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    2005 E61 535D, 2001 E46 M3
  1. mattmk1

    N/S E60/1 Front Fog Lamp (sport)

    Hi all, New to the forum but searching for a nearside front fog. I have an E61 with sport pack, and im UK based (west mids) so likely need postage. Ideally want a genuine lamp in good condition with bulb holder. Thanks
  2. mattmk1

    Accessing PDC module? [Solved at last!]

    Perfect thanks! If the ebay ones perform ok then ill get them ordered! Updated the garage, im sure ill be back with more questions as i get the car upto scratch!
  3. mattmk1

    Accessing PDC module? [Solved at last!]

    Hi im new to 5 series ownership but have one front sensor, and one rear sensor, playing up. Where is the best place to buy them? Are genuine/BMW sensors a small fortune? Thanks