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  1. F1-11

    What do you like about you 5 series.

    2015 LCI 520d F11 Touring 1. love the Adaptive LED headlights. Watching the beam change shape to avoid oncoming cars is like some endlessly entertaining witchcraft 2. like others have said, I love the effortless ability to be simultaneously well made, handsome, large and handsomely good looking (even though the M sport looks better than the Lux) and soak up everything that a family of four + 2 dogs can throw at it. 3. The infotainment still feels very modern and is light years ahead of the poor system I had in my 2015 C Class and even the CarPlay equipped Outlander I had before the 5. 4. As others have mentioned, I like the set and forget climate control. It never seems to go crazy like some systems do. 5. Lastly I like the fact that the Connect Drive features still make it feel quite new - the weather app permanently occupies the extended screen! As an aside, I have the comfort seats on mine but can’t help but feel I’m not making the most of the range of adjustments because whilst they are undoubtedly comfortable, they don’t feel *that* special to me. I must be missing something because everyone seems to say how good they are?
  2. Noted, thx Matthew
  3. This is interesting. My 2015 F11 (Luxury but I don’t think the model matters) only has Comfort, Eco-pro and Sport. There’s no Sport + and no iDrive menu options to configure either (at least not that I can find!). I assume this must all be because mine is a manual? Edit: just seen a later post, it’s because I don’t have active dampers.
  4. F1-11

    F10 door corrosion

    That’s interesting- I know the B47 in the G series is substantially re-worked in terms of mild-hybrid and probably several years’ worth of improvements but that’s a characteristic that my B47 2.0d exhibits slightly too - it seems a bit snatch-y in the driveline in a similar way to my old 205 GTi albeit much milder. Perhaps jerkiness is a feature of that engine…
  5. F1-11

    F10 door corrosion

    That’s a double edged sword isn’t it? On the one hand a pain to have to wait but then on the other you get used to a fabulous brand new top spec 5 and the longer you have it the harder to give it back? I had a Mini Cooper 5 door which was fabulously fun to drive but a 5 (even a 3!) would have been nice to compare to my F11… look forward to hearing how the G31 serves you in your long family trip.
  6. Hi, I don’t expect many people will be able to help on this as I’m in a rare minority of having a manual 5 series but worth asking I think. The clutch on my 520d B47 F11 seems to have an unusual action in that if I start off and go from 1-2 everything is fine, same as from 3-4, 4-5 and 5-6 as I go up through the gears. However, if I heel & toe as usual (always driven a manual so of course you just get used to heel and toe’ing in any manual car) going from 2-3 when lifting the clutch to re-engage drive after moving the gear stick into 2nd gear I have to be extremely careful with matching the revs to the bite (almost to the point of slightly slipping the clutch) to make the change smooth. If I do it how I’ve always done with the 15 previous cars I’ve owner the engine will bog down slightly with a brief hesitation/jerk. It doesn’t happen in any other gear change, just second to third. I’ve heard that the manual has a clutch delay valve which is supposed to slow down gear changes - assuming that’s what it is then fine, I’m happy to accept it as I’ve gotten used to it now but it is weird. Otherwise the engine and drive train are all smooth and run well, no clutch slipping, gearbox noise etc. If there are any manual drivers here, does this sound like a familiar characteristic? Would be interested to hear. Thx, Andy
  7. F1-11

    F10 520d - N47 or B47 engine?

    Think it might actually have been the V90 is was thinking about. A genuine contender in the looks and build department with anything from Audi or BMW. The Mercedes C & E always look very nice in the higher spec models, especially the estates, but if you buy an entry model like the C Class C200d that I had they certainly like to punish you with peasant specs - halogen lights, creaky plastic dash and pleather seats in a £30k ‘junior executive’ saloon as recent as 2015, urghh.
  8. F1-11

    F10 520d - N47 or B47 engine?

    Buckinghamshire but you’re right, just taken a look and there are 3 on autotrader nationally on a 17 plate - G30s but they’re all 100k+ mileage. There were one or two more when I was looking back in March but I have to say I didn’t check the mileages as they were out of my range. Still, I did see plenty of nice 15/16 low mileage M-Sports F10/11 in that price range so it’s still a nice budget!
  9. F1-11

    F10 520d - N47 or B47 engine?

    That's a nice budget to have - I had £10k which got me a 2015 F11 but if I'd have had £15 I reckon you could probably getr an early 17/18 G30/G31 for that?
  10. F1-11

    F10 520d - N47 or B47 engine?

    Calypso - agree with Andy's points about being put off by a dealer and having an affinity to another due to relationship with their staff, we've had similar saituations with VW/Audi/BMW in Milton Keynes. So, the Audi? In Buckinghamshire there seems to be so many people with Audis - quite the status symbol around here. I love the the impeccable interiors and non-fussy styling that is the epitomy of modern minimal. Everything from the A3 to the Q5 i achingly desirable to look at inside and out....and........yet...... there is something cold and clinical about them that would make me chose the BMW every time. A colleaue has a similar A6 Avant and whilst I've not diven it, I have been out as a passenger many times and the ride feels dull and leaden and somehow it feels like a car that was engineered by scientists instead of enthusiasts (despite me not being able to find a single piece of creaking interior plastic - grrrr!). I know that's just BS really as all car companies are really run by accountants but I'm sure you get my point. Audi - beautifully engineered German prestige to lust after but just too clincal for me. Would be interesting to hear your thoughts and those of others? What about the new Volvo V60 - that's achingly smart looking in sporty trim? Andy
  11. F1-11

    F10 520d - N47 or B47 engine?

    Interesting to see the G series implementatio of the B47 engine - I see the top cover is slightly different and the packaging of ancillaries has changed but not so different from the F series as I might have expected. Agree with the comments about the noise of the B47, it's rather loud but at the same time feels rather powerful for what is *only* a 2 litre engine. Would love to experience it in the G series.
  12. F1-11

    F10 520d - N47 or B47 engine?

    Hahah!!! Not too soon though, Andy!
  13. F1-11

    F10 520d - N47 or B47 engine?

    Good topic, I bought my F11 in March after researching a number of different engines. I test drove an early 60 (I think) plate 523i that was beautiful but the price for its age and the mpg put me off, then put a deposit down on a 525d 61 plate which got me rather excited, especially as i thought it sidestepped the bad press about the N47 engine - then I realised that it also had an N47 too. I ended up buying a 2015 B47 and Matt is quite correct in that they’re easily identifiable by the small engine cover. I have complete respect to our fellow members running N47 engines and I am absolutely certain that they’ll run and run but for me personally the B47 gave me the peace of mind I needed. how is the engine? Well performance-wise it’s splendid and pulls exceptionally well. My fast car days are long behind me but even this lowly 520d is quick enough to put a smile on my face. Overtaking or getting up to speed on motorways is very easy and the engine is smooth and hushed - everything you’d expect of a premium marque. At slow speed and town driving it’s not quite the same story. I’ve had several BMW, VW and MB diesels and this one is the noisiest and most diesel sounding when cold and around town. I wouldn’t say it revs quite as willingly as the 1.6d engine I had in my c200d back in 2015 for example, although that massively lacked power by comparison. So in summary I’d say it’s a recommended buy and is clearly proving a reliable engine - it’s still in use today in the 5 Series albeit in mild hybrid format. The peace of mind with the timing chain means a lot to me and the engine performance is unrivalled in my own experience given the weight of the car - would just welcome a little more refinement when not on motorways. My mixed mpg (town, motorway and daily school run) is 46.5mpg over 3 months - mine is a manual. I regularly use the M40 for 70mile drives and a typical journey mpg for that is well in excess of 50. hope that helps Andy
  14. F1-11

    F10 door corrosion

    Fingers crossed for a positive experience too marko.
  15. F1-11

    F10 door corrosion

    Hi everyone, I promised I’d update when I received mine back from the body shop. They’d indicated 2 weeks but it was ready after 1 week. Loan car was a 5 door new Mini Cooper - my goodness that was fun! It had the sport pack and handled like it was in rails. It would make a fabulous second car but too stressful as a daily driver. The repair work looks perfect to me and touch-wood no issues with trim. If I was being super critical the only thing I noticed is that in the drivers door, when the soft close ‘pulls’ the door tight there is a brief rubbery creak against the seals that wasn’t there before but it’s very slight and I image will go with time. On the plus side the drivers door was always a bit sticky to open before and that seems to have been fixed now so I can’t complain. The car was also returned with a full deep valet too, much better than the level you’d get with a normal service so when I saw it parked out on the forecourt it looked almost as good as the new 3s and 5s it was parked amongst. All in all I’m very pleased with the whole experience. Best wishes Andy