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  1. What the hell is in that Corolla (apart from a very good driver, obviously...)? I mean, I'd take either car if it was offered for sure but...I love the sound that Toyota makes!
  2. Hello all, First off: please do relocate this post if it's in the wrong place! Being new here - and slow-witted - I couldn't quite find the right place to post it! My apologies... I'm an optimistic newbie because, having just got all my ducks in a row, I'm now in a position to buy a 2013 plate 520d SE Touring (this has come as a real surprise to me as I'd always thought a BMW would be beyond my reach by some way but I have a remarkably generous friend), a car which I'm heading across the country to view and test drive at the dealership next week. It's not certain, then, but if I do buy it one job it'll have to do is carry my 9'6" surfboard to the beach! The car I'm viewing has roof-rails so: what are some good options for getting bars that would do the job? I know wing-type bars are more aerodynamic and so have less impact on fuel economy/noise etc. if you leave them on, but might there also be a good quality set that are quick to install/remove? Finally, I'm damned if I can find anything online about how big a 'board you can fit inside the car if required (long ago, my Citroen Xantia estate could fit it in, but a more recent Skoda Octavia couldn't quite)! That's surprising to me given the chat about this that usually goes on in the surfing forums... Any help or guidance would be much appreciated and, whilst I don't want to assume too much, I really do hope I'll be properly joining your club very soon! I'll post pictures if I do, for sure. Thank you in advance!