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  1. CG172

    First day with the F10 Lci 520d Sport

    I think that’s a fair statement in many regards, but as it’s partly directed at me... I’m incredibly sad that the end of cars as a “hobby” is imminent. I think we’re approaching a very different future and I’m reluctant to embrace some of the changes and compromises that it will require. I’ve always run cheap cars that I can repair myself (something that I thoroughly enjoy doing), and by prolonging the life of an existing vehicle felt justified running older (potentially less efficient / more polluting) engines. One of my biggest concerns is what the bottom end of an “all EV” secondhand market will look like. I imagine the £1k-2k cars that I have got by with will not exist - I’d speculate that the precious metals in the battery pack are probably worth more than that... So where will we stand? Priced out of buying something outright? Forced into something on a never ending credit cycle that I have no ability nor right to repair? It’s going to cost an awful lot more either way. I absolutely understand the need to head in the direction we are being lead, and the urgency with which we need to get there, but it’s a strong combination of emotion and finances that are keeping me rooted in the ICE camp for the time being.
  2. CG172

    mini chain saw £20 battery operated

    I’m sure these are super useful, but I don’t understand how you can buy one without a license - as they operate single-handedly they’re effectively the same as a top-handle chainsaw which requires training and certification to purchase... Does it have any form of brake? If it kicks (and it will, judging by the radius on the nose of the bar) it’s going to make a mess of whatever it comes into contact with. I know two professional forestry workers who’ve had injuries resulting from chainsaws, one utterly life-changing. The accidents were not foreseeable, and were not from a lack of training. Unfortunately the danger of these things does not decrease with their price. Please consider purchasing some safety gear to use with this if you haven’t already. (I hope this doesn’t come across as patronising or sanctimonious - it’s certainly not intended as such.)
  3. What was the question about boring out alloys - out of interest?
  4. CG172

    E39 520i SE Ressurection

    Blown away by that! It should have been rotten as a pear. So pleased you chose to save it. Any plans for it going forward?
  5. Yeah, a UK E39 is the polar opposite of “the gift that keeps on giving”... whatever that would be.
  6. CG172

    First day with the F10 Lci 520d Sport

    Yeah, that’s the problem with “cheap” money I guess. House & car prices have shot up across the board it seems. I’d agree to an extent to a 5 being preferable to a Superb if the budget were unlimited. We had considered an F11 before settling on the Mk2 Superb we settled on. We just couldn’t believe the value for money we got at half the price. The most recent model is such a good looking car, and (to my eyes) in many respects more so than the slightly fussy “big-grille” styling of the most recent crop of BMWs. If I were to win the lottery today my immediate response would be to order the latest Superb estate with the 2.0 petrol turbo engine and 4wd drivetrain in “sport” specification, finished in that lovely putty grey colour they do. Easily tuneable to 400+ bhp and far more subtle than any fast Audi or BMW. One day... I’m not sure what else will fit your criteria, but I do wish you the best of luck in finding it - whatever it may be!
  7. CG172

    First day with the F10 Lci 520d Sport

    Amusing, but not hugely surprising. The existing supply network is stretched at peak times as it is.
  8. Well Dan, it’s been emotional. I sincerely hope the new owner continues to maintain the car in the manner to which it has become accustomed. it’s a fine example of a brilliant car, and there’s no excuse for it not to remain as such! All that remains is for me to say: Mods, strip his man of his privileges and escort him from the premises please. (Or just get another 5 ASAP)
  9. CG172

    Range rover

    Oh god. That’s even worse I think...
  10. CG172

    First day with the F10 Lci 520d Sport

    I stand by my original suggestion of a Superb... A BMW needs a straight 6. The 2.0 Diesel 4 pot in the Superb doesn’t feel out of place. Yup. Was having this exact conversation the other day with a friend. Bragging down the pub about how many volts your battery has is going to be terminally dull. Glad I lived to see the era of the V6 Busso, the Cosworth YB, Renault F4R, M54B30, etc, etc... It was fun while it lasted. (I was never a huge fan of a Wankel though)
  11. CG172

    E39 520i SE Ressurection

    It's alive!!! Really pleased it's started. How are the tyres after 7 years? Are you sure they're ok to take for an MOT? They must have bad flat-spots at the very least. Dash looks suspiciously fault-light free...! Be interesting to see if it throws anything up when you start to move it around properly.
  12. CG172

    Running an e39 M5 using e10

    Ah. Walked right into that one didn't I.
  13. CG172

    Running an e39 M5 using e10

    This is doing my head in - I've been trying to work this out and / or come up with a witty quip, but I just can't. What on earth is an Elton John connecting rod?
  14. CG172

    E39 M5

    Oh - my apologies, there’s 21 words. Great. ”Won’t be faulted” - what does that even mean?
  15. CG172

    E39 M5

    One picture that doesn’t even have the whole car in it, and no description? Brilliant.