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  1. hi everyone my name is Andy and i'm one click away from a 68 plate bmw m sport 530e, ive watched so many videos on this car and to be honest all confusing so looking for help with these questions no 1 just using the engine on its own what mpg ( i'm not heavy footed) should i expect no 2 if i charge the car while driving will this affect the mpg as opposed to running engine normally no3 what range should i expect if the car is running on both engine and electric at the same time no 4 all the electric estimates ive seen is any where from 15 to 20 miles whats you guys and gals experiences ( im lucky in that my work is only a 14 mile round trip) can i ask something completely different as its a 68 plate does it do android auto and if not is there a fix to this all help would be great thanks for taking time to read this andy in edinburgh
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    hello from edinburgh newbie here

    hi im andy from edinburgh looking forward to getting usefull info from other members