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  1. Clobber

    New to E34

    Would love to start a progress thread... is there a link to other interesting E34 projects?
  2. Clobber

    New to E34

    Unfortunately it's an auto, wheels are style 32 18"
  3. Clobber

    New to E34

    Thank you, looking forwarding to some fun drives!
  4. Clobber

    New to E34

    So... apologies to those requesting info on the seller but I couldn't get it out my head all week and eventually did the deal yesterday! The wife is pretending to be pleased with it...
  5. Clobber

    New to E34

    Right, thank you for all the tips, very, very useful. I went to see it today and it is bloomin fantastic. So much so that because I don't have a garage I can't give it the protection it truly deserves. I actually feel a bit sick for passing up on it but I can't bear to think about it sitting out in the rain.
  6. Clobber

    New to E34

    Hi all, Probably in the wrong section and been asked a million times but I'm useless at searching forums, so.... I've been offered an E34 540 with 60k miles at what seems to be a reasonable price, I've been looking through the "how to" guides etc, and buying guides and what worries me most is that parts seem to be becoming scarce. You guys are all die-hard fans but would you contemplate E34 ownership in 2021? I'm no expert but I've had E36/E46/E86 and currently have an F30 which is my daily so I'm used to BMWs but is E34 ownership difficult? Any help appreciated