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Found 91 results

  1. ROOTS.

    E28 Strut Housings

    2x front strut housings please. Decided to get Gaz Gold coilovers but cant leave the car up on axle stands for the 4/5 week approx turnaround time! Anyone got a pair for sale?
  2. ROOTS.

    E34 M5 Discs and Pads

    I just bought a set of E34 M5 ATE front and rear calipers with carriers to put on to my E28 M535i. Does anyone recommend a good place to buy E34 M5 discs and pads so I can source these ahead of the calipers arriving. F: 315 x 28mm fronts34112226873/87434112226385 R: 300 x 20mm rears3421115965934211160 399/400 Thanks!
  3. nik

    e28 parts wanted!

    Hi all, am looking for a few bits. Some are probably near impossible but you never know tail trim panel, part no 51471879090, the bit of carpet trim in the boot that covers rear lights. My m535i has pearl beige leather interior, I'm looking for a driver's side rear doorcard. pearl beige rear speakers, part no 65131386087 Many thanks Nik
  4. ROOTS.

    The famous sloppy shifter

    My 265/6 shifter (overdrive H pattern box) is like a wooden spoon stiring porridge when it comes to changing gear! Before anyone suggests I use search, rest assured I've searched high and low on this topic and simply need help regarding the actual part numbers needed. Car: 1986 E28 M535i Chassis number: WBADC720200645552 Now, i'm not even sure what exact parts may (or may not) need replacing so I'm going to say anything that affects the shift is completely shot, I'd guess that whatever needs changing has never ever been changed since production. This would also be a good time to change the standard bus-spec shifter whilst replacing all bushings but one thing I've struggled to see (clearly listed) is the actual parts numbers from the RealOEM diagram that are required for this refurb/upgrade. help much appreciated so I can go back to Mark at Cotswolds and put another order his way. Thanks, Ian
  5. ROOTS.

    Getrag 265/5 'dogleg'

    Cash waiting. Possible complete swap from dogleg 265/5 to 260 overdrive box if interested? May suit someone who drives their car as a daily and wants more MPG or just wants cash + a perfectly good 5 speed too.
  6. Lloydy

    E28 Interior / Rear Seat wanted

    Hi all, anyone know where i can find an e28 rear seat? Herringbone in pine green for my lovely 525i? Help appreciated!
  7. Ewan

    E28 525i Exhaust

    Hi All, I'm new to the forum and I'm looking for your help... I need a replacement exhaust down pipe for my '83 E28 525i which are like hen's teeth?? Can anyone point me in the right direction? Cheers Ewan
  8. savcom

    Silver M5 - possibly E28

    Spotted a tidy M-reg M5 this evening heading north on a minor road through Nutfield in Surrey. Pretty certain it was an E28. Twin exhaust on the left hand side. If you saw LED angel eyes in your rear view mirror - that was me!!
  9. alobaidi

    This week work (My E28)

    so decided to change my front shock obs as they were looking worn off , and while i was at it decided to change the track control arm , control arm & the stabilizer link . having a problem finding rear shocks as non available here in the market . any good websites that sell good rear shock for my model ? any advice ?? other things that i might need to consider
  10. sam savino

    bbs rc 038 035 tyre size

    hi guys i know this would of been asked a thousands times, I've been search about it and find something different overtime so I'm still confused what tyres to get. i have a set of bbs rc 038 035 8j and 9j i don't like the tyres being stretched. i don't want to run the same tyre size all round, I've got staggered wheels so want the rears larger. i have a 528i not the 535 (as I've heard these have there arches rolled) car is currently on standard springs but i do want to lower it and maybe coilovers in the near future, whats the biggest tyres i can get without rubbing issues!! was looking at 235/45/17 and 255/40/17 what do you guys think or is there anyone on here with the same set up. thanks guys
  11. Hey all, So my eta 525e AUTO still refuses to start (from my previous threads). Changed almost all the ignition components, distributor cap, ECU, relays, sensors, etc etc. I still do not have any spark to the plugs hence a healthy turn over but no idle. So, i finally had a look into the bell housing where both the Speed sensor, and the Reference sensor are positioned. Because this was new to me when i first had the problem, i'm going to give as much detail as possible with the hope someone may stumble upon this thread in the future. The Speed and Reference sensors push into the bell housing of the gearbox between the torque converter and the flywheel/ring gear. They are both side by side on the nearside of the car, behind the airbox. They are both connected to the engine harness and these connectors can be accessed by removing the airbox and can be seen attached to the block side by side. Grey connector plugs into the sensor pushed into hole B and the black connector connectors to sensor pushed into hole D. Both sensors are the same part number (12141710668) and are interchangeable but you can not get the connectors confused as they must go to the correct sensor relative to the hole identified by B and D. This is what i can see when i look into the reference sensor hole and a i believe my trigger pin has snapped because everything else has been changed and i get quite funky results when the engine is turned over and a AC Volts are measured across the sensor. See Duncan's amazing guide on how to check this if you do not know already below. MASSIVE thanks to Duncan for this, has helped me and tonnes of other people. So the sensor that i discovered was faulty was the reference sensor, which goes into the hole closest to the road. The lowest hole. This sensor was absolutely shot, it had no resistance so was not detecting anything. I changed it for a working new one which i can confirm works as it was tested in a university lab using an oscilloscope. Correct resistance and AC sine wave replicated by a spinning neodymium magnet. This has not solved my issue so this is what i see when i look into the hole. I need help and peoples experienced opinion on this as its the first time i'm investigating it: Now analysing this photo, reveals to me.... this does not look right. Although it does not look aggressively snapped, it does not look long enough!? The only angle i could take the photo forces it to be taken bias to the front of the engine so you can even see the ring gear. If you look at it from the angle the sensor would read, you can barely see the pin! I've drawn out roughly what you would see if you looked at it head on.. So, does everyone agree that this does not look right? Has my pin snapped or is this normal? As the flywheel rotates, it will not swipe across the sensors face/tip. Also, an interesting observation i made of the old, faulty sensor backs up the theory that the pin has snapped. The old sensor has swollen out creating a dome to its face (interesting?...). There are also scrape marks on its face and a dent to suggest its been grinding against something. Wondering if anyone know about this, if they have changed a flywheel on these cars. As the engine rotates and you pass the trigger pin on the flywheel, you periodically come across large tabs of the flywheel that pass by the sensor which are NOT trigger pins. They are just large areas of the flywheel that match the length of the trigger pin. These have long scratches on them like the rust of the wheel has been removed. Long lines of exposed fresh metal as if the sensors swollen tip has made them. So, that is where i am at currently. What do people think? Is this enough to pull the transmission out and replace the flywheel? Has the trigger pin snapped off? Is this normal what i am showing and if so, where would my next area of investigation be? Is changing both sensors enough to move on and look elsewhere? ALL help and opinions are immensely appreciated, i really am stuck. I also hope some of this information will inspire someone else with the same problem and help them repair their own fault!! Kindest regards, Darren - From Brighton, UK
  12. dazh90

    525e No Starter. No spark

    Hi all, I have a 1987 525e (Motronic) which after spending two weeks in America, i come back to my car and she refuse to fire. I've done what i can and im out of ideas so really hoping someone can help! Also, worth mentioning that on the day that i got back and i realised the car refused to fire up i went to the petrol station and got £12 worth of fuel and some carb cleaner to assist a start. SHE STARTED UP! left running fine for 10 minutes but when ignition was switched off she refused to start immediately after (STRANGE, what is going on!?) . Problem/Symptoms; - No spark to any of the plugs apart from a single spark when coil is engaged at Pos3 - I believe im getting fuel as plugs are wet The facts; (strange results shown in RED) - Engine turns over by the key, top of engine moves (in time) with bottom - Brand new distributor cap and rotor arm - Brand new ignition coil - Swapped out CPS with one i had from 520i e28 (same hardwired one facing front harmonic balancer) - Swapped out main fuel relay with one from 520i - Swapped out MAF from 520i (i know it's trivial but, meh) - Checked for 12v heading towards the coil between 15+ and 0. (12v upon pos3, 10v when cranking) - Although coil is new, Resistance across posts all check out fine - Spark plugs are 2 months old - Continuity between both ends of main HT lead (coil tower to distributor) - Battery charged fully externally inside the house - DME socket where relay fits; - Tab30 suppose to have 12v, shows 0v - Tab85 suppose to have 0v, shows 0v - Tab 86 suppose to have 12v, shows 0v - Tab 87 and 87 suppose to both show 12v, shows 12v - Tab 87 and 87 suppose to both show 0v, shows 12v with ignition off - Checked for click from DME relay, it clicks just fine and i get the engine hum Questions that i am asking myself; - If my 520i M20 uses Jetronic fuel injection, and my 525e M20 uses motronic, why do they both have the same hard wired (no clip, needed cutting and soldering) crankshaft position sensors? - Why do i only get one spark when ignition is turned on, but none whilst cranking? - Does p.d towards the coil normalling drop from 12v to 10v when cranking? - Why did she start ONCE but refused to start immediately after? - Is my ECU fried? and if so.... why? only sat for 2 weeks... Any help is very much appreciated!! Regards, Darren (From Brighton)
  13. New thread up for the next neet, SUNDAY JUNE 14th - http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/109403-kent-meet-sunday-14th-june-2015/ EDIT: Final location, date and time finalised! 19th April 2015 at 11am onwards, the BBC will be attending to film a documentary The American Diner Bybrook Barn Garden Centre Canterbury Road Kennington Ashford Kent TN24 9JZ http://www.bybrook-barn.co.uk/dining/diner.php I have also managed to reserve a massive chunk of the car park! Enter your details on the spreadsheet and convoy meet locations can be established, en-route to the eventual meet location: post no.399 http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/105320-kent-south-east-meet-19th-april-2015/page-14? 1. Shaz - E60 2. Staff - E61 3. Splondike - E28 4. Blobby - E61 5. IanW - E60 6. Lufbramatt - E39 7. Oxo - E39 8. M3Matt -525 or M3 evo 9. Simonc - E60 M5 10. Andy Ran - 997 Turbo 11. Mikem - E39 M5 12. Jam172 - E28 or E3 2500 13. Bmwdan528i - 528i 14. BMWLOVER - E28 15. WillIAm4 - E60 16. Bungles27 - E28 Supercharged 17. B10WGB - E61 18. Twiglet - E61 19. 530dE60 (Andy) - E60 20. LBTaylor1984 - E60 21. babzy - E39 22. theguv - E39 23. Brian - 530d Sport 24. RumRunner - E34 25. Yellowgixxer - E39 M5 26. onks - E39 M5 27. ROBZILLA - E34 28. DMW (Micky) - E39 29. Romes - E34 30. M5 Russ - E39 M5 31. Mit_p - F30 32. Luton e34 man - E34 33. Luton e34 man 2 - E34 34. Jut 535i - 525d / m535i 35. Supertramp101 - E39 36. Bmpaul - E39 37. Jholzherr (James) - E39 M5 38. Stevenc3828 - E34 39. Alpinewhite525 - E34 40. Uber Tramp - E34 41. Mastacrx - E39 Sport 42. AndrewMac85 - E39 Alpina B10 43. Bumbaclut - Alpina 44. Klaxhu (Andy) - E61 45. YNP - E39 46. longman h - E61 M5 47. Jags53 - E39 M5 48. george - E24 635 49. jones73 - E39 M5 50. Brad - X5 51. Brad's +1 52. dpbayly - E39 53. Loadmaster - E39 54. Monkey27 - E39 55. bon - E39 M5 56. Elizabeth - E39 57. RichieR - E60 58. Kevin - E46 59. leew88 - E60 60. Chippy - E46 Tourin 61. Samuk - E60 62. Jamworth - E39 63. amand - E39 64. Adrian85 - E60 65. Tom (Jamworth #2) 66. TwoZeroAlpha - E61 67. Kris Silver - E60 68. 711jrp (Pete) - E39 M5 69. Tej - E60 70. Urquattro - Alpina 71. Bennybear - E39 M5 72. Tonemapper - E61 73. Geez e28 - E28 74. Readie - E28 75. Johnspin - E60 76. Barney - E39 77. Nigel (BMWLOVER +1) - E31 78. Raiyan (BMWLOVER +2) - E38/Z3 79. Bigdaddybmx - F11 80. Ian.p - F06 Gran Coupe 81. Romes +1 - E38 750i 82. Romes GF (Clarissa) - Z3 Roadster 83. SHAHZ - E60 84. Beemarman - F10 M5 85. XKaLiBaR - E46/E39 86. LBTaylor1984's + 1 - E39 87. TONYM/// - E60 88. 5ermad - E28/E34/E60 89. Frank.Ind - E34 90. Joss - E12 M535i 91. Rado16v 92. M5woh - E60 M5 with NBT 93. TazD - E60 94. Ian E (maybe) - E12 95. DennisCooper! - E39 Touring (I'm still provisional at this stage - car issues & a family function!) 96. Kadirllb - 530D M sport 97. slx 525 - E39 98. Ifti007 - E60 99. Zeeman - E60 100. Splondike's dad - E34 525 101. Lee (oxo's +1) - in my E39 Touring 102. Maca - E39 M5 103. Dan M5 - E39 M5 104. SteveTaylor - E39 M5 105. Stuclark - E39 106. 520D Murph - E60 107. Stuie 5 - E60 108. James8whippy - E60 M5 109. Lbtaylor1984 +1 - ST3 110. Shakeym35 - E28 M535i 111. Raj, Detailer (Shaz's +1) 112. kenny-E39 540 lpg (soon to be supercharged) 113. Dave, Photographer (Shaz's +1) - 3 Series 114. Lbtaylor1984 +1 - ST3 (Another one) 115. Saicab - clubsport/E39 530i 116. TheEnd (EndTuning) - E39 540i 117. bm56one - E60 118. Klaxhu's + 1 - E60 119. Jalanson - E39 120. Parrot - E39 M5 121. Kriskori - E39 122. Ayaba - E28 123. Azim (Shaz's +1) - Nissan 124. Horsey - E60 Morning all, Let’s start getting official names on the list for this meet. Location as stated in the other thread will be decided in due course as most places won’t take early bookings but definitely will be in Kent. For now we have the following in mind, The Woodman - TN14 6BU, Ship & Trade – ME4 3ER, Newham Court Inn – ME17 1PG, American Diner Ashford – TN24 9JZ, The Aiport Café Ashford - TN25 6DA ‎and The Squirrel Inn - TN33 9LJ. I was thinking late March, last 2 Sundays perhaps? Late morning meet and grab a bite to eat either in or out but that can be decided later anyway. Feel free to change the date to suit everyone. Cheers, Shaz
  14. Here are some pictures from the day - 5 series heven! For those who took pics, please add it all to this thread Don't forget the next one on June 14th - http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/109403-kent-meet-sunday-14th-june-2015/#entry1176572 Pictures courtasy of Zamanur Quadir - FaceBook page: https://www.facebook.com/zamanurquadirproductions Instagram: zqproductions YouTube:https://www.youtube.com/user/DigitalDreamzGuy/videos
  15. Bowwow

    Interior: e34 or Original?

    My driver's seat has finally succumbed to the all-too-familiar driver's side bolster wear and needs to be replaced; unfortunately I've exhausted anywhere that has a decent replacement in the same colour / material (ebay (both UK & abroad), forums, breakers, Tim :-)), so I'm considering just replacing the whole lot with replacement seats from an E34. I would desperately love to keep it original, but I don't think this is going to be possible unless a decent one is broken / trashed anytime soon, so I think an E34 replacement is probably the best option. I know that fitting e34 seats is a fairly simple process that only requires some minor adaptions, but can the damage be repaired? the rest of the interior is unmarked and it would be a shame for it to go to waste!
  16. Hello, I've had an e28 (525e) in very original condition now for 9 months or so, I'm Fred and I'm 20, it was my pride and joy. Spent three hours polishing on Saturday and went for a drive round the block only to be hit by a careless driver in a modern. What a nightmare it's turning out to be. the car is undrivable (still shines tho) the wing is shot, the bumper is toast, the inner bulkhead behind the lights has a crease, the (opposite) battery box has split away from the inner wing, front valance upper and lower both bent, indicator hanging out, bonnet misaligned so it looks like the crash has pushed the while front end over slightly and the very front of the cill has been pushed in. that all looks like any insurance company would right it off as they are presumably going to value it at low,low,low found three similar cars on net for sale at 4500/5000 but not sure they will treat that as market value after heavy negotiating they have issued a hire car and we asked to approach classic car specialist for repairs which they agreed to but less than 24 hours later are pressing for the details of the garage we have chosen!!! we have sent photos and details to two (one very well known classic bm) and one well set up more local shop near us and I've also approached a local crash repair chap who has an interest in classics the most frustrating part aside from the major issue of; will they pay out (o and the third party has accepted full liability ) is the car was very very clean and solid and way too clean to wright off (right off?) and it will never be the same, all because of some silly bugger not paying attention. I could be left with a cat d car I have to buy back and get repaired and it's then effectively worth less than it was on Saturday morning, maybe not to me but certainly in the future. anyway I'm after a super condition front bumper (1986/87) wing, possibly front valance I'll post some pictures nice to be here though fred
  17. Fully refurbished BMW M30 3.2 / 3.5 intake. Items have been chemically cleaned, glass bead blasted, painted and backed in the oven. Metal parts have been yellow passivated. Postage from the netherlands. Price: €250,-
  18. Bowwow

    Red at the Ring

    A few friends & I decided to take a little road trip to the Nurburgring at the weekend and took Red out for a few laps of the Nordschleife. Am going to download some of the photographer's photos and get them framed for posterity Had such a great time and managed to cover 1,027 miles in 4 days without missing a beat. Bucket list item ticked!
  19. Hi all, Treffpunkt have organised another one of their charity meets in Bluewater shopping centre (Plaza carpark, middle level) raising money for Cancer Research. I went to the last one, and some very sexy metal were on show. It’s not a specific model meet - all German Cars welcome so you will have the odd hooligan revving his engine or blaring deep house bass It’s an evening meet starting at 7pm 1. Shaz – E60 2. Kadir – E60 3. Ifti – E60 4. Amand – E39 5. Azim – E92 6. Dilan – E46 7. Shax – E46 8. Sooroosh – E34 9. 10. These guys don’t know it yet, but I’ll make sure they come
  20. I know it’s last minute but who’s up for this? Please call the organisers directly to obtain your stand pass. Please mention that you want to be on their non-members stand and request a stand display pass to display your car. The cost is £12.50 per passanger plus £1 for postage, please call – 01970267989 The cost of the ticket is per person which includes a stand pass in which you have to request during the purchase of the tickets. Banbury Road, Gaydon, Warwickshire CV35 0BJ I have spoken to the organiser and they have confirmed that for non member’s you will be asked to park on the stand as you enter the venue. To keep us sticking together we can meet at a central location near the venue and then roll in together. Meet time at 08:30am – 09:00am at; Land Tyre Service Gaydon Rd Southam, Warwickshire CV47 2QZ Leave for final location at 9am. Please add your name and model and let me know if paid. 1. Shaz H (Shaz) – E60 (PAID) - Full details on page 1 2. Jam172 - E3 (to pay) 3. Jut535 - E28 (PAID) 4. Jay_W - E39 540I Touring (PAID) 5. Sive - E46 M3 lsb (to pay) 6. BMWowner - E34 (to pay) 7. Jag530isport - E39 M5 (PAID) 8. Initial M (Ray) – E60 (to pay) 9. Ifti007 - E60 (tpo pay) 10.
  21. Shaz H

    Spotted E28 M535 East London

    On the way to garage in East Ham - anyone on here?
  22. Hi All, Some git has stolen the left hand side Shadowline roof gutter/a-pillar trim from my E28 M5. Looks like BMW have discontinued it so am in desperate need of a replacement. Any ideas where I might get one? Thanks
  23. Sunday 26th July, ME12 3DB Sheppey Sport Club. Lots of activities happening on the day, all details of the meet here - https://www.facebook.com/events/546418568830810/ I managed to get myself a spot on the hosts stand so if anyone is up for this, let me know asap and I’ll try and squeeze you in. entry is £5 and extra £2 for any passengers. Show and Shine is free to enter and I’ve put my name down for it, doubt I’ll win anything So far the people I know going; 1. Shaz – E60 2. Charlie – E46 330 3. Sive – E46 M3 4. Rob - E64 650 5. James – E46 M3 6. James Murphy – (maybe) 7. 8. 9. 10.
  24. Yes I know, here we go again Piston Heads meet in Surrey 21/07/2015 at 6pm with 50+ cars attending, http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=65&t=1522620&mid=0&i=60&nmt=21%2F07%2F15+%2D+PH+July+South+East+Gathering&mid=0 Location: The Botley Hill Farmhouse, Limpsfield Road, Warlingham, Surrey CR6 9QH Website:www.botleyhill-farmhouse.co.uk/ Time: 6PM Note on PH: Please DO NOT FOLLOW the Sat Nav - You will be led down single track, plan your route via Whyteleafe & up through Warlingham. You will then reach the venue coming from the North I know this is straight after the Uxbridge show but come along anway it’s not far from my work place so I’ll be heading straight there. Shaz H – E60 Longman H – E61 M5
  25. Hi all, The meet is currently being organised on Facebook so thought I’d give the local members a shout. The location is amazing for street style photo's – So far there are about 50 attendees and all BMW’s are welcome. Oh and there's a burger van on site too See you then, Shaz