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  1. David6GT

    Alexa integration with OS6

    Thanks for the advice. It’s not showing as Apps connected when I’m in the car. I followed the instructions in the My BMW App which says to disconnect the phone and then reconnect it via Bluetooth but to connect it as an App device (I.e not as a telephone) Last week the option to connect as App device was there, today it isn’t, I’m now only offered to connect as phone, Bluetooth Music device or CarPlay device. any other thoughts would be great. Thanks
  2. David6GT

    Alexa integration with OS6

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I thought the connection between car and phone was via Bluetooth. Is there a WiFi connection I should also be looking for? Many thanks
  3. David6GT

    Alexa integration with OS6

    Morning, Hope someone can help. I have just discovered that Alexa is available for OS6. I've done everything required but find that the ability to use it is intermittent. Sometimes it will work and sometimes I get the BMW voice telling me this function is not available or a display on the screen telling me it's not available. When it does work I'm really impressed with it. Does anyone know any hints or tips to make it more reliable on an every time basis.? I also have access to CarPlay but like the Alexa functionality. Any thoughts much appreciated. Thanks
  4. David6GT

    BMW Connected Drive Services Discounted

    Thanks Matthew, Logged in but still showing £79. I might try and call BMW Connected Services tomorrow. Thanks
  5. David6GT

    BMW Connected Drive Services Discounted

    Hi Matthew, thanks for the tip off, you mentioned it last year and I got a bargain. however the packages seem to have changed names. Last year it was called Connected Package Plus. Is that now the equivalent of Package L? also it’s still coming up at £79 no discount to £55.30 showing. Any help would be great. Thanks
  6. David6GT

    Remote key

    Hi there, this happened to me, I replaced with Duracell batteries but the message kept coming up. Went to BMW who gave me some of their batteries and it immediately cleared. They told me the keys can be temperamental with certain replacement batteries. Hope this helps.
  7. David6GT

    Corroding alloys

    Hello, I bought my G32 almost 3 years old and had one wheel with similar marks. My local BMW dealer assessed and replaced the wheel with one month left of warranty to go, so they definitely will do it. I liaised directly with their on site warranty specialist which was really helpful. Don’t know if it’s worth trying another dealer or even BMW main Customer Service as they helped me with another issue. Thanks
  8. David6GT

    G32 Full Screen CarPlay

    Hello everyone,Hoping G30/31 forum members will have some advice for a G32 owner.I know there have been multiple threads about getting full screen Apple CarPlay converted and I'd like to do the same for my G32. I'm considering MAK Coding's solution.I'm really nervous about altering things myself and wanted to ask how easy it is to do and if anyone has experienced any down sides.I also understand that there are remote OBD devices now that link to your phone to make changing settings easier. Has anyone tried any of these, Carista etc and do they convert CarPlay to full screen.Any advice for a nervous owner very much appreciated. I have ID 6 on a late 2017 6 GTMany thanks

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