns in terms of the potential costs involved and whether a classic e28 would fulfil my demands on hobby car. I am not mechanically minded but would like the prospect of learning about a hobby car and feel it would be enjoyable to undertake general low level DIY type tasks and use my friendly independent BMW mechanic for big jobs. I also do not have a garage so would also be keeping the car under cover on our drive. I would like to take the car on track at some point and keep it would a weekend ride. I live 200+ miles from my nearest track day so racing would not be a regular thing but would be a consideration. My big question, is it reasonably financially sustainable to purchase a good 4/5k e28 M535i as a hobby car? Will the e28 M535i increase in value as years progress? and would these increases in value off-set maintenance costs and so be a better use of my hard earned than purchasing a super quick M3 e46 and watching depreciation kill its value while still pumping further money into exotic/expensive M3 servicing. Sorry for my long post. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  9. dubjunky

    Newb with E28

    Hi there new guy here, and relatively new to BMW's, I have owned classic VW's until now hence the name. Recently sold my 67 Split Panel to buy a house and picked up an E28 ultra low mileage at just 38000 and two owners, any way here it is. Just put 12 month ticket on it and sourced a new front valance which will be going on soon Jerry
  10. Hi All, Whilst not even looking for another car, I accidentally bought this E28. All the usual excuses apply: It was local, there was nothing on the TV and I was able to lay my hands on the pound notes to seal the deal there and then. So, fate…or something then. The finer details are as follows: It’s a 518i which is good for all the reasons my 316i was good: Fuel economy and light (relative) weight meaning it will be the perfect long distance motorway cruiser. It’s in original condition having been owned by a bank, used by the bank manager, and then given to him as his retirement gift. It’s got every BMW service stamp from day one and is not far off immaculate. It was the test drive that sold me;, it’s perfect mechanically (having just had a massive overhall including a clutch/ fluids etc.), the loudest sound it makes is the injectors ticking. I've bagged myself a sweet pair of rear bumper quarters from the Legendary Tim, a set of Style 5s and have made up my own coilovers... I don't know if anyone can help, but I'm desperately after a new drIver's or passenger seat in pacific blue cloth??? HELP! It Should be a great cruiser for summer. FIRE UP THE LAND SHARK.
  11. MoonRock

    Odd electrics 520 E28

    Hi everyone. I was hoping to get a nudge in the right direction as to what maybe going on. Eversince parking up the car for 7 days in blazing sunlight at a festival, the electrics now seem to be playing up. Car starts no problem, all lights work perfectly (interior and exterior), radio and fan work fine. But windows now go up and down very slow, the wipers are slow, the speedo, rev and mpg indicators jump all over the place and the sunroof is slow! Is there anything obvious I can initally look at as to the possible cause, bearing in my i'm pretty new to all this. Many thanks T
  12. I borrowed a D'SLR (Thanks Bro.) to take some pic's for the insurance valuation. Whilst I had my hands on a decent camera... I thought I'd take the opportunity to show off. (Not for the first time I admit .) Cheers, If your wondering why you can hardly see the E28 in most shots, it's because she looks at her best in soft focus/shadow
  13. I renewed the E28's ins with Lancaster. Apparently I paid for 'Agreed Valuation' which is news to me... but since it's paid for I'm going with it. Spec : 07/1987, 525e Lux, Diamond Schwarz 181/9, 103k, grey velour interior, 3 owners, elec' fronts, manual roof. There's no service history (just old MOT's), no toolkit and no OBC. Mechanically it's good, I've had a Indie 'Type 2 Inspection' and sorted all the issues that were spotted then. The exterior is the downside it's not 'concours', no rust... but stone chips and scratches, little dents, some paint lifting/bubbles and on the front corner you can see the result of the last owners parking/painting skills. (Guess what I'll be doing this winter ) I'm genuinely not sure what to put and trawling the net throws up everything and nothing. So what do you all reckon?
  14. Considering getting gold membership to advertise my cars.... Thanks, Tim