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  1. Bavarian Cortina fan

    N47 EGR - what’s going on?

    Cheers guys. No fault codes on the gauge packs ‘secret’ menu, but I don’t have an OBD reader. Lots of vague and conflicting stuff online, so nice to get your opinion will keep you posted on the end result
  2. Bavarian Cortina fan

    N47 EGR - what’s going on?

    Based upon the comment in ‘mpg’ post, theres a long standing recall for EGR. According to BMW website, my car hadn’t been done, so its now booked in. Anyone know exactly what this entails? Just a visual check for leaks/melted inlet? Coolant pressure test? Replacement of cooler? Replacement of EGR valve? By unfortunate coincidence, today my car displayed ‘drivetrain error’ yellow warning. It didn’t recur on the journey home. According to Google, this seems to often be EGR related too. Any thoughts? Will keep you posted, but I couldn’t get the car booked in till end of next week.
  3. Bavarian Cortina fan

    Fuel consumption

    Nursed it to 63mpg on the trip computer last weekend well chuffed! That was after a motorway run at 70 with the cruise on and light traffic. Amazing for such a big car. Drops rapidly as soon as you’re round the doors, and if your motorway speed varies with traffic. Noted that the trip meter isn’t that reliable, but I can’t be bothered logging it tank to tank. Bobas numbers sound about right to me
  4. Bavarian Cortina fan

    N47 coolant issues

    If you’re paranoid or have a leak like me then you can view actual coolant temp using the ‘hidden’ menu. mines back in dry dock getting the coolant leak repaired
  5. Bavarian Cortina fan

    F10 Oddments tray

    That is a much better trinket tray, I always wonder is my phone better dumped across that antique phone cradle or in a cup holder. I now have centre console storage envy - if there is such a thing:) all for a part I didn’t even know existed! However the cheapest I can see that part on flea bay is £55 plus international postage. I wouldn’t even bother asking the dealer for a retail price. I think I will live my out moded cradle at that price, but thanks for sharing
  6. Bavarian Cortina fan

    Oil level too high.

    By failed DPF regen, my understanding is that can happen if you turn off the engine when it’s mid regen cycle - like a service station stop during a high speed run. Of course our cars dont tell us DPF regen is in progress, so we are non the wiser… It’s not BMW specific, generic issue with all modern diesels. FWIW Honda now have a Regen in progress warning light
  7. Bavarian Cortina fan

    N47 coolant issues

    Cheers. Always learning:) I take it there’s an idiot light in the dashboard for coolant overheating? any idea where the coolant temp sensor is? I cant see one on the reservoir assuming there is no low coolant sensor
  8. Bavarian Cortina fan

    N47 coolant issues

    Hi, seasons greetings all. As ever our mechanical toys don’t recognise the holiday period and my 520d has decided to play up. Running fine, temp gauge steady, bang in the middle. No dash warning lights etc. However when I randomly checked the coolant it was way low, like below the yellow low marking in the reservoir. It took 1.5 litres. Checked a few weeks later and it took another half a litre… I found a slow leak gathering on/behind the OS of the steering rack as per the video clip. 2 specific questions: 1) Do these engines have a low coolant sensor on them? I can’t see any sensor or connector on the reservoir? Really surprised the car wasn’t telling me there’s an issue once it dropped past ‘low’ 2) Any likely suspects for this leak? Couldn’t really see where it’s actually failed as it’s somewhere under the inlet manifold, so needs a proper tear down to get to it cheers guys IMG_0582.MOV
  9. Bavarian Cortina fan

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Never thought about that. Didn’t look at the date stamp on the old part. Just proves that replacing the grommet alone won’t cure the leak. Sadly I think we all agree this needs to be an annual job…
  10. Bavarian Cortina fan

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Old grommet removed - you can clearly see where it’s failed and muddy water is entering the car courier just arrived just in time with the new grommet job now done with a bit of silicone to help the seal onky issue now is how to retrieve the screwdriver I dropped onto the tray. That’s a job for next weekend.
  11. Bavarian Cortina fan

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Job pretty much done - well panel removed, ‘birds nest’ of detritus cleared, drains flushed through. Panel modified with a cut seal & drainage channel. I had quite a low tide mark on the grommet compared to others on this site, but it was still enough to give wet carpets. still waiting for the delivery of the new yellow grommet as a belt n braces precaution, so the joys of repositioning the panel await…
  12. Bavarian Cortina fan

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    I know this has been done to death but I’m about to tackle mine today, so I looked for a few video tutorials - personally I find video easier to follow than photo write ups. anyway I stumbled across this clip which clearly shows the problem and an alternative way of sealing the ‘yellow peril’ grommet. TBH I will try to access from the engine bay as per Ozzys original method. This way looks fiddly as hell, and harder to clean out the blocked ‘shelf’ under the grommet. Novel idea to re-install the grommet upside down, but for £ 20 for a new one it’s not worth messing around reusing it IMO. however if you don’t have the torx tools with a mini ratchet, or have stripped threads on a cover fixing, this alternative might be worth a shot? Lets also not lose sight of the fact that the leak is the symptom, blocked drains are the problem
  13. Bavarian Cortina fan

    Downgrade headlights to parabolic/reflectors?

    Interesting idea. I had only looked at aftermarket kits, which generally have wildly variable quality, but are cheap as chips and come complete with the correct wiring sub harness. No idea how/where OEM ballasts fit. Realoem schematic doesn’t show brackets etc (see pic). Presume they’re compatible with halogen modules? Ref drilling, on the cheapy aftermarket ones, you mount the ballasts outside of the lamp assy, meaning you have to drill a hole to feed the additional ballast sub harness into the headlight unit. I would have thought OEM principle is the same - albeit the xenon headlight unit already has the harness hole & the harness has an integrated grommet? Pic anybody?
  14. Bavarian Cortina fan

    What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Finally got round to replacing the oil filler neck gasket which I suspect (hope!) is causing the top end oil leak- leading to occasional bouts of smoke from oil dripping onto the exhaust. The filler neck was really loose but I had to wait till I got some external torx sockets to remove/install it. The old gasket had worn itself flat thanks to constant rattling from the loose filler neck. The new gasket sits proud of the neck so fingers crossed. after feeling a little smug that the worrying smoke was remedied by a £5 gasket I was dismayed to find a soaking wet passenger footwell carpet… these things always seem to happen just as it’s getting dark, so will have to wait till the weekend for some free time. Seems to be a common issue, so front end tear down to find that pesky yellow LHD steering column grommet - and clear the offending drain hose. Teething troubles are quite common when picking up a used car - I’m simply finding the reasons the previous owner decided to move it on!
  15. Bavarian Cortina fan

    Downgrade headlights to parabolic/reflectors?

    Cheers. Will have a look when the wind has dropped enough to stop the bonnet blowing off and the rain stopped enough so im not swimming to the car:)