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    Are the front sport bumpers interchangeable between e60 and e61?
  3. M3NXN

    DIY Window Tinting

    I know this is an old thread revival but did you end up doing this? Or has anyone else done this with decent results?
  4. M3NXN

    Modded 535D

    Thanks guys. My main worry is that I don't have a friendly MOT tester whereas the seller might as the car runs really well. I just don't want any nasty surprises come MOT time. Other than one being a 530 and one being a 535, they're identical to look at. Head says go with the 530.
  5. M3NXN

    Modded 535D

    Hi all, I'm looking at buying either a 530D or a 535D touring. The 530D is a 10 hour round trip and is completely original. The 535D is only a 3 hour round trip but has been modded and although it's a lovely looking car, I'm a bit concerned for when it comes to MOT time. This is what has been done: Swirl flaps deleted Decat DPF deleted EGR deleted Bigger intercooler Remapped Is the DPF and Decat likely to cause me a headache come MOT time? It's a 55 plate. Cheers
  6. M3NXN

    To all the newbies :-)

    Hi all, New to the forum. Had many e30, e36 and e46 over the years and currently have an e46 M3. I used to be hugely active on other BMW forums but this has faded away over the years due to having a company car and not really using my M3. In fact I haven't driven further than my driveway in 3 years in it. Looking at buying either a 530D or 535D, both Tourings, possibly this week. So here for advice on that and hopefully become an active member here. Cheers