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  1. F1-11

    F10 door corrosion

    Fingers crossed for a positive experience too marko.
  2. F1-11

    F10 door corrosion

    Hi everyone, I promised I’d update when I received mine back from the body shop. They’d indicated 2 weeks but it was ready after 1 week. Loan car was a 5 door new Mini Cooper - my goodness that was fun! It had the sport pack and handled like it was in rails. It would make a fabulous second car but too stressful as a daily driver. The repair work looks perfect to me and touch-wood no issues with trim. If I was being super critical the only thing I noticed is that in the drivers door, when the soft close ‘pulls’ the door tight there is a brief rubbery creak against the seals that wasn’t there before but it’s very slight and I image will go with time. On the plus side the drivers door was always a bit sticky to open before and that seems to have been fixed now so I can’t complain. The car was also returned with a full deep valet too, much better than the level you’d get with a normal service so when I saw it parked out on the forecourt it looked almost as good as the new 3s and 5s it was parked amongst. All in all I’m very pleased with the whole experience. Best wishes Andy
  3. F1-11

    F10 Yellow Grommet replacement DIY

    Andrew, This thread is superb and does an excellent job of condensing the pertinent bits of the yellow grommet replacement/issue from the monster pinned thread at the top of the first page. I’ve resolved to replace my yellow grommet before the end of the summer I think. At the very least I’ll be checking behind the panel again as my drill holes aren’t big enough to let leaves flow out and they still seem to find their way in even though I thought I’d extracted them all from the inner wing. Thanks again for taking the time and effor to help us all, Andy
  4. F1-11

    F10 door corrosion

    Evening everyone - I promised an update on my claim for 3 doors, same corrosion as everyone else. So my local dealer now has BMW approval for the claim and contacted me today. The car goes in tomorrow morning and they will be loaning me a Mini Cooper. I assumed it would be about 3 days to fix but they told me to plan for 7-10 working days. They said I should expect to have the car back by end of next week. Sounds like quite a long time to me. I asked out of curiosity what they actually do to fix the problem and the body shop manager told me they take the affected area back to the bare metal by sanding away the corrosion, re-prime and repaint. They won’t paint the whole door either, just the affected area and blend it in. So it would seem the fix is along the lines of what I’d guessed but I would definitely say that anyone who has been offered a full door respray or even new doors, bite their hand off - I would seem to be getting the minimum necessary and no more. Still, I can’t really complain - I guess I should count myself lucky that the claim has at least been approved. will keep you posted on progress. thx Andy
  5. F1-11

    Wobble 70-80mph thru seat

    I’m still thinking this might be the culprit too, despite what your tyre fitter said. however, agree completely with Cadwell, a 4 wheel alignment is needed, not the standard Halfords-style front-only. In fact, front only can’t be done because the front alignment has to be set using the rears as a reference point. BMW will charge a fortune to do a full KDS alignment which is supposedly excellent but the road force option is much better value. Me? I was too impatient after getting 4 new tyres and to be honest feeling a bit poor so took mine to Kwik Fit who do actually do a full for wheel alignment but they didn’t put a lot of effort in and only just got it within tolerance. Unless you’re looking to save money I would try and find a better option than Kwik Fit. Just be aware that they do have the equipment to do it, just not the enthusiasm in my experience!
  6. F1-11

    Wobble 70-80mph thru seat

    Daren, It could be the tracking that’s out. You wouldn’t notice it at slow speeds but at the speeds you refer to it would manifest - I’ve had this several times over the years. I also note that your tyre fitter down playerd the slight buckle on the wheel but I can’t help but think that might contribute? I wouldn’t have thought it’d be the discs has this is happening when you’re not braking (and by the sound of it slightly less when braking?) so you can probably rule those out - one less thing to worry about.
  7. F1-11

    F10 door corrosion

    Glad you responded to them Oilburner. Like you I too would be be so cross at receiving a dismissive email that ignorantly assumes you’re trying to claim outside of the 3 yr warranty. I would be interested to hear what they have to say.
  8. I was wondering if that was why sport mode seemed to temporarily solve things. Presumably sport mode only stiffens the rear (as well as the front) on cars with active suspension? I don’t have active and for me the sport button not changes the throttle response and steering weight.
  9. F1-11

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Thanks - agree, it’s must have been tight for it to prevent water ingress/damp but like you and Matthew say, not intended for permanent submersion. I also noted this with the plate too, that there is a rubber seal and the water drain is effectively blocked by the seal - tiny as it is! Actually I think there are two drains; one to channel water out of the bottom which assumedly comes from the “pipe” that drains into the plenum from the scuttle area and another less obvious one higher up the panel to channel *in* water entering from below the windscreen I think. I chiselled both waterways (assuming there *are* two) before refitting. The leaf that’s made it’s way into my grommet chamber was big and crunchy looking so can’t see how it fitted through the narrow drain pipe from the scuttle area so this must have come down from immediately above the grommet chamber, not down the drain tube…then again, maybe not… !!? I think I’m giving this all far too much thought!! As Matthew points out, this has all been done to death but as a newbie I can’t help but try to analyse it to properly visualise what’s going on. Shame I can’t look at a 5 with the engine removed for a proper look.
  10. F1-11

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    Thanks @Andrew535i - really helpful. I cleaned it out last month and drilled some inspection/drain holes in the cover too (see post higher up) and note that it's already got a new leaf in there which must have washed in during the last few weeks. Mine had at least 2 inches of compost and the grommet was rather degraded albeit still watertight. I smeared the grommit with silicone sealant but would prefer a new one, hence your helpful advice. Thank you.
  11. F1-11

    F10 door corrosion

    How frustrating Oilburner but the really odd thing from BMW’s response is the May there is no mention of the 12 Year Antiperforation warranty is there? Their wording seems more suited to a request for a warranty repair against the standards 3 year warranty, not the 12 year bodywork warranty. Are you going to go back to them to this effect?
  12. F1-11

    Heavy rain, Water leak

    This is making me want to replace my gasket now! More peace of mind… is the fact that it’s hard to remove due to it supposedly being designed for a water-tight seal? Obviously we know the seal doesn’t last or we wouldn’t have the problem but do you know if the tightness is for that intended reason?
  13. F1-11

    N47 or B47

    That aligns with what several specialists told me too - “any N47, walk away”. Seems a bit of a harsh comment towards our N47 members and I’m sure plenty of them haven’t and maybe never will have problems but for me it was just peace of mind to go with the B47, especially as the cost of an N47 + ~£1k for the timing chain etc was about the same as a late 2014 onwards B47 car anyway.
  14. F1-11

    F10 door corrosion

    Yeah, I also think this is a bit strange. The body shop manager said: “should be a straightforward claim, it’s a fairly common issue. We do about 3-4 a month but it’s odd that it’s only this mode it’s ever happened in”. i was quite surprised he was as open as that about the volume of issues. As you say, there could be some not telling of the truth going .
  15. F1-11

    N47 or B47

    Daren, That’s the conclusion from all the research and forums I’ve read (and I did a lot!) So it seems that the worst engines for failure were the earlier N47s going back 2008-2010 roughly (depends what you read) and then there were various improvements that supposedly improved things but didn’t seem to change the reputation of this engine for failures. The final incarnation was the N47T that’s supposed to be significantly improved but again get tarred with the same brush. One Indy specialist told me they’re all the same and no modifications in the N solved the issues?! Apparently it’s a combination of poor parts and high oil change intervals but to be fair plenty of N47 owners are doing far far north of 100k miles with no problems at all. The B47 engine is an evolution of the N47 and has been around for 7 years now and doesn’t seem to have had the issues that the N47 had, presumably they modified the timing chain gear enough to solve the issues. They’re still using the B47 in the latest G series 5 so it’s been around long enough now to suggest it’s solved the problem. That said, I still turn off my stop start and will maintain 10k oil services anyway, just to be safe. Put it this way, I have total peace of mind in a B47 (not in anyway meant to criticise N47 owners, just personal preference from a born worrier!) hope that helps