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Found 30 results

  1. I've got 2 fault codes come up on my 2011 F11 520d M-sport I'm hoping that P2002 might just 'burn off' I wonder whether anyone could shed some light on P14A3, and whether I should just clear the fault and hope it doesn't come back any time soon. Appreciate any thoughts you might have
  2. know-dice

    Coding, Programming & Diagnostics

    A new forum to consolidate the accumulated forum knowledge... There used to be a time when if your car radio went faulty you just slapped in a new one or if you wanted to add a CD changer just wire it in and away you go... You can't do that with modern cars, BMW models E6x and E9x etc. onwards need to be coded for almost anything you want to do. May be now you want to add AUX input or a CD Changer, may be have your mirrors fold when you lock your car and a thousand other options...just ask So, what do you need to do Coding or Diagnostics? If you need a cable then first stop should probably be Cable Shack - www.cable-shack.co.uk Jimmy will sort you out... There is plenty of software out there a bit of Goggling will find you some. Start with INPA & NCS Expert, also BMW Scanner is very good but the later versions (1.4.0) need a special cable... But lets get started
  3. Hi folks , Last year introduced my 2009 bmw to cut upgrade and very impressive it was too ! In summer of 2014 , I went ahead and got the standard TCU replaced and coded for a COM box . My battery died recently and when the Indy garaged replaced and reset it the coding was lost , and now I have no blue-tooth phone functionality and I lost the handy wireless music streaming from my phone ! Can anyone recommend a local - Middlesex based trusted expert to recode the combox please ? Any help really appreciated as I cannot use the phone in the car at the moment and it is frustrating , thank you , Perm
  4. Deep Roots


    Ive just bought a 530d and im loving it but was wondering what i need to do about my pre lci climate control,ive bought a new style one off ebay,i hear you have to code them,where can this be done,how much can i expect to pay ,can i do it myself,thanks
  5. Hi all So I'm just about to remap my '04 535d, but first would like to update the EGS (gearbox) software to the latest version (with V48 files I believe). This will hopefully remove the 2->1 kickdown issue, change shift points, and smooth out the gears overall. I've only heard positive things about it. I've managed to get INPA up and running on my Win7 64-bit laptop and reset gearbox adaptations, but that's as far as I can go. DIS, WinKFP etc... it's all a bit over my head. I have a freshly installed Win7 32-bit laptop and a wifi connection that should reach my car, so I'm hoping there's somebody out there who is willing to help out with a little remote coding session to update my EGS. Anybody have any suggestions? Cheers! Chris.