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  1. STYKLEV_61@abv.bg

    Winter's coming...

    You saw a neighbour's rusted e36 and you thought that you should tell people not to use wd40 guess what we are still going to use it anyway.
  2. STYKLEV_61@abv.bg

    Winter's coming...

    I am just trying to explain for sake of answering the questions what stops salt from destroying your car this winter is wd40 stupid or not. People have been using it in buckets and all its done is stop their cars becoming rotten and falling apart.
  3. STYKLEV_61@abv.bg

    Winter's coming...

    Winters here are not that bad and salt spread is not that bad either. But they put enough salt on the road I d use wd40 many people use it ip North.
  4. STYKLEV_61@abv.bg

    Winter's coming...

    A box of wd40 you will be fine and a half hour at a garage to use their ramp.
  5. STYKLEV_61@abv.bg

    Problem with brake pads wear sensor

    It is rusted mostly on the bonet yes. But it's rather that the paint has bobbles than rust thanks
  6. STYKLEV_61@abv.bg

    Problem with brake pads wear sensor

    Soldering is my first choice. I will buy a sensor from somewhere. They are cheap as chips. Thanks
  7. STYKLEV_61@abv.bg

    Problem with brake pads wear sensor

    50k miles
  8. STYKLEV_61@abv.bg

    Problem with brake pads wear sensor

    Bosch fine. Thanks
  9. STYKLEV_61@abv.bg

    Problem with brake pads wear sensor

    I have run into a few problems changing the rear disc and pads. First discs and pads hasn't been changed ever they were original factory fitted ones. As such brake pad wear sensor retaining clips were nightmare to operate resulting in head of the sensor remained in the pad other half hanging loosely. What I am concerned about is two things. Do I have to fit new wear sensor every time I change the brakes because this on I had definitely was not a reusable part. It just clips in place and that's it. And second they are really cheap but need a one that's proven and works. Bosch OK?
  10. STYKLEV_61@abv.bg

    Quote for brake discs

    Hi, can you send me your price for a Rear brake disks solid 298x10mm. A set of two please. The cheapest available. Vin bm37806