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    E60 525d MSport
  1. Drewcole

    Hello from Ca.,U.S.A

    Hello there!
  2. Drewcole

    F10 530d

    Not normally a fan of blue cars, having had a couple... but that really suits that, looks lovely!
  3. Drewcole

    Pro sat nav 2005 520d tourer m sport

    Having looked into a laser replacement before on a audio HiFi system, it just wasn't worth the cost in replacing the player in the end. I'd assume it would probably be more likely the same with this, have you looked into other upgrade options to have AndroidAuto or Carpaly installed?
  4. Drewcole

    Drew and the E60 525d

    Howdy folks, a couple of week ago I picked myself up a 2007 E60 525d having decided that I needed to get into a 5 Series and couldn't really find a reason not too... I still needed a diesel as can't quite justify running a petrol one at the moment, but not too worried as I've had a few diesels, some being mapped and always been pleased with the results. I picked up 'Betty' as I'm told it is now known...... local to me, drove lovely, there are a couple of cosmetic issues, but nothing I can't cope with and happy to pull things apart and fix as required. Having read up on a few things, I have ordered a swirlflap delete kit and will also need to have a look at the exhaust manifold or flexi joint as I am getting some smell into the cabin. Again, not too worried as that sort of thing I can handle on the driveway okay from what I have read about the jobs. The car is on 97k miles, with a full stamped service history, leather is all in very good order and everything works as it should. Main thing that needed attention was the steering wheel, Royal Steering Wheels quoted £280 including the deposit which I didn't really want to pay-out as the centre plastics also needed looking at with the rubber coating showing wear. So I thought I would give that a go myself £30 for a leather restoration kit and £11 for some matt black Plastidip has done a great job. Next up was the dated iDrive system, saw a few reviews on the Andream replacement so ordered one up, arrived in 4 days from Germany and was a very simple plug and play job. Makes the car much more useable with the Android Auto / Carplay. Have since installed a glare cover on the screen as you couldn't see anything on there when driving. All in all, pretty happy with the car, lovely to drive cheaper to insure and for parts than expected and not too bad on fuel either.