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  1. kristsm

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    pre-lci E60 535D (270hp model) has same solenoid injectors as previous era cars (that's where 1415 nozzles come from) , only LCI E60 286hp, E90 and so on M57N-engined cars has piezzo injectors. I don't think darkside has made any kind of special nozzle (usually it's about 300 pieces+ for any manufacturer to start doing something custom.... China manufacturer, not BOSCH of course ) , There are no 160 degree nozzles that I am aware to fit DLLA160P bmw injectors (besides 1415), but there are plenty of truck nozzles in 144-145 degrees region (that is what darkside is reselling for M57 first gen) BTW, why did not you use nozzles with correct needle degrees? There are plenty of them
  2. kristsm

    Restart E39 530d Sport Touring

    Hi! A bit of offtopic , but just for some clarification - are you sure data for 535D - 1415 nozzles (6 x 0.16mm ) is right? Because according to this catalogue (00000875.pdf (sevendiesel.it)), 1063+ nozzles (the ones from E46 330D M57N ...131 injector) is 6 holes x 0.16mm dia , and by these injectors one cannot make more than ~300hp. So the 535D injectors should have bigger holes or more hole count. I have not found any more reliable source for 535D nozzles data, and there is only guesses circulating around internet on 535D nozzles data. Here (https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwinr4un2sbzAhUjiYsKHSTZC-MQFnoECAsQAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fshop.turbobot.sk%2Fbmw-m57%2Ftryska-vstreku-535d-pre-bmw-m57n-a-m47n&usg=AOvVaw3mCi-IQc86XGVhunmNu2hp) someone says 535D (1415) nozzles hasa 6 holes x 0.18mm , but then again - too little differences to have such a big influence on max flow (300hp vs 450hp). Secondly, not all DSLA DLLA common rail nozzles share the same overall body dimensions, there are ones which has same body as BMW nozzles, but with a small extension to the needle, then there is ones where like missing machined step in the lower body of the nozzle, etc. Just to say - careful when choosing nozzles just by part numbers, you also need to see physical differences. For E39 M57 there might be a popular upgrade - DLLA144P 1417 (Man TGA truck) with 7 x 0.245mm holes. Thirdly - if particular type of injectors are replaced by nozzles which were never delivered in that package (let's say M57 injectors with MAN TGA truck nozzles, where TGA injectors have completely different valve, springs etc., , then I think it's impossible to generate IMA codes. Even there is different count of IMA values between E39 and E60 injectors. AFAIK IMA codes have zero impact on drivability but still - how do you fight with the absence of IMA recoding? BTW, can E39 physically injectors accept 535D nozzles (let's forget about different holes angles)? I am now in the process of replacing nozzles for my E46 330D xxx 131 injectors (stock DLLA 160P 1063+ nozzles) but I do not know if they can accept 535D nozzles (it should theoretically). There was someone on www.ecuconnections.com saying that only new EURO4 M57N injectors (xxxx 216) can accept 535D nozzles, and they will not fit EURO3 M57N injectors (131 I have) - which I hardly belive because nozzles body should be the same.... Please confirm if you have anything to add! Thanks!